Game 93 Recap: Cubs 10, Phillies 5

The Phillies Don't Go to 11.


W - Zambrano, (7-4), "working" from home and watching afternoon Cubs games, ending someone else's winning streak.
L - Moyer, (9-7), making the same reference to the same movie that everyone else always makes.
S - Gregg, (19)
Things to Take from This Game


1. A Balanced Attack
Seven different Cubs had RBI today, without benefit of a home run.  Bradley, Soriano and Ramirez all had two-hit games, Theriot had both 3 hits and stolen bases.  Perhaps most interesting, Bradley's five ABs were all with a runner in scoring position; he went 2-4 with a walk and an RBI. None of the hits were rockets, but I'll take it.


2. Well-pitched early...
Moyer had the Cubs fooled for the first three innings, and Z pitched well through the first five.


3. ... tense moments late.
The Phillies left the bases loaded in both the seventh and the eighth.  Marshall faced one batter, Dobbs, who singled in two runs that got charged to Z.  But Guzman then escaped from the inning, and eventually turned the game over to Gregg who escaped from the eighth and pitched an uneventful ninth for an impressive save.  The Cubs also finally did some damage to the Philly relievers, getting to both Durbin and Lidge, allowing our relievers some breathing room.


The 5-2 Roadtrip details, below.

Game Recap
Inning 1 - Top
  •  After waiting for Moyer to get his shoes tied, a first-pitch 81 mph fastball for the strike.  Next pitch fouled off, 0-2 to Reed Johnson.  Eventually K's swinging over and in front of a change-up.
  • 0-1 to Theriot, and next pitch lays down a perfect surprise bunt up the third base line.  Feliz makes the throw, but there was no chance. 
  • 1-2 count to Lee, as Moyer's getting ahead of everyone.  Watches a slider, maybe, over the outside corner for strike three.
  • Radar gun seems not to be picking up Moyer's breaking and off-speed pitches, as they're too slow.  It's similarly tough for me to distinguish his changeups from his breaking pitches, as they're all just exceptionally slow.
  • Theriot steals second easily, and a wild throw into center sends Theriot to third.  Nice "manufacturing" going on by Theriot this inning.  Now, if someone would help him out...
  • Ramirez coaxes a walk.
  • 2-0 count to Bradley, he chops one off the plate and toward the third-base side of the mound.  Moyer comes over to snag it, throws to first.  Inning over.  Very early results on LouPa's Extreme Hitter Makeover project not looking so encouraging.
Inning 1 - Bottom
  • Strike one to Rollins, Z working quickly, as usual.  three balls from there, and a fourth.  Walks Rollins. 
  • Victorino lines sharply to left-center, but Johnson goes back and easily makes the catch.
  • Z throwing over to first a bunch to check on Rollins.
  • Full count to Utley.  Rollins runs, and Utley strikes out on a high fastball, with Rollins thrown out by a mile at second - doesn't bother sliding, just half-heartedly tries to spin away from Theriot's tag.
Inning 2 - Top
  • called strike, then jammed foul bloop for an 0-2 count to Soriano.  Next pitch a high "fast"ball, Soriano with a soft popup to Howard.
  • Baker lofts one down the right field line, a fan in the seats that jut out near the playing field tries to catch it bare-handed, and it pops away from him.  Fan gets booed.
  • Baker then grounds out to Feliz.
  • Hill also grounds to Feliz, making a nice play ranging to his left.
Inning 2 - Bottom
  •  Howard flies to straight-away right.
  • Werth walks.
  • Called strike one to Dobbs, in for Ibanez today.  Eventually lines a single right past Z's glove-side into center.  Len points out that Werth, on par with the alert Phillies baserunning we've seen this series, was eyeing Reed Johnson for any hint of a chance to take an extra base.  Nope, has to hold at second.
  • Feliz squibs one to Lee for a long-toss 3-1 putout at first.  Z inexplicably fires across the diamond to third, trying to catch Werth rounding too far around the bag.  Werth easily gets back.  Dumb, dumb throw by Z.
  • Len and Bob cheer old-school Moyer, who warms up in the on-deck circle by swinging a pair of bats.
  • Z busts Bako's bat, a little bloop out to Theriot who fights off the sun and makes the catch.
Inning 3 - Top
  • Z pops a looping hit foul down the first base line, and Howard makes a nice (if lumbering) over-the shoulder catch for the out.
  • Johnson walks.  Then, with maybe a two-step lead at first, takes off for second, looking in to home plate all the way.  Theriot takes, and Johnson is out by a mile.  Busted hit-and-run, I assume.
  • Theriot with a slow chop out to Rollins.  Nearly beats it out, but inning over.
Inning 3 - Bottom
  • Moyer quickly K's.
  • Rollins swings at first-pitch fastball, flies right to Soriano.
  • Victorino singles through the right-side hole. 
  • Utley K's looking.
Inning 4 - Top
  • Lee singles to left, Ramirez singles right back up the middle, and quickly 2 on, no outs for Bradley.
  • Bradley does a nice job going with the pitch, hitting it into right.  Three singles to load the bases for Soriano. 
  • 0-2 to Soriano 
  • Soriano floats one into shallow center for a single.  Station-to-station baseball, but 4 singles = one run.  1-0 Cubs
  • Baker lines one just to Rollins' left, Victorino runs over and makes a sliding stop to keep it from getting to wall.  Throw in to second to get Baker, but the ball gets away and rolls through the infield, allowing Soriano to score, and Baker going to third. 4-0 Cubs
  • Hill grounds out to Rollins
  • as does Z.  Not good ABs with runner at third and no outs
  • Johnson K's looking.  Cubs fans gnash teeth in spite of a four-run outburst.
Inning 4 - Bottom
  •  Len tells us it's not Moyer, it's the radar gun just not working.  Howard bounces one to what ought to be about straight-away second baseman's position.  Theriot, maybe 6 steps deep in the outfield, takes a step to his left, grabs it and throws him out.
  • Werth grounds to the real second-baseman, Baker.
  • Dobbs rolls to Theriot.  Quick inning.
Inning 5 - Top
  •  Theriot sneaks a grounder past Rollins.  It's Moyer's 4000th hit allowed, and nobody cares.
  • Moyer wants a called strike two on Lee, a changeup off the outside corner, doesn't get it.  Wanders around the infield for awhile in annoyance.  Or senility.  Take your pick.
  • Lee with a high fly ball out to left-center.
  • Theriot with another good jump, steals second uncontested.
  • Ramirez walks
  • Bradley is up for the third time in a row with RISP.  He singles a grounder thorugh the left-side hole, and Theriot scores easily on Dobbs throw toward home.  5-0 Cubs
  • Soriano pops to Howard on the infield.
  • Baker grounds into a 5-4 force.
Inning 5 - Bottom
  •  Feliz with a big chopper off the plate, down the third base line.  Z gets there, makes an unneeded throw to first.  Feliz safe.
  • and Bako with a soft liner over Baker into right.  Feliz to second.
  • John Mayberry Jr. hits for Moyer.  Inside-outs a soft bloop hit into right field, loading the bases for Rollins.
  • Rollins flies to medium center.  In an odd development, Feliz tags and breaks for home, and Johnson throws toward third base.  Feliz, however, decides to return to third, presumably thinking Reed was throwing to home and just intended to bluff.  Fans boo Feliz
  • Victorino grounds to Lee, can't quite turn it quickly enough for a 3-6-3.  Feliz scores on the force out.  5-1 Cubs.
  • Len can't stop referencing Tom Hanks movies today. 
  • full count to Utley, k's swinging, losing the bat on the swing.  Rough couple of games for Utley, nice work escaping the inning with only one run allowed.

Inning 6 - Top
  •  Clay Condrew in to pitch.
  • Hill hits a fly into deep left-center, Victorino does a nice job running it down.
  • Z grounds slowly out to Rollins, even more slowly jogs down to first.
  • Johnson lines out to Werth.
Inning 6 - Bottom
  •  Howard hits a sinking liner to Baker, who is playing in the shift at a point too deep to throw out Howard once concluding he needed to pull up and wait for the hop.
  • Werth pulls one into the hole, Theriot gets there nicely, makes a Jeter-style jump throw to second, but it's wide of the bag and rolls into right field.  Howard to third, Werth to second.  Brenly is pretty peeved at Bradley for not backing up the throw on the play.
  • Brenly still at it.  He's really been going after the Cubs in the last several games for lazy fundamentals.
  • Z K's Dobbs looking at a fastball on the outside corner.  Nice pitch.
  • Feliz singles to center, Johnson throws in to try to get the second runner, Werth, who is sort of cruising in.  Werth makes an awkward leaning-back-and-to-the-right evasion to get around Hill, standing up.  Two-run single, 5-3 Cubs
  • Bako K's on a swinging foul-tip.  The ball hit in the dirt before skipping up into Hill's glove, meaning it should be a foul ball and not a strike out, and Manuel comes out to argue the point.  Bako still out, Manuel ejected.
  • Stairs hits for Condrey, K's looking.

Inning 7 - Top
  • Durbin in to pitch
  • Theriot walks on a full count.
  • Nearly picked off at first.  Actually, Howard tagged the dirt, not figuring just how late Theriot would be in getting back.
  • Full count to Lee, walks.
  • Ramirez lines a shot in the right-center gap, scoring both Theriot and Lee.  A very encouraging stroke from A-ram.  7-3 Cubs.
  • Bradley with yet another AB with RISP today, this time from the left side.  3-1 count.  Walks on the next pitch, low and away. 
  • Soriano hits a lined shot just past Feliz's left. Bases loaded.
  • Fontenot to hit for Baker
  • Scott Eyre in to pitch.
  • Fox now in to hit for Fontenot.
  • Sharp liner, right to Dobbs, and Ramirez easily scores on the sac. fly.  8-3 Cubs
  • full count to Hill, lines sharply to Feliz, who tries and fails to double off Bradley at second.
  • Z stays in to hit.  3-1 count.  Big rip at a fastball, misses, 3-2. Likewise on the next pitch, for the K.
Inning 7 - Bottom
  •  Rollins grounds to Lee, unassisted
  • Fox appears to be out of the game, so Hill has to not get hurt, to save us from seeing Randy Wells catch.
  • Victorino singles into right.
  • Utley hits a sinking liner into right, Bradley makes a nice, tough (if awkward) sliding basket catch
  • Howard walks.
  • Dobbs pulls a single into right, Bradley charges hard on the ball, keeping Victorino at third.  Throw to the plate was offline, but doesn't matter.  Bases loaded.
  • Marshall in to relieve Z.
  • Decent pitch by Marshall, down, a bit over the plate, and Dobbs serves it into left field, scoring two runs.  8-5 Cubs.  LouPa has used his only lefty reliever, against a team full of powerful left-handed bats, to pitch to one batter.  Hmm. Runners 1 and 3
  • Guzman in to pitch to Feliz.
  • Feliz lines to Soriano, just short of the warning track. Phew.
Inning 8 - Top
  •  Eyre still in for the 8th.  Goes 3-0 to Johnson.  Called strike, then lines out to Utley.
  • Theriot lines one up the middle, off of Utley's glove as he dives for it.
  • Theriot steals his third base of the day, this time on a good throw from Bako, but better jump by Theriot.
  • Lee walks.
  • Ramirez serves one into right-center, Werth takes a weird path, but gets to the deep fly ball.  Theriot was running, but gets back in time.
  • Bradley up for the fifth consecutive time with RISP. Ball one, then a broken-bat grounder to Rollins to end the inning.

Inning 8 - Bottom
  • Bako rolls one right to Ramirez, who seems to be scooping it up and throwing it before it's fully in his glove.  Error. 
  • Len just now points out that all 11 philly hits are singles
  • Ibanez in to hit for Eyre, rolls out to Theriot.  To weakly hit to get the lead runner.
  • Rollins bounces to Lee, unassisted, Bako to third.
  • Victorino walks on four pitches, bringing up Utley representing the tying run.  Fun, Fun. 
  • Fukudome in for Bradley, Gregg in for Guzman in the double switch.
  • Strike one to Utley, but from there to 3-1 count.  And four in a row, a walk. Loaded, Howard up as the go-ahead run.
  • Howard reaches for an outside fastball, pulls it to Lee, unassisted.  Another inning concluded with the bases loaded.

Inning 9 - Top
  • Lidge in for Eyre.
  •  Soriano Ks swinging
  • At some point, Blanco came in to play second.  He's rewarded for his surruptitious substitution by getting hit by a pitch in the left elbow.  Only Hoffpauir left on the bench, so Blanco better rub some dirt on it.
  • and Hill quickly walks, bringing up Fukudome.
  • Fukudome swings at the first pitch, singling into right.  Werth makes a very good throw to the plate, with Blanco holding at third.
  • Reed Johnson quickly down 0-2.
  • Johnson bloops one into right, just in front of Werth, who decoys the runners into thinking he'll get there.  Blanco just does manage to reverse directions and score, with Fukudome barely beating the throw at second.  9-5 Cubs
  • Full count to Theriot, K's on a slider.
  • Game has slowed down drastically from the first four innings or so.  Len points out the Cubs have 8 walks today.
  • 3-1 to Lee.  Walks, 10-5 Cubs
  • Ryan Madson in for Lidge, BRuntlett in for Howard at 1st in the double-switch.
  • Ramirez pops to Utley
Inning 9 - Bottom
  •  Werth flies out to Fukudome, on a very rare swing at a first pitch.
  • 0-2 on Dobbs, fastball misses outside for 1-2.  Swings through a high fastball for the strikeout.
  • Feliz lofts an easy fly to Soriano, ending the game.
Parachat Recap
Inning 1
  •   Alone in parachat for the first few batters, I discuss my online financial account numbers and passwords,my social security number, my medical history and love life, and my real opinions about abortion, war, racism and drugs.   Shocking, shocking opinions.
  • big_lowitzki joins, and chad.
  • Chad sprays something all over parachat.  big-L diplomatically calls it "optimism."  If by "optimism" you mean rage-fueled despair.

Inning 2
  • I "boo" Chad for his lackadaisical parachat effort. 
  • big_l reminds us that mullets always lose.
  • What do you imagine other TCR'ers look like?
    • I try not to.
  • Z's dumb throw to third.
Inning 3
  • Is Brian the Same Brian?
    • Brian thinks so.
  • The busted hit-and-run caught-stealing. 
  • Jersey Fried Chicken.
Inning 4
  • Bradley's AB
  •  Moyer's record against the Cubs 
  • Chad whines about how our power hitters can't drive in runs
    • Cheering as Cubs drive in four runs.
  • Real Neal joins, after having grabbed his.... comp.
  • The LaRoche trade
Inning 5
  •  Theriot's throws make Real Neal's rotator cuff hurt.
  • big_l must have one bad fantasy team
    • I'm amused that I abbreviate big_lowitzki as big_l, which realy looks like a big I or a lowercase l.
  • Rollins' weak season, comparing batted-ball numbers to prior seasons.  interesting stuff.
  • Free (Felix) Pie.
  • The sadism behind Spilled Ice Cream Humor.
  • Good, non-"moran" Cubs ABs today.
  • A long and weighty colloquium on the moral and strategic merits of running out infield flies, from Real Neal.  Many thoughtful interrogatives followed from the audience.
  • Double-standards in Bradley's benching compared to Soriano?
  • Feliz's base-running.
Inning 6
  •  Cubs' historical success against premium hitters.
  • How much is Weiters worth in a keeper fantasy league?
  • What would it take to get Wilson or Sanchez from the Pirates?
  • The Theriot throw to second and lack of Bradley back-up
  • Could we get Escobar from the Braves?
    • not a chance.
  • an umpire's plea for help
Inning 7
  •  Evaluating Bonds' career against the cubs.  Interesting stuff from big_l, Real Neal.  Then devolves into trying to explain OPS to Chad.
  • The laser-beam wielding Questec robot that eventually will Destroy All Humans.
  • Was Bradley supposed to be a key or complementary piece to this year's offense?
  • What would be a good second half from Bradley?
  • More on the LaRoche trade
  • What is Danish Cheese?
  • LouPa's use of Marshall in relief

Inning 8
  •  Hooray, it's Ted Lilly Fan Club!
  • Scott Eyre jokes.
  • More on Bradley's year.
  • Getting very nervous about this game.
  • Rob exhorts Gregg to get out of this inning for Fuck's sake.
    •  Gregg must be concerned about the sake of Fuck
Inning 9
  • Real Neal works to prove my previously quarter-assed theory, upgrading it to half-assed. 
  • LaRoche trade, revisited, again.
Cubs move to a modest 3-5 in my most recent round of recapped games.


nice spinal tap reference...

not Too Obvious?  Seems like Len always looks for a chance to make it.

Marty DeBergi convinces Phils that 10 should be the longest.

to be fair, I'm easily amused.

Chris Duncan for Julio Lugo...

I assume Rsox will pay most of Lugo's salary.

This trade certainly makes the Cards better at beating their wives.

Those charges were dropped. Lugo's now ex-wife is apparently a raging liar.

There's still a pretty big leap from dropped charges to "Raging liar," especially in something that tends to be as complex as charges of battery....  Wouldn't be the first time someone actually battered dropped the charges.


Unless you guys know something more about this than what I'm aware, maybe just best to say we don't know what happened...

Didn't it happen in a parking lot. In front of witnesses and whatnot?

Are you thinking of the other wifebeater, who got got on camera in a restaurant? Can't remember who it was though...was it Giles?

Giles was on camera.

Brett Myers did it to wife on road trip in Boston.

As one of his harshest critics, and of Hendry for getting him, I would just like to say:

Very nice summer so far, Mr. Gregg. Very, very nice.

happy to see bradley actually handle a slow tosser even if his entire day seems to revolve around weakly hit stuff. that's good stuff to have a fear squashed over at least. good fear to have squashed on my end...if only for a day.

still...i wanna see some elevation out of that ball and bradley. if he goes the rest of the series going 0 for 15 but getting outs in the OF i'll be as happy as 5 for 15 with 5 singles.

well, not really, but his outlook can't just rely on walks with scattered singles even if his D holds up well.

Only 2 Cubs

Guess who and what position on the list.

Hint- no where near the top 50

That guy is an idiot.

Here's a list of GM's who would trade Ted Lilly for Jarrod Washburn:

And that's just one example.

while I certainly don't think he deserves 16-years in jail for it, or any jail, gotta love the defense saying that he was just throwing the ball at a fence.

one game behind ahead in the loss column

tomorrow Stl goes to DC for a make up of a rain out
friday they head to Philly

friday, the Mets go to Houston and Atlanta goes to Milwaukee

What are the scenarios if there's three-way tie for the division title? Or a four-way tie?



Nicely executed.

matt bush...2004 overall 1st round pick for SD and a 1st round level douche off easy on his douchery. He got to combine both incidents (with multiple charges, each) into 1 single plea and got anger/alcohol rehab, community service, some fines, and probation.

aside from the (other) alcohol related arrest...he had this unbelievable and EPIC douche bag appearance at a HIGHSCHOOL (as a 22 year old)...

"A witness, who requested his name not be used because of the ongoing police investigation, said Bush was drunk, threw a golf club into the dirt, picked up and threw a freshman lacrosse player and hit another one. Bush also yelled “I'm Matt (expletive) Bush,” and “(expletive) East County,” before driving over a curb in his Mercedes when leaving the campus, according to the witness."


Was he released by the Pads? Is he out of organized baseball now? The last reference I can find for him is playing only 29 games in 2007 for their A+ minor league team -- with an anemic line of .204/.310/.276.



Never mind. Forgot to Google or check Wikipedia before I posted the question.

He's a free agent, following a Pads DFA, then traded to the Blue Jays on Feb. 10, 2009 -- Jays released him 49 days later on April 1, 2009 "for violating their zero tolerance behavioral policy."

His latest arrest for more stupid shit was on June 28, 2009 -- less than a month ago.

i fully expect the cubs to pick him up then trade him for nothing to a division rival. then watch him hit a home run off of us that nearly effs our season.

unless he can pitch again sometime in his life no one's doing anything with him.

funny thing is when they transitioned him to pitching he was f'n lights out...for the couple weeks he actually pitched before his elbow very severely ripped.

you do realize i was joking, right?

doesn't that story sound just a bit familiar?

yeah, totally...i just wanted to chime in with what the guy is capable of besides being a total douche.

he only pitched for a couple weeks, but he had pretty damn "woah" stuff for a guy who hadn't pitched seriously in nearly 3 years.

Matt Bush receives a royalty check every time HBO airs an episode of "Eastbound and Down."

that show f'n rocks.

In Bush's defense, East County San Diego is a shithole.

heh...Reds crew bitching about all the day games coming up vs. the cubs this weekend.

as much as some players hate it, it's a constant source of bitching amongst the announce crews around MLB, too.

Much of the rest of the world wakes up at 7am or earlier to go to work. Many of them work outdoors, too, doing more than stand in the sun and run once every 15 minutes.

Suck it up.

On a separate note, nice to see the Cubs pick up one in Philly. Keep hitting, boys.

try tell that to matt f'n bush.

this from a scientist, and not one who works in the field. heh.

Former Sox great Jim Parque announces he did HGH.,CST-SPT-parqu...

Wow. The really surprising thing is that he stopped. It's a bit different life for guys who haven't hit arbitration and or free agency compared to guys like Bonds who just did it to keep up with the Joneses.

I remember watching that guy and thinking every single fly ball he hit went to the warning track. Not a ton went out, but I always thought his outs were hit hard.

Also kind of surprising that he did HGH rather than steroids. Artificial testosterone has been around for 50+ years, but I kind of thought HGH was more of a newcomer on the PED front (like after 2000 or so).

I remember watching that guy and thinking every single fly ball he hit went to the warning track. Not a ton went out, but I always thought his outs were hit hard.

He was a pitcher in the American League- I doubt you saw many deep fly balls hit by Parque.

Clearly, I am an idiot. I was thinking of Dan Pasqua.

Parque is a pitcher.

Unless you are talking about him hitting in interleague games.

You're thinking of Derek Lee

Gee...wonder if he meant flyballs hit against Parque?

He sucked anyway...

Or Bobby Murcer.

Cards may swap Wallace to get Holliday:

I might be the happiest person in the world if that deal went down.

Cards were trying to get Holliday last year before deadline.

I don't get it. What's the big deal about Wallace, anyway?

Personally, it's because he and I share a moniker. I have zero interest in being associated in any way with a Cardinals player.

To quote a poet, "Why should I change my name? He's the one who sucks."

I hate to miss a reference.

What poet said that? I remember it being a line of dialogue from Office Space, stated by the Michael Bolton character. Or are you saying that these two sentences have poetic qualities?

Sarcasm. And yes.


Perfect game vs Rays.

considering the context, DeWayne Wise might have made one of the top 5 greatest defensive plays ever...

Just after Alex Gonzales, 2003.

Watched the 9th inning replay on Comcast last night -- pretty cool.

Wise's play was amazing -- not just the catch, but how far he had to sprint to get there.

Funniest part of the 9th was Hawk not letting Stoney get a word in.

The game in DC was called after 2nd rain delay, Nats lose 4-1

so 1.5 games out for Cubs and Astros

The big news on the north side of Chicago was Ryan Dempster's Great Toe X-Ray. Apparently his phalanx fracture is showing excellent healing, enough in fact that they will start him on a running program tomorrow to get his legs in pitching shape. They might even have him throw a bullpen session, just in case they want his arm in shape too.

Dempster wanted to start in Sunday's game vs the Reds. The Cubs braintrust wanted him to jump thru a few more hoops (but probably not over fences) before he gets back into the pennant race, probably during the four game series vs the Astros next week.

When you've got Kevin "I throw my fastballs for strikishes" Hart going for you, no need rush Dempster back.

not cub related except that Gene Wojciechowski has written often about the Cubs including his "Cubs Nation" chronical of the 2004 Cubs season...

had this report on his way home from the British Open:

REYKJAVIK, Iceland -- Well, I'm in Iceland, which beats the alternative: dead.

Haven't seen this posted here, but down at the bottom of this free article about NL Rookie hitters they do a bit on Jake Fox. The other three they profile are also in the NL Central, one of them a former Cub.

It's a free article.

"Astros slugger Lance Berkman has been placed on the 15-day disabled list with a strained left calf."

WOW. The Cubs have really turned it on since the All-Star break:

Lilly scratched from his start tomorrow per Bruce Levine. Hart, Harden and Demp each moved up a day. Also that Holliday for Wallace deal just went down. A's also get P Clayton Mortensen and an OF whose name I cant remember.

Lilly scratched from his start tomorrow per Bruce Levine. Hart, Harden and Demp each moved up a day. Also that Holliday for Wallace deal just went down. A's also get P Clayton Mortensen and an OF whose name I cant remember.

CF Fukudome
SS Theriot
1B Lee
3B ARam
RF Bradley
LF Soriano
2B Fontenot
C Hill
P Wells

Double Whammy

Cards get Holiday for 3 prospects including Brett Wallace

and (per Bruce Levine)

Lilly scratched for sat start w sore left shoulder, gets examined at Northwestern later today

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  • Oh my! Cards down 2-1 to Reds in the bottom of the 9th -- get a leadoff triple -- and don't score!

    billybucks 2 hours 2 min ago view
  • Gameday has stopped at the top of the 8th inning. Google tells me it ended up 8-4 Pirates but I can't get further detail. Guess I'll have to wait until the Cubs' website updates...

    JoePepitone 3 hours 6 min ago view
  • Attaboy!

    billybucks 3 hours 21 min ago view
  • Phil, thanks for posting. Where do find the schedule? I have a condo in Surprise, yet I drove to Mesa and Tempe looking for a game today! Thanks!

    rvimpeny 3 hours 22 min ago view
  • Dear Baseball Gods--
    My trip to Chicago has nothing whatsoever to do with the Cubs. In actuality, I am a Red Sox fan.

    CTSteve 3 hours 23 min ago view
  • Well, if Strop had to give up a least he hit Sean Rodriguez to do it.

    billybucks 3 hours 31 min ago view
  • strop...stawwwp.

    jaso has a cycle and 5 rbis...pit leads by 4.

    crunch 3 hours 43 min ago view
  • have a nice bowl of pizza soup deep dish pizza...or a leisurely walk around the notorious south-side (bring money) at one of the walmart supercenters...waiting in line to waste $20 at willis tower...

    seriously,'s chicago, a lot to do. have a dog for lunch, a great dinner, and catch some local comedy.

    crunch 3 hours 50 min ago view
  • Strange, because he really seemed to have the Pirates number last year.

    Bummer for Jake -- I think this is the first time all year his ERA has been over 3.00, and that will be his number for the year.

    billybucks 3 hours 54 min ago view
  • Jinx remover -- your trip doesn't have to be for a baseball game -- lots of stuff to do here in town.

    billybucks 3 hours 56 min ago view
  • Guess they could always try to White Sox (and Bears...sob) approach: Never Rebuild! Seems to work pretty well for them.

    billybucks 3 hours 58 min ago view
  • 3rd time this season he's given up 6+ runs to PIT...only team he's given up 6+ runs to this season.

    7 runs is the most he's given up since august 6th in 2014.

    crunch 4 hours 28 min ago view
  • Over 100 pitches, only the 5th.

    Brick 4 hours 30 min ago view
  • coghlan his cleats stuck in the wall attempting a play (failed, but looked great doing it). walking off on his own, precautionary/day-to-day looking stuff...hopefully not worse.

    also, jake arrieta is literally worse than hitler. 1-5, bottom 5. ...make that 1-6, bottom 5. ...make that 1-7, bottom 5.

    crunch 4 hours 30 min ago view
  • Coghlan crashes into wall and comes up limping, looks like left knee or ankle. Leaves game...

    Arrieta inspiring no confidence yet again.

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  • from a sun-times article that I won't link to so you don't have to bear the ad-loading that will crush your browser

    When he left Boston after nine years as general manager, Epstein said he believed in the philosophy espoused by legendary football coach Bill Walsh: essentially that 10 years is a natural shelf life for a high-stress job.

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