In Which We Get to Mock My Other Fantasy Draft

I have no delusions that any of you care about my fantasy baseball teams, but the amount of time I put on this site allows me these occasional self-indulgent posts.

So TCR founder and all-around good guy Christian Ruzich invited me to join his auction league and I accepted because...what the hell? I played a few roto leagues before and always hated them, but the auction style was new to me, might as well try it. Here are the pertinent league rules:

* 24-man roster (C C 1B 2B 3B SS CR MI OF OF OF OF OF UT + 10 pitchers)
* 5x5: OBP, HR, RBI, R, SB-CS // W, ERA, K, SV, WHIP
* Auction with keepers - $270 auction budget
* Drafted players get a two-year contract, with option for a 3rd year at salary +10

This was the team I was inheriting and the keeper rule is between 5-10 players and at least $40 of salary, otherwise it comes out of your auction day draft.

Players are listed with name, team, contract, salary, and position eligibility.

Contract statuses:

2 = 2nd year, eligible for an option in 2012 at salary + $10
2N = 2nd year, not eligible for an option
O = option year

J Castro HOU 2 5 C
J LuCroy MIL 2N 1 C
B Allen ARI 2 1 1/O
R Weeks MIL 2 20 2
P Sandoval SFG 2 27 3
E Cabrera SDP 2 21 S
C Johnson HOU 2N 1 3
J Bruce CIN O 36 O
L Morrison FLA 2 6 O
C Young ARI 2 15 O
R Gload PHI 2N 1 1
M DeRosa SF 2 16 2/O
S Pearce PIT 2 1 1
J Bay NYM 2 28 O
T Gwynn LAD 2N 5 O
E Velez LAD 2 2 O

J Hanrahan WAS 2N 2 P
J Happ HOU O 17 P
J Johnson FLA O 27 P
J Karstens PIT 2N 0 P
R Lopez ATL 2N 5 P
E Mujica FLA 2N 0 P
S Olsen PIT 2N 1 P
B Zito SFG O 11 P
J Ely LAD 2N 8 P
B Lincoln PIT 2N 11 P

I used the Baseball Prospectus fantasy rankings and recommended dollar values as a guide through the process. Bruce and Sandoval were two I wanted to keep but they seemed too expensive. I was right about Bruce (went for $24), not so much on Sandoval(went for $26).

  • Rickie Weeks (2B) $20 - BP had him at $18
  • Chris Johnson(CI) $11 - could care less abot him, but BP had him at $14, so seemed like value. I'm already regretting it.
  • Logan Morrison (OF) $6 - seems to be somewhat of a forgotten prospect this year, well until he started lighting it up in April. $6 was too much of a bargain for an OF with a regular job.
  • Chris Young(OF) $15 - power and speed and a $23 suggested value
  • J. Johnson(P) $27 - one of my favorite pitchers
  • Hanrahan(P) $12 - seemed like what closers were worth

That's $91, leaving me $179 to fill 18 spots. I decided I'd like to go about $180 on hitters and $90 on pitchers. I'd like to say I had a strategy beyond that, but as you'll see, I did not.

To the draft in the order I got them:

  • Hanley Ramirez (SS) $42 - I made some runs at Votto, Halladay Cliff Lee , Soto and McCann before this and BP had him at $37. He ended up being the 2nd most expensive player to go in the draft behind Pujols at $43 (Votto was third at $41). I figure it's harder to find a shortstop.
  • Chipper Jones(3B) $22 - Meh, BP had him at $13 and by this point their one league value for players was generally being outbid by $8-$10. I was hoping to keep it under $18, but alas let the auction get the best of me. Ian Stewart just went for $16 and I wasn't sure any other good third basemen were left. I should have kept bidding up Stewart, but for some reason I thought Stewart's injury was more serious. Then of course Stewart seems to be fighting for playing time under Tracy, so maybe this will work out still.
  • Starlin Castro(MI) $22 - BP had him at $19, so I was willing to go up to $25 here. I get him for two years with a third year option at $10 more, so seemed like good value.
  • Alfonso Soriano(OF) $15 - If he can steal a few bases this year, he still has 20 home run pop. Marlon Byrd went for $17 the pick after, so I felt much better after that.
  • Stephen Strasburg(P) $7 - That means $7 next year and $17 the
    following year. I also made a run at Johan Santana but my budget was dwindling by that point and more worried about Santana's shoulder surgery then Strasburg's TJ surgery.
  • Javier Vazquez(P) $13 - Well I know he'll be pitching in a friendly park at least, so far he's been pretty terrible.
  • Matt Garza(P) $8 - That seemed like a steal to me with most #2/#3 starters going over $10. It was around this point that I had calculated how much I could afford on each pitcher and hitter and was looking to not spend too abundantly over that average.
  • Todd Helton(1B) $5 - one of the last first basemen left and they were
    all going for over $10. At the very least he'll help my OBP.
  • Kerry Wood(P) $3 - high K's and next in line for saves as most of the closers were gone by then.
  • Aaron Harang(P) $6 - like my other league, looking for the Petco bounce back.
  • Domonic Brown(OF) $7 - I'm not sure when he'll be back and if he'll play much this year with the Phillies, but seemed like a good shot beyond this season.
  • Jonathan LucRoy (C) $4 - broken finger shouldn't linger and in a good lineup with a little home run pwer
  • Bill Hall(2B, 3B, OF) $7 - Plays a bunch of spots and hopefully some home runs with the Crawford boxes.
  • Humberto Quintero (C) $3 - Having to carry 2 catcher spots is 'effin brutal.
  • Sergio Romo (P) $1 - siphon off some saves until Brian Wilson is back, which happened sooner than I hoped and he didn't get any.
  • Russell Branyan (UT) $5 - a few garbage home runs and I don't think Juan Miranda is all that secure with the first base job.
  • Andrew Cashner (P) $5 - not a lot of folks had money left and at the least the upside is high and hopefully the K's. A good keeper option for next year even if the injury lingers.
  • Mike Adams (P) $1 - could be next in line for saves if Bell gets hurt and tons of strikeouts.

There's a $100 free agent budget to work with during the season and a $330 in-season salary cap to try and make things interesting. My final roster with a * indicating disabled list and I'll have to find someone on the waiver wire.

LuCroy*, Quintero, Helton, Weeks, H. Ramirez, C. Jones, Castro (MI), C. Johnson (CI), Morrison, C. Young, Soriano, B. Hall, D. Brown*, R. Branyan (UT).

J. Johnson, J. Vazquez, M. Garza, A. Harang, A. Cashner, S. Strasburg*, J. Hanrahan, S. Romo, M. Adams, K. Wood

As you can see, my pitching staff is a hot mess. I don't really have enough closers for saves and not enough good starters for wins. My K's and WHIP should be alright. Remarkably I am in second place right now without Hanley doing anything.

Some players I had proposed or made strong runs at:

  • R. Halladay - went for $36
  • B. McCann - went for $23
  • Geovany Soto - went for $18
  • Cliff Lee - went for $33
  • Joey Votto (nominated by me) - went for $41
  • Chris Iannatta - went for $17
  • Pablo Sandoval (nominated by me) - went for $26
  • Zack Greinke - went for $29
  • Carlos Pena - went for $25
  • Tommy Hanson - went for $23
  • Lance Berkman (nominated by me) - $16
  • Yovani Gallardo (nominated by me) - $23
  • Jay Bruce - $24
  • Chris Carpenter (nominated by me) - $24
  • Ubaldo Jimenez - $21
  • Brad Hawpe (nominated by me) - went for $12
  • Ryan Franklin went for $13
  • Leo Nunez - went for $13
  • Francisco Cordero - went for $16
  • Adam LaRoche - went for $16
  • Kosuke Fukudome (nominated by me) -$7
  • Todd Helton ((nominated by me) - and got him for $5
  • Sean Burnett (nominated by me) - $4 (I should have kept bidding on him)
  • Quintero, Romo, Branyan and Adams were all also nominated by me and I won the bids.


in other news, Go Bulls!!!

maybe they'll bring their defense the 2nd half


well the defense didn't show up until the last 5 minutes, but a win is a win. 19/21 FT's for Rose, 39 pts, a line Jordan would be proud of...

According to AP, 18-year old Washington Nationals prospect Yewry Guillen (D.R.) dies from a case of bacteria meningitis. Crazy.

Truly incredible in light of today's medical advances.

He was in the Dominican, although every couple of years we hear of a teenager in the U.S. who dies from Meningitis. Worst part is that the symptoms are the same for a bunch of normal everyday illnesses.

Submitted by Paul Noce on Sat, 04/16/2011 - 11:47pm.
He was in the Dominican, although every couple of years we hear of a teenager in the U.S. who dies from Meningitis. Worst part is that the symptoms are the same for a bunch of normal everyday illnesses.


PAUL N: A couple of years ago the Cubs had a player at their Dominican Acdemy (I can't remember who it was) who had appendicitis, and they flew him to Miami for surgery.

Even with the increased emphasis on tourism and the new MLB baseball academies down there, the Dominican Republic is still a bit Third World when it comes to medical care.

On this morning's Talkin' Baseball with Bruce Levine, Levine said that Rays' GM "Andrew Friedman insisted on Sam Fuld in the trade."

I had assumed it was Hendry's idea.

I had heard that today as well. Weird.

DH today

Game 1:
Flahery 3/4 2 HR, 5 RBI
Vitters 1/3 1 HR, 3 RBI
Jackson 1/2 2 BB, 2 R

he's in there for his defense folks

3-run bomb, Sweet!!! Tulo's 3-0 popout to Pena looming large.

go away John Grabow

He is pathetic.

Strangely, I don't recall him being this bad with the Pirates.

How much do you pay a 21 year old batting champion?

Depends on who is writing the checks.

my back of the envelope calculations comes up with him hitting 3,000 in 2027 at age 36 (average 180 hits per year).

Probably a lot. And then you hope that he learns to hit for some power and take the occasional walk, too.

And hope he learns to settle down on defense.

via CM's twitter...

"#Cubs mgr Quade says James Russell will start Tues vs #Padres"

via's gordo's twitter...

"Russell gets Tuesday start vs. SD. Pitch limit could be as high as 65-75, says Quade."

So 2.2 innings this time?

Pretty effective outing by Coleman. I watched for a while and he sure didn't look like a guy who was going to make it to the 6th with only 1 run in.
Screw Grabow, what the hell is he doing in the game anyway?

Grabow was in because it was a blowout and crappy relief pitchers pitch in blowouts.

Right. That's why Marshall, Wood and Marmol pitched then too

You seriously want to argue why a pitcher at the bottom of the depth chart got into an 8-1 game? Are you drunk or just an idiot?

edit -
comment deleted

From fangraphs chat

Comment From Rob
Is it time to revise Starlin Castro's hit tool up to an 80?
Frankie Piliere: Been saying it for a couple years, the hit tool is what makes him very different. Not sure about 80 but he is really outstanding.

Comment From Matt F.
Brett Jackson: solid regular, stud, or STUD
Frankie Piliere: Somewhere in between. A bit better than just a solid regular, not quite a stud.

From fangraphs chat - i hope it's true on byrd

Comment From josh
what underrated bat will be available at the deadline?
Dave Cameron: Marlon Byrd seems like a good bet.

Comment From JV
Sam Fuld - thoughts on him continuing to rip the cover off the ball?
Dave Cameron: He's a nice role player, but yeah, this won't last.

From fangraphs chat

Comment From Mark
Are you a fan of Tyler Colvin? I want to like him, but he isn't giving me many reasons to!
Jack Moore: Depends. I don't think he has star potential - too many Ks, too few BBs - but the power is real and he's not a liability on defense. He should be a league average or slightly better player for a few years, which may be slightly disappointing, he's definitely an asset.

Comment From Hall of Fame
Starlin Castro, over/under, 5,000 hits in career?
Jack Moore: 5,000 this season.

Comment From Matt
NL Only keeper league, Ryan Braun or Jose Reyes and Ubaldo Jimenez? Reyes would be replaced with Starlin Castro
Jack Moore: So the question is more like Braun + Starlin or Reyes + Ubaldo. I take Braun and Starlin.

Comment From matt
tyler colvin or luke scott, rest of year?
Jack Moore: Luke Scott

Comment From Carl
What kind of numbers will Randy Wells put up for the rest of the season once he comes off the DL?
Jack Moore: Think 4.00 ERA, 1.30 WHIP and the rest that comes with that.

Comment From Joe
Garza is racking up a ton of K's and little else. Will this change over the course fo the season?
Jack Moore: I think over the course of the season we'll see nearly the opposite. The amount of righties in NL Central lineups should help Garza raise his K-rate over his career mark of 7-ish, maybe even approaching 8 per nine innings. His walk rate isn't far off from his career mark either. However, Garza hasn't allowed a homer yet despite a 40% GB rate which isn't likely to change much. Especially in windy Wrigley Field, the homer could be what limits Garza from bettering his numbers with the Rays. I expect something like a 3.80-4.10 ERA/FIP out of Garza this season.

Not great praise for Garza given the earlier question on Wells - nothing folks here haven't already debated

"Jack Moore: 5,000 this season."

Could Ha be our Korean Starlin Castro?

Doubt he'll advance as quickly as an outfielder unless he develops one of the following along with the ability to make contact: power, patience, base stealing ability. But, like Castro, he seems to be a high-average, low BB, not much power yet, not terribly speedy hitter. And, obviously, they are both very young and could develop plenty of other values to go along with the ability to put the bat on the ball.

I actually think Castro is more patient than Ha is right now.

I also suspect you are looking for AZ Phil's response, which I'd also be very interested in.

Can't disagree. My thoughts were more wishful thinking than they were projections.

Sure, I see the wishful thinking--but I guess I responded to it this way because I think there really are similarities there. And I often try to bridge my wishful thinking to real hopes and expectations. Which is probably why I am crippled by disappointment 93% of the time.

5% less often than the typical Cubs fan.

looks like it might be a long and bullpen involved game on both sides...

i'd like to take this opportunity to say, truthfully, that len currently has balls in his mouth.

that is all.

Soriano is the first strikeout victim of Alan Johnson. He's like the easy chick at a summer camp

On MLB's gameday Castro has a "cold" zone that lists his average at 400
He has "hot" zones at 571 and 833


bleh...this inning sucks.

I need a villain today. Mateo? Soriano?


...that bastard.

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