It's Also a Kick in the Junk

Our pal Tim Souers was inspired by Saturday's post and gave me this awesome graphic. And I don't really care to harp on the trade, but let me give you my final thoughts. The Cardinals got a good player and it should help them...a little. DeRosa was a 3.8 WAR (Wins Above Replacement) last year, he's been 1.1 so far this year as his defense at third hasn't been too great (at least according to UZR). The Cardinals are going to get him for a little over a half year and the 2 main guys he's replacing are Joe Thurston and Brian Barden who have combined for 0.8 WAR to this point. You can't just simply add and subtract it though, so my rough back-of-the-envelope guestimating says he's probably gonna be good for anything between 1-3  more wins on the year for the Cardinals, which is indeed significant for an individual player.

As for the Cubs not getting him, if we go by prospect lists and assuming the Indians like our pitchers as much as they liked Chris Perez and a supposedly top-end player to be named later, it would have cost something in the neighborhood of Jeff Samardzija and Jay Jackson. Samardzija has a no-trade clause of course, so maybe it would require Sean Marshall or Randy Wells and maybe that second player would be Kevin Hart or Angel Guzman instead of Jackson or another decent arm that could be ready for the majors by next year. It's a whole lot of speculating on who the Indians might like and who the Cubs are willing to trade, but let's take some educated guesses.

So in theory if the Cubs met the Indian asking price, it would be something in the neighborhood of (let's just say) Marshall and Jackson for John Gaub, Chris Archer, Jeff Stevens and a half a season of Mark DeRosa, plus the $2M or so added to the Cubs payroll that is owed DeRosa. That actually doesn't sound too terrible for the Cubs, they basically replace some of the arms they would have had to given up to reacquire DeRosa with the initial trade and the Cubs get back the wind beneath their wings.

Looking at the WAR values of the guys that DeRosa would be taking playing time from (Fontenot, Miles, Blanco, Scales and Jake Fox), they add up to -0.1 WAR so far and as I said you can't just simply and add and subtract due to playing time and small sample sizes and all that, but had the Cubs been able to make this trade back in early May (and the asking price was reportedly higher back then), you're talking probably 2-4 wins over a full season and 1-2 over the last two months (once again, more a guestimate than anything). The impact probably would have been less if Lou would have had just sucked it up and played Jake Fox at third to begin with instead of having his Neifi/Lee 2006 moment. With Aramis Ramirez due back soon, that impact is going to be a bit limited, although we still don't know if we're getting the old Ramirez back and how many days off he'll have to take. I guess I would have liked for Hendry to pull the trigger, DeRosa's a quality player that has been able to get it done with runners on this year. Whether that would translate to the Cubs or not I can't say for certain, the slump and inexplicable inability to get a hit with runners on seems to be nearly a team-wide affliction and maybe DeRosa would have caught it like a cold.

I'm disappointed that DeRosa could be the dagger in the Cubs 2009 hearts and it sure does seem like the Cubs could have avoided some of this mess back in January. But he's a Cardinal now and be damn certain I hope he strikes out everytime he comes up. And every moron at Wrigley that ends up cheering for him in a Cardinals uniform, go jump off a cliff with the other lemmings.

In other news, Aaron Miles is back to the disabled list with a hyperextended right elbow and the Cubs have called up Sam Fuld. Soriano has had four mult-hit games in his last five so I'm guessing that Fuld won't get a shot at being a leadoff hitter/center fielder for a few games, not that I really thought he had shot at that, but maybe he can spell a still struggling Kosuke Fukudome. Fuld's warmed up with the weather down in Iowa with a 398/474/506/980 OPS line in June.



If I got to a Cubs/Cards game this season, I'd probably give DeRosa a small hand the first time he came up for his years of service, but after that I'd boo him like every other Cardinal on the field.

I remember going to a Cubs/Cards game about 5 years ago and sitting like 5 rows behind the Cards dugout, and Matt Morris had a no-hitter after the 6th inning. I stood up as he was walking off the field and screamed at the top of my lungs, "Congratulations on your no-hitter, Morris! You are my f-ing hero!" Needless to say, he gave me a dirty look and looked pissed going into the dugout.

He gave up a hit the next inning and we came back and won the game in the 9th, so my job was done. The moral of my story is... FUCK THE CARDINALS!!

I was a little off on the timing of the Morris near no-hitter Cubs/Cards game (June 7, 2001). The no-hitter was broken up by the professional hitter Matt Stairs with 2 outs in the 7th, and we eventually came back to win it in the 10th inning... it was a thing of beauty. Looking at the box score brings back memories of the shit players we had then... Ojeda, Zuleta, Coomer, Hundley, Dunwoody, Cairo... busters all!

I was looking for something else and stumbled across this...quite old.

Just a Q&A by Bill James and not that you have to agree with all his ideas, but I find them all to be very interesting ideas. I know folks just want affirmation for their own beliefs and tear apart what they already don't believe, but an interesting read if anything...a few Cubs things in there.

I think this quote is probably most appropriate for our current predicament:

"There will always be people who are ahead of the curve and people who are behind the curve. There will never be a shortage of stupidity."

plenty of gems...I liked this one:

Most successful sports tend to trim and snip their rules to keep the
game interesting. Baseball people like to think their game is perfect,
so we drag our flaws forward from generation to generation.

Wow, this is a stat guy and I actually found myself agreeing with a lot of it. I thought this exchange was fun:

Q: Is clutch hitting a repeatable/retain-able skill?

A: I don’t know.

That argument will go on forever.

that is the stupidest f'n question anyone could ask an educated baseball person.

clutch hitting...skill? what and what?

this is a game where success is marked by fucking up 6-7 out of 10 times.

Why is Dero posing like that? It's like he's torturing us. I don't like the fucker now. lol.

I see Miles finally went on the DL and Sam Fuld is called up.

What a BOZO remark! As if Mark DeRosa ever wanted to be traded to the Cardinals. ..

Boo Hendry not DeRo.

whoever said anything about booing DeRosa, although I'd certainly due that before cheering him to beat the Cubs.

I'd boo DeRosa like any other Cardinal player, just the same as I cheered for Edmonds when he played for us. Nothing personal towards Mark, I just hate the Cardinals and he plays for the enemy now...

my bad, missed that you said something about booing him, thought navigator's comment was directe at me.

I'm so vain, I thought that comment was about me.

Plus, I would never criticize you.

You probably think this song is about you...


Since I'm not too optimistic about the Cub's season these days anyways, I kind of wouldn't mind seeing DeRosa destroy the Cubs this year. The rest of the Cards: Screw them, I wish rotator cuff surgery on all of them. But I wouldn't mind DeRo giving Hendry a huge middle finger on our behalf.

I kind of wouldn't mind seeing DeRosa destroy the Cubs this year

that's perfectly ridiculous...this is why the Cubs can't have nice things.

FWIW, just saw this. If it turned out the be the correct list of steroid users, it'll make for some interesting goings-on in Cubdom:


that's perfectly random, sort of like the leaked Mitchell names the day before that almost none turned out to be true.

but for fun, those with Cubs ties around that time...some before, some after...

Soriano, Bradley, Nomar, Craig Monroe, Derrek Lee, Alou, Sosa, Corey Patterson, Sosa, Prior, Wood, Clement, Alfonseca, Juan Cruz, Aramis Ramirez, Jeromy Burnitz, Cliff Floyd...

probably missed a name or two...

I always knew Clement was a user.

I think those were probably inhalable steroids for that asthma.

The HGH was probably for that too.

They don't even mention or cite any source from where that list came from. It's probably some guy in his mom's basement who listed the people he doesn't like or who he thinks used.

I don't have it anymore, but I did a one-to-one match up of the pre-Mitchell list with the actual one, and only about a THIRD were correct and many of those we already knew about. Even guys like Pujols were on that first list. In some many ways the internet is better than print media, but this is one of the areas where it fails miserably - starting rumors with little accountability or basis of fact. At some point, however, that list WILL be leaked to a reporter from somewhere and we'll get to see it.

Would have to agree here. There's not nearly enough middle relievers and bench players on this list, and it's also at a glance seems to be sorted by team, like someone went to and went through the 2003 rosters just picking guys. The Cardinals seem to be the cleanest team in the majors, so that's my suspicion of who this guy likes.

Also remember that many (if not the whole 40-man roster) on the 03 Wsox team refused to take the test as under the rules of the testing a refusal meant a postive test result and the Sox as a team wanting permant testing implemented. So a "real" list would have a alot 03 Wsux on it.

Actually it wouldn't have any White Sox on it because this list supposedly came from the lab and consequently there wouldn't have been any positive samples. But it proves the validity, or lack thereof, regardless.

The White Sox were planning to not take the tests, which would automatically put them as positive. However, the union pressured them to do it, and they all took the test.

18 guys on that list played for the Cubs in 2003 or in years after 2003. A small handful of former Cubs on the list left before 2003 also.

11 White Sox on that list, including 3 of their 5 starting pitchers their World Series year.

If that list is real, and we have to believe that even if it's not many of those names are accurate, we know that for a fact on a few of those, then this is just a disaster. The only good thing for baseball is that it gets leaked so many years after the fact and that there are so many stars on there it probably kills any outrage to do something about it. Realistically, if it's really the list, would Cub fans want DLee, Sori, ARam, Bradley, and Z all punished now? Most wouldn't. Personally I'd still like to see every PED cheater have their hands cut off. Woohoo!

Luckily the Cubs don't have over 200 million committed to the guys on that list. Oh wait.........

I would venture to say that if the real list ever does come out, and it probably will at some point, at least half of those names will likely be on there. Unfortunately none of those names would surprise me and at least 15-20 of those names on that list have already been busted in the Mitchell Report or that Signature Pharmacy scandal with HGH.

This is a little off subject but the story seems to be picking up momentum in some underground circles - based on what Zambrano supposedly said - which is that IF he did not pitch for the Cubs he would only pitch for the White Sux or the Red Sox. How about this trade scenario (which would never happen, would it)?

Zambrano and Fontenot to the Red sox for Pedroia and Daisuke.

This would give us our 2b and a starter (who by the way is currently on the DL with a sore shoulder and struggling with a 1-5 record and an 8+ ERA). All indications are that it is not serious but weak due to improper off season workouts that took a backseat because he played in the WBC. It is a gamble but he is 29 and still has many years ahead. Also, Dice K would be able to relate to Fukudome and both could help each other out with their MLB growing pains and the language barrier. Zambrano would get a fresh start and soley concentrate on pitching. We also get an MVP calibre infielder AND leadoff man.

Harden can also fit into the mix for a quality middle reliever / closer.

Then we go get Pedro and have our rotation sorted.

Personally, I'm not ready to pull the plug on Z but he is starting to really get on the nerves of many people who have always backed him and his antics - including mine. Unfortunately, it might be time to try and cash in while we can.

Your thoughts?

I'd do it on my playstation if that helps...

but put me in the it'll never happen, why bother camp...think Red Sox would want a little bigger score for Pedroia coming off an MVP year. Plus Pedroia, imo, is insanely benefitted by playing at Fenway. How many balls a year are doubles there that are flyouts at Wrigley?

The Red Sox are so loaded with pitching that there not going to give up a vital cog in their offense to get a SP. Also I think White Sox fans would go apeshit on Kenny Willams if he trades for Z because of their rabbies induced type hatred of the Cubs.

White Sox have fans to worry about?


Sorry, I'm going to rewrite this comment because my original comment was pretty rude. Anyways, what I was trying to convey is Fontenot is junk. Nobody wants him except Cub fans who still think he's a legit starter.

No reason to censor yourself, we're all big boys, and we know that Fonty has been awful.

I doubt Z would want to go to the AL because of the DH. If we did put him on the block I think only one team would bite, the Phillies. Manuel has stated that he would like an "ace type innings eater" and the Phils are on the few teams that would take on money. The one problem though with that is they dont want to part with either OF Dominick Brown or SP Kyle Drabek the two jewels of their farm system. They could also use insurance for the pen and we can throw Gregg into the deal.Given the strong clubhouse leadership on that team with Jroll and Howard I think they could nip Z's attidude issues in the bud and get him to reach his potential. Personally I would do a Brown, Bastardo (if his shoulder is healthy) or Corrasco, Donald and a 4th high celing/low floor type prospect for Z and Gregg.

Don't see the Red Sox doing that. They still have Beckett/Lester and a lot of quality pitching prospects, if Daisuke's struggles continue. Pedroia is too valuable for them for me to think that they make this move.

The Poll in Phil Rogers' "Waive Zambrano" article has 57-43 percent wanting to eject Big Z from the Cubs.

the same folks who cheered all weekend for Mark DeRosa...

I like Sam Fuld and all (and am encouraged by his hitting in May/June) but I'm curious why he gets the call instead of Scales.

Is it because he's the hotter hitter, or is it because Bradley is a "piece of sh*t!".

don't we have enough middle infielders?

Blanco, Theriot, Freel, Fontenot...

Fukudome sure could use a break....

It's just a shame, though, because of healthy Cubs Bobby Scales is #4 in OPS.

See if this link works right.

I hope Bobby Scales comes up and wins the MVP. I just wouldn't assign any great chance to it happening.

My guess is to provide some alternative to Fukudome, give him a day or two on the bench the next 2 weeks. Maybe just look at another guy, see if he'd help.

Kasper also said during the telecast tonight that Ramirez will be taking full BP during the Pirates series, and if all goes well he will go somewhere for about 20 at bats, bringing him back to face the Braves in game 2 or 3 of that series. Which makes Scales a little superfluous.

I think it's an indication of concern towards Fukudome, and perhaps, to a lesser extent, Bradley. I am really glad Fuld got a look, assuming Lou gives him time. CF is definitely a question, but the market of CF's that make sense, might be available, and are guys that we can potentially afford seems rather slim. Not many guys come to mind that really sound appealing actually. Fuld gives us a guy who might be able to slot into the 2 hole. Worth the look with Kosuke's tailspin.


On a side note, I remember Gammons Teahen blurb earlier in the week. I'd rather give Bobby Scales another look than deal for Teahen. Once upon a time, perhaps. But after his hot start this year, he's settled quite a bit. I just don't think he's worth it, particularly considering we have a financial crunch and several areas of concern.

"Is it because he's the hotter hitter, or is it because Bradley is a "piece of sh*t!"."

My guess would be that he is hotter, if in fact he is, because Fuld also is a "piece of sh*t!".

Whether or not Sam Fuld is a piece of shit should only be determined in the dugout amidst smashed Gatorade cooler debris.

Z and dumpster cant even break them least milton has the power to smash them open spilling the contents.

see...his power is returning.

Maybe he thought it was a pinata.

DeRo to the Cards is nothing. But how would Tony LaRussa handle these?

"Look Z, you are king of the hill. Nobody's gonna touch you...look deep into my eyeszzzzzz."

"Mark, you used to be an Indian and a Cub, but now you are a WORLD CHAMPION CARDINAL, YOU, and only YOU, can get us to the playoffs this year! Look deep into my eyeszzzzzzz."

Even Brenly in the booth believes our Cubbies can turn it around, if Lou would start holding e-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y responsible.

"Lou, look deep into my eyeszzzzzzz...You are the manager you once were....."

Rotoworld is saying Bradley is hitting 6th tonight, no word from them on the rest of the lineup but my guess would be:

LF Soriano
SS Theroit
1B Dlee
3B Fox
C Soto
RF Bradley
CF Fuku/Freel/Fuld
2B Blanco

Looks about right. I would guess Freel 'cause he had a good day yesterday and he bats right handed.

And tell me that Hendry chose David Patten over Chad Guadin, AL Player of the week. It had to be Lou, playing the "hot hand" at the moment during S.T., also putting Hendry in the position to take the fall. I wasn't the only one to believe Gaudin would "right the ship" and the Padres are enjoying his success in the NL west. Go Brenly!

I assume it's NL Player of the week...

 Gaudin's on a 2-start hot streak, let's not get too excited here, unless he's developed a new strikeout pitch, I don't really buy this as anything more than anyone can get lucky for a few games.

Trading Wuertz away for nothing was far more damning on Hendry.


Damning may be a strong word for trading Wuertz. Every year with the Cubs he went through a bout of uselessness. Even if the A's correct that, the Cubs surely couldn't. He got traded for two guys that Hendry thought could have some value, based on, I assume, what his scouts were telling him. Maybe these scouts get let go and are replaced by better ones. I assume we saved some cash in the deal as well.

not doubting the thought process or the Cubs did their due diligence at the time as they do with any trade. But I didn't like it then and I don't like it a lot more now for obvious reasons.

Wuertz gets $1.1M, but in my eyes (although it wasn't this cut and dry), it basically came down to David Patton or Wuertz, one of those stays on your roster all year and I'd take Wuertz and a few more seasons over Patton and 6 years plus options. For his bouts of uselessness, I would say 90% of relievers go through the same bouts over the course of a year and in the end he's been anywhere from great to at least good with the Cubs.

ERA+ (the higher the better)

Gaudin 77

Dempster 109
Zambrano 121
Lilly 130
Harden 90
Wells 173
Gregg 110
Marshall 101
Marmol 109
Heilman 114
Guzman 176
Patton 84
Ascaino 126

Congradulations artskoe you got it right. I know Chad Guadin and it was Lou for a fact. He wanted to keep David Patton. Lou's dislike for Chad goes back to the end of last season. As far as luck goes for a pitcher its Patton who has the luck. No way do you pitch the way Chad has in the majors and call it only lucky. I would take Chad right now over any of our pitchers we have in the bullpen today.

Hmmm...I wouldn't. Give me the new and improved Gooz over Home-Run Chad.

Gaudin was given every opportunity to shine in ST after his late 08 season swoon. He got signed, and had plenty of chances to beat the other talent out - including the AA ball pitcher. He didn't. It is out there on the net the dude got shit-faced and hurt himself (as well as helping himself get left off the playoff roster). We could probably use him to mop up some innings, but there are lots of guys out there like Chad "Boudin" Gaudin. Patton has more upside, is younger, to boot. I ain't losing sleep over Gaudin.

If the front office is smart, they strongly urge Z to take some anger management classes; even if it's a b.s. PR move. He's never been an ace and never will be. We do not have an ace at the moment. Keep Z for now, the immediate future with out him looks even bleaker. Most teams in the NL would take him in a heartbeat-especially the Mets.

According to MLB, the Padres are allowing "in market" fans to watch home and away games on their computers. They join the Yankees in allowing ANYBODY to watch (like at work!) who is willing to pay a monthly fee.

Why bring it up here?

Well, if that were part of the Cubs' future plans, wouldn't that make Comcast and WGN worth less than it is now to the sale? At least partly so, given that the between innings intelcast has little or no commercial value at present- it only goes to graphics. There were some Subway blurbs a few weeks ago but I imagine subscribers balked, like hearing a commercial on XM radio would.

I'm sure viewership on computer is not up to the numbers yet, but wouldn't you want to dot all the i's and cross all the t's in a market that looks like it might take off?

MLB.TV increased viewer satisfaction earlier this year by allowing both home and away (when available) for all teams. Plus, I yelled loud enough that they were blocking SO many games vs. Houston they put my zip code in Atlanta! Very Friendly of them! Customer service is improving and I'm getting wide screen on my 17" laptop that is crisp and HD (finally!).

Could these virtual numbers be stalling the sale? Only George knows for sure. My advice, for what's it's worth, is to cut and run Zelly - get it done while the Cubs are a reasonably "hot" commodity...or you might have to amend that bankruptcy filing to include the ballclub, and the Ricketts can pick it up for face value (I'm in on the sale, here's my hundred!).


Well I live about 3 hours from Chicago. Close enough for it to be considered in-market, thus I don't get any Cub games on MLB.TV so I had my subscription refunded. I would pay a premium to be able to watch in-market games because of the games I could watch, it was really nice. Just such stupid blackout rules.

For the Padres you have to subscribe to Cox's high-band internet service and for Yanks you must be an Optimum Online and iO TV user, plus you pay a fee on top of your regular subscription fee.

So, let's say they do it for the Angels out here in Los Angeles, and I have Verizon FIOS as my Internet service and DirecTV for my cable, but they strike a deal with Charter Cable instead, I have to either buy there service on top of it or switch everything. 

It's a step in the right direction and it is an added revenue stream, but I think it's a real minor dent right now. 

meh. That would be a business expense for you, right?

yes, I can pretty much write off anything baseball or sports related now...

doesn't mean I get it for free, just a little cheaper than the rest of you.

Rob if you have that kind of clout, you can certainly get a credit card in your name for a PO box in Tennessee and get the games anyway. How you connect to the internet isn't important, just where your zip is.

I salute Rob G who probably owns this board and has lakefront property in the midwest and might be able to help a few guys out here who are frustrated by the blackout rules in Indiana, or elsewhere, until the rules relax for other teams.

If this is not important at all, then Fox would allow Saturdays to be free instead of subject to blackout. Fox would impose these rules for everyone unless they couldn't Nascar you to death as soon as the third out is made. Also, teams who are not broadcast because of the blackout move their startup times on Saturday so they have the 3 hour rule in their fan's best interest. So it might be a wee bit more important than you suppose. POSTSCRIPT about Nascar: It is rigged and it is a soap opera that supports drug running in Georgia. Where's the Lexuses? No lexus, NOT REAL - with 18" rims and 100% dark tint. Numbers on the sides? Not on your life!
I would not want Hendry's job. There is SO much legal, SO much scouting, SO much marathon contracts to read for not 25, not 50 but more like 120 players in the org. Along with that is pleasing an older-than-he-ever-has-been Lou who seems to think that his biggest and most important move is Lee batting 3rd in the order and SHAZAM! We win. Lou, Billie Mays has passed and you will have to order your shamwows from that other guy, Joey Gaithright.

I'd like to try Bobby Valentine for a 1 year contract. Like Tallon hiring Joel Quenville, did ANYBODY see the fire that that one move lit under the Blackhawks!?! Brenly would be a nice start, like Coleman in the 80's coming down from the booth. Trammel's body language is a bit negative but he is a ballplayer's coach so there's no reason he can't settle Z down, ease MB into the groove, and get Lee to stop being so frustrated when he hits the ball well but it's a line drive out. Greg Maddox pitching coach! Get him before the Dodgers, fools.

The manager is responsible for the chemistry (as we found out with Dusty). Heck, if Leo was alive he's be perfect, and I'm still intrigued with Dale Svem if he could be wrestled away from the Brewers for a head job - - - I think he's the type of guy who would put a surgical glove over his head and blow it up like Howie Mandel. WHAT DO WE HAVE TO LOSE??

1. Sell the team Zell and get the pall out from over the team.
2. Fire Lou or get him desperate enough to think he'll be in Tampa soon with his wife.Leave a few brochures laying around.
3. Give Z the ball and LEAVE HIM ALONE, let him hit 100 batters and empty a few dugouts. Fat wallets, fat what?..let 'em vent!
4. LEAVE MB ALONE. Which came first, the chicken or the papers tearing him down? The later, not the former so leave him alone. Start writing about Ben Gordon and you've neutered him. Same here. Leave him alone. Leave Bradley alone. show team love, just leave him alone.
5. De Ro is gone. Woody is gone, but you don't care so much since we beat him last week.It's !!>!>#$>@>! OVER!!! We got Miles, SO THERE! TLR secrets are ours!
6. Leave Fukodome alone. Don't you know how to cheer ANYBODY anymore? You WANT a Kahlil Green? Or Dontrell Willis??? Leave 'em alone!! We don't need any negative zen - didn't you learn that with Phil Jackson?!?
7. RISP as stats is banned. Shut up Len and Pat about RISP. Play the GAME called baseball. Contracts with RISP as hingepin: ZERO. Look it up.
8. Ken Hubbs is the real tragedy. I'm talking REAL. Let's remember that.
9. Hendry's part: keep improving the system. We have had SO much turnover in past years. Green was about the best because he was there for a few years. Consistency to teach the kids to win. Repeat. Teach the kids to win.
10. Just to throw this in: Let Reed play more when healthy. Give him every opportunity you can, whoever the manager may be...
11. Von Joshua is getting line drives already. That move may payoff quick.

Subpoints under all these would make a good 1.5 hour sermon. The talent is there. A salute to Harry, Brick, Lloyd, good kid and Ronnie Santo by a tip of the hat. Adopt a new sign like Jake Fox V for victory (or is his wife's name Vickie? Either way!). Now let's put on a game face and have fun starting with the Pirates, and make it our goal to be in first by the break. Who will be the first to come out with MB masks for all the players? Demp? Z? I know it won't be Lou.


Sorry hit the button twice. Been a long night celebrating Cubs "V" for Victory!

Soriano, Theriot, DLee, Fox (3B), Soto, Bradley, Freel (CF), Blanco and Harden


McCutchen, Morgan, Sanchez, LaRoche, Moss, Andy LaRoche, Jaramillo, Wilson and Duke

I'd do an ortho writeup on Miles hyperextended elbow... but honestly, who cares other than Sam Fuld.

hahah. awesome.

It's hard to say anything non-derogatory about Miles around here... but the sooner the Scales and Fulds and Blancos of the world are playing in Las Vegas and New Orleans, the better.

Let me add myself to the chorus of fans who don't care

as the kids say, +100

We need a "What If" ? designated nightly DeRosa Watcher. Anyone wanna volunteer? CUBSTER?

DeRosa 0 for 3. Two ground outs and one soft line drive to right field. DeRosa 0 for Cardinals. Make that 0 for 4 still 0 for the Cardinals. Yeah baby Cardinals lose. Lincecum pitched 9 innings 95 pitches.

Thank you JAKESTER!

I only saw they got beat 10-0. But that is icing on the cake!

Maybe after the ovation he got from the Wrigley crowd he really is loyal to the Cubs.

You wanna know who sucks? The New York Mets.

(Edit: submitted 2 NYM doubles and one Sheffield bomb ago. They still suck.)

That was the first time I've seen Soto run like a professional athlete this year. He probably wasn't busting his butt to get Milton an RBI, but it sure felt like he was. Definitely my favorite play of the game. That 3 4 1 force-out was pretty nifty though.

Too bad for Bradley - he stung the ball pretty good that game... now if we could just wake up Sorryano from his coma...

Soriano has been doing a little better the last couple of days. Not hitting home runs, but not K'ing 3 times a game either.

For those who care - Chris Carpenter and Josh Vitters promoted to Daytona. Andrew Cashner promoted to Tennessee.

All three of those guys really deserved the call-ups. I'll be the first to admit that I'm pleasantly surprised with how well Cashner has done this year. I thought he'd go through ups and downs adjusting to the extended outings. Carpenter should've dominated Low A - I believe in his stuff, but nevertheless, it'll be interesting to see how he does against better hitters. Daytona will be interesting positionally, in terms of talent, with Flores, Rosa (okay, I'm still hoping he turns it around), some 2nd base options (Opitz?), Castro, Vitters, Guyer, Campana.


So, I'm reading that this (a guy posting on Sickels, haven't checked elsewhere) has been a movement day. Barney to Iowa is deserving - he's had a strong enough campaign to justify a look there. Keedy released - can't say I'm surprised. The lack of power didn't help. Contreras to Daytona - I wonder how often he'll catch. Samson to Tennessee - I think I've always liked him more than I should, based on early suggestions that he might get a little more pop as he moved up the ladder. Hasn't happened yet, and seems like Theriot in a best case scenario.

I want to see Carpenter promoted to the Cubs rotation and face his STL namesake. I wonder if they would both explode if they walked on the field at the same time, kind of like Scanners.

If that works we should either sign someone named Albert Pujols or get Bradley drunk and legally change his name.

Tribune/Sullivan says...

ARam probably goes on a rehab assignment Thursday (if ARam doesn't have a setback while hitting tues/wed). They expect 20-25 AB's in rehab before returning although it's somewhat up to how Ramirez feels as the assignment progresses.

Bradley to get Tues/Wed off to work on some things from the left side with Von Joshua. Expect to see Fuld in CF and Fukudome in RF.

Andrew Cashner promoted to Tennessee.
on the fast track? pitchers at AA seem to get august bullpen callups ala Sean Gallagher, Billie Petrick and Shark

I wonder what Arizona Phil thinks of Cashner's chances to see the majors this year?

btw...what ever happened to Petrick? I assume he got reinjured and fell off the map.

he was released at the end of last year and signed with the Windy City Thunderbolts in the spring...

I saw Petrick pitch a couple times. His arm was still bad early on and he was on the DL for a time. He's got 2 saves, has struck out 14 in 11 innings and walked 3. His fast ball is still nowhere near what it was with the Cubs, his breaking ball is getting some hitters out (13 hits allowed) but if he's aiming for organized baseball he's got a ways to go. There were personal issues that also led the Cubs to cast him adrift, I don't know how that played out though.

I'd guess the chances are low for Cashner, but I'd guess it partly depends on whether or not the Cubs want to rush him up for pen work or if they'll continue with the extended outings and see how he takes as a starter. With several solid pen options in AAA, I'd guess that the urgency to rush Cashner might not be there, but that's my guess.

A lot of our pitchers from the last draft have moved fast. Certainly, that's partly due to some system weakness, but I was really high on the crop of arms from last year.

NEW YORK (AP) -- Milwaukee Brewers prospect Jeremy Jeffress was suspended for 100 games Monday after his third violation of baseball's minor league program for a drug of abuse.

He was spotted vigorously eating heaping portions of sweet fried plantains in Puerto Rico with SOTO.

My god sweet fried plantains are amazing.

yeesh...i wrote a post about this very thing a few days ago.

weed testing is killing these minor leaguers. jeffress knows WAAAAY better at this point, though.

It was weed? The article doesn't specify, just says it was his 3rd violation. I'm really confused, though, Soto tests positive for weed and the worse he gets is some bad jokes from Lou Piniella. I'm thinking he didn't test positive for weed... either that or there's a gross double-standard going on.

He was tested under the auspices of International Baseball, so the test can't be used against him by MLB. That's why they and the Cubs can't discipline him.

Lou played in the Bronx Zoo. Maybe he just figures he's seen much worse.

im gonna go out on a limb and say if it's him it most certainly is weed given it's jeffress.

Well if he's shown the questionable decision making ability in using weed in a profession where they drug test, he's probably a candidate to use some sort of PED as well. Sort of a gateway to stupidity.

"All I'll say is it was not a performance-enhancing drug. We all know
the issue Jeremy has had in the past. He obviously has a very sensitive
issue he has to overcome," Kusnick told the Milwaukee paper.

we do know it's a "drug of abuse", and the first suspension was the same thing that Jeffress later admitted to being marijuana. He's entering a drug addiction more positive test and he's banned for life.

etc etc...

Did AZ PHIL ever update the November Cub Top 15 Prospect List? :

Obviously Jose Ceda is no longer with us.

We gave him up for Aaron Heilman, essentially - correct?

He updated it by adding Dan McDaniel, IIRC, who wasn't on his original list.


We gave up Ceda for Gregg. Heilman was from the Olson trade, and we got Olson (and the intriguing looking Henry Williamson) in the Pie deal.

Obviously Jose Ceda is no longer with us.
Hopefully he's still alive.

...Ceda went to the Marlins for Gregg.

last report i heard on Ceda was that some of the arm problems that he had when he was in our system resurfaced, and that the Marlins decided to basically shut him down, I think.

Ceda has a bum arm, but he also reported to Marlins camp at or over 3 balloons, and I think he's at XSP.

He may be having a disappointing season, but damn, the man can still levitate a bat.

any article citing Heinie Manush has to be mandatory reading

Ex Cub:

Felix Pie 2009: .224/ .296/ .337

He'd still fit right in!

Did anyone ever report what's wrong with Waddell? "Non baseball related" could mean anything from Jon Lester to Ugueth Urbina.

JOHN: I was wondering about that as well. Death in the family? Severe illness? Cub psychological trauma?

Usually, Bruce Levine has scoop-age on these things. He was the first reporter to disclose Demp's child's horrid medical condition way before the rest of the mainstream press did, as Dempster told him the time was appropriate to let his listeners know.

Why Demp didn't just take a leave of absence like people in most jobs do is beyond me.

I would guess extreme dedication to the team keeps Dempster around so much. Along with a wife who's either an angel, or pissed as hell. (I'll go with the former.)

If Waddell's problems are truly of a personal nature and his wishes are not to reveal them, then I applaud all the guys covering the team for not divulging them. It might be a lot tougher to sit on that information if it was Zambrano or Lee, but I respect their silence anyway.

Has there ever been a time when so many players are taking time off for "personal problems"? Obviously some are unavoidable, but what the fuck's up with Votto and Khalil Greene taking time off for anxiety issues? Take a Prozac and swim in your giant money vault and get over it.

I think you take Buspar for anxiety.

what the fuck's up with Votto and Khalil Greene taking time off for anxiety issues? Take a Prozac and swim in your giant money vault and get over it.

Seriously? Stay classy...

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  • barely any...especially for an evening game. place looks 1/2 full at best to start the game.

    crunch 10 min 57 sec ago view
  • Listening on the radio. Are there any fans in the stands at all?

    Brick 19 min 56 sec ago view
  • "An MRI taken Monday on the right side of Jorge Soler showed no major damage."

    crunch 1 hour 20 min ago view
  • rare air though if he can keep it under 2. Sounds like Maddon already made up his mind though and Hendricks seems like the sort that would want to earn it. Guessing he gets a quick hook if he's still under 2 after 5 innings.

    Fwiw, he can give up 1 ER in 5 innings (or more) and still be under 2. If he gives up 2 ER, he would need throw 9 IP to keep it under 2. 1 ER in 4 IP would give him an ERA of exactly 2.

    In terms of WAR, it's still Scherzer by a lot (6.4), then Cueto (5.6), Lester (5.5), Kershaw (5.5), Roark (5.4), and then Hendricks (5.1)

    Rob G. 2 hours 34 min ago view
  • Boring lineup tonight in terms of guys trying to reach milestones -- no KB (40 HR), Addy (100 RBI) or JHey (can he keep it going?), and Lackey isn't really going for anything, plus the team has already reached 100 wins. I get the "rest" thing, although they will have 4 days off after Sunday, but....bleh.

    billybucks 3 hours 19 min ago view
  • Agree -- I think you want to keep him on a regular schedule.

    billybucks 3 hours 38 min ago view
  • Ramos torn ACL

    jacos 4 hours 6 min ago view
  • Sure, its not about his record.

    jacos 4 hours 8 min ago view
  • Do you start him Sunday or not?

    @jonmorosi Pitchers w/ sub-2.00 ERA in year of 185+ IP this century: Pedro ’00, Clemens ’05, Kershaw ’13/’14, Arrieta ’15, Greinke ’15, Hendricks ’16.

    Rob G. 5 hours 29 min ago view
  • Yeah -- that would be rough for him. But, Monty is getting people out, he's a lefty and he has experience working out of the bullpen. Hammel? None of the above.

    billybucks 6 hours 24 min ago view
  • even if he's not starting, abandoning hammel would be a bit of a 'screw you.' i think it might be -monty +hammel, but it's speculation.

    either way, someone's gonna be disappointed.

    crunch 7 hours 25 min ago view
  • Joe said he is leaning towards 11 pitchers and 14 position players.

    - 4 starters, Chapman, Rondon, Strop, CJ, Wood, Grimm, Monty. No dice for Cahill or Smith.
    - 3 catchers, Rizz, Zo, Addy, KB, Javy, Heyward, Fowler, Soler, Coghlan, TLS and then Sczcur over Almora?

    billybucks 7 hours 36 min ago view
  • Cubs 3B Jason Vosler made two really bad throws on consecutive AB in the 8th. Fortunately the game was no longer in doubt at the time  

    The first one was a one-hop lob that allowed the batter to reach base on an infield single, and the second was air-mailed so far over the first-baseman's head that it went over the fence and landed in Field #4.

    Arizona Phil 8 hours 11 min ago view
  • E-MAN: Despite the HR, Donnie Dewees is really more of a slash hitter (the HR was an opposite-field line-drive) who can accumulate lots of doubles & triples. He's also a good bunter and can get on base that way, too. Although he was thrown out trying to steal in the game, he's actually a good base-stealer and baserunner.

    Defensively he has plus-range and tracks fly balls OK, so he can play CF, but he has a rag arm that requires the middle infielders to go out further into CF to make relays.

    Arizona Phil 8 hours 12 min ago view
  • I don't know how many of you remember Bobby Knoop, who played 2B for the Angels, White Sox, and Royals back in the day, but he is a coach-emeritus for the Angels, and works with the infielders at Minor League Camp, Extended Spring Training, and Instructs. He's pretty spry for a 77-year old, and he really knows his shit.

    Arizona Phil 8 hours 40 min ago view
  • With a big lead, Chapman was throwing sliders and changeups, something he's reluctant to do in a save situation. (Len and Jim covered this.)

    VirginiaPhil 8 hours 48 min ago view