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The Cubs go for the sweep and Dempster hopes to be awarded his first win of the season.

The Cubs break the losing streak yesterday thanks to Jeff Suppan and a stiff wind out and look to start a streak the other way with Samardzija on the mound.

The face of Joe Mather batting third will forever haunt my nightmares of the 2012 Cubs.

It was hinted at on twitter last night that big Cubs news was coming today and news did come.

The Cubs NL Central barnstorming continues with a trip to Missouri. NL ERA-leader Ryan Dempster tries to secure his first win against a Beltran-less lineup.

Cubs go with the right-heavy lineup against struggling southpaw Randy Wolf.

Soriano sits because of a sore knee and an OPS in the .500's.

Ryan Dempster, he of a 0.95 ERA on the season, goes tonight in search of his first win in his last 13 starts. That win was versus the Nationals last year on August 11th. It's his 5th start of this season and he hasn't given up an earned run in 14.1 straight innings.


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