Bradley's Error Will Live On in Cub Lore Forever...or Maybe Not

Though we're in early June, the Cubs are still very much in the thick of the division race (mathematically, at least), and Milton Bradley's bone-headed play in right field didn't cost the Cubs a victory on Friday or even a single run, the symbolic potential of this play is truly awesome.

It is a lightning rod for everyone who:

  • Hates the fact that Milton Bradley is on this team, and/or...
  • Hates the fact Mark DeRosa is not on this team, and/or...
  • Feels that Jim Hendry shouldn't have taken such a heavy hand to overhauling a 97-win team, and/or...
  • Thinks Lou Piniella is coddling these underachievers too much and isn't publicly calling them out enough, and/or...
  • Is just sick and tired of all these decades of Cub bumbling and fumbling, regardless of who is the Bumbler of the Moment.

(By the way, count me among the last group.)

Of course, the Cubs could still turn this season around and then "Milton's Mistake" ("Bradley's Boner"?) would just become a humorous footnote when the story of 2009 is finally written.

Right now, nobody in Cubdom is laughing.

Pragmatically speaking, our own Arizona Phil, in a response to The E-Man in the comments following the previous post, pointed out the following:

Milton Bradley's automatic "no
trade" (the one he got as an Article XX MLB FA who signed
a major league contract after the end of the Free-Agency Filing Period)
runs through this coming Monday.

So if Hendry were so inclined, he could trade Bradley (without having
to get Bradley's approval and without any restrictions) starting on
Tuesday. And with the Rangers having lost Josh Hamilton for a while,
they might possibly be interested in reacquirng Milton, bringing him
back to the place where he had his best year and seemed the most at
ease, and where he can DH full-time. Of course the Cubs would have to
eat some of his salary or take back a similar contract, but so it
goes. .

Now, Aaron Miles has not and does not have a "no trade," so it's just a
matter of finding a taker (ANY taker) for him, even if it's the
Cardinals or the Brewers. Of course that still won't bring DeRosa back,
but sometimes there's something called "addition by subtraction."

Back in the early 1990's the Cubs signed free-agents Danny Jackson
and Candy Maldonado, and both were lemons. But the Cubs were able to
make a little bit o' lemonade out of it, by trading Maldonado to
Cleveland for Glenallen Hill and Jackson to Pittsburgh for Steve
Buechele, and both deals actually filled needs and made the Cubs a
better club. So all is not lost.Yet.  


I'm sorry, but I can't see it as a failure for the ages if it didn't have any significant consequences. Legendary Cubbery is Barrett throwing to an empty third base to end that game in Philly a few years ago.

For an example from a different club, what about Yunel Escobar? In Wednesday's game, he ate the ball rather than throw home on a play with a runner (Craig Monroe!) at second, assuming that Monroe wouldn't try to score. Monroe never stopped running, though, and wound up scoring the winning run for Pittsburgh. This during a homestand in which Escobar also had four officially scored errors!

Now that is an epic fail. Also, Escobar ducked the media afterwards, whereas Bradley at least faced his accusers, and witnessed the construction of yet another mountain atop yet another molehill.

Then there was the Mets-Yankees game last night where Castillo allowed Mark Teixeira to score the winning run from first on a popup to short right...

I have both Escobar and Castillo as starters on my fantasy team, if that tells you anything. Luckily there are no defensive categories.

No offense to AZ Phil or others pitchfork carriers, but trading those two guys right now is well... not a real smart idea.

I think it's also time to put the 'Bradley is a DH' nonsense to rest. Yesterday aside, he's been a pretty damned good right fielder, and none of his injuries this year have happened while he was playing right field. He played DH in 2008 because he was coming off ACL surgery, not because teams thought he can't play defense.

Miles has shown in the last two days, that he's the team's best fielder at 2nd. Let's give him more than 11 PA's with his healed shoulder before we release him.

Focusing all your frustration for the Cubs 2009 season on one or two players, I guess it's the simple thing to do, but getting rid of Bradley and giving more time to the Bobby Scaleses and Andres Blancos of the world is not going to get us closer to the playoffs.

"Miles has shown in the last two days, that he's the team's best fielder at 2nd."

I'd say Blanco is a step above, whether playing short or 2B. HE at least has some hops and can get to balls hit over his head. Better range, better arm, better glove. Other than that, Miles is even.

What Bradley didn't even have any effect on the inning, let alone the game---it's not the first time we have seen a player forget the number of outs, the problem is it comes when we are all disappointed with season---instead of throwing the guy under the bus let's all hope the entire team can turn around their poor play to this point and move forward.


I was afraid of a scenario that if Bradley got off to a shitty start, the fans would ride his ass. It has happened, unfortunately.

i haven't bothered looking at the big league stats in awhile, but i just realized that bobby scales has the 4th highest OPS on the team ... but Jake Fox only had 12 AB's and Aramis has been out ... ouch. He also has the 5th highest SLG ... with Fox/Aramis/Z ahead. Actually seeing those stats is still a startling sight.

is what the Cubs will be carrying.

Scales sent down, Harden to be activated.


(the deal was mentioned in the other thread, just wanted to bring it up here)

For the stat people... Bobby Scales 4th in OPS on the team:

1. Jake Fox (Sent Down)
2. Aramis Ramirez (*sigh* *sadface*)
3. Kosuke Fukudome
4. Bobby Scales
16. Neifi! Miles...
17. Gathright
18. Freel

Great we will be playing with a 4 man bench with a manager who uses his bench pretty liberally. You would think that when he rarely uses 3 relievers they would send one of those guys down.

Well, 8 officially, but Patton of course rarely pitches. And Waddell has been up for what 16 days and has only pitched in 3 games for 1.2 IP - and that was when he was the only lefty in the pen, now with Marshall there I see less of a need for him.

But I expect one of the pitchers - probably Waddell - will be sent down and Fox recalled for AL-Park games.

Call me crazy, but I'm far more annoyed by Neifi! Miles than Bradley right now.

hard to believe nobody has already said so, but "you're crazy".

miles = zero expectations (by myself, let me clarify)= any contribution = gravy.

bradley = starting rf brought in to replace last years starting rf= increase in power/production. instead it's countless nicks, dings, and bruises with a little suspension and a lot of under-production stirred in= splat.

bonus splat = soriano. have no clue why lou keeps running him out there every game, at lead off no less. let him bat 7th for a week, if he must be played.

although, to be fair, there is no worthwhile leadoff hitter on the club to take his place.

ahh, fuck it all. how soon is bears training camp open?

No matter what happened yesterday - the fact that Bradley is a show boater still pisses me off. He is batting fricken .200 and watches his fly balls as if they are heading for the lake! Get your ass moving big fella and if it does go in the lake, then hats off. His overall demeanor is 'my shit doesn't stink' and that is annoying. I am all for giving the guy a chance but when he isn't hitting for crap, and fielding poorly - he should at least have the decency and professionalism to run out a hit and pay attention the the fricken game! As much as I was jaw-dropped when he threw the ball in the stands, I also thought that hey, maybe this will wake him up and bring him down to earth ... then again this is Milton Bradley we are talking about.
P.S. miss you DeRo and Woody

and fielding poorly

Milton Bradley has fielded poorly this year?

(on the day)

I agree. I don't mind mistakes, but I hate showboating, ESPECIALLY from someone who hasn't earned the right to showboat. And, while I admit I didn't have a problem with the signing (though, again, my first choice was Ibanez) and didn't think his attitude would be a problem, I'm getting really fucking tired of the chip on his shoulder. You dropped a fly ball dude...when you're not hitting, you're going to hear boo's. Deal with it.

Ohh...that's a photo of Pedro Martinez lifting that midget guy. I thought that was Derrick Lee and Mike Fontenot.

great stuff

Today's lineup: 237, 244, 224, 268, 213, 278, 278, 202, 200

Already well on their way to make another mediocre pitcher look dominating.

This guy is awesome like Wandy and Russ Ortiz.

"I've got to be careful how we use our players," Piniella said. "You can run out of players very quickly."

One of the reasons the Cubs opted to keep 13 was because they had played five extra inning games in the last eight, and a couple relievers were a little "tender." Piniella wouldn't say who.

I put MB's gaffe on the same level as the pop-up bouncing off A-Ram's head a few years back. It's nice to know the Cubs always make the blooper reels. The played-to-death highlight reels? Not so much. Pursuing Pedro Martinez reminds of the returns of Jon Lieber/Steve Traschel; sounded nice, didn't work out all that well.

Pursuing Pedro Martinez reminds of the returns of Jon Lieber/Steve Traschel; sounded nice, didn't work out all that well.

Not really sure how Pedro is in the same category as Lieber/Trachsel. Especially if Pedro is really throwing 94.

Hmmm. Perhaps more like a Maddux, who during his renaissance with us, was better than decent and there still was always that chance for a 'special' game. Leiber and Trachsel are not in the same league as Pedro.

Fire LOU!! They got their heads hanging down like a defeated team before the game even starts. Fire LOU! Get some rah-rah in there like Dale Svem and do unto the Brewers what they wanted to do to us (by hiring Brenly)!

Lou is tired, he's old and he goes too much by the book. Wednesday in Houston he pinch hit Koske instead of Hoffpaiur and K-Fu struck out in a crucial moment of the game. Fire Lou!

Brenley at times wants to leap out of the Booth and knock some sense into this team, and they need it. Fire LOU! Don't make a move just to make it, and cripple your minor league teams for the next 10 years. Fire LOU!

Maybe it's time to axe Lou, maybe not, I don't know. I don't know if Ra-Ra is going to help much. This isn't little league, it's the big leagues and they know their job. A good manager just lets them do their job.

I think it's as simple as this isn't nearly as good of a team as everyone thinks it is. You have Miles, Fontenot, and Theriot all starting when in most big-league lineups they are bench players at best. And Soto appears to be one of those guys who has a good rookie year, then fizzles.

They're going to have to shake some things up and stop giving 2 & 3 million dollar contracts to borderline-mlb players. Hendry really messed up this year.

Given their ownership status I doubt they could swallow the money it would take to do that even if they wanted to. Because of it and Hendry's mismangement we are stuck with what we got and other than some pieces (Harden and Gregg) we cant even sell guys that could get us something decent back in terms of prospects. The most frustrating thing though is how much this division sucks, its like the punch to the face after the kick in the balls that is how this team has played. Unless Milwaukee makes a major comeback today we will still only be 3.5 games back.

How much of a raise would Trammel want to take over the team? If it's substantial, fire him too and just promote the guys from AAA.

The good news is Bradley has been really hitting the ball hard the last couple of days. Robbed on a line drive in his first AB and just got another hit.

Another good thing: Rich Harden's changeup is f***ing brutal. I don't know how a hitter could do anything with that unless he's guessing on it.

Anthony Swarzak...

(points and laughs at Cubs)

What's so depressing is that the pitching and (for the most part) the defense have been really great, especially of late. We're losing consistently by 1 or 2 runs. It's one thing if you're getting blown out every game -- at least you feel like that can't continue. But this team just has NO offensive life right now and there's NO sign of any on the way.

Soriano's in the worst slump since becoming a Cub, Bradley's not as great as many thought he'd be, Soto's tanked (cuz he's bulked up like one), Fukudome's looking like 2008 all over again, Fontenot can't handle the starting gig, and Theriot's swing is all messed up since he started hitting for power. There's some quality bats in that mix, but none of them are playing like it right now. When you throw the Miles and Scales of the world into the lineup, things just get worse.

With all that said, we're still only 4 games back.

I see someone else has noticed. And actually the fall-off is much more dramatic this year.

71 AB April+, .338 BA 1.053 OPA
65 AB May, .277 BA, .830 OPS
37 AB in June, .135 BA .445 OPS

Kosuke needs to go 13/28 just to equal his batting average in May. What are the chances?

I'm glad that Lou is willing to do what it takes to win, as I like the Blanco move, but geesh, you know you aren't doing well when you get taken out in a situation like this.

That said, I applaud Lou for the move and Blanco for coming through.

That move was stupid. They had some momentum going and you break it up so you set yourself for a hit to potentially tie the game, but the next 3 guys up (Fukudome, Theriot and Miles) couldnt buy themselves a hit lately. Soto has been are 3rd best hitter since the start of the last road trip (yes I know thats a biggest midget award) so you might as well let him swing away and see what happens.

I'll be honest, I liked the move. With how poorly Soto had been hitting of late (5/25 in June, with 3 hits coming in 1 game), Lou set himself up so that a single would've tied the game. I'm actually fine with that move considering how poor our offense had been.

It's a fucking disgrace how many Twins fans are at Wrigley this series. Kosuke just struck out in the bottom of the 9th and the place erupted.

Len and Bob keep saying Joe Mauer bought "hundreds" of tickets. How the fuck does he get his hands on hundreds of tickets? Can MLB players just get as many tix as they want or what?

In any case, the Twins never sell out their own stadium yet somehow there's thousands of them in attendance at Wrigley.

Fuck them and fuck the Cubs' pitiful abortion of an offense.

well I assume Mauer just bought them like everyone else can now via ticket brokers.

I would be curious how many tickets are available via scalping for a given game? 5,000? 15,000? 20,000?

I say good for them. I'm just glad I wasn't at that piece of shit of a game.

I've been to the 3H once and only once. Their poor fans must hate that tit.

This team is the worst. I spent an inning and a half in Parachat by myself just waiting for someone to come by so I could spew venom. When that failed, I just turned it off and did laundry. Serenity now.

Serenity now, insanity later...

Hey, turnabout's fair play, right? We invade Miller and GABP and you should hear the locals cry about that. Wrigley is a tourist trap first and a ball park incidentally. Yes, I love the Cubs, yes I love Wrigley, but let's face it: Wrigley attracts all kinds of jackasses not watching the game.
Someone needs to cattle prod the offense.

just a few weeks ago there was a strand of "cubs fans" in the wrigley OF with CUBS painted on their chests and their crew around them.

there was a shot of them as a play was unfolding and a homer near landing...i think 1 actually saw the play while the rest were busy 1- on their cell phones 2- yelling at some people near them

they missed a nice cubs scoring opportunity for the sake of...whatever they were doing besides drinking.

Yes & Mauer is in a position to pay secondary market value for a practically unlimited number! Plus, the way the Cubs are [not] playing of late, Wrigley is back to being perhaps more of a tourist attraction than a home ballpark...

Asked Lou in postgame about the lack of offense:

"I don't really want to talk about that right now."

Good, we don't really want to hear about it right now.

no amount of talking or butt patting can make these guys do what they know how to do.

this slump is getting old.

What about butt paddling, a la fraternity hazing?

that should raise soriano's ob% 20-30 points, but it won't do much for helping k.hill add 4-5mph to pitcher's pitches.

can't recall being less engaged this deep in a season...this team is like rooting for the presidency when you don't like the incumbent; they wear the right uniform, but otherwise...they don't even make me mad - it's more like apathy which, especially if you're a bean-counter, is worse...

You're in the next stage of dealing with loss, then. I'm still angry.

denial- anger- bargaining- depression- accepatance. many folks around these parts still haven't gotten beyond denial.

anger will kick in full throttle when july 31 comes and goes and the same flaming bag of turds is sitting on the doorstep as you see today.

Yeah, there hasn't been much to root for. And now that Theriot is trying to pull the ball so much, I even feel like rooting for him has become difficult, cause he looks a lot like most other baseball players. I'm still rooting for Fontenot, however. He's coming around. But it's especially hard to root for a team that looks so dead.

way to bring the suck.

Lou should put all the names in a hat and have them pulled out for the line up tomorrow like the did on "Bronx Zoo".

Lou reaches into hat-

"Batting first ...7 1/2. 7 1/2? Gdamn it! Can't even do that right."

Brewers sucking though today.

Is anybody really surprised that Milton Bradley has gotten off to a lousy start, and the fans have turned on him?

I mean, really -- anyone surprised?

His new jackass move -- talking about how hard he plays ("I hive 250% every game").

Hey Milton -- others are supposed to say that about you.

His new jackass move -- talking about how hard he plays ("I hive 250% every game").

Actually... many people have talked about how hard Bradley plays. For all of Bradley's shortcomings, his effort (when he plays) has never been one of them.

Point taken, but mine still stands. It's a jackass move to tell reporters how hard you play, particulary as an OF in baseball, where there are a lot of games you never actually breathe hard.

Fukudome -- fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, shame on us. Next year, they should sit him down for the season on June 1.

Oh I agree. Bradley gives full effort and when he starts loosening up he'll clobber the ball. I'm still not a huge fan of the trade, though, because of all the other things that come along with Bradley.

The Twins reward Swarzak for his performance this afternoon by optioning him to Rochester, per rotoworld.


After attending the first two games of this series, I can say the following about the Twins fans:

They are nice, knowledgeable fans. It was tough to think of hating on them - In one sense I am a bit envious as I look at our $140MM, and their $60MM one. Their guys come up primarily through their farm system, they play stellar defense, and the pitchers throw strikes. They are good situational hitters. We are now at the bottom of the MLB with RISP. With the $140MM payroll.

I could not muster the hate like I have for the Cards fans, Sox - when we play them, or even the Brewers fans.

My cousins drove down from the Twin Cities and we went to the game. They informed me that because of the lack of big free agents, the Twins media have weekly radio shows on their flagship that concentrates on their minor league teams. So the fans know what to expect down the road.

My guess is that this was the one series where there was money to be made on the secondary market. As the season goes on, it is going to be harder and harder to sell tickets for over face value (yeah, I know you guys are broken up about that) because the team is gonna suck worse.

Two games in a row at home, the team is fucking clueless at the plate - and the two before that in Houston were pretty pathetic as well.

Soto can only hit pop-ups or take 3rd strikes. And, his lack of finding the ball on a pitch in the dirt, led to a run. A one-hit wonder, that Soto!

on ESPN right now....LSU vs. U of Virginia in College World Series...

Is he on 1st or batting?

He really feels like Ryan Flaherty.

found the newest hot prospect in umpiring...this guy should get a contract any day now.

He'll be just like...what's the name of the fat umpire who acts like a dick...that one

Latest stats this evening:

Cubs ranked #1 in MLB in starting pitching.

.240 BAA

.367 ERA

OY! If they could ONLY HIT!

".367 ERA"

Then should be winning more games with all the shutouts.



They'd still find away to get outscored!

3.67 ERA

It should also be pointed out that the defense is the best in the majors:

Cubs sign an 18-year old Taiwanese pitcher:

Gave him a $250,000 bonus. Hopefully AZ Phil will see him soon.

Raisin: Sounds like a decent prospect. I'll keep an eye out for him.

It's possible the Cubs will send him and/or recently-signed Korean OF Dong-Yub Kim to the Australian Academy for a couple of months before bringing them to the U. S. There are only a finite number of H2-B visas available every year (and even fewer in the years since 9/11), and it may be tough to get one or both of them here on short notice.

BTW, I know you follow the Cubs minor league ops probably more closely than even Oneri does, but I was wondering if you check Los Broncos de Reynosa (Mexican League) box scores?

Reynosa is the former Tijuana franchise that has had an informal working agreement with the Cubs for about three or four years now, and RHP Oswaldo Martinez has been on loan there all season and is one of Los Broncos rotation starters. Not that he's having much success so far (1-5, 5.40 ERA, 1.59 WHIP), but at least he's there and making all of his starts (he had TJS post-2007).

Also, LHP Marco Tovar and RHP Alan Guerrero (the two Los Potros de Tijuana pitchers who were invited to attend Cubs AZ Instructs in 2007) are pitching for Reynosa, too. The Cubs apparently had a chance to acquire both pitchers at the time (October 2007), but declined, but they might have more interest in Guerrero now. (Guerrero is the Broncos closer this year, and is doing very well).

Occasionally the Cubs will "loan" a player to the Tijuana (now Reynosa) franchise, like O. Martinez this year, and Issmael Salas and Rafael Cova last year.

While it's just an informal arrangement, I suspect the Cubs might acquire a player or two from Reynosa at some point (even if it's just minor league roster filler), just to stay visible in Mexico and to show that they have an interest there, and then we'll see if anybody from Los Broncos gets an invite to Instructs this year. (It didn't happen last year because the Tijuana franchise was in a state of flux).

And just as a further point of information, while MLB lists the Mexican League as a "AAA" league, scouts I have talked to say it's actually equivalent to somewhere between Intermediate "A" (like Peoria) and Advanced "A" (like Daytona).

Where is Manny when we need him?


soriano leads the cubs in runs,doubles,homers,rbis and is second in hits granted he has more at bats but if we took a poll probally 70 percent would say he needs to ride the bench a couple of days or longer,how man y runs has his defense costed us?
the scarry part is he leads cubs in these stats and the majority of us thinks he sucks and ha does.

i'd hope/think it'd be closer to 7% than 70%.

it can get a little reactionary and weird here at times, but that's heavy-handed.

i heard a rumor that i would like to see him hit lower in the lineup, though. =p

lou has said he is our lead off man but put him in a rbi situation and he usually fails.

crunch i agree that he needs to be hitting in the 5,6,or7 hole,but i dont think it will happen.

i also don't see it happening if it hasn't happened already. the guy got to lead off last year when he could barely run after coming off the DL...windmilling one leg trying to run to 2nd on long hits.

if that don't do it i don't see how even a .303 ob% can especially when there is no other consistent hitter on the team.

i'd do it...but i don't think it'll happen.

Lou has tried this, but since he has the patience of the typical two-year old, when Soriano goes 1-10 or whatever in two games, Lou decides that it's a failure and moves him back to leadoff.

With Bobby Scales having been optioned to Iowa, OF-1B Doug Deeds gets demoted to AA Tennessee, OF Brandon Guyer gets moved down from AA Tennessee to Daytona, and OF Dylan Johnston (in a funk all year at Daytona, where hit "hit" 185/259/289 with 71 K in 191 PA) has been assigned to Boise, although he actually is being sent to Fitch Park to be converted to a RHP.

Johnston is one of the last three remaining players in the Cubs organization from the 2005 draft (LHP Jayson Ruhlman and RHP Jake Muyco are the other two), having been selected as a shortstop in the 4th round (130th overall) out of Hamilton HS in Chandler, AZ. And he played shortstop 2005-07, before being moved to the outfield in Spring Training 2008 after he essentially outgrew SS (he also made WAY too many errors to stay there).

Johnston did have a good year at Peoria in 2008 (288/349/524 with 15 HR), but it was his third straight year at Peoria (he flopped there in 2006 and 2007) and he was unable to carry his success over to Daytona this year.

Probably his main claim-to-fame as a member of the Cubs organization was in March 2006, when (as an 18-year old, called up from Minor League Camp just for the day) he hit a HR is a big league Spring Training game.

BP's Will Carroll's comment on ARam from 6/11...

... Aramis Ramirez is taking grounders, but sources tell me that the shoulder isn't yet stable enough for more intense activity.

and one more injury tidbit from WC, implying Stevie Eyre is broke in more ways than one:

Scott Eyre "blew out" his calf, according to Charlie Manuel. He was already talking about retirement after this season, so an extended rehab might push him over the edge.

Cubster: can we assume "more intense" activity would be taking swings? Does this seem like a normal progression? Does the shoulder become more stable simply over time or as it is used and strengthened again?

26th out of 30 MLB in batting average.

12th lowest out of 16 NL teams in BABIP

3rd best out of 30 MLB teams in EARNED RUNS allowed.

6th lowest out of 30 MLB teams in UNEARNED RUNS allowed.

5th out of 16 NL teams in home runs.


Yes, I think that's what it means but obviously he didn't ask the right question (or wasn't allowed to ask)...or just didn't spend the time to clarify what he meant.

After strengthening exercises they have let him field ground balls. Since it's his glove hand side that got injured I'm sure the grounders are controlled in terms of not diving for balls and that will be the case for as much as another month. Obviously, throwing isn't an issue.

Regarding hitting, since it's his front (left) shoulder in hitting that is the concern and the follow thru on a swing is where he can hyperextend, that probably will be controlled in the beginning, probably slow down the pitch speed or just monitor his follow through. The oddity here is the back shoulder (right in a RH hitter) in hitting isn't as exposed to hyperextension, so in terms of hitting, it's probably this fact that makes it an activity that comes later in the rehab in ARam's situation. If he were a lefty hitter or thrower with a left shoulder injury, hitting would be less of a concern, although his throwing would be a much bigger concern.

He's probably close to being let hit noting that the WC article was from 6/11 so it's a few days old. ARam is now just past 5 weeks post injury (from May 8th) so they probably are empirically waiting until after 6 weeks to up the "intensity" of activity and so I'd expect them to clear him for hitting by next weekend.


When do you think the rest of the Cubs will be cleared for hitting?


Jim Hendry just called Gerald Perry off the field and personally fired him.

Von Joshua is the new hitting coach.


This move is more for appearances than a move that will have any meaningful impact, right?

Isn't Perry the same guy who last year got so much credit for helping the team work the count? I'm not for or against the move, it just sort of shows how quickly things can change.

It was the only move that could be made because of our lack of resources, but I dont know how much it will help. I mean is Theriot going to stop trying to hit a HR every time up now, because Joshua is telling it to him now and not Perry. Is Soriano going to lay off sliders in the LH batting box because of Joshua. The one guy this is likely to help is Soto though since Joshua turned him into a good hitter at AAA.

At least it's different from shuffling AAA ballplayers up and down, but I would have preferred trading for someone who can play third and get Torres et all to bench or Iowa.

I've always felt that firing a coach (non-manager) is more of a PR move than anything. You're not going to get wholesale changes from this sort of stuff. Lou's still going to do the same shit he's done all along, whether it's good, bad, or indifferent. These guys already know how to hit (in theory, of course. The Cubs have not yet illustrated that.)

I like Von Joshua. I think he's a good coach. I think he's a good teacher. But, I thought Gerald Perry was, too. So, I guess I don't particularly care about this move either way.

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  • 10/450 if they win WS

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  • Carrie Muskat [email protected]
    Even though Hammel is missing start, don't assume he'll not be on #Cubs postseason roster. Maddon says elbow problem isn't that bad

    Carrie Muskat [email protected]
    Maddon on #Cubs postseason rotation: "I don't want to announce anything. We haven't talked to anybody yet"

    Carrie Muskat [email protected]
    Maddon hopes Soler can take BP in Cincy, play in sim game Tue. "All of that should give us some kind of indication of where he's at"

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  • tarp on the field 40 minutes before gametime...meh.

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  • travel day + rain in Pittsburgh. Why risk injury?

    Rob G. 10 hours 27 min ago view