Game 6 Recap - Dempster Left Defenseless

I had most of it written Wednesday, but didn't have time to finish it up until tonight. Might as well put it out into the world.

Box Score | Highlights

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9   R H E
DBacks 0
0 2
3 0 0
1 1
Cubs 0 0
0 0 1
0   4

The Good: Ramirez and Soriano hit home runs, Marlon Byrd had two more hits today and Fukudome got on-base three times out of the leadoff spot and could have been a fourth if not for Chris Young's first amazing catch of the day. I think that about covers that section.

The Bad: ...started in the third inning. Willie Bloomquist continued to annoy himself to Cubs fans by singling and then easily stealing a base. Chris Young hit a liner just to the left of center that Marlon Byrd decided he needed to try and emulate Young's glove witchcraft and completely whiffed on. Bloomquist was gonna score anyway on the play if Byrd lets it drop, but now the ball is careening towards center with Soriano rushing over and the speedy Young easily going to make it to third. Soriano though fumbles the ball and then skips the relay throw and as the Diamondback announcer called it, "a little league home run".  During the play, I thought Byrd missed it by a mile, but the replay looked like he just missed it by a whisker. And it did happen with 2 outs, which is when you should try and take those chances in my opinion.

Byrd Dive

In the 5th, with that annoying Bloomquist already singling in a run, Young lifts a ball to the well in left. Instantly you knew that Soriano would never make the play. It involved a long distance run, the wall and an odd angle and the ball ended up  bouncing off the wall for a double by Young and he was brought in by the next batter, Kelly Johnson. That's not to completely excuse Dempster's work. While the damage should have been limited to a run in the third, he was getting hit pretty hard in the 5th and certainly hasn't had his best stuff in the early going.

After Soriano got one run back with his HR, Grab-Ass gave one back in the 8th. Cubs got that run back again in the 8th and had the winning run up with Soriano, but he couldn't deliver this time and the Cubs end the homestand at 3-3 against two of the likely lesser NL teams.



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