Here Come The Sox, Time To Get Out The Flip Flops


Not here to talk about how awful life is for the Cub fan right now.

It's a day off, lets talk about flip flops - this'll make Cubs sense later.

They have an underdog kind of history, flip flops, especially in the midwest.

When I came to Chicago in the 80's, people didn't wear flops except in the shower.

There were sandals, sure, but sandals have that Jesus thing going on.

The real midwestern flip flop in the 80's was a hideous boat shoe called the Sperry Topsider, leather and sometimes with tassels - like little cardigan sweaters for the feet.

They made me feel silly so...I went with flops.

The kind from Walgreen's that come in all colors.

I'd get about 6 pairs for a grand total of about 10 bucks, last all summer long.

Especially fabulous in the bleachers at Wrigley, where staying cool is a must and the beer spillage is rampant.

You can just hose 'em off after.

They've come a long way since then.

Fashionable even.

Found my favorite kind about 5 years ago at a surf shop in Kona: Reefs.

I still have 'em.


I've got a pretty big collection now, including the sporty "Fannings" with the super cool beer bottle opener on the bottom (which surprisingly I've never used).

Okay, back to the White Sox, the flops, and the point of this little chat.

If I'm going to Wrigley and I put on a pair of flops, I can look at my sock drawer and say, "Fuck the socks."

And I do, every time.

Say that out loud right now.

Awesome, right?

Tim Souers is the illustrator and author of Cubby Blue and appreciates the opportunity to guest blog here at The Cub Reporter.


I don't think it's very hygienic to place your beer bottle up against the bottom of your footwear. That's just me. (Keen slide-in sandals wearer.)

Nice artwork again. What are you using, watercolors and black ink?

I have to admit, I dislike flipflops anywhere but at the beach or the locker room.

When I was seven I was chasing my brother around my grandparents house in stockinged feet. I slipped and busted my lip open on an end table in my grandfather's den. All the way to the hospital the only thing I would say around my crying was 'NO MORE SOX! NO MORE SOX!'

Obviously you have not used the bathroom facilites at Wrigley because you do not want to be wearing flip flops in there.

Yeah, I go full hip-length waders in there.


No shame in wearing Depends to Wrigley.

I don't quite get the flip-flop Cub connection, but I am wearing a pair of "Reefs" as I write. I love 'em.

But, as Jacos says, I personally would not wear them into Wrigley's men's rooms at any time.

BTW - very nice art. Thanks for the "contribute".

Joe Morgan's embellishment

Hawk got nailed a few weeks ago for the same thing talking about a game he was in and he even wasn't with the team.

Joe tell us about the time you told Babe Ruth not to be so cocky before he called his shot.

Awesome. I watched that and thought it seemed too perfect.

Who was it that said the highlight of their season is listening to Ozzie complain about Wrigley?

Ozzie strikes! After the Brewers series...

Everytime I go to Wrigley I puke...

Start a "send Ozzie a bottle of Pepto-bismol" campaign, anyone?

This will be a good series for one team or the other to turn their shit around. I have zero optimism about the Cubs right now, but I'm not sure Sox fans feel a whole lot better.

I still have 'em.
Who's shooting bullets at your feet, and why?

The Cubs have been shooting themselves in the foot a lot recently. Do these flip-flops come with cleats?

I wonder what the asking price on DeRosa is at this point? Apparently Billy Beane kicked the tires recently.
Even if Chavez's rehab goes well, Oakland is likely to find other help at third. The A's made a call on Cleveland utilityman Mark DeRosa, who is available, but the team believes the asking price is probably too high for a player who is in the final year of a deal. DeRosa might be a consideration this offseason

Looks like the Iowa Cubs are streaming on the internet and maybe even have video if you're so inclined. Having a little trouble getting the audio though.

Speaking of Iowa - amazing but true department. Jake "The Hammer" Fox went two for five last night with a triple, and managed to lower both his batting average and slugging percentage.

Somehow, I cannot imagine Jake "The Hammer" hitting a triple.

Someone must have fallen down.

Keep in mind that in the PCL guys like The Hammer and Dubois are allowed to patrol the outfields.

After mowing 2.3 acres of dust and weeds, add 2 white socks to boiling water, 1 drop foul mouth Ozzie saliva and 2 drops Dye blood. Cool for 24 hours.

Use as needed.

Off label use: 1 cup in bowl to open septic systems and increase bacteria and sewer flowage.

Off label use: 1 cup in bowl to open septic systems and increase bacteria and sewer flowage.


also is medicinal as a substitute for normal colon flora...aka Bartolojuice

From Will Carrol at BP:

"For all intents and purposes, Peavy is done for the season."

I feel bad for the guy, but I have to say, Thank God that is over.

Right! Now we can focus on Jason Schmidt rumors like we used to.

good ol' dr. will.

and Blake Parker tearing up Iowa....0.69 ERA and 7 saves in 13 IP, 14 K, 5 BB...

Cubs have the converted catcher to pitcher market cornered....

Kyle Burke leads all of professional baseball with 27 doubles...he was the bounty for Michael Barrett in 2007.

Cubs 5th round pick Wesley Darvill has signed.

and I think this was mentioned, but Doug Deeds demoted to Tennesee, Brandon Guyer and Todd Blackford demoted to Daytona (Blackford was acquird for Todd Hollandsworth once upon a time).

we still have someone in our system from the holly trade? yeesh...

The Cubs got two pitchers in the deal: Angelo Burrows and Blackford. Burrows struggled mightily in 2006 and was released, after which he went on to Independent leagues. Blackford didn't fair well his first couple years in the Cubs system, but he finally put it together in 2008 going 7-1 with a 2.40 ERA for Daytona. He just turned 24 last week, and is 6'4" 205, but he is running out of time, especially since he struggled to start the season at the next (AA) level.

I should also note that Justin Berg was acquired just two days prior to Blackford from the Yankees for Matt Lawton.

okay...i'll go ahead and bite. wtf is the cartoon about?

it reminds me of andy warhol's early work for Life magazine, but beyond that i can't find a commentary or joke in there.

-edit- okay, i just read the writeup under it...i dunno how i missed it the first few times. i blame the "new" button on the posts, the liberal media, and P.C. thugs. muh bad.

One veteran scout claims if he were turning in a report for the White Sox about the Cubs, he would write across the front: "Hurry."

As in, hurry and get there before all those veteran Cubs wake up.

I would write:

"As a general rule, just pitch a damn breaking ball low and away out of the zone. They'll swing.

Trust me."

Steve Stone flames Jim Hendry on Chicago Tribune Live tonight: "Kenny Williams would never make an 8-year, guaranteed, no-trade offer to a DH who happens to be playing left field for the Chicago Cubs right now....". Only slightly out of context. He smoked other contracts the Cubs are currently burdened with, and again brings up St. Kenny as the Patron Of The Good Contract. (I had hoped his ax was ground all the way down since he started rooming with Hawk. Guess he still sees red when Jim Hendry is the subject.)

Then he makes an appearance on WGN Sports Central (!), and during an interview with Crane Kenney, he and Kap try to pin Kenney down on the flexibility Hendry might have for a mid-season deal. Kaplan brings up DeRosa specifically, and Kenney replied (paraphrasing somewhat) "DeRo is in the last year of his deal, he makes what, $2.5 million? That would probably be considered a small deal that we might be able to fit in this year's numbers." (10 minutes later, DeRo hits an RBI double for all you young fans who miss him.) So maybe the Cubs will be able to get someone in the last year of a deal, not making much. So who's a free-agent-to-be, not making a ton of money, that could help and not cost much in the way of players?

It was pointed out earlier that Will Carroll of BP spoke to the real severity of Jake Peavy's injury. Stone said the ankle is bound to at least bother him when he comes back in September and make him a less effective hurler.

steve stone...that guy sure does have opinions.

my favorite recent-memory steve stone moment barely involves him. len/bob have a studio area and before it was finished it was a bare-wall area with a hung-crooked autograph picture of steve stone on a thumbtack hanging on the wall.

i'd love to know what's behind that, who hung it, and why len/bob left it there until they completed their studio renovation.

Stoney is a little over-the-top on that comment. Soriano isn't the most graceful outfielder in the world, but the league has a number of far worse fielders and he'll age in the same mold as Jr. I have no problem with Soriano in LF for several more years. Anyways, that's what big-market teams do. Rather, I sense some lingering resentment from Stoney.

On the larger point of Hendry giving some irresponsible contracts out, I guess I can agree with that. All those NTC reduce the flexibility of the team. Of course the team won two pennants in a row and I guess that's a nice accomplishment, but it's easy to forget seeing as how they have a 0-6 playoff record the last two years.

Expounding on Hendry's roster moves in the offseason, he mentions that the Cubs "shipped Jason Marquis and $800,000 to Colorado for a pitcher they knew they were going to release, and by the way Jason Marquis is tied for the league lead with 8 wins....Marquis a guy Lou Piniella didn't want on the team, and who lives a block away from Jason and walks to the park with him every day - Mark DeRosa, who is traded to Cleveland for three pitchers who may help you down the road, but certainly will not help this season." Again paraphrasing only slightly, but I don't quite understand why Stoney would imply that since DeRosa was Marquis' buddy, he needs to go too.

He went on about DeRosa's stats, his 44 RBI (added to tonight against the Brewers), and "if you can count, and I know you can, that's more than Derrek Lee and Milton Bradley combined." His partner on the telecast, Frank Thomas, laughed out loud several times - as if he's a disciple of Kenny Williams now too.

I really don't buy into the whole "gotta beat the Sox - gotta beat the Cubs" mentality. It makes me sick to see kids running around in "Cubs Suck" or "Sox Suck" shirts. Too bad the media doesn't feel the same way. (Then again they make money with it.)

If you had been sentenced to sit next that old flatulent verbal mastubatorb who tells the same story of how he invented the batting glove(he didn't) and how good Yaz's cock taste you would be bitter against your former employer too.

Stone is probably still hurt the Cubs picked Merker and Dusty over him and he's probably right, but for all his baseball insight he still shills like a carney you can find at any country fair this summer.

stone can't be a manager. the #1 thing a manager needs is for the people he's trying to manage to actually listen to and respect them. steve stone can barely command the respect of his peers in baseball, much less lead men.

"Comment of the Week" goes to jacos.

"Williams would never make an 8-year, guaranteed"

Of course the Sox would not have the money to make that offer.

Might as well say the Royals would not make that deal either.

I still believe that Peavy would have came to Sox if they guaranteed the final year, and Uncle Jer shot it down.

Kenny Williams would never make an 8-year, guaranteed, no-trade offer to a DH who happens to be playing left field for the Chicago Cubs right now

Yea... instead he will trade for a worse version in Jim Thome.

And if Stoney thinks that Soriano is a DH, then he has lost any baseball acumen that he once had.

Tribe up 8-6 on Brewers in bottom of 5th in a game that has almost reached barn burner status.

"I like Gerald's approach, but if you step out of line, he gets you back quickly," Thomas said. "Von was more fundamentals. We clashed at first because his fundamental style was different from what I was taught by [former Sox hitting coach]Walt Hrniak, but we worked it out. He's a real professional and a good guy. But it will take a few weeks. They'll go backward a little before they go forward." Asked about the Cubs' hitting problems, especially regarding Alfonso Soriano, Thomas said he considers Soriano a prototypical fifth hitter.

"I've always loved him as a hitter, but I would never have had him in the leadoff spot," Thomas said. "The guy can drive in runs. Put him in the five hole." Thomas called the crosstown series one that brings a new level of intensity.

Somewhere crunch just smiled.

frank's not the first to bring it's not radical thinking. to a lot of people it makes a whole lot of sense.

I vote anywhere from 7-8 right now, he's been the worst hitter on the team since May 1st.

OPS since May 1st....

Lee - .976, Johnson .908, Theriot . 785, Soto - .756, Bradley . 747, Fontenot .678, Fukudome .670, Soriano - .636

the scrubs

Hill - .620, Hoff - .682 (TRADE LEE!!!!)

Reed's done most of his damage versus lefties and Theriot's OPS is all thanks to the homer binge, so I have no fucking clue what to actually do with the lineup. You can rearrange it anyway you want right now and it's not gonna score anymore runs.

.485 OPS for Soriano since getting punked on the WWE...Neifi! would be an improvement.

ah, the great game of 30-40% success...closer to that 30% for most of MLB. go batting.

Oh, I know that crunch. But it seems like the whole Soriano-bats-leadoff thing bothers you more than anyone else. Don't get me wrong, I think it's dumb, but Soriano is our leadoff hitter and I'm resigned to that.

with the lack of solid power up the middle it bugged me.

once aram went down and added to it it really bugged me.

as soriano approached his .310 and below ob% it bugged me more.

at this point (and for the past week+) i see no point having him leadoff.

I say bench 'em all, let God sort em out.

"Natural Selection" for the Darwinists in the crowd. Not Barney, either.

fox, fuld, clevenger, scales, taguchi, and mark johnson will get us to the playoffs. time for some wholesale changes here!

dubois would be a hell of a leadoff hitter, too.

A 6-run, 8th inning for the Brew?! What the Fuck?!!

I am jealous!

I am pissed!

Oh, Luis Vizciano, who some of you point to as a great loss, started the inning with two straight walks, and then was removed.

And the Brew come from behind by 4 runs late to get the W.

DeRosa hit his 12th HR...sigh.

M. DiFelice  	        1.0  	1  	1  	1  	0  	1  	1  	0.86  1.40 	 
T. Coffey (W, 2-1) 	1.1 	0 	0 	0 	0 	2 	0 	1.19 	2.48 	 
M. Stetter (H, 13) 	0.2 	0 	0 	0 	0 	2 	0 	0.97 	2.91 	 
T. Hoffman (S, 16) 1.0 	1 	0 	0 	0 	0 	0 	0.65 	0.45 	

WHIP and ERA are the last two about lucking into a good bullpen.

I am extremely annoyed by this.

I was thinking about this as I watched the game. I thought, gee, how come the Cubs couldn't get those guys off the scrap heap, then flashed on the luck factor. Hoffman was the most fortunate selection of all (and we'll see how he holds up in August), but the history of middle relievers and specialists in the game seems to be when they are on, they are on, and you have to have the lucky timing to get these guys on your club. Cotts flashed brilliance at the right time for the Sox, crapped out at the wrong time for the Cubs. Milwaukee flashed on at least three of them and it's all falling into place.

I also kept thinking that the Cubs could very well snap out of it facing the likes of Pavano, Vizcaino and whoever the skinny lefty was this weekend. Hopefully the snap-out comes three games earlier.

What exactly is a "Cubs Insider" column? This reads like Jim Hendry's wife wrote it-->

But financial resources or not, Hendry's biggest move as the trading deadline nears might be to stand pat.

I ran this through my P.R. translator machine and it said:

We might not need to make a move, though, with ownership issues all f***ed up we wouldn't be able to even if we needed to.

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