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He just wanted to be closer to his family.
That's all. 

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So I bought this camera off a guy who works as a doorman at the Congress Hotel, which is supposedly haunted or whatever. Guy said he found it in a room in basement in a closet that hadn't been opened since 1908. Or maybe 1969 -he couldn't remember.


I found some old photos in a box.

Crappy, from an old point and shoot in the pre-digital days.

I asked a buddy if he thought that was crazy Mitch Williams on the mound for the Cubs, he said he thought it was Rod Beck.

And then I simply had to find out what the shots were from.

I scanned 'em at high resolution and you know what? Fuzzy shots scanned at high resolution still look pretty fuzzy. But blown way up you'll see two #30's (starting pitchers) in the shot of the scoreboard. That would be Geremi Gonzalez and Todd Stottlmyre. 

The batters, of course you'll remember Cardinal  #25 and Cub #21.


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