Game 81 Recap: Cubs 1, Braves 2

Good Duel, Bad Result
W - Vazquez (6-7)
L - Zambrano (4-4)
S - Soriano (9)
Things to Take from This Game
1. Z does fine on short rest
Zambrano pitched an efficient six innings on three days rest, the only blemishes being a couple of run-scoring hits by McCann.  

2. Vazquez pitches like an All-Star scorned
Not as much shame in this weak performance by the Cubs' offense, as Vazquez, Gonzalez and Soriano pitched well.  Ramirez looked pretty good at the plate, with a couple hits to show for it.  Soriano managed to sneak a couple hits in, as well, and Hill got the lone RBI.  There isn't much to report in the way of missed rallies or failed execution or bad approaches at the plate, the team just ran into three good pitchers and...

3. Some good defense
Maybe no plays that make Sportscenter, but for the most part it was a well-defended ballgame.  No errors, and some particularly good D up the middle.  A satisfying game in everything but the result.

The hard-fought details, below.

Game Recap
Inning 1 - Top
  • In case you missed it, Z starts on 3 days rest, insted of Hart, who had been slated to take Dempster's place.
  •  Game starts with McLouth walking on five pitches, Z missing low of the zone.
  • Prado bunts McLouth over to second.
  • Z working very fast.  Z with a nice pickoff attempt at second, it looks like Theriot had McLouth, but he's called safe.
  • and Garret Anderson, hitting third (heh) grounds out to second, advancing McLouth to third.
  • McCann lines one sharply to right-center on the first pitch, scoring McLouth.  0-1 Braves
  • Escobar waves at a fastball, strikes out.
Inning 1 - Bottom
  •  Fukudome battles to a 3-2 count, before striking out swinging on a fastball.  Len and Bob praise Fukudome for at least seeing some pitches before making an out, a not too veiled swipe at Soriano
  • Theriot chops out to Escobar, coming across the middle.
  • Lee K's swinging, Vazquez looks tough.
Inning 2 - Top
  • Kotchman serves one out to Lee, takes it unassisted. 
  • Francouer with a fly to Hoffpauir in medium-deeo right.
  • Brooks Conrad (who!?!?) laces one off of the part of the right-field wall where the "well" begins.  Hoffpauir was turned around to begin with, and as it bounces off the well he has to go chase it down.  Conrad triples
  • Vazquez grounds to Theriot.
  • 23 pitches in 2 innings for Z.
Inning 2 - Bottom
  • Hoffpauir with a broken-bat liner into shallow right-center for a single.
  •  Ramirez with a nice stroke, hitting a soft liner into center for another single.  1st and 2nd for Soriano.
  • four straight breaking balls to Soriano, who K's swinging at one off the plate. Fans boo.
  • Fontenot with a nice battle against Vazquez.
  • Fontenot with a nice lined shot to deep right-center, McLouth makes a fine running catch, over his shoulder.
  • full count, two outs to Hill.  
  • Hill lines a pitch right back up the middle, scoring Hoffpauir.  Ramirez has to hold at second.  1-1 Tie.
  • Z K's swinging.
Inning 3 - Top
  • McLouth rolls out to Theriot.
  • Full count to Prado, hits a sharp liner to straight-away right for a single.
  • Anderson swings over the top of a splitter or slider, striking out on the third pitch of the at bat.
  •  McCann lines one down the left field line, getting into thecorner.  Fastball outside that got too far up in the zone.  Prado scores with ease, double for McCann 1-2 Braves.
  • Escobar swings over what might have been a change, striking out.  43 pitches through 3 for Z.

Inning 3 - Bottom
  •  Fukudome screws himself into the ground striking out swinging on a straight change.
  • Theriot with a sharply hit one-hopper back to Vazquez, on a fastball that got over the plate. Vazquez with a nice spinning backhand to make the grap, 1-3 putout.
  • Lee quickly grounds out to short.  very easy inning for Vazquez
Inning 4 - Top
  •  Kotchman walks.
  • Z blows a 94 mph fastball by Francouer, up at the letters, for the K. 
  • Conrad rolls one toward the right-side hole, Fontenot makes the nice pick and throw to beat Conrad at first.
  • and Vazquez grounds to Theriot.
Inning 4 - Bottom
  • Hoffpauir pops to Prado at third
  • Ramirez with a hard hit ball up the middle, it kicks off the mound toward Conrad at second, who throws him out. 
  • Soriano hits one back up the middle for a single.  Brenley congratulates him on the shortened swing with a two-strike count.
  • Fontenot grounds to second.
Inning 5 - Top
  • First pitch of the inning, WGN misses it as McLouth lines one sharply but right at Fukudome.
  •  Prado with the lazy fly out to Hoffpauir.
  • Anderson walks, bringing up McCann.  gyeh.
  • Z K's McCann with a nice fastball over the outside corner.
Inning 5 - Bottom
  •  Hill tries to bunt for a hit up the third base line, but McCann makes a nice pick, spin and throw for the out.
  • Z, batting lefthanded, hits a sharp grounder just to the left of second.  Escobar makes a nice diving stop and throws him out.
  • Fukudome rolls to Kotchman, unassisted.
Inning 6 - Top
  • Escobar lines out to Theriot.
  • I really don't get why they fell the need to do the Player of the Game promo at the top of the sixth. But it's Z.  Hooray.
  •  Kotchman hits a sinking liner into left-center for a single.
  • Francouer with an easy fly out to Hoffpauir.  That's a lot of unnecessary vowel combinations involved in that play.
  • Full count to Conrad, Z blows a fastball by him, up in the zone, for a swinging K.  Probably the end of the night for Z with 91 pitches and Marshall warming up.
Inning 6 - Bottom
  •  Theriot grounds to Escobar, easy play.
  • Nice full-count battle, but Lee K's swinging on a fastball that rides up and in.
  • Hoffpauir pops into shallow left, eventually Anderson calls everyone off and makes an easy catch.  Vazquez not meeting much resistance.
Inning 7 - Top
  • nice to see Angel Guzman making an appearance in relief of Z.  k's Vazquez on three pitches, last a 92 mph fastball low and away.
  • Full count to McLouth,lots of fouls, finally gets a low and in fastball, and one-hops the right-center wall for a double.
  • Prado hits a liner into right-center, Hoffpauir intercepts it, holding McLouth at second.
  • 0-2 to Anderson, fans on their feet to cheer for an end to the inning.  Fastball high, now fastball in, JUST off the plate, fans boo the "ball" call.  2-2. Now a fastball wide outside, fans groan.  Tense AB here.
  • 3-2 count, Anderson fouling pitches off.  Intense.
  • Finally flies out softly to Soriano.
  • some native Chicagoan comedian, who I know I've seen do the stretch before, does the stretch.  He's still as much of a no-name as the last time I watched him do the stretch.  Tom Dreesen, I guess.
Inning 7 - Bottom
  • Ramirez hits a sharp liner in front of Anderson for a single. 
  • Contrary to Dreesen's predictions of a homer, Soriano chops into a 6-4 force, unable to turn the 4-3 in time for the double play
  • Fontenot with a soft liner to Anderson.
  • Hill grounds to Kotchman, unassisted.
Inning 8 - Top
  • Marshall in
  • weird, scary play where McCann hits a swinging bunt right on the first base foul line.  Marshall tries to pick it up with his glove right as McCann is running by.  They avoid each other, barely, but Marshall drops the ball.  Picks it up again, and turns and throws to first, just getting McCann.
  •  Escobar with a broken-bat soft liner to Lee.
  • and Kotchman with a much easier tap back to Marshall
Inning 8 - Bottom
  • Mike Gonzalez in to pitch, with Bradley hitting for Marshall.  Bradley hits a sinking liner into left, Anderson makes a nice running catch.
  •  Reed Johnson pinch hits for Fukudome, flies out to Anderson.
  • Theriot dumps one down the right field line, holding up underneath the padding by the bullpen for a double.
  • Lee pops to Conrad on the first pitch. Nuts.
Inning 9 - Top
  •  Heilman in.  Francouer hits a grounder up the middle, takes a big hop on Theriot, backing him up as he runs to his left for it. Leads to a weak throw, Francouer safe.  Single
  • A bunt by Conrad, Heilman takes awhile to get to it.  Grabs barehanded and makes a twisting jump-throw to Lee, over his head.  Fontenot is backing up on the throw, and catches it on the fly.  Runners at 1 and 2.
  • Diaz hits for Gonzalez, and pops a bunt to Ramirez.  Len and Bob wonder about using your top pinch-hitter to bunt.
  • McLouth flies out to Soriano.
  • Full count, 2 outs to Prado, he hits one up the middle to the right of second.  Fontenot makes  a fine dive to save a run, double-clutches and it looks like there's no hope of throwing out Prado.  He makes the throw, Lee does a nice job of sprinting off the bag for the dugout from the second the ball reaches his glove, and they get the "out" call at first.  I'd like to see if Lee came off the bag early....
Inning 9 - Bottom
  • Soriano in to pitch. 
  • Hoffpauir hits a sharp liner, but right at McLouth.  It seems like McLouth always catches the ball right in front of his face, and sort of winces out of the way as he catches it.
  • Ramirez takes a big swing and miss for strike one.  And another, foul, 0-2.  a 1-2 pitch, and Ramirez takes it, just inches off the outside corner.  2-2.  Crowd realy in to it.  K's swinging over a splitter.  Nuts.
  • Soriano to hit against Soriano.  Slider over for strike one.  Next pitch, lines one up the middle for a single.  The WGN shot didn't show a shortstop anywhere in view, he must have been pulled way, way over toward third.  Odd.
  • Fastball, low inside strike one to Fontenot.  goes to a 2-2 count.  fastball wide outside, full count.
  • Fontenot hits one sharply, off Soriano's glove and toward Escobar.  Escobar fields it and the throw beats Fontenot by a step at first.  Game over
Parachat Recap
Inning 1
  •   Rob and I talk creative vision for TCR. 
  • People join.  Gripe about the call on the pickoff.
  • Over/Under line for Z's IP tonight?
    • I'll put it at 5 and 2/3.  Z's a horse.
  • How did you go on the TCR DL?
  • Trade rumors wiht Vazquez, Halladay
  • The contract I negotiated with TCR.
  • Rob's "minders" who follow me around.
  • Trying to remember just when we started writing/commenting at TCR.
Inning 2
  •  More efforts to try to remember TCR's sordid history.  We need an in-house archivist.
  • Who killed Ruz?
    • The same person who killed John Hill.
  • I'm filled in on the Whip/Eamus Catuli/Moustaches dust-up. Oh my.
  • I just want to let you all know how much you all mean to me.  You matter.  You are not just words on the screen.  I love you all, and may God keep you.
  • Whip thinks I'd make a sexier woman than man.  He's probably right.  Which is why they'll never take me to Prison alive.
  • If I were a Native American...
  • Prophylactics.
  • Silly things researched by sabrmetricians.
  • The Vagina Dialogues.
  • Historical articles I ought to write about baseball.
Inning 3
  • Carlos is easily deceived
  • Sexual pranks. 
  • The MJ funeral.
    • and obligatory jokes.
  • Comments found on you-tube video message boards.
  • Things from which Manny has been ejected.
Inning 4
  •  Yet more of The Vagina Dialogues.
  • Chad tells a harassment joke that everyone seems to think is brilliant, except me.
  • We're just regular everyday normal guys.
  • Jokes about deployment.
Inning 5
  •  Noticing that Brenley's being pretty quiet tonight.  So's Len.
  • Fruit Wrinkles.

Inning 6
  • Carlos and Rob with bizarre knowledgability about midget-themed movies.
  • Diet soda
  • other drinks
  • is it odd they didn't X-ray Dempster until today?
  • The BEES!!!! Delay in the Hou/SD game.
Inning 7
  •  Andy loses his pointer.  Conspiracy theories abound.
  • Thoughtful evaluation of tonight's Fan Cam.
  • Andy manages to get both sizeism and sexism into his moped joke.  Jerk.
    • and now going after the disabled.  Andy is a cruel human being with a soul as black as my coffee.
      • and now the Waffle House jokes.  Someone stop him, before he insults again.
  • Aliens in the computer, and the WWF/Soriano video clip
  • No one knows who Tom Dreesen is.
  • Famous newspaper headlines
  • Baseballs have Assholes?
  • Dewey Defeats Truman vs. Extreme's "More Than Words."  wtf?
  • textsfromlasnight, stfumarrieds and stfuparents
  • Huh?
Inning 8
  •  stfumarrieds, stfuparents, and the dullest blog in the world
  • and internet comic websites.
  • Who decided to call it flomax?
    • other potential drug names:  shitjets and peemore -nice work, Mornington Crescent
  • Ryno with some ill-conceived NBC PSA"The More You Know" ideas.
  • Ryno confesses a fixation with watching Wario breath in Mario Tennis.  Sick.
  • I abuse the admin. controls in parachat in order to orchestrate a cyber-lynching of Crunch.  sorry, Crunch.
Inning 9
  • After what, 5 years maybe of Parachat, finally God has decided to join us. 
  • God gives us new commandments.
  • Vishnu's Crotch.
  • St. Peter joins.
  • $16 million singles
  • pinch hit Fox for Fontenot?
    • no.  Do it if you get to Hill or the pitcher.
Cubs record in games recapped since Michael Jackson's funeral falls to 0-1.


That blog is pretty funny, but the commenters spell worser than I do.

In something totally unrelated. My memory is that the 1996 issue BA with the 5 aces on the cover was Gressinger, Dickey, Benson, Koch and Jim Parque. Is that right? If so, does that make the guy with no UCL the only one in the majors?

2-4 record in games recapped on the accursed Macintosh?

I believe so, yes.


Hence the change in format for tonight. :)

Andy had a really good outing tonight in parachat, despite the loss.

welcome back Trans!

I left?  Again?  Damn.


Or, to quote a wise philosopher, "don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years."

Shelled out some Billy Bucks to take my son to tonight's game, which was probably the most boring sporting event I have ever attended. Vasquez worked in slow motion and numbed the Cub hitters and the crowd. A handful of singles, zero extra-base hits, and no real threats. Lou seemed so numb he didn't try to steal or hit-and-run to try to create offense.

The other game I shelled out for this year was the Sunday night game against the Dodgers where it was 5-0 before the Cubs got to bat.

In today's economic environment -- high-priced Cubs tickets (and they are the only kind) aren't worth the risk. For a decent-sized pile of money, I have sat through 6 hours of lousy entertainment.

Baseball tickets are the riskiest of all sports, IMO, because there is always the chance you will see games like I have. But, given the economy, and the price of admission, it's just not good use of cash right now.

This was the most frustrating game that i can remember in a long time.

Submitted by The Real Neal on Tue, 07/07/2009 - 9:18pm.
In something totally unrelated. My memory is that the 1996 issue BA with the 5 aces on the cover was Gressinger, Dickey, Benson, Koch and Jim Parque. Is that right? If so, does that make the guy with no UCL the only one in the majors?


REAL NEAL: I remember Baseball America running a cover titled "Four Aces" in the early 90's that featured Oakland A's "can't miss" pitching prospects Todd Van Poppel, Kirk Dressendorfer, Don Peters, and Dave Zancanaro.

And then BA pushed Mets pitching prospects Jason Isringhausen, Paul Wilson, and Bill Pulsipher as "Generation K" in the mid-90's.

I don't remember BA hyping Gressinger, Dickey, Benson, Koch, and Parque like that, though.

'Armed for Battle' was the cover headline.

mike gonzalez...can someone get him a rocking chair on the mound, that windup he's using is sickening

It didn't take long for the crowd to let him have it. The boos came hard and fast and were completely deserved. The guy looked like he was off his meds or something out there.

rumor of felix pie to WSux? (for Josh Fields); interesting that Pie getting moved might be timed because Cesar Izturis is coming off the DL...maybe Izzy can untwist those testicles before they part ways
from the Baltimore Sun:

I'm w/ Billy Bucks re: $$$ & baseball games & also w/ Cubster re: Gonzalez & his pro wrestling windup; take it to the bush leagues...

the windup makes dempster's glove twitch look professional...

speaking of dempster - way to stick the landing!

I guess I am now officially a fair weather fan. What happened to Demp?

Hey, it could be worse. I could actually be following this stupid ass team on a daily basis afuckinggain.

But, seriously, at some point, you really do throw up your hands and say, I give up.

"But, seriously, at some point, you really do throw up your hands and say, I give up."

I do that same thing every year when we're mathematically eliminated from the regular season or the post season.

I'm hanging in there, but I'm certainly sympathetic to your giving up and don't blame you for doing so. They aren't playing like division winners. They can't score.

The only thing giving me hope is they are really not that far out of first and there's no denying this lineup is completely different with A-Ram. Sure, the Dodgers lose Manny and rake anyways, but the Cub's aren't stacked like the Dodgers. I'd take Andre Ethier over 6 or 7 of our regular starters... I'd take Matt Kemp over any one of the starters.

Losing Demp for a few starts will suck, but the rotation this year has been good enough and deep enough to absorb that loss, in my opinion.

For July the Cubs have scored 4.3 runs a game, which is about the same as the Manny-Less Dodgers scored, as I recall. Jurrjens and Vasquez are 5th and 6th in the league in ERA, and we got Jurrjens pretty good. Let's see how we fair against Kawasaki, who's pitched like a fourth starter, today

For July the Cubs have scored 4.3 runs a game

Yes, good, thank you: The last 7 games they have scored some runs and have gone 5-2 in that span. It's unfair to characterize that as a month's worth of data, which is what you did by saying "For July", but okay, point taken.

This season as a whole, however, they have continuously had trouble pushing runners across the plate.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to see some optimism. If the Cubs want it, they're going to have to keep up the recent offensive improvements.

The date is right there on the posts.

I could be wrong. Yuck.

I've been keeping tabs on the Cubs in a very passive, arm's-length kind of way. I check scores, often in mid-game, and I visit this site every day, but I haven't done a whole lot of watching or listening live and in-progress.

It's like watching a horror movie through your fingers. Helps to deaden the despair.

Such a disappointing first half.

And it's talk like that, that keeps the Cubs from landing top players...ooops sorry, that's the White Sox excuse-,070809...

Kenny Williams blaming lack of attendance for no big trades.
Only 4 sellouts for Sox opening day and I'll let you guess the other three that happen against one team.

Don't say we don't try to help the needy.

But hey, at least there are no rats and Ozzie doesn't bitch about the place. Clearly, that's the important thing.

This article was linked on Fark about that and Williams not knowing where Bartolo Colon is right now.;_ylt=AuHwfV7fVGAM...

The Fark headline was great:
"White Sox GM unsure of Colon's location, which is weird because he has his head up his ass most of the time"

Hee Hee

On the radio they said he didn't show up and wasn't answering his phone. Wild.

I imagine the kid pointing doing a Nelson Munz "HA HA" laugh.


Just because you play a game for a living doesn't mean you should act like a hooligan, Dump.

Sorry if 3/44, but this article is about how Strasburg is the latest tool in Boras' attempt to rain hell upon the Rule 4.

Soriano off today.

Fuky, Milt, Lee, Rami, Fox (LF), Soto, Baker (2b), Blanco (ss), Hart.

Baker and Blanco starting. I am so excited to be sitting in the rain for this.

No Soto, strained oblique per Wittemyer.

Don't you wonder how many games would be missed if they were paid half salary for games missed.

No Soto, strained oblique per Wittemyer.
Pulled pork, mmmmmm.

awesome, and obliques can take weeks to heal. If he needs to go on the DL Mark Johnson is also on the DL at Iowa so you would be looking at Robinson or Clevenger as your backup.

I'd love to see Wellington Castillo

Z singing the stretch to an empty Wrigley...

and then this is weird...
Zambrano also came over to the press box section where the writers and radio broadcasters work, enjoying the view and saying how easy the media has it. A reporter promptly summoned security, and Zambrano left the box without any incident.

w/o incident?

A. from that link "Maybe in seven years when I retire, I can come up and do it," Zambrano said." i thought he was going to retire in 5 years?

B. who called security and why? a player can't go to the press box? i mean if he's there to harass one of them or something i see how that is a problem but if a guy wants to check out the press box, who cares?

Rick Telander is very skittish(?) around players.

If Bradley was up in the box, then you might have a problem.

I'm guessing that was an attempt at a joke on the writer's part.

It was. During the rain delay, Len was interviewing Paul Sullivan about this and Sullivan kept trying to insinuate that he called security and he didn't think players should be allowed in the press box. He later admitted he was joking, but it was a really bad attempt at humor.

Usually when Zambrano leaves a box, he breaks something over his knee.


Nicely done.

This game isn't going to happen, is it? I imagine the Braves have a flight to catch.

So I'm sure this thought is crossing the collective mind of Cubdom...

Just how bad is Jake Fox behind the plate?

1st inning Kosuke out at second.


The second base ump is using the 5 second rule when it comes to Cubs plays today. Theriot also lost a double play because of his incompetence. Even the Braves broadcasters agreed.

Watching the game at my desk on the iPhone with the MLB At Bat app. SWEET!

Len: "That was one of the worst calls I've ever seen!" No reason to pull punches on that one.

Was it like the "Jeter/The ball beat you" call?

from what i heard the ump said "you not have to be tagged"

granted i know what he was trying to say, but how can you let those words come out of your mouth?

The ball was still a good 3-5 feet away from the bag by the time Fukudome slid into it. The ump was standing right there with a perfect view of the play and just flat out blew it. In full speed it looked like an atrocious call, and given the benefit of a replay it looked absolutely unbelievable.

That same ump (Daryl Cousins) also gave the Braves a really iffy call at 2B on a would-be double play. The ball was thrown wide of the bag and he called the runner safe even though replays showed Theriot's foot was either still on the bag or, at most, an inch off the bag. Given the shitty call from earlier, I would have certainly expected that one to go our way.

In other ump news from this game, the home plate umpire has been giving Kawakami about a full 6 inches off the outside corner all day. We're talking mid-90's Tom Glavine strike zone calls.

Until the owners get together and fucking force true professionalism among the shoddy fat-asses collecting paychecks and changing the outcome needlessly that the fans pay money for, things will not change.

It is not just this play, which I will admit, was worse than Little League, it is all of them.

Strike zones, "judgement calls", etc....

Let the dick-heads strike, too. See how much support they will get!

Maybe MLB should institute instant replay?

All umps: "Bloody fucking murder! How dare you ruin the game with cameras when you have the finest officials in all of sports!"

Cubs getting no-hit by Kawakami. That's wretched.

Yeah, those three-inning no hitters are rough.

Ryno, I recognize the Sex Pistols reference in your signature line but I'm confused about the use of the term "bullocks" as opposed to "bollocks". Is that a just a misspelling or are you making some kind connection between the Cubs and cattle? Sometimes I think we Cubs fans are like cattle.

It's a common mistake by us Americans to use the word bullocks instead of bollocks.

Don't tell me they are going to waste a good start by Kevin Hart too? unbelievable.

Sometimes I'd rather lose 22-1 then be so frustratingly close and not be able to score.

Ah well plenty of game to go...right?

Nice job by Hart.

Are bankers all mentally ill criminals? How does a guy with less than $50,000 and no prospects manage to accumulate $30-50 million in debt?

Lenny Dykstra files for bankruptcy.

I read an article in, I think ESPN Magazine, about Dykstra's business going ons. He seems to be a self delusional con artist. Ideally he'll wind up in jail.

This is REALLY surprising! I had heard that he taught himself trading and made a "fortune" in the market.

I guess this is incorrect?

Anyone else know about this?

He did. Then he made a number of really poor investments and continued to spend tons of money even though he was losing money on his investments. Then he began to stiff his employees and business partners.

To me, Nails represents the real beginning of the steroid era.

Little, slap-hitting guy, coming into a contract year, suddenly got puffy muscles and a puffy, sweaty red face, starting smashing HRs, and got big bucks.

I'm sure all of his reported investment gains were legit, too.

it's the world's worst kept secret that the early 90s phillies were juiced...kruk can barely contain his comments on it.

then again the A's and rangers also have about 20+ years of it in their past, too.

...and no i don't think it's some team-led conspiracy even if looking the other way was happening.

Excellent story. I'm sure he'll be able to finagle his way out of what is essentially fraud

Living the lifestyle described in that article is absurd for the net worth they postulated. If you own a gulfstream and buy an $18.5M house and a Rolls Royce Phantom when your net worth is only $60M, it's hammertime. Repo man is coming soon to melt down your faucets. $60M sounds like a lot of money, but not enough to support the kind of lifestyle described. Those three things pretty much add up to $60M.

We have now crossed the halfway point of the season, and Milton Bradely as NINETEEN RBIs. Sheesh.

So much for the feel-good buzz from Brewer series.

BTW - props to Kevin Hart for one game! In fact, he would have left with no runs if it were not for DLEE's tough play at 1B.

There is no way the team will compete for the Division unless they can start hitting with RISP.

As many have said here, it is tough watching this.

Aramis finally back...But same old SHIT! 3 games, 6 total runs.

Bunch of guys still batting .230-.250. And it is past half way, time to call a spade a spade and some of these guys flat out SUCK (Yeah I am looking at you Bradley, Soto, Fontenot, Soriano, Harden). Tough to see how this team is anything better than a .500 team.

I hope we can finally get this sale done to get ownership in here and really take a look at management. If Lou retires this offseason, let's hope they kick Hendry to the curb too and start fresh.


I remember when I scoffed at Manny's pessimism. Those were the good old days.

Go easy on Fontenot. He's having a monster July (except in this series), and he "is 4th on the team in RBI"!

Re: Dykstra, I propose the following: "Lenny Dykstra is broke", as an addendum to 3/44 for post ASG.

Scott Eyre already occupies that position.

Maybe we can change it to "Scott Eyre invested all his money with Lenny Dysktra!"

I am a Cubs fan. I truly am.

I have watched Andre Dawson run into the well and dig it out, and Sammy, too.

I am not going to go into some old dude poetic thing. For me, it's really fucking simple.

Hendry needs to go, because our outfield is the joke of the NL. Nobody can even field the fucking position, much less fucking hit.

This is fucking ridiculous.

I am beyond pissed. I don't even fucking watch this joke of a team any more.

Wow, O & B! you are worse than Manny or I with disgust and pessimism.

Its still early?

With Crane Kenny admitting they are not "buyers", we gots what we gots. Good or bad. Unfortunately, too many parts are the latter right now.

Did Manny post when the Cubs won 6 of 8 before these last two losses?

HA HA!! Guess you don't disagree with my comment, just the timing, and that's fine good to see you are on board.

But just to let you know, I don't think I did post when they won 6 of 8, but I also don't think I posted much, if any, when they lost 7 of 9 before that. Is that OK? Should I ask you permission next time I post? You should stick to focusing on what I have to say and not the timing. I guess you agree with what I had to say, so not sure why you care when I post.

You tend to post negative things when the team is losing. When the team is winning, you don't seem to post very much. If you do, it's still usually pointing out flaws. I'm hardly the first one to notice/point this out.

I don't care when you post or if you post. I was seriously wondering if you had posted, due to the tendency noted above.

Yes, next time ask permission so it can be denied.

Well, above I just proved your "tendency" theory has flaws. I didn't post much, if any, when they lost 7 of 9.

And sorry if I am not blinded by the beautiful ivy or wearing cubby blue shaded glasses. This team/organization has many major flaws. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Small sample size.

Your sarcasm is misplaced, Manny. But thank god we have you to tell us all what we already know.

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  • Hopefully Pirates don't call up A. Lincoln.

    jacos 9 hours 9 min ago view
  • j.buchanan going friday...should something like it.

    crunch 9 hours 16 min ago view
  • Wow. I didn't know they could do that.

    Nice for Willson, not so much for Addy.

    billybucks 9 hours 33 min ago view
  • Game is officially called...also officially a tie.

    Stats count, no make-up date of course.


    Rob G. 9 hours 35 min ago view
  • Yeah -- seeing the weather -- I hope KB and Rizz are inside, wrapped in blankets and drinking hot chocolate.

    billybucks 10 hours 21 min ago view
  • rain delay...thanks obama.

    crunch 10 hours 59 min ago view
  • Thanks again Phil. We actually were in Mesa and drove around. Hopefully, I am back for some Fall League. If not I have all of spring training (like the smart people who move here!)

    rvimpeny 12 hours 3 min ago view
  • What Rob G said.  I can't speak for Piittsburgh, but the other end of the state has had absolute crap weather for two days. Perfect day to take it easy.

    Transmission 12 hours 7 min ago view
  • tarp came off 10 minutes ago...let's do this.

    crunch 12 hours 21 min ago view
  • He will not pitch another game for Cubs

    /Unless injury in playoffs

    jacos 12 hours 38 min ago view
  • ~fart~

    jacos 12 hours 38 min ago view
  • Today is bullpen day

    jacos 12 hours 39 min ago view
  • 10/450 if they win WS

    jacos 12 hours 39 min ago view
  • Carrie Muskat [email protected]
    Even though Hammel is missing start, don't assume he'll not be on #Cubs postseason roster. Maddon says elbow problem isn't that bad

    Carrie Muskat [email protected]
    Maddon on #Cubs postseason rotation: "I don't want to announce anything. We haven't talked to anybody yet"

    Carrie Muskat [email protected]
    Maddon hopes Soler can take BP in Cincy, play in sim game Tue. "All of that should give us some kind of indication of where he's at"

    crunch 12 hours 56 min ago view
  • tarp on the field 40 minutes before gametime...meh.

    crunch 12 hours 59 min ago view
  • travel day + rain in Pittsburgh. Why risk injury?

    Rob G. 13 hours 3 min ago view