Cubs Lose First Series of the Year

The Cubs dropped their first series of the year losing two of three to Dusty and the Reds. The unfortunate details after the jump.

Why the Cubs Lost: Micah Hoffpauir's glove was the main culprit, costing the Cubs two to three runs. He badly misplayed a flyball by Chris Dickerson into a triple that made the game 1-0. The wind had something to do with it, but a decent RF'er definitely makes the play. Then in the 7th, with runners on 1st and 2nd, he tried to come up throwing on a single by Alex Gonzalez and the ball bounced off his glove making sure two runs score(one may have scored anyway) and Gonzalez made it to third base. A nice play on a suicide squeeze attempt by Zambrano did erase Gonzalez though.

Z pitched well for the most part, but he did throw away a pickoff throw to first base, although it did look like a play Derrek Lee could have made. Wily Taveras made it around to third base on the error and after Z struck out Dickerson, Lou came out to see if Z wanted to walk Joey "Cub-Killer" Votto and set-up the double play with the righty Edwin Encarnacion up next. Z's hubris won out and they brought the infield in and Z got ahead quickly. With Geovany Soto setting up low and outside, Z let one up on the inner half of the plate right at the belt and Votto ripped a double to left-center. The fantastic movement on Z's pitches can be a curse as much an asset at times.

After giving up that second run, the Cubs mounted a rally on a hit and error that put Alfonso Soriano at second base and a Ryan Theriot single up the middle to make it 2-1. The first pitch to Kosukue Fukudome saw Theriot stealing and get this...he was thrown out. A great throw by the catcher right on the bag, but nonetheless, Theriot stealing hasn't been a good idea since 2007.

And the bullpen gave up 3 runs in two great effort all around.

The Good: The Cubs finally scored a run and Z pitched much better than the boxscore shows, a victim of poor defense for the most part. 

Death Pool: Luis Vizcaino surprisingly took the first honor but I still think Neal Cotts leads the way for the next victim. He came in to face Joey Votto and fell behind 3-1, making it 3-2 and then - afraid to walk anyone - left a few pitches down the middle that Votto fouled off and then eventually took out to left center. 

Up Next: The Cubs try to find their bats in St. Louis this weekend who just finished off sweeping the Mets.



Ugly coupla games.

Now on to St. Looey, where the Cards just swept the Mets.

Done in by the genius of Dusty again.

It's over!!!
No chance!!
Bad management!!!
Cats running amok!!
Fan interference!!
Unchecked aggression!!
The Ivey is Brown!!

14th game in season right?

Just got back. Honestly, ROB G., the club was just totally "flat", and Harang was on his game (fucking slow, too). No energy, listless.

Fontenot is not an everyday player. Sorry.

Miles really does suck. Bad Hendry!

Theriot is slow - you nailed it.

Soto is molasses.

Hoff is not an OF.

Bradley is a big disappointment. Bad Hendry!

There were baserunners almost every inning. As was the case last night.

What team out there will have winning records with half of the lineup hitting .200 or worse?

Then, there is Neil Cotts...

How about the team that just beat us again E-man....

Encarnacion .146
Phillips .184
Hernandez .205
Gonzalez .125

Good Point - BUT they do OK with RISP at least in two of three games.

Thank you for illustrating how useless batting average is as a statistic.

OT: A Friend of mine is looking to secure 4 tickets for the Twins/Cubs game for June 13th. If anyone knows who I can have him talk to send me a message. Thanks.

On a semi-related note, this team is starting to remind me of the 2004 edition. Lots of talent not playing to it's potential. This team though has a gaping hole up the middle (as much as I love TheRiot, it's hard to play both the kajun kids when one is struggling), Aaron Miles doesn't inspire confidence, and the bullpen blows.

$100 per for shitty seats if he's interested...

"A Friend of mine is looking to secure 4 tickets for the Twins/Cubs game for June 13th."

That is gonna be impossible, unless your friend wants to spend some real money. Probably one of the 2 or 3 most desirable summer games.

I pretty much told him that any weekend games in the summer are going to be difficult to get, let alone to get 4 of them. I told him stubhub and some other sites, and that normally if you go to the scalpers you can bleacher seats at face value.

Unrelated note: Cubs worth $700 million

Dear Cubs, please quit losing games. Daddy's been very angry.

This drama is already getting on my fucking nerves and it's only late April of his first year.

I've always been a Hendry supporter, but I really, really hate the 08-09 offseason. DeRosa, Wood, oh how I miss thee.

What do I win for being the first to call 'bullshit' on Pinhead?

"Nothing has put me over the edge," he replied. "I don't play people unless they're totally healthy. That's been my M.O. throughout my managerial career. With Milton, when he's ready to play, we'll put him out there."

Remind me, who's been the Cubs manager the last two years when Soriano was playing at 85% because of leg woes?

Not that I don't like the decision, it's probably the right one based on his loafing last night, but players don't like it when you stare them in the face and lie, then go to the press and lie to them and Milton probably likes it less than most.

Are you guys believers yet about Cincy? I predicted long ago that they would shock everyone and make a run at the wildcard.

It is tough to be a believer in a team when the manager is going to cost them 10-12 games a year. :)

When Dusty came to the Cubs as a manger he was 11 games over his expected pythagorean wins.

In his four years with the Cubs he was 7 under.

If you want to use that as a barometer of managerial skill, then he got us into the playoffs in '03 and cost us a spot in '04.

He's 4 over so far with the Reds.

However, I think a lot of us hard-core Dusty haters would say that given his rosters, the teams pretty consistently under achieved when it comes to run differential, so even if he has a knack of over-performing his pythagorean record (outside of Chicago), that is probably better explained by him turning 7-4 vicories into 6-5 victories than any managing acumen.

If Vinny Del Negro can get a team to the playoffs, anyone can. That team has alot of young talent and if it matures this year they will be in the race for a playoff spot, especially if the Mets and Phils continue to play at a millquetoast level. It is only game 14 guys, so I would not get to wound up. Do you really think the AL playoffs will include Toronto and Seattle? We are only 2 games down in the division and a half game out of the Wild Card. I dont think we can really draw conclussions about worrisome trends until atleast game 35, which is roughly about a fifth of the season and we are still 21 games from that point.

They've got a solid rotation, now that Harang is good again, a decent lineup despite having no leadoff hitter and a good closer. I'd say they are the 2nd best team in the division. I didn't bother to point it out earlier, because I know you all want to read my predictions about as much as you want to read Manny's recaps.

I don't think the Reds lineup is good at all, but the rotation is pretty solid with a lot of upside. I think I had Cubs, Cards, Reds, Brewers, Astros, Pirates before the year started. I haven't seen anything to change my mind quite yet, except that Ludwick might not have been a fluke, making the Cards a little bit better. Of course I didn't think Carpenter would go down for 2 months either.

I really don't like the Cards' defense. The Wellemeyers and Lhose' of the world are not going to look as good as they have in the past with that team playing behind them. Their best offense has got 5 inferior defenders (Glaus, Duncan, Ankiel, Schumaker and Ludwick). I think we're being fooled now by their hot starts with the bats. I'll eat a pretty big shoe if the Cardinals continue to have a .380 OBP and score 6 runs per game.

well, I doubt they'll keep up .380 OBP and 6 runs per game or whatever they're averaging, but they were 4th in runs scored last year and I think could be even better this year.

the pitching/defense is definitely the weak link, but they were in it for most of last year and the Brewers have taken a big step back. And I don't think the Reds have taken that big a leap forward.

Remember that last year they were in it despite having a run differential hovering around even. Their luck just evened out. New GM doesn't understand the synergistic effect of good defenders like old GM did. I'd guess that they will be in the 75 to 84 win range, assuming no Pujols injury. I would put the Reds maybe 2 games better than that, assuming their rotation and good hitters stay in there.

remember they didn't have Chris Carpenter at all or Adam Wainwright (for the most part) last year either. Cards were +31 on July and August 1st in run differential (ahead of Brewers), and +46 on Sept 1st(brewers finally passed them) and finished at +54. Facts are indeed a bitch.

I think they're the 2nd or possibly best team in the division if everything falls apart for the Cubs. 

It's just my prediction, pointless to argue now anyway. We'll see in October.

-edit- I guess Wainwright had 20 starts last year, thought he missed more time...not that it really changes anything. 

Numbers from where?

What I can quickly find:

1st half: 23 runs above even .552 winning percentage.
(Cubs for reference 106 runs above even and won 4 more games. So they turned 83 runs more than their opponents into 4 more wins. This should have been 8-9 more wins).

2nd half: 31 runs above even .500 winning percentage.

On the season Runs/Runs Allowed Pythogorean 86 wins. For the real season they had 86 wins. 7th grade math, assuming you're in Pre-algebra at that point tells you that they overacheived during the first half, which is most of the season. 'Hovering around even' is symantics' but when the team your chasing is scoring more than a run a game over their opponents, and you're scoring about .25 a game above yours, I'd call that hovering.

Division, it's a bitch.

it's semantics....

so for 40% of the season they underachieved and ended right at their
run differential which is 10 games over .500 and you think they were pretty much a .500 team....


At the end of the season they weren't in competition with the Cubs. When they had the Cubs in hailing distance, it was at the same time they were significantly outperforming their expected wins. When that evened out - they finished way back - in 4th place as a matter of fact.

You're talking about one of the worst scoring teams in major league baseball. We just lost 2/3 at home to a team that can't hit a lick.

In the NL only San Francisco is worse.

You're right. The Reds can't score runs and Toronto is going to break the major league record for runs scored.

Good catch.

Given the gaping holes in their offense,nobody, except maybe you, foresees the Reds being a run-scoring machine this year. So far they have NOT disppointed.

Nope, their hopes ride on pitching, defense and Dustbag Magic.

You know you're smart when you read "a decent lineup" and turn that into "a run scoring machine".

BR says the Reds are 13th in the league in scoring, despite batting .219.

Facts, they're a bitch.

Pitching and defense, fellas. It's how you build a team that will win consistently.


I was hoping for the headline "A Whole Votto Love Does in Cubs".

interview with Bradley after Thursday's game...

Funny. He's urged to talk to the media, so he "calls Muskat over" to talk about how he doesn't like to give interviews. *high fives Bradley*

"I never had a problem in my life until I started playing baseball. All of a sudden, there are all these things. I just want to be me. I just want to be that guy who plays baseball and enjoys his teammates and has a good time. That's what I do."

This is an odd quote. What person has a problem with the media until they are in the public spotlight?

I'm sure Blago never had many problems in his life until he became a politician.

bradley's problems with baseball go all the way back to his youth. he lived in the from his hood didn't play much baseball. as he grew older and talented he got hell for it in his neighborhood for playing with a bunch of white kids and supposedly he didn't have a lot of friends on his teams because they didn't run in near the same crowds outside of the game.

not like that's some blank check to be a hothead or distant, but milton is what he is and it doesn't seem like he wants to be a thug even if he's got some social/communication stuff to work on.

It's like everything i said about Bradley before, and right when he was signed has come true, and it's only 3 weeks into the season.

Wittenmyer comes right out and calls bullshit on Bradleys excuse. But this is also an old tactic that Bradley uses to continually play the victim. Always blaming someone else but himself. Creating a controversy out of thin air where one doesn't exist. Got the victim mentality, mixed in with some racism, rinsed with stupidity, and just a pinch of uncontrolled rage.

My other complaint about Bradley milking his injuries and playing this day to day injury excuse got Pinella pissed.....

Bradley walked into Piniella's office Thursday morning and told Piniella that his strained right groin still is not 100 percent.

Although many players take the field at less than 100 percent, an exasperated-sounding Piniella seemed to want an end to the uncertainty.

Put his ass on the DL. Sorry Lou but Bradley is going to keep doing this until the day he is DFAed. And he will be by the end of his contract with the Cubs.

But that right there is a journalist coloring what happens with his own biases.

"Although many players take the field at less than 100 percent, an exasperated-sounding Piniella seemed to want an end to the uncertainty."

If Reed Johnson said he wasn't 100% and needed a few more days rest, would that same quote have been written? Hell no.

You and Wittenmyer can have your vendetta against Bradley, but just know that it's not going to do the Cubs any good at all.

And now you all see when I was talking about hopefully the Bradley situation doesn't become a JJ situation, which it now has started getting really close to.

So in just 14 games, Bradley has managed to get hurt, ejected, suspended, get one hit (1-23 w/a .043 AVG), get booed by the Wrigley faithful and boycotted the media. Am I missing anything?

Should have traded for Pat Burrell instead.

... I'm just saying.

Pat Burrell <3

Or signed Raul Ibanez?

Overall I had some chores and stopped watching this game when it was 1-0 in the 6th. The Cubs offense wasn’t encouraging and worse than that I doubted the bullpen would hold them to 1. I was sadly right on both counts.

I don’t think Samardzija is the answer in the pen at all. He had a hot 6 weeks last year and then was pretty average. He’s prone to wildness also, just the kind of thing that gets on Lou’s nerves.

There have been stretches each of the last 2 years early in the season where the Cubs have looked pretty bad only to regroup. Let’s hope this is another one of those times.

Today I had flashbacks of ghosts of Cubbie past when they would bring in big sluggers (George Bell, Candy Maldanado) and closers (Dave Smith, Mel Rojas, Rick Aguilera) only to have those guys pretty much completely crap out. I hope that isn't the case with Bradley and Gregg this hurt. It will hurt pretty bad.

Oh one more thing, Zambrano! I don't know of any other pitcher in baseball who loses his compusure so often and so easily. Every little thing that doesn't go his way completely ruffles the guy. From a bad at bat, a bad bounce, everything. I sadly thought today that I would be happy to see a guy like him melt down if I was the opposing team or an opposing fan. It doesn't take much to get it done.

Oooh, off-topic, but Robocop is on IFC right now. Just thought you would like to know.

Was Robocop an independent movie? I really scratched my head when I saw that one in the listings.

And speaking of Cubs and Robocop:

It wasn't neither was Scanners which is what the show also.

IFC just can't show Blind Swordsman every day.

Scanners? SUH-WHEET!!!!

from ESPN: Ryan Theriot (.375 BA, .436 OBP): "It looks like he has done some things to help him handle the inside pitch, so it wouldn't surprise me to see a big season -- but not this big."

Really? You're sure the riot won't be hitting .375 all year? Amazing

The big secret with the riot is there is no secret. He goes with the pitch. He can handle the bat with a compact swing and can recognize balls and strikes.

I think the big secret with Theriot is the .419 BABIP - shrug.

He's not going to hit 400 all year and I'm not claiming he will, dunderhead. He's a good hitter, though, and my original point remains intact.

I wasn't the one who made the sarcastic remark about him batting .375, dunderhead.

sent down by the A's...

Just beginning to track the minors...

- Where's Cashner? Did the Cubs mistakenly cut ALL former #1 picks by checking the wrong box?
- Guess not, just saw Colvin's Daytona? Maybe he can have Ryan Harvey's locker. The Cubs impressive record with their #1 picks continues.

The Basketball Hall of Fame just called -- apparently, they have been told to halt construction of the Derrick Rose wing.

Big Andy Cash is at extended spring training with a minor injury and Colvin is at Daytona because they have the full-time DH at Daytona and he is recovering from Tommy John Surgery.

Cashner should be starting in Daytona at any moment, and as mentioned, he
had an oblique injury early in spring training and was still
recovering. Charlie covered why Colvin is at Daytona.

Speaking of missing persons, I notice that Justin Sellers is now in the Dodger organization, at Chattanooga (AA). Not sure how/when that happened.

Hendry's on a roll so far this year....

looks like he was dealt for a PTBNL...

in considering this weekend old home week i will make a prediction that there will be a aaron miles sighting this
weekend and it will be a positive outcome for the first time
this year.

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while.

All right, I've gotten so sick of the Luna jingle they're playing at Wrigley this year after every run and XBH that I decided to create an online petition to try to stop it:

You can hear it over the telecast, but if you haven't been to a game this year you really can't fully understand how annoying it is. It's gotten so bad that a part of me was happy after Wednesday night's shutout because they couldn't play it once since the Cubs didn't score and only had singles.

Anyway, please sign it and tell your friends about it.

Done and done. I have a friend with a dog named Luna. I won't pet the dog until they remove the jingle.

"7 Total Signatures"

And we make up three of them...

Hey, we're up to 9 now. I've sent the link to a couple websites (Chicagoist, Deadspin), but I kind of doubt it will have any national interest. This is going to have to be a grassroots campaign, so tell everyone you know or link the petition in any other blogs you guys read.

took one crappy defensive game to get Hoffpauir benched, expect to see Reed and Kosuke in the outfield...

Fukudome may drop to 5th...Theriot will stay in the 2 spot.

"Theriot is hitting the ball really well, so I need to get him in the front of the lineup,"

And by really well I mean 8 for 32 with 1 BB and 5 strikeouts over his last 8 games.

I can cherry pick too... I think by really well Lou means 8 for 24 over his last 6 games, .360 OBP, .417 SLG


With a what, .450 BABIP?

If he's not hitting HR's and he's striking out - that's not hitting well. Sorry.

Punk'd... admit it, bro.

If he's not hitting HR's and he's striking out - that's not hitting well...

Nice try, though. I'll give you that.

The guy's one for his last 8. With no BB's and a K. That's a 80 K rate for the year, and his one hit was a single.

I know Wisc gets an erection every time Theriot's named gets mentioned, but if the guy was batting .600 after the first week and now he's hitting .365, even his most staunch supporter should be able to face the facts and say to himself 'Well, his batting average is falling, maybe he's not hitting well'.

I am not bashing him, but the truth is right now he is not hitting well - he's not controlling the strike zone and he's not driving the ball. The only thing he has done well over the last 10 days is had a disproportionate number of groundballs turn into singles.

It's just more evidence of Lou's increasing detachment from reality.

I don't have a problem with him batting second if we've got Johnson or Gathright in the lineup on a daily basis, just don't stay stupid shit when you put him there. Is that so much to ask?

By the way, where do you get BABIP stats?

Fangraphs on the season.

Do them in my head most of the time.

Thanks, considering cutting some dead weight from my fantasy team...

But on Theriot, hitting well or not so well right now, the point is Theriot is a good hitter and perfect for hitting 2nd.

Okay, so what's median for BABIP? About 333? 350?

I dunno. Never seen it anywhere, just generalizations Looks like it was about .300 for 2008.

If you're talking straight statistically, those lineup maker formulae will say to put your best hitter in the #2 slot. Theriot doesn't strike out a lot, can hit the ball the other way (though not at will like say Sandberg could), and will take a walk which are things that you want in a 2nd hitter. He also rarely gets extra base hits and hits into double plays at an alarming rate: 9 more than an average hitter over the last two years (I think that because he hits the ball where the pitchers pitch it, every time they get a guy on first they just throw the ball over the inside part to Theriot and he grounds to SS) and the knack for stealing bases he displayed in his first two years seems to be gone.

On a good offensive team, which is what we should be once everyone gets going, Theriot should be batting 9th formulaicilly or 8th reasonably. If Soriano was moved down, I would say bat him 1st, but it doesn't seem like that's going to happen.

The point is you went back 8 games to get his two 0-4s, and now you are going back just 2 games because he was 0-4 two days ago. Going back 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12 games his stats look great. So it depends on what Lou means by recently. If he is thinking the Cards and Reds series, then he is 8/24 and doing well. And all you have been doing is pointing out that his high average from the start of the sesaon is unrealistic, yet now you say that since he is no longer hitting .600 he is not hitting well. Don't you think it might be possible for him to have his average fall from .600 yet STILL be hitting well, like say at a .333 clip?

I only get into it when you turn the topic to Theriot because you criticize him with a vengeance like he fucked your mom or something. I thus feel I have to defend him.

Wisc, take my hand. Take a deep breath, and say it with me.

1 walk, 5 K's, no home runs. This is not hitting well.

Ok, let's say it again.

1 walk, 5 K's, no home runs. This is not hitting well.

On the season he's 'hit' very well, due to a BABIP that is unrealistically high, if you want to define hitting as 'the vagaries of batting average given a 52 AB sample size'. He doesn't have a home run, and his ISO OBP isn't impressive, especially if you take out the IBB, which he won't get batting second. For whatever reason he's become a poor basestealer and due to his high GB rate he's a double play waiting to happen.

These are all facts.

Like I said, bat him second until Soto and Bradley get going, or better yet, move Soriano and bat him first. But to mistake him for a great or even good hitter, and to pretend like he's some un-appreciated all-star is just silly, and demand that he bat second because he's white and generally doesn't strike out much is just as silly.

Take a sample size of any hitter and your bound to find shit Real Neal.

How about some facts for you.

For the season batting .365 with a .424 OBP, 6 BB, 5 K's. For 400k.

He has only had 3 games in which he hasn't registered a hit so far this season.

You didn't pull your sample size out of your ass when he had 5 BB and no strikeouts.

You know what isn't good? 1 fucking hit for 10 million dollars from our RF.

So now it's walks and Ks and home runs over a new set of game that defines hitting well? Ok, gotcha. Theriot will never hit homeruns so I guess he is not a good hitter.

He is not a superstar, and I don't demand that he bat second. But to say that he is not even a "good hitter"? Really? In 1300 career ABs his OBP is .365; and in 2008-2009 he is hitting .312 with a .390 OBP. If someone who gets on base nearly 4 of 10 times is not "even a good hitter" then your standards are whack.

"Theriot will never hit homeruns so I guess he is not a good hitter."

Should have just ended your post there. I didn't bother to read the rest. What part of 90 OPS+ is too complicated for you to grasp?

had a brief comeback attempt with the Cubs in 2006...

Just makes you realize what a crap shoot any kind of draft is whether its the NFL, NBA or MLB. Of course the Cubs have a pretty horrible track record but it happens all over for every team in every sport.

I find it somewhat amusing when the sun-times beat reporter is "cut and pasting" the reporter's articles. You'd think he'd at least provide a link to make sure it wasn't misquoted.

anyone with info on Blake Parker as a bullpen prospect at AA/Tenn?

off to a nice start in 5 IP, 2BB/12K. No runs.

converted catcher, big-time fastball...don't know about his breaking stuff.

April is too early for this kind of intensity. Heck, it seems like 3 weeks into the season we should be talking about how Mariano Rivera has blown about 4-5 games and baseball news consists solely of "What's wrong with Rivera?"

Instead we have a turning point series with the Cardinals this weekend. We'll see if the Cubs get back in their game or get caught up in the negativity and series loss with the Reds.

And I'm just going to say it about Wittenmyer... I think if Bradley is a white guy, Wittenmyer isn't picking fights with him. Just my opinion, flame it if you want, but dude, leave him alone.

"So in just 14 games, Bradley has managed to get hurt, ejected, suspended, get one hit (1-23 w/a .043 AVG), get booed by the Wrigley faithful and boycotted the media. Am I missing anything?"

Manny, it's been a long time coming, but I agree with ya.

Ok, well we got our one time agreement quota out the way for this year, see you in 2010...:)

IS there any reasonable explanation why Bradley was not placed on the DL?

I'm guessing he's not all that injured.

They don't expect his groin will take 14 days more to heal and they still have him available for pinch hitting.

Looks like the bradley stories are making their rounds now.

ESPN has theirs up:

While I do understand the principal part of not accepting the suspension, it makes total sense to serve it now to get it out of the way while he isn't playing anyways. He is just letting it linger and with his surely attitude letting it fester is not a good idea.

And he states he is not close to returning, so I, like E-Man have no clue why he isn't on the DL.

The season is still very very very young, but things are not playing out very well for Hendry and the Cubs thus far.

"so I, like E-Man have no clue why he isn't on the DL"

In your link there it says:

"Piniella said Bradley would be available to pinch-hit."

In my opinion that is not a good enough reason not to DL him if he is still not close to being 100%. In fact, PH could make the injury worse and we have already seen him not hustling while PH, so not sure how much he could help the team PH.

"I want to say I am, but I'm not," Bradley told

Bradley has not spoken to the media in at least a week. He spoke to because it is affiliated with the Cubs organization, the Web site said.

That article is a piece of crap. A total diss of Carrie Muskat who scooped the rest of the sports media. Correct me if I am wrong, BUT..She is NOT an employee of the Cubs and articles are not subject to approval by the Chicago Cubs. Carrie Muskat is a reporter for MLB.Com and parts of her interview with Bradley can be found on her Muskat Ramblings blog. is part of is owned by MLB. The Cubs are affiliated with MLB, they get lots of money from them every year, including money generated through

AT the bottom of every Muskat article it says,

"Carrie Muskat is a reporter for This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs."

Is that clear enough?

It's clear that you don't know what you're talking about.

MLB and the 30 MLB teams are essentially sister companies. Bradley works for one of the 30 MLB teams, and Muskett works for MLB. Some of the revenue from the shared sources winds up in Carrie's and Milton's pockets.

What part don't you understand?

What I don't understand is the difference between that and Bradley and Sullivan both working for the Tribune.

A diagram would be better, but some basic differencs.

Musket works for Bradley works for 'The Chicago Cubs'.

The Tribue is owned by the Tribune Corp, which also owns the Cubs. The Tribune does not, send money to the Cubs.

The Cubs are part owner of MLB. MLB sends money directly to the Cubs. Some small portion of that money is the money derived from the web site.

So, if Bradley gives an interview that drives subscriptions, that goes to pay his paycheck.

If he gives an interview that sells newspapers, he never gets any of that newspaper money.

All you get from DL'ing him is an extra roster spot for some scrub from Iowa. What? Fox? Is Fox really going to help the team?

A: No.

Bradley is not helping the team right now either. And by DLing him you drastically eliminate the chance of him reinjuring his injury.

all this crap about bradley and bwwwwwwahhh bwwwwwwwahhh media...

why don't one of those "reporters" go find the story that lead to viz getting released rather than trying to turn 3 days of new out of 1 press conference after a closed-door meeting. oh no...reporter A, B, and C can't do their milton stories...go find another one.


Or maybe call out Piniella on his differential treatment of Soriano over Bradley.

I would love to hear about Viz's release, but not sure if there is anymore to say besides it was the move Hendry and Lou wanted to make. You'd think by now someone in Hendry's office would leak the story so to make some sense of it.

Now that I think about it for a second, they're still trying to trade or have this guy picked up on waivers. There probably won't be any bad mouthing until after he leaves (if ever).

Supposedly Vizcaino was late to the ballpark on three different occasions, one of the three he was pretty hungover. At least that's the rumor. Three strikes and yer out, Viz.

If he's showing up late/unprepared, don't they have a case for getting back part of his salary?

If that rumor is true, how about fining and/or suspending him first? Why cut off your nose to spite your face by letting one of your better relievers go and keeping vastly inferior relievers?

Maybe they did fine him? Such fines are not always made public.

Suspensions just hurt the team... there is little value to a team suspending a player that is taking a roster spot.

Tell that to Milton Bradley...:)

And a 3-game suspension to a reliever is not a big loss to the team. It save the Cubs some money and sends a public message of their disapproval.

It sends the public a message of their disaproval which the public had no knowledge about?

Exactly, now they would be making it public as the next step in the process of trying to straighten him out, explaining why the fine/suspension. Of course this is all if the rumors are true which we have had no verification of.

It doesn't make any sense. If you want to internally suspend him, you can do that and the public wouldn't even be aware. There's no value making the public aware of the problem or the suspension, unless you feel you need to Sammy-Sosa him out of town. I don't think the Cubs sold 3 million Vizcaino jerseys this year, so that most likely isn't an issue.

I can't say for sure, but maybe, just maybe, since Lou and Rothschild see Vizcaino every day, and watch him throw on the side they think he's not one of their better relievers. And maybe since they've been watching pitchers every day of their entire professional fucking careers they don't think any of the other Cubs relivers are inferior to Vizcaino.

That maybe they see more and know more than you, Mannny.

Of course, that's just my hypothesis.

Thanks for your hypothesis. But the numbers in games just don't bear that out unless Lou and Rothschild and Hendry are watching a different team than I am.

Sullivan mentioned something about Opening Day tardiness and Len said it happened multiple times. Hadn't heard about being hungover, but that's usually a big no-no unless you hit like Mickey Mantle. Also, not a great way to introduce yourself to the ballclub and your teammates.

struck out 7 in 5 innings in Triple A....

By the way... for all of those who don't like Soriano in the lead off slot....

On the Cubs, Soriano is:
#1 in PAs with the bases loaded
#2 in PAs with RISP

I'm curious is that would be skewed by Soriano's all or nothing tendencies. Would Ramirez-Lee-Fukudome have more opportunities if there was a more typical lead-off hitter in front of them? In other words, Soriano solo homers or cleans off the bases for all that follow.

That's still pretty amazing, though.

Well... Derrek Lee is #1 with RISP.

Even if you took at Soriano's 5 HR's, he would currently have a .333 OBP. Not great... but not awful, considering you are taking away 5 of his hits in a small sample size.

I'm not speaking specifically about homeruns...although that's what I implied. I just mean he's the type of player that is going to clean off bases rather than leave them loaded for the next batters.

Meaning, if Reyes or Roberts or Theriot is leading off, they'd have the same opportunities, but the guys that follow might have even more opportunities.

Don't know if this is correct. That's just what I'm wondering.

5hr, 4 doubles...9 rbi


From the same guy who was bitching in the last thread (incorrectly) about sample size issues...

Huh? Do you even know why sample sizes are relevant?

I posted the above numbers because I thought it was ironic. The #1 reason people want Soriano further down in the lineup is to get him more RBI opportunities. And this season, he has arguably, so far, actually gotten more opportunities batting lead off.

Nowhere did I say that it was indicative of the whole season. Nowhere did I say that it would continue. Nowhere did I imply that it was indicative of anything.

And yea... you are right. I incorrectly bitched about your idiotic use of Soriano's 9 at-bats this season as if they were relevant about anything.

Except I wasn't incorrect. Because you then responded, not with stats, but with, "But I have seen him look bad" with the bases loaded. Awesome.

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