First-Year Player Draft (MLB Rule 4 Draft) Eligibility

An individual is eligible for selection in the First-Year Player Draft (Rule 4 Draft) if the person has not previously signed an MLB or minor league contract, and is either a resident of a U. S. state or territory or Canada, or is not a resident but was enrolled in a high school or college in a U. S. state or territory or Canada within the previous year, and...  

1. Has graduated from high school; or

2. High school athletic eligibility has expired; or

3. Dropped out of high school at least 365 days prior to the draft; or

4. Attended a junior college the previous school year; or

5. Is attending a four-year college and has completed at least junior year of athletic eligibility, or

6. Is attending a four-year college and is age 21 or older (or will turn 21 within 45 days of the draft); or

7. Is attending a four-year college and the school has no baseball program, or 

8. Was dismissed from a four-year college for academic reasons; or

9. Withdrew from a four-year college at least 120 days prior to the draft