12 More Cubs Pitchers Go "Live" at Fitch

12 Cubs pitchers threw "live" BP this morning at Fitch Park in Mesa. Each pitcher threw 25 pitches, and each hitter saw five or six pitches befiore rotating out of the batting cage.

The "live" BP was fairly uneventful, as no batters were hit by pitches, no hitters knocked a ball over the fence, and no pitchers were shut-down in the middle of an "inning."

Starlin Castro (who played winter ball) had the best swings.

Aramis Ramirez did not take "live" BP (he did not take "live" BP last year, either), and the hitting group consisting of Jim Adduci, Matt Camp, Brad Snyder, and Max Ramirez did not get a chance to face "live" BP today. However, M. Ramirez did put on quite a power display in a later BP session on Field #2 with a coach throwing "soft toss."

Priior to the "live" BP session, Aramis Ramirez did take infield practce on Field #3, and Marquez Smith was worked out at 2B and Scott Moore at SS on Field #2. Although Moore was drafted as a SS (1st round pick by DET in 2002 out of the same HS that produced Josh Vitters) and played there his first year in pro ball, he lacks the range to play there except in a pinch. And M. Smith both lacks the range and fluidity needed to be an everyday 2B, although playing 2B in addition to 3B could help to get him to the big leagues if he is unable to make it to the bigs as an everyday 3B.   



1. Randy Wells
2. Andrew Cashner
3. Casey Coleman
4. Esmailin Caridad
5. Justin Berg
6. John Gaub

Marlon Byrd
Tyler Colvin
Alfonso Soriano

Reed Johnson
Bobby Scales
Geovany Soto
Josh Vitters 

Starlin Castro
Blake DeWitt
Koyie Hill
Scott Moore
Carlos Pena


1. Kerry Wood 
2. Todd Wellemeyer
3. Robert Coello
4. Thomas Diamond
5. Marcos Mateo
6. Jay Jackson

Steve Clevenger
Brett Jackson
Marquez Smith

Kosuke Fukudome 
Bryan Lahair
Lou Montanez
Fernando Perez (batted LH)

Jeff Baker
Darwin Barney
Welington Castillo
Augie Ojeda
Chris Robinson


I wish the Cubs had more guys who were as dedicated as Miguel Olivo.


That was an enjoyable article.

AZ Phil, do the rest of the minor leaguers report next weekend?

#2 Re: 12 More Cubs Pitchers Go "Live" at Fitch
Submitted by Hagsag on Mon, 02/21/2011 - 3:14pm.
AZ Phil, do the rest of the minor leaguers report next weekend?


HAGSAG: Minor League Camp opens at Fitch Park on March 7th, but minor leaguers can report early if they choose to do so. The ones who arrive early work-out at HoHoKam Park, and then they will move down to Fitch Park this weekend when the Cubs relocate to HoHoKam.

Thanks for the update, PHIL.

AZ Phil: Is John Gaub still suffering from "Steve Blass" disease? I forget why he regressed so much last year.

Submitted by Cubster on Mon, 02/21/2011 - 6:16pm.
AZ Phil: Is John Gaub still suffering from "Steve Blass" disease? I forget why he regressed so much last year


CUBSTER: John Gaub looked fine in his "live" BP session. There was no evidence of any control issues, so hopefully he can leave the 2010 season behind him.


Soriano, Fuku deals not Hendry's fault

" Insiders have said those deals, which happened on Hendry’s watch, were out of Hendry’s hands. "

Not his style to speak up about it (hello Brian Cashman) but sure is his style to collect the GM paycheck for which he was not obvisouly due.

F'him and F'Crane Kinney

Get these clowns out of here!!!!!!!!

i don't get it.

should we assume zell was trying to blow his load and get a trophy before he sold the team or something?

he was the man on point leading into 07 and through 08.

i know hendry and crew wouldn't make friends calling out anyone, especially some guy in a suit who's already gone...and one who took a f'n bath on buying the tribune co...but it's a weird hand washing of the situation.

"but it's a weird hand washing of the situation."

He's trying to cover his ass now when the team is in third in 2011.

Did Zell tell him to get Milton Bradley too?

i'm not defending anyone because the rumors didn't come from anyone who bothered to be named...especially hendry.

it's known that hendry has always had a hard-on for soriano except when he soured on him in WAS.

i imagine hendry wanted bradley, though...as flaky as his attitude and health has proven to be, he is (was) a good ob% guy with a good bit of pop and an arm to play RF.

that said, i can't imagine anyone else pulling those strings except for zell. i had the impression he was a hands-off guy that for some reason was pumping money into the team, though.

rumors aside, zell's legacy did include bumping the payroll...though it really didn't "bite" until the 2009 season.

High salaries are GOOD when you sell a baseball team.

"When a baseball team changes hands, the purchase prices must be allocated to various categories (the value of the franchise, broadcasting rights, players’ contracts, etc.) for tax purposes. Under IRS rules, player contracts can be depreciated — the annual decline in a player’s value can be figured as a cost to the owner. This is because players, unlike franchises or broadcasting rights, but like machines, wear out.

Bill Veeck, owner and baseball aficionado, said, “Selling a team is selling the right to depreciate.” The trick is to buy a baseball team and allocate as much of the purchase price as possible to player contracts."


I heard that it was McDonough who gave Soriano the absurd number of years. Don't know if that's for sure true but after the Cubs crapped the bed vs. the Dbacks it didn't take long for McDonough to jump ship. Ironically, a few years later, Hawks were handcuffed by contracts too. Of course, they won a championship first.

i forgot about mcdon...he had a hard-on for soriano, too.

actually, i think he had a hard-on for himself being God of team presidents and suits.

If he doesn't put the team together, including and especially signing the large contracts, what the hell did he do?

I agree 100% that this is strange hand washing. Is Teflon Jim worried about something?

And also, not to be overlooked, is acknowledgement from 'insiders' that Soriano is looking like a bad plan. Seems obvious to everyone with eyes that work, but that's not something we've heard the front office acknowledge.

Soriano rumor was the deal was finished by Kenney and McDonough, while Hendry was on a plane somewhere else. They allegedly tacked on another year or two to the deal then what Hendry thought was fair. And since the universal cry from just about everyone was, "that's too fucking long", I kind of buy it.

Fuku not so much...

That being said, doubtful Hendry didn't like either player, just probably (like Cashman) didn't want to overpay by as much as they did on Soriano.

Rumor on Fukudome was White Sox offered more anyway, Cubs just promised him RF...at least for a year.

BTW, the Suntimes article Jacos linked to is written by Joe Cowley, who has covered the White Sox for years and publicly ripped the Cubs on The Score (a local Chicago sports radio station for you out of towners). The Suntimes swapped their baseball reporters this year, Cowley is now covering the Cubs. This is the first of many articles Cowley will write that 'stirs things up'. He had a long history of doing the same crap with the White Sox, emphasizing on Ozzie's cursing, Ozzie's kids ripping the team, etc. He loves to write negative articles.

Here's an article from Feb 11th when Joe Cowley wrote "It's a Sox Town Now".


And 10 pages of Sox fans celebrating last Fall when Cowley announced he was leaving the Sox beat. They rip the shit out of him, comparing him to Mariotti and Mike North...


a few quotes:

"His constant name calling and little attacks on people he doesn't like or actually have the audacity to one up him on a story are extremely unprofessional for someone in his line of work."

"Tailgunner Joe is the only media member that has ever been banned from this forum, and he's been banned more than once. He seldom posts under the username he is using now."

"His drunken tweets during the Minnesota series were embarrassing to read. You expect that kind of behavior by people not getting paid to write about the Sox. This guy was on the clock. Shame on the Sun-Times."


Cowley was also suspended from voting for BBWAA awards for a time by the Chicago BBWAA chapter for not taking the voting seriously. Sounds classy.

this means no more Gordo for the Cubs?

Gordo still there-

Wow, Sox fans angry at the press. Shocking.

He just reported all the BS that was going on with Ozzie and Kenny, if he shines a light on the roaches at Wrigley more power to him.

Sorry, my bad, digging around, Cowley is now a columnist, I thought they had flipped his beat, like newspapers do every few years (Sullivan has covered the Sox before). So now Cowley can write about all the low life crap he loves so much.

Here's a great quote from a Sox fan about Cowley:

"His constant name calling and little attacks on people he doesn't like or actually have the audacity to one up him on a story are extremely unprofessional for someone in his line of work."

That's from the link I posted above/below, wherever it goes.

seeing a number of "positive" stories this morning on b.webb (tex) throwing long toss and it being a good sign for him.

they should probably look at a little video of him actually doing that tossing. it was hard to watch and honestly kinda amazing they didn't shut him down immediately.

aside from barely-to-not-at-all being able to make those 200ft. tosses, he was in obvious pain and his form was awful.

at this point im glad the cubs didn't take that bait.

I was going to post on that, that Webb had the scouts and coaches cringing when he was throwing.

head over to deadspin to read about how marlon byrd is getting his supplements from victor conte and how he wants to restore his good name and gives props for him not being a snitch.

i guess thats good for us right?

cops and baseball players have a lot in common when it comes to "brotherhood" and not snitching.

hell of a "fraternity" of hive-mind.

that said, m.byrd loves his body building on a level that's gabe kapler overkill.


“At the very end, somebody took a dump right where I stood in the dugout every day,” Baker said Monday morning. “That was the low point. The grounds crew guy cleaned it up. He said, ‘Oh, I think it’s dog crap.’ I said, ‘No it ain’t. That’s human crap.’”

Damn it you took my all time subject line!!

"Dusty Brings Up Some Old Crap"

funny. also linked in that article is something I didn't know about Greg Maddux & urine:


There's a Moises Alou joke somewhere around here.

That link is actually quoting Dusty from a story on Fox, who can't even get their facts straight.

The Fox story says, "In 2006, he was fired."

No, he wasn't fired. His contract ended and he wasn't offered a new one. There's a difference, and any fact-checking journalist would know that, but Fox doesn't even check facts for sports stories.


In the Fox story, Dusty continues to rip the Cubs...(but he's moved on!)

He said the team “didn’t have the personnel” to win in the second half of his four-year tenure, citing injuries to stars Aramis Ramirez (2005) and Derrek Lee (2006).

“It really hurt my reputation,” Baker said. “Ever since then, all of a sudden, ‘I don’t know how to manage. I don’t know how to handle pitchers. I don’t like young players.’ … They don’t even have a clue about it. I never heard that in San Francisco.

“I was one of the top managers around, supposedly, and then all of a sudden I don’t know (expletive), know what I mean? They (the critics) were always looking for something critical, ever since I went there (to Chicago).”

as much as I enjoy making fun of all things involving Fox and what they call a "news" division, I would call that a pretty minor infraction. Generally when you're not brought back to your job against her own wishes and that job still exists and is filled by another person, most people would consider that you got fired, although technically it wasn't a firing as you say.

One, the first things journalists are taught is, "If your mother says she loves you, check it out." You fact check EVERYTHING.

Two, if you're going to write an article bashing a team by a former manager who keeps claiming he's "moved on", yet 5 years later is still bringing up new shit (no pun intended), I would want to double fact check everything.

Dusty Baker wasn't fired. In fact, I'm sure you'll remember, Hendry told reporters around the All-Star break in 2006 that Dusty would finish out the season, despite constant rumors he was going to be fired at any minute.

Manager and player jobs are not the same as everyday normal working class stiff jobs. Was Carl Crawford fired by the Rays? Was Jayson Werth fired by the Phillies? No, their contracts expired and the teams chose not to resign them. Dusty Baker became a free agent and the Cubs chose not to resign him, because he had 3 crappy years in a row.

well in Crawford and Werth's cases the teams would surely like them back at the right cost and both were free agents looking for a better deal.

In Baker's case, he wanted to come back and they just wanted him gone, but didn't feel the need to fire him and hire an interim in the meantime.

And the term fired is just not used with ballplayers.

But technically, he was not fired, I just don't think anyone would really care as much as you do about Fox and Morosi's poor word choice.

You could have also brought up the fact that those guys were offered arbitration, unlike Dusty.

Dusty was fired. He just happened to be fired at the same time his contract ran out.


Jamarillo says Soriano moving in the right direction, cause he's a 25 year old trying to make it in the big leagues.

If he uses a smaller bat I'll believe it.

Has anyone linked to the Cubs ZiPS projections yet? If not:


thanks, they seem to think Micah Hoffpauir is on the team for some reason.

They also didn't get the Garza dropping a run in ERA memo that was distributed.

He mentions Hoffpauir in the writeup.

Rotation and bullpen look pretty good.

They also didn't get the Garza dropping a run in ERA memo that was distributed.

Yeah, Randy Wells + 30 innings is not what the Cubs are expecting out of Garza. Yikes. Hopefully he's better than that.

That's just because ZiPS puts everyone who played last year somewhere, and the Hoff was last with the Cubs. Howry's on there too for the same reason, I assume.

That'd be a pretty good year for "The Hoff" if he can pull that off from Japan....

The right to depreciate player's value is extremely important when a franchaise is sold, but that has nothing to do with the player's contracts, which are allowed to be expensed in the year incurred.

The depreciation they are referring to is the portion of the total price of the transaction that is allocated to the value of the current players. This is the value of the player system that is over and above the cost of the individual contracts, and represent the value of that part of the team as a "going concern".

Giving Soriano a couple of extra years on his contract had no tax ramifications other than to increase the perceived value of the team to a prospective buyer if he looked upon having Soriano tied up for that period of time as a good thing, rather than a bad thing.

What Veeck was referring to was essentially the "goodwill", which in general is the amount of the purchase price that is in excess of the book value of the corporation, which can generally be depreciated.

To take a oversimplified example. Assume that the Cubs had NO assets other than the ball park and it's real estate, and the player's contracts. And assume that the ball park could be sold on the open market for 100,000 dollars. And finally assume that the capital and retained earnings of the corporation were 100,000 million dollars.

If the corporation was sold for 1 billion dollars, 100,000 million dollars would be assigned to the real estate, 100,000 million would be assigned to the capital and retained earnings, and 800,000 million would be assigned to "goodwill". This goodwill can be depreciated over the estimated life of the goodwill, which can be written off against the annual profit.

If the corporation is not sold, there is no goodwill to be written off, and the tax burden is much higher.

Adventures in zeros! 100,000 million is 100 billion, so would the good will would be -199 billion? I would have never imagine I could derive so much pleasure from an an explanation of depreciation!

I am not sure I agree. Player salaries are not goodwill because the players are in fact assets and the value of that asset can be calculated, in the same way the value of the real estate and other assets are determined during an acquisition. Additionally, the value assigned to the players’ salaries is depreciable, and I believe at a faster that the goodwill is amortized.

Thus, assume a fixed purchase price, the buyer would prefer a higher payroll or rather the impact of the high payroll has lessened by its beneficial tax effect.

I also believe this also explains why the Cubs aren’t in a big hurry to eat player salaries. They aren’t in fact experiencing the full impact of those contracts, and writing them off would create a negative tax effect.

Remember when the Astros, who are for sale signed hometown hero Carl Crawford to a 10 year $200 million deal, to go with their new ace Cliff Lee?

Me neither.

Payroll is not depreciated. It is expensed. Player's salaries are not goodwill. The value of an ongoing business sold at a value over book value assigned to the value of the player's contracts IS goodwill (actually, it isn't really goodwill, since goodwill is no longer able to be depreciated), and is depreciated based upon the estimated future life expectancy of all the players' value.

Players contracts are valued on the books at their face value for the current year as a current liability and future year's obligations are simply noted as a footnote in the liabilities section. In short, signing Soriano to a long term contract had no effect on this depreciation, and was of value to the selling company only to the extent that the presence of that player at that salary for a specific period of time. In the case of Soriano, by the time the team was sold, he was performing at a level below that which was probably expected of him, and probably caused a decrease in the selling price, rather than an advantage to the seller.

Players are no more assets of a ball club (in the bookkeeping sense) than are the salaries payed to any employees.

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