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November 29th

Everthing Arizona Phil writes in the comment section is worthy of a Best of TCR article. But this Best of TCR writeup is to show that I can find a post when news is particularly thin (beyond those gimme's from our TCR guru in the desert). Thanksgiving weekend is usually a desert of baseball news unto itself. Thus to brighten our tumbleweed desolate weekend, my long time friend, The E-Man steps up with a summary of Bruce Levine's ESPN AM-1000 saturday morning "Talking Baseball" weekly radio show. Enjoy (except for the part where he says that my season tickets will be more expensive). Take it away E-Man:

Just heard Hendry on WMVP this AM with Bruce Levine.

Jimbo came on the show...

- no slam dunk with Marmol as closer. He is not "set to close", but it is Lou's decision. They (Marmol/Gregg) may share duties. One may close more in the beginning of the year than the other.

November 28th

MLB clubs have until Monday (December 1st) to decide whether to offer salary arbitration to their Type "A" and Type"B" free-agents. 

November 26th

In a special, Thanksgiving edition of his Stat of the Week, John Dewan chronicles the Cubs' aversion to taking walks from 2003 through '07.

Here is how the Cubs hitters ranked among NL clubs in BB:

2003 14th of 16 teams
2004 14th of 16 teams
2005 16th of 16 teams
2006 16th of 16 teams
2007 15th of 16 teams

Last year  was a different story.

I read the Sun-Times writeup on an interview with Lou Piniella in yesterday's paper and thought it was worthy of TCR discussion.

''The two things that I take from the postseason are that I didn't get a chance to pitch [Ted] Lilly, and he was such an integral part of us getting there.."

Here's my translation of Lou's comment #1:

1) The Ted Lilly Fan Club Super Computer predicted this.

2) Lou prefers Jason Marquis to Jake Peavy or Rich Harden because the latter two makes it tougher to pitch Ted Lilly in the playoffs.

3) You should have seen Z's reaction when (Lou) told him Dempster was pitching game one and Ted Lilly was pitching game two vs LA.


And Lou's comment #2: "And, two, we've just got to figure out a way to score more runs in the postseason."

...then Lou says: Raul Ibanez is the type of professional hitter "that we are alluding to".


1) I'm batting Raul 4th.

2) Defense? We don't need no stinkin' defense.

3) Is there a Raul Ibanez Fan Club Computer I can check with?

November 25th

Back in April, I put up some polls for our readers to rank the position players and number one pitchers in the division. I originally intended to get them up before the season started so any hot starts wouldn't influence the results. I failed miserably at that and the poll results showed that (Derrek Lee second?). Nonetheless, let's revisit the fun.

November 22nd

Kansas City is focused on Sean Marshall and Mike Fontenot in talks with the Cubs about Mark Teahen. …

That is according to a Phil Rogers article.

That's great, I'm focused on solving world peace after I cure cancer, which will all happen after I retire at age 35 because the charming widow across the street is really the heir to the Buffett family fortune and appreciates when I roll her garbage can up her driveway on Tuesdays.

Let's just say I don't see either one happening.

November 21st

November 19th

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  • That's a great article. I keep trying to temper my enthusiasm for Arrieta but with every start he seems like the real deal. Would be great to have a legit #2 to follow front line free agent pitcher. Something along the lines of Lester/Arrieta/Hendricks/Wood and who ever wins out/left standing from the muck of #5s.

    4 min 53 sec ago
  • Did Mattingly tell Greinke that someone named Ryan Kalish is batting behind Soler?

    2 hours 40 min ago
  • Ok. Thats not funny....

    2 hours 42 min ago
    Dusty Baylor
  • can't imagine the trip from South Bend (if they happen to be home) to Myrtle Beach is something they really need to expedite.

    3 hours 51 min ago
    Rob G.
  • South Bend has airport to get players out faster

    3 hours 53 min ago
  • How does he have Kalish bunt in that situation??!!!! 1st inning. #5 hitter. No outs. Pitcher struggling. 2-0 lead runners on 1st 2nd. Lefty batter righty pitcher. Ridiculous.

    Also Grienke covered that bunt better than I have EVER seen before. He was running in as part of his pitching motion. Amazing!

    4 hours 13 min ago
  • I've been there and, while I'm not an expert on minor league ballparks, I thought the facility was relatively new and modern. I think attendance was good. For us in the Chicago area, it's a pretty easy trip there to see the kid Cubs. The ballpark experience was pretty good in my opinion.

    4 hours 16 min ago
  • Phil wrote something in the other thread, he said owner was paying for a new surface and new amenities. Cubs also said traffic going to Kane County made traveling time nearly equal (not gonna vet that one, just the quote I read).

    4 hours 20 min ago
    Rob G.
  • I've got 21.1% according to Fangraphs fwiw, he has had a particularly low BABIP from 2010-2013, quite normal this year and his numbers have reflected that.

    21.1% while not good, is not alarming. Anything over 25% is when you start worrying about a problem. Valbuena has been a consistent 20% for most of his career. Not saying ideal and maybe it'll get worse as he gets older, but he walks and works the count enough that it shouldn't be a great concern.

    4 hours 23 min ago
    Rob G.
  • And Yasiel Puig only has two more homers than Mike Olt!!

    4 hours 39 min ago
    Old and Blue
  • It is also worth noting, because I've never heard anyone talk about it, that our hero Luis (he of the .229 lifetime BA over the small sample of 7 seasons) has K'd 107 times this year for a 23.9% clip which is not awesome for a guy who homers every 28 AB.

    4 hours 44 min ago
  • I'm curious to know why the Cubs left Kane County. I'm pretty sure AZ Phil predicted they'd move to South Bend but it also seems like Kane County is a good place to help grow the fan base to see the kids. Is it a crappy facility or something?

    4 hours 45 min ago
    Old and Blue
  • At the same time, it probably IS strange not be to counting down the end to the season. Still, I bet he's a little miffed he's not about to be part of the upcoming 20 year dynasty.

    4 hours 48 min ago
    Old and Blue
  • seems being a vertically challenged middle infielder for the Cubs is license to be a douchebag in interviews...

    "“It was weird at first,” Barney said, “but it’s just a different atmosphere. We expect to win, and if we don’t, we don’t cry about it, and get up the next day and try to win that day.”"

    also this one from earlier

    5 hours 7 min ago
    Rob G.
  • I wouldn't go that far. There are those of us who are perplexed by the lack of consistent at bats, and I'm not talking about total ABs I'm talking about the fact he hasn't played 5 days in a row that I can think of, and there is the other segment of fans here who think "meh", what's the big deal?

    5 hours 36 min ago
    Old and Blue
  • Mike Olt seems to be a polarizing figure- the third rail of Cub fandom.

    5 hours 38 min ago


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