Angels in the Outfield and Angel on the Mound at Diablo Park

Los Angeles Angels LHP Scott Kazmir (lower back strain) threw 3.2 IP of shutout ball (three hits, no walks and four strikeouts, 2/5 GO/FO) on a 45-pitch rehab assignment, and the EXST Angels cruised to a 5-1 victory over the EXST Cubs in Cactus League Extended Spring Training action at Diablo Park in Tempe this morning.

For all you Angels fans out there, Kazmir looked very good, threw all of his pitches for strikes, and reported no back pain or stiffness.

Angel Guzman (2010 shoulder surgery rehab), RHP Jon Nagel (post-2010 non-TJS elbow surgery rehab), RHP Justin Bristow (2010 non-TJS elbow surgery rehab), and RHP Su-Min Jung (unknown-type injury rehab) were among the five pitchers employed by the Cubs today. Guzman struggled to throw his fastball for strikes, but he had good velocity (92 MPH) on his heater, and both his change-up and curve looked OK. He allowed one run (earned) in one inning of work (16 pitches – 8 strikes), issuing a lead-off walk, with the run coming around to score after a stolen base and two ground outs.

The Cubs scored their only run in the top of the 6th. Wes Darvill led-off with a line-drive single to CF, and then with two outs, Reggie Golden (after striking out in both of his two previous ABs) hammered an opposite-field triple into the RF corner to score Darvill from 1st base.

The Angels put the game away in the bottom of the 7th off 19-year old Korean "bonus baby" RHP Jin-Young Kim, piecing together three singles, a wild pitch, and a costly Xavier Batista error to plate three runs (albeit only one of the runs was earned).

In EXST Cubs roster news, catcher Luis Flores has completed his injury rehab assignment and has been assigned to Peoria. (Flores suffered a concussion last month in Minor League Camp).

Here is today’s abridged box score (Cubs players only):

1a. Pin-Chieh Chen, DH #1: 0-3 (K, F-7, F-7)
1b. Johan DeJesus, PH: 0-1 (6-3)
2. Wes Darvill, SS: 1-4 (K, F-8, 1B, P-3, R)
3. Wilson Contreras, 3B: 2-4 (1B, 6-3, K, 1B)
4. Marco Hernandez, 2B: 0-4 (K, F-7, F-9, 4-6-3 DP)
5. Reggie Golden, RF: 1-4 (K, K, 3B, F-9, RBI)
6. Xavier Batista, 1B: 0-3 (F-7, F-8, K)
7. Oliver Zapata, CF: 0-3 (4-3, K, K)
8. Vismeldy Bieneme, DH #2: 2-3 (1B, 1B, K)
9a. Yaniel Cabezas, C: 1-2 (1B, 6-3)
9b. Max Kwan, C: 0-1 (F-9)
10. Blair Springfield, LF: 0-3 (P-3, K, F-7)

1. Angel Guzman: 1.0 IP, 0 H, 1 R (1 ER), 1 BB, 1 K, 16 pitches (8 strikes), 2/0 GO/FO
2. Jon Nagel: 1.0 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 0 K, 9 pitches (7 strikes), 2/1 GO/FO
3. Justin Bristow: 2.0 IP, 2 H, 1 R (1 ER), 0 BB, 2 K, 28 pitches (17 strikes), 2/1 GO/FO
4. Su-Min Jung: 2.0 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 3 K, 24 pitches (14 strikes), 1/2 GO/FO
5. Jin-Young Kim: 3.0 IP, 4 H, 3 R (1 ER),0 BB, 2 K, 1 WP, 43 pitches (29 strikes), 3/4 GO/FO

1B Xavier Batista E3 – bobbled ground ball allowing batter to reach base safely – eventually resulted in two unearned runs scoring

Yaniel Cabeza: 1-2 CS


WEATHER: Sunny & breezy with temperatures in the 80’s


Iowa: PPD

Jackson 8, Flaherty 5, LeMahieu 4, Lalli 2, Vitters 3, Ridling 7, Adduci 9, Samson 6, Dolis 9

Jackson HBP, SB and run & Vitters and Flaherty with early 2B's

Lake SS, Cerda 3B, Ha RF, Bour 1B, Castillo DH, Burgess LF, Brenly C, Crawford CF, Watkins 2B, Kurcz RHP

Ha with a HR early, Burgess and Castillo with 2B's

Peoria; PPD

Cubs RHP Rafael Dolis issued two four-pitch walks in the first. Also escaped w no runs, was hitting top end of 91-96 regularly

Pretty impressive throwing from Rightfield (9).

left game with an injury although reportedly still throwing 96 when he left, don't know which body part yet.

lower back spasm after slipping on a pitch, should be okay for next start

The Blackhawks' season is probably over tonight, the Cubs should sign John Scott and have him charge the mound and start some fights. They could promote it as Dummy Wax Teeth Night, Brass Knuckles Night, etc.

PHIL: Since the weather has been as crappy a spring as one can have, I certainly would appreciate an AZ game-weather report so I can believe there is baseball weather at least somewhere in the U.S.!

His fingers in that picture=acromegaly for sure. Probably why he has the nasty beard to cover up changes in his facial features due to HGH use.

Explain, please? I'm interested but lazy.

Increased growth hormone in the body(either from pituitary gland tumors or however the fuck these athletes use it) causes acromegaly. The most visible symptoms are enlargement of hands, feet and certain facial features(lips, ears, nose,jaw). It also causes growth of the skull and forehead......Mr. Bonds. I've noticed a lot of athletes with gigantic foreheads lately. Plus it causes swelling in other organs like the HEART. I imagine we will see quite a few ball players from this generation die early. HGH probably can be used safely, but in general it's not a good idea to fuck with your endocrine system when you are already perfectly healthy. It's a delicate system that can cause chain reactions of other problems. I'm betting if Brian Wilson is using HGH, he isn't doing it in moderation, doesn't seem to be his style.

I don't think this article means much, but I sure wouldn't oppose Castro hitting third. Fuk/Baker can go back to leadoff, but I'm not sure who would take the leadoff spot when Colvin starts. I guess this is how it would end up


(Note - I would arrange the bottom half Soto, Soriano, Pena, Byrd)

Nothing is imminent and it's too early to believe Byrd won't start driving in runs

except a look at his career numbers

Come on, Rob, the guy is only 34 this year with 6200 professional plate appearances. Don't you think it's a bit early to pigeon-hole him?

My crazy uncle pigeon-holed me as a kid, I've never gotten over it. :)

To Phil or anyone else who cares to answer:

When would the team consider bringing up another minor league position player during the season? Jackson's had a helluva start, but I wouldn't think that the team would bring him up before late in the season barring an injury. I don't know if anyone other minor leaguers woud push for the big league club this season anyway.

These off days are hard to deal with

I go into a full rage when I am available to watch a game (night game, home, etc) and find out it's on WCIU. Then having a day off makes it that much worse. :)

I take it you don't get WCIU? I thought you were in the Chicago area? Satellite system not carry it? Buy a cheap antennae.

No. Northeast Indiana.

I think Jackson probably needs a lot of everyday playing, preferably in the minors this full season. I don't think any 'prospects' who are hitters would be ready for any real playing time this season in the majors. We might see Fernando Perez if there is an OF injury, but he's not a prospect.

As for pitchers, Jay Jackson could very well be up here now if he were healthy, given the injuries to our rotation. Maybe we'll get to see him later this year. I'm sure we'll see some minor league relievers this summer once injuries strike, but I don't know if any of them we are likely to see this year are more than just average prospects. Chris Carpenter has intrigued me.

Welington Castillo could come out at some point too, but probably only if Geo or Hill get hurt before September. Hopefully he makes enough improvement on defense he can stick next year.

Sometimes its pretty hard to get exited about the Cubs. The minors is all we have left

Phil, thanks for your reports.

Last summer Austin Reed looked promising. I think I've read every one of your reports this spring, but I don't recall seeing any reference to Reed.

To your knowledge, is he in camp, and healthy? Or is he hurt?

from Rotoworld

TCU's Matt Purke will see Dr. James Andrews on Wednesday due to soreness in his throwing shoulder.
Uh oh. Purke was widely expected to be one of the first 10 picks in June's First-Year Player Draft, but has shown diminished velocity in recent outings. The 21-year-old left-hander was selected by the Rangers with the 19th pick of the 2009 draft, but decided to attend TCU.

way to go numbnuts

So he was drafted out of high school, but decided to go to college instead and now he is probably injured? Is this right?

Yeah, but it was a little more complicated than that. He reportedly had a $6 million signing bonus agreed to with the Rangers, but this was during the time they were bankrupt. MLB, who was essentially floating them money at the time, said they couldn't go over $4 million on a signing bonus, well after the Rangers and Purke had agreed on 6. Purke basically stood his ground at 6, and the Rangers had their hands tied. Coming into the year, he was a top 3 pick and would have likely gotten his $6 million this year. Assuming he comes back healthy in 2012, he could be the #1 pick in a very weak draft and get even more.

Or have labrum surgery and get $25K....

Great to see Su-Min Jung pitching and pitching well. I was afraid he had undergone TJS or something that nobody had heard about yet, much like Dong-Yub Kim last year with his shoulder.

all kinds of baseball today...sweet.

Lee .220 .324 .288 .612
Pena .214 .346 .238 .584

Good glove, no bat, sore thumb
✓ check

nicely done

Castro 6, Barney 4, Byrd 8, Ramirez 5, Pena 3, Soriano 7, Colvin 9, Soto 2, Garza 1


Venable RF, Bartlett SS, Hudson 2B, Headley 3B, Hundley C, Ludwick LF, Hawpe 1B, Patterson CF, Moseley RHP

Fukudome in the nightcap, Castro may bat third

If Soto his your 8th hitter, you're probably an offensive juggernaught.

Juggernaught is about right.

Hah, I have trained myself into misspelling "juggernaut" with the Fontenaught thing.

The have's and the have not's

Castro (996), Barney (.782), Byrd (.658), Ramirez (.878), Pena (.584), Soriano (.814), Colvin (.602), Soto (.686)

to harp on an earlier point, isn't it better to put your guys not sucking all together? I think the idea of protection has had more holes shot through it than Vito Corleone.

more appropriate lineup?
Castro, Barney (for now), Ramirez, Soriano....the rest of the riff-raff....

Fukudome (who has the morning off to spend with the wife and new kid and I assume the original kid is there too) has a .805 OPS, Baker .926

and when Fukudome plays, the Tony LaRussa special

Fukudome, Castro, Ramirez, Soriano, Pena, Soto, Byrd, Pitcher, Barney

then you get 5 hitters in a row that aren't sucking after the first go around in the lineup...

just spit-ballin'

well Braun/Fielder are...

and if Narveson is going to be useful, along with Greinke and Hart coming back....well meh.

5.00 for Garza's season ERA after today?

I'm going under.

on 20 K's?

under 9 k


Anything worse than 1 run in seven, if my head-math is right. I'll go with over.

Too bad he's not pitching against Harang.

under it is....

more bunting practice for garza, please.

that was pathetic.

- A. Ramirez walked, D. Barney to third, M. Byrd to second
- C. Pena grounded out to first
- End of Inning (1 Run, 2 Hits, 1 Error)



d.moseley (SD) has gone 23.2ip (as of the 4th inning, today) without a single run of support or even a run scored in a game he's pitched in.

garza's slider is nasty as hell today...consistently around 87mph, too.

soriano with his 3rd OF assist.

it would be impressive if he didn't get that out at 2nd because he was being his usual slow-fielding self with the ball in play and the runner decided to try to take 2nd. out by a couple steps on a good throw...

I'm not watching the game, but 3 infield singles today among those 6 hits according to twitter folk.

anyway, 9 K, 0 BB through 5 IP

gotta love April numbers...(through 5 innings)

Garza with 34 K/5 BB (1 IBB btw), 6.8 K/BB ratio, 12.92 K/9

"Update: Groin injury. Mark Newman says it's not serious. Whatever."

lol neyer.

considering Prior's medical history, that might mean he suffered a serious paper cut and will be out for 3-6 weeks.


I was seriously hoping for some vagina jokes, but you guys have failed me. Where's Silent Towel when you need him?

Walks for everyone!

it's one's swung at a slider this inning.

he's thrown 1 for a called strike that i've seen.


no idea. he uses the same arm slot for his fastball, so i dunno. it was just weird after he spent 5 innings killing the entire lineup with his slider.

Can Moseley go 0-4 with a 1.40 ERA? That would be awesome.

25.2ip without a single run supporting his pitching so far this year.

Oh, good. It's John Grabow in a 1-run game! :D :D :D :D

why the fuck is John Grabow in this game?

If he allows only one run in this inning, he will still lower his ERA.

mateo in with g.bartlett at the plate for some f'n reason...pitcher spot due up next inning at the bat.

...and he promptly walks someone and we get the 3rd pitcher of the inning with a double switch.

there's a night game tonight, quade...

speaking of...moseley out after 88 pitches, himself.

okay, so Russell is going the nightcap vs Harang who is pitching well. You know you'll need the bullpen in that game and odds are somewhat good that you may be losing.

So why the fuck save Marshall and/or Wood here in a 1-run game you can win?


Anyway Mateo comes in and bb's a guy, Marshall finally in to try and get Hudson with 2 on.

I am sure the plan is to pitch Marhsall and Mateo in both games if necessary.

Double switching in the 7th inning of a one-run game with the tying run already on third, and taking out the guy who saved a run with his defense already is... well we should have a "supply the insult" contest for that.

Headly GO 5-3 to end the inning with bases loaded.


2 innings in a row of drama. fun stuff.

Garza hit in leg in 5th inning with hit according to WSCR

he was hit twice during the game...both times seemed to make it out fine. sure he's not feeling too great about either, though. took a nasty looking one off the hip, earlier.

Intersting that the article doesn't actually tell you what the numbers are based on.

Acta Sports = Fielding Bible

Yeah, but they don't do those numbers in season, do they?
From the fielding bible website:

"A panel of ten analysts, listed below—including John Dewan, Peter Gammons and Bill James—examined the 2010 seasons of every defensive player in Major League Baseball and then used the same voting technique as the Major League Baseball MVP voting."

Edit* Oh, it's the +/- system.

sorry, +/- system, I just group it with Fielding Bible cause that was what the book was called that introduced it.

He's a good athlete, above average defensively and a decent runner. But, at 5-foot-11 and 275 pounds, he gets labeled as a slug, which isn't the case.

no one not associated with the Brewers agrees with this.

"Cecil Fielder was a far better defensive first baseman than he was given credit for, had great hands and good feet, and could easily dunk a basketball despite his size: 6-3 and 230 pounds."

230? maybe when he was signed... =p

230 is just for his hands and his feet.

Never mind.

at least he knows the purpose of a double switch...

Baker would have had a new pitcher out for the 8th inning.

Baker would have pitched Garza another inning. I don't remember him often using three pitchers in an inning. Did Grabow do something that deserved him being pulled? If he wanted to use Marshall - why not just have Grabow intentionally walk whoever Mateo walked?

The guy is in over his head. He needs a strategy guy.

apparently Grabow let Venebale steal a base because he threw one pitch to Bartlett and was then removed for Mateo.

mateo walk wasn't was just crappy pitching.

Yeah I know - but was it like a big surprise to anyone beside Q-Ball when Mateo walked someone?

Breaking: Selig expected to announce this afternoon MLB will take over #dodgers financial operations. More soon at

Bud Selig will appoint a representative to oversee all aspects of the business and the day-to-day operations of the #Dodgers.

bullpen chart got some interesting editing.


was about to edit that out...forgot there was no thursday game last week.

I'm thinking Pena should hit 8th.

watch the squeeze bunt here

1st/3rd and 1 out, Bartlett up

or sac fly


They still have Bell, Gregerson and Adams available.

-edit- I should have added that Cubs have Samardzija, Wood, Stevens

let's play 3!

Nice blown save by Marmol!


oh okay... everyone relax... samardzija is pitching now.

by magic and divine intervention, a run did not score.

oh good, he's out for a 2nd inning.

loads the bases with 1 out and escapes

watching him pitch is like standing on a log on one leg over a pit of crocodiles and being constantly poked in the back with a large stick

poked in the butt

Fucking game should have been won in the top of the ninth.

Its been like three games with similar scenarios.

This is gonna happen all year.

walkoff HR by Reed


This is gonna happen all year.


it's your 1st place chicago cubs.


That is hysterical!

Make sure you take a screen-shot of the standings today boys!

What was hysterical was watching Samardzija come back to the dugout all smiles, then see Soto stroll in after him with this 'holy shit' face. That's what we need a screenshot of.


You have to wonder if it included "Now this idiot who bats me eighth is going to really trust Samardijza" mixed it with that head shake.

excellent. i like these new ryno updates.

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  • - The pressure of going for the regular-season wins record is now gone.
    - Joe will come up with more wacky dress-up ideas for the team to wear after they lose their next get-away game.
    - There is more clarity on Spencer Patton.
    - We play the Reds next. They aren't very good.
    - We'll have at least a 9 game lead after today.
    EDIT: - Contreras looks like the real deal.

    Other than that, not much -- nasty stretch. Two ugly losses in the last 4 games.
    Ugh -- give Lackey a 4-1 lead, you hope for better.

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  • Joe: "We lost. They beat us. Now where's my '09 Guigal Bordeaux glass...?

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  • I forgot how rail thin skinny Carl Edwards Jr. Is - he threw some nasty stuff - hope that continues

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  • HAHAHA! I love it here! Brilliant...

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  • "The pressure of going for the regular-season wins record is now gone."

    Brilliant. Maddon is a genius!

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  • "Drink copiously but responsibly."

    Done and done. Thanks for that.

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  • Oil Can Boyd now pitching for the Cubs

    Eric S 3 hours 8 min ago view
  • It's a long season. There will be stretches like this. It's Saturday night. Drink copiously but responsibly.

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  • That valuable RBIGIDP.

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  • Someone talk me down here.

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  • I remember AZ PHIL talking about Bour's power during the Hendry era.

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  • Time to scrap the scouting report on Justin Bour and get a new one. Sheesh.

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  • Contreras seems pretty adamant he'll play anywhere Madden wants him to so as long as he stays hot and with all the injuries it'll be pretty nice to have yet another bat Madden can move around.

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  • Rizzo in, Zobrist out, Willson in LF, Montero back and Almora batting 9th ... let's score some runs

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  • Time for Mr. Oh to get some save chances.

    Newport 8 hours 41 min ago view
  • Rosenthal does it again! Comes in with a 3-1 lead in the 9th -- double, BB, HR...ballgame.

    Very nice win last nice -- could have caved in after the bottom of the first. It would be OK if guys stopped getting hurt, and if SF would lose a few.

    billybucks 11 hours 40 min ago view