Game 10 Recap - Another One Run Game

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  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9   R H E
Cubs 2 2
0 0
0 0
8 1
Astros 0
0 3 0
0   4

The Gist: The first three times through the order, the Cubs one through three hitters went 7/8 with a walk and the Cubs first stolen base on the season(overall 7/13 with 2 BB's). The 4-9 hitters went 1/21 with 4 BB's for the night. The lesson learned? Try to bunch your hot/good hitters together if possible. It's insightful anaylsis like this that keeps you folks coming back for more. Castro, Barney (with a sweet hit'n run triple) and Byrd did the most damage with an assist by Soriano on a clutch 2-out double in the first (that being the 1 of the 1/21 from above). In all seriousness though, managers do tend to worry about protection and putting guys in front of other hitters to see good pitches. It does seem - and I'm sure there have been studies on this - that just putting your 3-4 best hitters next to each other is the better plan.

Dempster pitched another great first four innings. He did it against the Pirates in his first start and then gave up the Neil Walker grand slam in the 5th and the 2-run HR in the 7th. Against the DBacks, he gave up two runs in the third (one being the unearned missed dive by Byrd and subsequent fumble by Soriano) and then 3 more in the 5th. Today it was scoreless through the 4th, a run in the 5th, lots of trouble in the 6th but bailed out when Joe Inglett swung at the first pitch and grounded out after Dempster walked the previous two batters to load the bases and then was getting shelled in the 7th before Q-Ball woke up from his mid-game nap. Q-Ball seems to be deferring to Dempster on when to take him out, which is perfectly reasonable considered the honored and storied career of one Ryan Dempster.

Dempster's ERA from inning 1-4 now stands at 0.75. Dempster's ERA for innings 5-7 is 14.63 with a 24 ERA for inning #5. I'm sure it's just one of those things, but I hope it's not some early warning sign of a fatigue injury ready to rear its ugly head.

Q-Ball went to the lefty Grabow to try and get righties Hunter Pence and Carlos Lee and they both promptly reached base. Grabow got out of it by getting the lefty Brett Wallace and then the righty Chris Johnson. Grabow is suppose to have  a good change to get righties and his career splits bear that out, but tonight was not that night. Sean Marshall got himself in trouble in the 8th although he got a big Michael Bourne strikeout with a man on third and one out. Q-Ball did show some life by going to Marmol for the 4-out save and he eventually came through.

James Russell on a 45-50 pitch count tomorrow vs. Brett Myers.



Hitter Results for April 11
Name Level Pos AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI SO BB SB CS
Michael Burgess A+ LF 4 2 3 0 0 2 5 0 0 0 0
Welington Castillo A+ DH 3 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 0
Matthew Cerda A+ 3B 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 0
Ryan Flaherty AA SS 3 1 1 0 0 1 2 0 0 0 0
Reginald Golden

Brett Jackson AA RF 2 1 1 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 0
DJ LeMahieu AA 2B 3 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Marquez Smith AAA 3B 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0
Matthew Szczur A CF 4 1 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Josh Vitters AA 3B 3 1 1 0 0 1 2 0 0 0 0



Pitcher Results for April 11
Name Level IP R ER H 2B 3B HR SO BB
Christopher Carpenter AAA 2.0 2 0 1 0 0 0 5 2
Jay Jackson                    
Austin Kirk                    
Kenneth McNutt                    
Christopher Rusin                    
Hayden Simpson                    



Off topic, but when did the AAA Royals affiliate change their name from the Omaha Royals to the Omaha Storm Chasers? I am amused.

name change coincides w/ their move to new ballpark on outskirts of town...

Are they taunting mother nature with that team name? I would find it funny if a tornado leveled that new ballpark.

...and killed 3200 people?


3200 would be unheard of, it's Nebraska, not NYC. Population density is much lower.

They would be partially culpable for being there

The guy who was the star on that Weather Channel show Storm Chasers killed himself last spring. The network was "kind" enough to not mention it on air until the final episodes aired in the fall.

Thanks for the 'cap ROB G, plus the reveal of Dempster's + inning 5 ERA. Brutal.

Yet so dominant in the earlier innings. IF we only had Terry Mulholland on this team to pitch middle relief. And spot start. And, be a fifth starter.

I looked at Colvin and Pena's lines last night. The automatic outs coupled with zero power (from Pena to this point) is pretty pathetic.

The Cubs are right in the NL middle with 7 HR's (Cinci leads w/13, Dodgers the fewest with 5). However, with ONE stolen base, and poor team speed overall, the team needs to have its supposed long-ball hitters (other than Soriano) start doing something.

Pena did walk twice and has a .355 OBP, so hardly an automatic out. Just needs to start getting some XBH's. I'd say I'm not worried, but then there was last year.

Oh yeah - you have a point there. He does take the BB.

But in the "power spot" of the order, and with several chances, and failing so far with RISP (several with bags loaded), I hope he can bump it up a notch.

His homer was a thing of beauty. He's still got it.

ryno can see the future

Doh... I am remembering the AB at Wrigley that LOOKED like a homer off the bat (and clearly, I remembered it as a homer), but turned out to be a double. If I'm this senile at 33, how will I manage 73?

You'll be fine. In fact you won't even remember having these concerns.

According toWSCR Cubs signing Lhp Doug Davis

Why not...

Not sure how I feel about that. Davis isn't very good anymore, but he's better than Casey Coleman. I just wish we had some actual starting pitching prospects who could have stepped up instead.

Up until a month ago the Merrillville Mop was a $10 million starting pitching prospect.

I dunno what he is now. Certainly not a "relief" pitcher. Well maybe comic relief.

**feigns anger**

by the time either of these guys are ready to pitch, Cashner and Wells will hopefully be ready to return.

At which point it will still be nice to have guys available who are better options than Coleman. Davis is at least a guy who intrigued me as a "bring him in and see what he's got guy".

Is Carlos Silva still available? I heard he was pretty good last year.

I spoke a little too soon, Ramon Ortiz got the start in Iowa last night.

5.2 IP, 5 H, 2 ER, 1 HR, 3 BB, 7 K

heyman says he's headed AZ Phil's way

Crasnick says Davis can make up to $1.7M if he's up with the big league club and with incentives


Rosenthal's take:
Davis minor-lg deal with #Cubs. 900K pro-rated salary in majors, chance to earn close to 2M with incentives.

Doug Davis deal is $900,000 but can be worth up to $1.75 M in incentives. Can opt out May 30. He'll stay in AZ for at least 2 weeks

via Jessie Sanchez

Funny that we dumped off Gorzelanny because he was going to make approx. Doug Davis money.

What did we get for Gorzo?

Burgess and two pitchers, if I recall.

Ah. Well, Burgess does have 4 homeruns (and only one other hit, a signle) on the year already.

Yes, and he's a 22 year old in high A ball for the fourth straight season, who is a .258 career hitter. That screams "Top Prospect!"

Burgess, AJ Morris and Graham Hicks

is the 900K pro-rated? and he only gets it depending on what the incentives are.

Gorz makes $2.1M this year no matter what.

But also remember that after we got rid of Gorzo we invited Looper to ST and he would have gotten $1 mil if he made the team + up to $2 mil in incentives.

Hendry's reasoning behind these moves makes no sense.

well $1M is less than $2M guaranteed last i checked.

I just don't think it makes sense to you. Gorz was out of options and they obviously didn't feel like he was that sure of a bet to be decent, stay healthy and stay in the rotation that whole time. You might disagree, I somewhat disagree to be honest, but I understand the why of it.

They also got some prospects for him.

d.davis's 900K is prorated. i'd be amazed to see his 85mph junkballing self anywhere near the majors...hope he decides he's done being a minor leaguer by may and just walks away from this whole silly thing.

And Looper had been out of baseball for a year, is 8 years older, and Gorzelanny showed he can start or relieve.

Gorz isn't great by any means, but they cried wolf about his salary and talked about the need to trim payroll, then rushed out within days and signed Looper to a deal that could have paid him 50% more than Gorz.

And the 3 guys we got for Gorz are not much in the way of prospects. Maybe Burgess does something, but being back in A ball again this year doesn't give much hope.

I'm just wondering what plan Hendry has? Any? It seems like he's constantly reacting to his own moves. His moves have left us two big league pitchers short, for no legitimate reason.

And I wouldn't have been upset with dumping Silva if we had some actual pitching prospects who were ready to come up here.

You are just NOW starting to wonder about the Hendry plan? I thought it was well established he's never had a coherent plan back in 2005?

And I wouldn't have been upset with dumping Silva if we had some actual pitching prospects who were ready to come up here.

It's really too bad Jackson wasn't healthy to start the year. He was the most obvious fill-in candidate.

what is hard to understand here?

They obviously weren't confident enough in Gorz to be part of the staff for the whole year, yet he still had enough going for him to get some prospects (rather then trading Silva whom you'd have to eat salary and get nothing).

You might disagree, fine, to a degree I do as well, but I understand why they moved him and then signed guys to incentive-based non-guaranteed deals instead. It's always been Hendry's way of doing things to trade guys without options that aren't sure bets to make the club.

I don't think dumping Silva was really part of the plan, but I also think him and Casey Coleman are about the same thing at the end of the day.

I'm sure you thought the 3 guys Cubs got from the Indians were crap too when that trade was made.

The return wasn't the issue in the DeRosa trade. It was the timing and the utter failure of that whole offseason in general.

We broke up a 98 win team that led the league in OBP in an effort to get more "left-handed" and ruined the best core Cubs shot we've seen in our lifetimes.


most folks thought the Cubs didn't get enough at the time.

Chris Archer was the ugly duckling of the 3.

They did sign Bradley you know? And while it was because of left-handedness, it should have been an OBP improvement as well. He just sucked.

Well, I'm not sure we can say it should have been an OBP improvement, but that should have been the reason they tried to sign him if they wanted him at all.

Still didn't make sense to overpay top dollar for a character issue guy with Abreu sitting right there. Especially when you trade DeRosa to save 5 million to give 4.9 to Aaron Miles.

Abreu has one of the biggest "me, me, me" reps in baseball. Like Sammy Sosa without the press.

None of the 3 HAS actually panned out yet. Archer has to get to the bigs before we can pass judgment at this point. Stevens and Gaub look like bustville at this point though.

Still not a trade that THAT roster/team should have been making. That whole offseason was just atrocious.

The funniest thing about this debate is describing the trading of DeRosa as "blowing up the roster".

Archer has to get to the bigs before we can pass judgment at this point. Stevens and Gaub look like bustville at this point though.

No we don't. He rose to the prospect charts and was used in a major trade. For the Cubs, he more than served his purpose.

Exactly, what's hard to understand here? Hendry dumped off a low-priced lefty starter for 3 bums with almost zero chance of playing in the majors, while claiming he had to make the trade for salary reasons, then signed a worse pitcher for half price but who could make 50% more than the traded pitcher. Then, the same GM who cried of budget restrictions all off-season decided to eat $8.5 million to release a pitcher who went 10-6 4.22 last year.

We end up with Casey Coleman, Russell, and perhaps Ortiz and Davis pitching here. My only hope is the year goes so poorly now that Ricketts has no choice but to fire Hendry. However, I have no confidence Ricketts will ever choose a GM with brains since the owner himself has shown no desire to build a solid organization to this point. He's only concerned with raising ticket prices and maximizing advertising.

Exactly, what's hard to understand here?

Hendry dumped off a low-priced lefty starter for 3 bums with almost zero chance of playing in the majors

if you say so

while claiming he had to make the trade for salary reasons

don't recall him claiming that, I'd be surprised if he ever said that in public actually, although I'm sure that was the behind-the-scenes motivation

anyway, you said they don't make sense, they just don't make sense to you. There's reasoning behind it, reasoning you and I and others may disagree with, but reasoning nonetheless. I'm not even defending the moves, I just can see why they were made.

Having to pay Gorz $2.1 M vs possibly paying Looper $3M if and only if needed and he pitches well are big differences. D. Davis is obviously just a reaction to the injuries.

Having to pay Gorz $2.1 M vs possibly paying Looper $3M if and only if needed and he pitches well are big differences. D. Davis is obviously just a reaction to the injuries.

If you say so.

It's pretty common to give non-roster invitee veterans incentive-laden contracts to spring training. They feel like they deserve the chance, GMs do so out of respect to past performance, etc. It's just the way it is done. But they are rarely paid out.

Looper is not on the team, and would only have been so had he excelled or there were a number of injuries. So when you compare Looper's contract that was never even paid out (effectively $0 minus ST pay) to $2.1 million guaranteed there is a big difference.

Gorzelanny has a career ERA of nearly 5.00 and gave up 5 ER in 5 IP in his only start this year. I liked him too, but you can see why a GM would not want to pay over $2 million for that and have no flexibility to send the player to the minors during the season either.

Holy shit, 4 walks in one game!

Woo prospects. Seeing the minor leaguers is the only thing keeping me interested and it's only April. What a ho-hum team we have.

Top HS pitchers for the June draft.

Cubs do have the 9th pick I believe, might as well start educating ourselves about the draft.

might as well start educating ourselves about the draft.

That way we can all bitch about why the Cubs take Vitters and Colvin instead of Weiters and Ian Kennedy.

Or a Division 3 under 6 foot pitcher instead of a Bat?

Fuld missed the cycle yesterday, but could have stopped at first on his last double

Dave Pinto found 5 other occurrences of players doing such a thing

It will be a great memory for him in two years when he's playing for the Chico Outlaws.

if scott podsednik can have a relatively lengthy career, sam fuld sure can

My problem with Fuld was that he couldn't stay healthy. Let's see if he can make it a month without landing on the DL. He's certainly off to a nice start.

But have you seen Pods' wife?

the legend grows...

tweet from Joe Maddon

The legend of Sam Fuld tweets are so good. Love "Superman wears Sam Fuld pajamas to bed" and "USF being renamed University of Sam Fuld."

beautiful weather in des moines today; forecast for high in 40's w/ rain/snow mix for friday night's home opener...

Should be just about 74 degrees at Minute Maid when I take my seat under a cloudless sky this evening.

I'm all for the Ortiz/Davis crap. When the starters finally get healthy we can move these guys into the pen supposing they can actually throw strikes. They can replace guys like Samardzija and Grabow who can't throw strikes.

h.j.lee still hasnt played for A+ (TB).

wonder where he is and/or what he's working on. he's on their roster, but yet to play.


he's on their DL...the chicken pox thing...oh yeah, this has been covered. dur.

3 active hitters have hit 150+ HR for more than one team. Can you name them? Answer in column

I got two.

got two too, one I thought was obvious was not right

Today in stupid headlines

If Davis regains form, he could help Cubs

does say Davis is up to around 70 pitches at the moment

Other headline option...... If Aunt had a D*ck, she could be your uncle?

"The Cubs boast a .475 batting average (19-for-40) out of the leadoff spot this season, by far the best mark in the majors. Philadelphia has the second best batting average at .366 (15-for-41) ... the Cubs' .553 on-base percentage out of the leadoff spot is also best in the majors, well ahead of Pittsburgh's second-best .457 mark."

Got that going for themselves.

6th in runs scored in NL so far at 4.3 R/G

4th in BA, 4th in OBP, 7th in SLG, 7th in OPS

tied for 10th in R/G, 13th in ERA, 1st in K/9, 14th in BB/9, 14th in HR/9

That was one of the most idiotic articles I have eve read. Sweet porn-stache picture too.

oh dear.

this "writer" essentially uses the "she asked for it" argument regarding the beaten Giants fan.

he's one of those guys who goes all "jim rome" with sports and politics.

also, that article is stupid as hell. his attack on adults wearing jerseys at a game is just plain weird from a guy who's been doing sports for 20+ years.

even "idiots" who do things like wear a BOS/NYM jersey to the NYY bleachers don't get beat down even if they get yelled at for 3 hours by NYY "fans" who are too busy yelling at them to watch the game...speaking of things adults should be more mature than to do.

Oh my god, how do you defend this crap?

this is the kind of person you're dealing with.

if you call his work stupid, he calls it controversial. if you insist it's just plain stupid, he calls it too much for you to handle. sigh...

What a dunderhead.

nice to see Ron Burgundy is still finding work

ha. nice.

I think it's probably a valid question... There's a thin line between wearing a jersey to support your team and wearing one to be more obnoxious when your team wins, that most people don't recognize.

He probably didn't pick the best time or example to bring up the discussion. It's sort of like going to a foreign country dressed in an an American Flag T-shirt and wearing expensive jewelry around in shady areas. Do you want to or deserve to be mugged? Probably not. Are you partially culpable for putting yourself in that situation? Yeah. If you have people interested in performing violent acts, it's best not to wear targets to catch their attention.

"Do you want to or deserve to be mugged? Probably not. Are you partially culpable for putting yourself in that situation? Yeah"

He wasn't mugged for money or his jersey, he was beaten for wearing a jersey.

wearing a jersey is not really an issue for people who don't live in fear.

at worst most people would expect to be yelled at by many or heckled by a few...a step further might involve getting some food/drink thrown on you.

i don't think many expect as a worst-case-scenario to be beaten by a crew of people.

i don't think many expect as a worst-case-scenario to be beaten by a crew of people.

Well, they do now.

only if you're the type into living in fear.

the worst case scenerio in most situations is so remote it's not worth stressing. if it was that huge of a deal the yanks bleachers would have a double-digit body count on it.

I will be going to two Cubs-Rockies games at Coors Field this weekend. Probably wearing some Cubs gear and not worried about it at all. If I get severely beaten, I take full responsibility for my actions.

The police said they believe the two gang-bangers attacked other fans as well before they attacked the Giants fan.

We've all seen many fans at Wrigley of the opponent, and never once did I want to bash their face in and put them in a coma with brain damage.

I do remember watching one Pirates fan that got the hell beat out of him by two drunk Cubs fans in '79, I think, back in the "We Are Family" days. The poor Pirates fan was wearing a yellow Ed Ott jersey, and these guys verbally assaulted him all game. Late in the game the Pirates took the lead and the Pirates guy made the mistake of saying something back, like, "how do you like that?' referring to the lead change, and was promptly pummeled by the two drunks. Andy Frain's came running from all directions.

As for those Pirate teams, I always loved Dave Parker. Amazing player.

Being obnoxious does not warrant being beat to death.

Are you partially culpable for putting yourself in that situation?

Does not apply to a Dodgers Giants game. No, not even partially culpable.

I think beating someone because they're wearing a jersey means the beater has failed an IQ test and should be euthanized.

We expect shady areas to be shady. We avoid them, and if we have to go them, modify our behavior (dress, etc.) accordingly. Cities don't put on huge campaigns to advertise their shady areas, encourage you to visit, encourage you to bring your children because these areas are family friendly, or encourage you to purchase clothing that would put you in danger when you are there.

Baseball stadiums are expected to be safe and advertized as such. So no, the fan is not culpable in this.

This is much like a string of burglaries in a traditionally safe neighborhood, or a mugging or rape in a tourist area that has not experienced such events before. The immediate reaction is shock and surprise. Some people, like you, will argue that this area has become bad, and that the victims were to blame for not acting accordingly. They will say that crime has been increasing here in the past, or other minor incidents have occurred recently, so the victims should have been paying attention.

But most people will instead see this as a wake-up call, and realize that the authorities and others in the community have not been doing enough to deter such activity. They will reinvigorate such efforts, and the crime will likely disappear or move to another area.

So I expect stadiums to double down efforts to maintain security before and after games and to instruct ushers to lower the bar for ejecting fans for heckling or harassing other fans, along with other related efforts to ensure stadiums are safe. In addition, I expect many fans to modify their behavior and limit the severity of their heckling, and other fans to intervene on the behalf of those visiting fans being harassed.

This undoubtedly won't be the last such incident we see, but I don't see this as a reason to stop wearing your Cubs jersey in road stadiums.

I think you guys have coined a new logical fallacy.

The TCR Fallacy: When someone makes an analogy to illustrate a point, and the readers of TCR dismiss it because the analogy does not perfectly match.

At the end of the day: Someone is getting beat up after that ballgame, the likelyhood of that someone being you is increased if you wear a jersey for another team.

When I am going into a situation where there may be belligerent, violent drunks, I try to think of ways not to antagonize them.

have fun over-thinking your fear and safety. i now call it the TRN Fallacy (tm).


Furcal breaks thumb, talks retirement

agent, of course, is trying to shoot it down

bet they regret losing Ryan Theriot now.

Time for Flash Gordon part II? 9 K's in 19 AAA AB's so far.

carlos lee starts at 1st for HOU tonight.

j.guthrie (BAL) about to be on MLB Network "Intentional Talk"

if you've never seen him interview, you should. hope this is a good one, anyway. guthrie's a weird dude.

Bourn, Sanchez, Pence, Lee, Michaels, Hall, Johnson, Quintero, Myers


Castro, Barney, Byrd, Ramirez, Pena, Soriano, Soto, Colvin, Russell

-edit- Brad Mills suspended for the game

Crawford LF, Watty 2B, Ha CF, Bour 1B, Castillo DH, Burgess RF, Brenly C, Macias 3B, Lake SS Rob Whitenack-RHP

Szczur 9, Silva 8, Rohan 3, Borges 7, Fitzgerald DH, Gibbs 2,Giansanti 5, Soto 3, Alcantara 6, Simpson 1 followed by Jokisch

non-exciting stuff about James Russell

does seem to have a bit of a sense of humor at least

josh hamilton minor shoulder fracture...6+ weeks...allegedly ready to start swinging a bat again after 4 weeks.

hamstring improving, hopes to play by Friday, no DL expected

Pena needs to hit a homerun sometime soon.

This is what I said in early post from this thread.

He has been less than mediocre with the ol' stick.

Has he honestly had even one good game yet?

This has been an ominous beginning thus far.

Maybe we'll get to see one of Koyie Hill or Blake DeWitt make their first appearance as a relief pitcher today.

well enjoy your evenings fellas!

I assume ninja will be asked to get through 4. Then Mateo and Stevens for 2 innings each if Q-Ball is lucky.

Grab-ass as the fallback.

Just like Spring Training!

I'd say Russell to Iowa and a reliever up in the morning.

I'd say Russell and Hendry to Siberia and anyone with a pulse up in the morning.

We're facing the worst hitting team in baseball and we're throwing batting practice to them.

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2011 Chicago Cubs!

Diamond gave up 9 earned runs in 3.1 tonight, so that wasn't a better option. And just pray that Muyco never gets called up.

Now for some good news. Rob Whitenack's pitching line tonight:

6 innings, 1 hit, 0 walks, 12 strikeouts.

Daytona is 6 and 0.

Diamond went more innings and faced a tougher lineup.

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