Meet the Cubs Managerial Candidates: Dale Sveum

Word is that Mike Maddux took his name out of the running of the Boston job citing a desire to keep his family in Texas, probably a good bet that the same thing will happen to the Cubs, but haven't heard about it yet.

On to another Brewer coach...Dale Sveum.

Dale Sveum card  Dale Sveum was drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers in the first round of the 1982 draft out of high school in Calfornia. He made it to the majors in 1986 by age 22 and had a promising sophomore season at shortstop (252/303/454) with 25 Home Runs in the juiced ball environment of 1987. It was all donwhill from there and he ended up going through 7 organizations, most notably the Brewers and Pirates before playing his last game in 1999.

From 2001 through 2003 he was managing the Pirates Double A affiliate at the same time Pete Mackanin was managing a the A and Hi-A levels...apparently the early 2000 Pirates organzitation was a hot bed of managerial candidates. Sveum made the playoffs in his final year and the team lost in the first round. Sveum was named top managerial candidate in the Eastern Leauge that season by Baseball America. That piqued the Red Sox interest and he got the job as their third base coach on the team that won the World Series. He also gained a repuation for aggressiveness that made Wavin' Wendall Kim blush.

He returned to the Brewers as their third base coach in 2006, then up to bench coach in 2007, then back to third base coach in 2008 and took over as interim manager in 2008 when the Brewers fired Ned Yost in the midst of a pennant race. He "led" them to the wild card (7-5 record) before they lost to the Phillies in the first round. He's been their hitting coach the last three seasons.

To the quotables...

I think it's[statistical analysis] just part of the game now. We're all the same in Milwaukee. You're just always open-minded to all the new stats that come into the game, whether it's the matchups, the stats you see. It's all very relevant now.... At the end of the day, you decipher it all and come up with a plan to use what you're capable of using to get through to the players.

Jorge Posada

“I can't believe Boston third-base coach Dale Sveum sent him, ... The ball was in Jeter's hand when he was rounding third base, so I was very surprised.”

From Bruce Miles

Sveum, also, is said to rely heavily statistical analysis in his game preparation, which should do nothing but work in his favor.

When he left the Red Sox

“We’re sorry to see Dale go,” said Red Sox manager Terry Francona. “We understand and respect his decision to move on for family reasons, but his professionalism and work ethic will be missed."


“We are grateful for the contributions Dale made to the success of the Red Sox -- on the field and in our clubhouse -- over the last two seasons,” said GM Theo Epstein. “We wish him the best with the Brewers.”


“Dale’s leadership, baseball experience, and work ethic commanded tremendous respect from our players, coaching staff and front office for the last two years,” said President/CEO Larry Lucchino. “He will be missed by the Red Sox, but we wish him and his family success and happiness in Milwaukee.”

His interview with the Cubs was suppose to happen today with a press conference at 6:30pm CST.


Garza named Cubs pitcher of the year, Ramirez player of the year, Castro breakout player of the year

"Barney finished second on the Cubs in doubles"

do what now? ...looking at team stats it seems she means "triples"

22 walks for Barney. If the new managers hits him out of the 8th slot next year...

i'm sick of barney getting a free pass on his D.

he is sloooooooooooooow. he looks good doing it, but it's too slow...if he had a bat to make up for it i'd probably not care as much, but part of what his package is supposed to be is his good D.

technically it's good as far as instincts and just takes him too much time to do it.

Exactly what are you using to judge him? Crunchmetrics?

my own personal observation is that he's obviously very good at getting to pop-ups, needs more work on turning the double play, but that's not surprising.

AZ Phil and some others believe he has a good enough arm for SS...hard to tell from what I saw at 2b or on relays.

UZR liked him, stats on Baseball Reference not so much.

Put Barney in LF and Soriano at 2b. Fun for all and lots of material to complain about.

he is horribly slow at turning plays...he's got the mechanics down, but it's slow.

he doesn't have any horrible hitches like double-clutching, but doing normal footwork/throwing is slower than it should be. he's got good instincts, but it's clunky afterwards.

This seems like it ought to be easy enough to measure empirically, if you've got some time and access to video of Barney as well as some other defenders at the position. Heck, we could compare him only to other Cubs second baseman--Baker and DeWitt being his current competition at 2B.

Let's hope Theo gets a better keystone partner for Castro this off-season. With Barney, DeWitt, and Baker as my choices (assuming death is not an option), I take Barney everyday of the week and a double-header on Sunday.

I'll still take Baker when a lefty is starting for the other team.

If you are comparing fielding only, "Bake" is terrible. I have seen him make three errors in a game. That is pretty tough to do. He is no faster at turning a double play than Barney is.

There are other options like Flaherty and LeMaheiu who are better defensively then DeWitt and Baker.

from Cubster in the previous thread...

This is from a mlb blog site/TR Sullivan (Rangers)...Maddux has not withdrawn from Cubs but will discuss with his family tonight

He has not done the same with the Cubs. He is still scheduled to interview with them but said he wants to talk it over with his family on Monday night.

I guess we'll see. However, he did spend several years in Milwaukee, and the access to getting to/from Tejas from the Chi is reasonable.

on that note...

“I could give more reasons why an opportunity like this should be taken rather than not, but the reason for withdrawing my name from consideration comes down to a family decision. My wife and two daughters are together in the same state for the first time in three years and words cannot describe my happiness. The game of baseball has many sacrifices but being apart from family is the toughest. I feel there is too much distance between the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and Boston to see my family as much as I’d enjoy.

He actually said "Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex"? People really say that?


Thank you.

I always think they're going to go on to add "...Texas, USA, North America, Planet Earth, The Universe" ala Hugh Grant in "About a Boy", but they never do. I'm not sure why they say it.

seriously, people drop "Metroplex" in daily conversation?

In my estimation most common is "Dallas|, second most common is "Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex" then "DFW", and seldom "Dalls-Fort Worth".

isn't Metroplex an enemy of Superman from an alternate universe? ;)

Metroplex = Autobot city. Sworn enemy of Tryptichon = Decepticon dinosaur.

It was Cubs games or Transformers episodes in 1984 for me.

Here in the Metroplex, it's an every day word...

Let's stop wasting time here...let's get back to arguing who is worth more between Melky Cabrera and Jonathan Sanchez.

Yeah, is seems like something newscasters would use (like the stupid "Michiana" of where I grew up), but locals would just say Dallas or Fort Worth.

Maybe it's all the "Everything is Bigger in Texas", "Remember the Alamo", "Wanna keep Texas safe? Arm-a-dillo" and all that jazz.

Cool... I grew up in Elkhart... which I'm pretty sure is considered Michiana.

Metroplex? Makes it sound like a large mall or something.

Don't the Vikes play there?

Actually, your Metroplex is located right next to your Solarplex, and can be visible unless you drink a lot of beer.

Dude, me too. Concord, Goshen College, AMBS.

Sveum supposed to meet Chicago media at 6:30. I don't know if CSN shows things like that or not.

just speculation...

If the Red Sox have to choose from among second-tier prospects, they should target catcher Steve Clevenger and lefthanded reliever Jeff Beliveau. Clevenger is a lefthanded hitter with solid defensive skills and positional versatility, making him an ideal big league backup. Beliveau works at 88-91 mph with his fastball and doesn't have a true plus pitch, but the ball seems to come out of his sleeve and hitters just don't square him up.

"hitters just don't square him up" is a funny way to describe a pitcher who makes hitters miss to the tune of 11.8 K's per 9 innings over four seasons.

I've never seen him but I thought his curve was a plus pitch.

he went from "puffy" to cut as hell this offseason when he decided to get serious about training...too bad he didn't do it in college or he might have been drafted higher.

he's also got a little ego on him...he's ready to be in the bigs, already...not afraid to tell anyone. at least he's comfortable being a reliever rather than a starter...some kids have a hard time being asked to convert to reliever when they're still in the minors.

not only does he have more control lately, he's also improved his he needs to keep the balls that do get hit from going 350+ ft.

audio of Sveum spinning things Red after the Bosox interview.

WEEI Boston, full text of Maddux statement

Comcast sportsnet has Sveum post-Theo media interview clip on now

Paul Sullivan tweet...Maddux to interview for Cubs manager job on Wednesday.

Guess that means the Maddux family says Chicago is possible.

Greg pitching coach?

this organization thinks outside the box...bud black next pitching coach...

I think the agreement w/ SD already killed that

Patrick Mooney from CSN Comcast confirms Sully's tweet about Maddux on Wed...

Sveum calls Prince Fielder "one of my favorite people I've ever coached." #Cubs

PSully article on Maddux/Sveum stuff

Muskat's article on the Sveum interview, including some quotes from Sveum on his time with Maddux when they were both in Milwaukee.

I had forgotten about the broken leg. Not 100% sure I like the manager saying that the playoffs is a crap shoot, even if it's true.

Why on earth not? It shows simple foresight, considering he's managing the Cubs. Hopefully we won't be saying those kinds of things in a few years.

Because it displays a lack of accountability.

On the other hand it's better than saying the playoffs are about grit and clutch.

...and that's why theriot has a ring...with STL...


And he doesn't have a ring because of grit or clutch. Neither does St. Louis.

you are underestimating the power of grit...his IGPIC value (isolated grit percentage independent of clutch) is off the charts....especially for a middle infielder.

Wittenmeyer/Sun-Times article on Sveum's interview, with this tidbit, plus Cubs have not gotten permission to interview Hale or Martinez (yet)...

The Cubs are expected to try to schedule Cleveland Indians bench coach Sandy Alomar Jr. — who’s scheduled to interview in Boston on Wednesday — for later in the week.

This is very amusing to watch. The Cubs and the Red Sox playing musical chairs with the same managerial candidates. I wonder who gets stuck without a chair...

I know who gets stuck without a Maddux.

Cardinals interview Francona today. TF won't need a Cub interview.

others on the Stl interview schedule...
last week: Chris Maloney, Joe McEwing, Mike Matheny
this week: Francona, Sandberg, Oquendo.

with Dayton Moore quotes...

"We would have to be interested. We would have to explore it because that's what you should do. You should explore every opportunity. Carlos Zambrano is a heckuva competitor. Carlos Zambrano has had a lot of success in the major leagues. Carlos Zambrano is actually a very pleasant, easy going, classy person off the field. Sometimes, as with all of us the competitiveness takes over and brings out qualities in us that we are not proud of. Obviously the Cubs grew tired of some of his outbursts but I believe in our coaching staff and we'll always take a chance and a risk on certain players. We'll see how that particular situation unfolds."

im sure Z would love to waive his no-trade to go to a non-competitive DH-league team that plays in a park with the best hitting backdrop in MLB.


Z update...

"@Royals_Report Bob Dutton
Have talked to #Royals folks regarding reports of interest in Carlos Zambrano...Hearing: Sure, if he's released. That's always been true."

"#Cubs chair Tom Ricketts, #Indians prez Mark Shapiro to speak at #SABR #Analytics Conference, March 15-17, 2012: "

lol. tom ricketts *golf clap* awesome.

Penn State: Where "sending your kids to college" takes on a new meaning.

As a recent graduate of PSU and current graduate student in a department at another school that has seen two Teaching Assistants in the department arrested on sex crime charges in the last year or so, I feel the need to comment here. The most obvious statement for me to make is that this kind of crime can happen anywhere and does happen in far too many places. The real shame brought on Penn State by this scandal is the way in which responsibility to act as a witness of these alleged crimes seems to have been diffused by the bureaucracy of the football team and the university as a whole. Paterno and (President of the University) Graham Spanier, among many others, end up implicated in this and looking pretty damn bad. But in that bureaucracy, who was it that had the responsibility to report this incident to the police? Maybe the right answer is all of them. Maybe the right answer is the grad student who was the eye witness. But the grad student (after consulting his father for advice) reported it to his superior who reported it to his superior and so on--the result being that the reports never made it outside of the university.

Whether the bureaucrats kept it inside the university to protect their own interests and reputations or did so more directly as a function of the bureaucracy itself remains to be determined (and two of those bureaucrats are facing criminal charges for exactly that). The police should have been immediately involved in any scandal involving alleged sexual abuse. However, if we come to look at the current PSU scandal as an example from which we ought to learn--the lesson it teaches is about the way in which each individual's responsibility was diffused through the bureaucracy. This is certainly a shame that PSU will have to bear--particularly the university administrators, the football team, and the individuals involved--but it is a cautionary tale about more than just Happy Valley.

If you're interested in some thoughts on this scandal and fan identification with team/place (as those of us who feel some emotional attachment to sports teams like the Cubs might), this article isn't bad:

I think if you see a grown man trying to rape a child in a shower, your first response is to stop it and make sure the kid is safe. Then you call the police, right on the spot. This crap about who had the responsibility to call the police is a joke. They all had the responsibility, the moment they learned of any of this.

To hear that Paterno supposedly was made aware of at least one incident in 2002, and passed the buck, is infuriating.

That said, we don't have a lot of the info, so I'm reacting only to what I'm hearing so far.

I agree completely. My point is that similar situations have happened elsewhere and this is a recognized function of bureaucracies. Each individual absolutely bears the ethical responsibility to witness and report to the legal authorities. What they did was report it to the authorities of their own institution--and they probably felt, at least partially, absolved of any further responsibility after that. This misrecognition of the authorities and the responsibilities of each individual happens a lot of places under a lot of different circumstances.

Thank you for your interesting dialog on the matter.

I personally just think that an individual's morals and having the courage to do the right thing should supercede the bureaucracy.

It happened here just like in many instances like this where heinous crimes take place on our fellow children and adults and people just "look the other way". Whether it is Jaycee Dugard, held captive for 18 years - or Sandusky allegedly giving rim-jobs to young boys - someone has to stand up for others. It is really pathetic. And Joe Paterno will unfortunately be remembered for not taking a stand when he had the opportunity.

I agree completely about what should happen. I think many of the events since the beginning of the 20th century have demonstrated that what should happen doesn't happen, though. And I think an understanding of that helps us get a perspective on the event that goes beyond demonizing not only the alleged perpetrator but also those implicated in what ends up looking like a cover up (and may yet prove to be a cover up, with all its implications of intentionality and deception) to a comprehension of the entire situation, which still ought to result in holding the perpetrator and those implicated responsible.

I know the polite thing was for Maddux to tell Boston that he was bowing out of their managerial hunt because of family considerations, but I wonder if the fact that Boston threw Francona under the bus after two WS wins has anything to do with it. Compare that with Theo flying down to Florida and meeting with Quade for several hours before cutting him loose. It's quite a difference in approaches.

Didn't Theo fire Francona?

rumor be that the Henry/Lucchino were leading that charge and that Lucchino was the one that did the smear job in the papers afterward.

Here's the Francona quote, seems like a resignation to me:

During Friday’s press conference, he delved into why he made the decision to resign:

“We talked about a lot of different things,” he said, referring to Friday morning’s meeting with General Manager Theo Epstein, Owner John Henry, Team President Larry Lucchino, and Chairman Tom Werner. “I think they wanted to know how I felt about coming back. I think that’s probably a fair way to put it. I told them a lot of things that were on my mind, we talked obviously a lot about the organization, and then the team, and what went right, what didn’t go right, and then I told them I thought it was time for a new voice. And that’s not an easy thing to say. But I thought it was the right thing to do.”

It's not really who fired him, it's what the ownership said about him afterwards. Basically, they smeared him in the press. Theo seems to be on good terms with him.

Francona basically quit because the higher ups had supposedly implied or directly told him they wouldn't pick up the options on his contract. I read that Theo had some heated arguments with Lucchino over this, and that it was supposedly Lucchino and Werner's choice not to bring Francona back.

Theo later said that he was planning on leaving the Red Sox after 2012 but since Francona left it made little sense for Theo to make hiring the next manager. The next GM there should have the right to hire their own manager, so he jumped at the Cubs offer.

I think Maddux wouldn't have agreed to interview with them at all if he was insulted or looked down on them for how they handled Francona's departure.

I take Maddux at his word about the travel situation. I would be concerned that his family living in Texas while he works in Chicago would still weigh heavily on him.

I'm also not that crazy about taking a coach who is very good at one thing and paying them lots of money to never do that again. This crap happens all the time in the NFL, and sometimes in MLB. "Hey, so and so is a great defensive co-ordinator. Let's hire him and pay him $5 million a year to never do that again and instead have him do something he's never done before." Makes total sense.

Bud Black is basically the most recent example of a pitching coach making a good manager, but they also like to point to John Farrell in Toronto. The guy has been there one year, let's not proclaim him a great success at manager.

Without knowing how well these guys interview, I'm interested more in Sveum than Maddux. Not very interested in Mackanin. I think if he was such a great prospect he would have been a major league manager a long time ago.

Not very interested in Mackanin. I think if he was such a great prospect he would have been a major league manager a long time ago.

And he's got funny hair.

And he's got funny hair.
the anti-Quade?

via rotowurld

"According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the Cardinals on Wednesday will interview third base coach Jose Oquendo and Phillies Triple-A manager Ryne Sandberg for their managerial vacancy."

recent Bruce Levine tweet...
@ESPNChiCubs: Sandy Alomar jr to interview for cub job later this week. MLB source.


on Tuesday, Moore told’s Dick Kaegel he should not have commented on a player under contract with another club, and indicated any suggestion the Royals were pursuing Zambrano was misplaced.
Theo Compensation solved. KC sends prospect to Boston for Moore's tampering.

more from Bruce Levine's blog on Alomar interviewing with Cubs later this week...
also...some Bosox interviews not on Cubs radar:

The Cubs and Red Sox lists aren't identical. Boston announced on Tuesday that they will also bring in Blue Jays first base coach Torey Lovullo and current Tigers third base coach and former White Sox manager Gene Lamont.

Gene Lamont, wow. One of the worst managers of the last 30 years. Nicknamed "Sleepy" Gene Lamont for his habit of appearing to actually take naps during White Sox games.

on Mike Maddux being the "next big thing"...

biggest piece of bs to come out of a MLBers mouth

MikeStanton27 Mike Stanton
My favorite place to see in Amsterdam, Anne Franks house!

For real. I was in Amsterdam for 8 or 9 days, I didn't even go to Anne Frank's house. There are at least three dozen cooler things to see and do in that city. Weed and hookers account for at least two of the three dozen things.

The Van Gogh Museum is truly one of the coolest places on Earth.

I went to Van Gogh museum and Heineken brewery.

My wife cleverly planned my life insurance physical the week after I got back.

All beer for me.

The train station/airport was the most interesting thing I saw. I saw it about 8 times!... OK, it was the only thing I saw.

I did see a building were the "Pilgrams" allegedly stayed prior to departing for the New World, though.

Actually, the Centraal train station is beatuiful. Yeah, the Van Gogh is awesome, but crazy crowded. The Heineken thing was the best brewery thing I've done, and I've seen quite a few. The Reijkikjikik museum was under repair so we didn't go. My wife came home knocked up so we have very fond memories of that city. That and the weed. And the street food. I can't tell you how many hot dogs with curry ketchup and chocolate covered waffles I ate. Bacon pancake and Delerium Tremens, please!

Hopefully going back in 2012.

Wrongway says Cubs interested in the Cuban CF, could be "their free-agent priority" this offseason.

that brings it up to 20 teams interested at this point... =p


Apparently this is a promotional video distributed by the athlete and/or his agency. It's kind of tongue in cheek, and I'm sure it's also kind of not.

try this as a highlight pic from the Cespedes video...soon to a CF near you!

Follow up on the bizarreness of the video.

the Mercedes(s) say more than 2 things in a row that's record for them.

then they get to...

"Mercedes put the video together himself, “It's just me and the trainers;"

yeah f'n right...

either way, everyone triple checks everything that comes out of Born 2 Play these's awesome when you have to hire detectives to deal with these people to get the "real" truth about players.

that said, B2P as it operates wouldn't exist if MLB teams didn't treat the Dominican like a toilet up until recent decades...the Cubs, themselves, are guilty of this...they used to have shameful conditions at their operations.

that said...cespedes is a more public/known quantity than some "allegedly 16 year old" player who's "allegedly healthy" with an "alleged name"...also, i'd be surprised if he gets the 5/30m people are talking...hell, i'd be shocked it it wasn't around 5/40m...he's going to have a lot of teams gunning for him and many believe he's MLB-ready for CF even if there's a little swing-and-miss to put up with.

If managing the Red Sox, Cardinals and Cubs were the cast of "Ocean's Eleven," the Red Sox and Cardinals would be George Clooney and Brat Pitt; the Cubs would be Matt Damon.

Ah, ok. Managing said teams, ie, the job itself is better in Boston and St. Louis. I get it, but Matt Damon is a good actor. Sure in the movie it was a bit part, but it was an ensemble movie. I actually found Clooney and Pitt's banter in the movie to be painful obnoxious. Hee hee, they finish each other sentences.

On the Miami Heat, the Red Sox and Cardinals are Dwyane Wade and LeBron James; the Cubs are Chris Bosh.

Wait, you said 'managing' those teams were the equivalent. Is it the teams or the job? Dude, we know the Cubs suck. Everyone in the world knows they suck. You wrote an article about that?

And if we're talking music, the Red Sox and Cardinals are more Jay-Z and Kanye West; the Cubs are more, what, Pitbull?...OK, you get the picture.

Yes, indeed I do, I think. But seriously, Kanye West? Are you implying he's among the two best rappers?

He then calls them Tito Jackson (to Janet and Michael). You said I got the PICTURE! Don't add more, after informing me that I've already received the picture. I have the picture in hand; I need no further illustrations. Anyway, because no one else is aware that the Cubs suck, he was kind enough to grace us with some great comparisons via Ocean's 11, The Miami Heat, Hip Hop and the Jacksons. Now I understand just how bad they are. See, they're Chris Bosh. Get it?

Anyway, after saying that managing those teams are the best, he then says that the Cubs job is better.

Thanks for the info, Alden, now go wax your fucking eyebrows.

The "Bourne Identity/Supremacy/Ultimatum" flicks have kept me sane during more long plane flights than I can count...

Word. I likes me some Matt Damon (though I can't type that without hearing Team America in my head).


the Cubs would be Matt Damon.
stay with it at least till they roll the clip...

Alomar Jr to get Cubs interview Friday per Cleveland Plain Dealer reporter.

Which of you jokers is trying to hack my password?

I've gotten three "change password" notification emails in five minutes.


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