Winter Meetings 2009 Day One

The rumor mongering Olympics begin today and instead of a Jake Peavy trade or trying to sign Kosuke Fukudome or Ted Lilly, it'll be about moving Milton Bradley and how much the Cubs are willing to pay for the privilege. Unfortunately I won't be around until later this afternoon, so I'm going to miss most of the morning rumors. Updates will go up top....

10:05 PM

Sullivan says it's basically Rays or bust although the Cubs talked to 5 or 6 teams today about trades. The Mets seem to be out of the mix as a third team and that means Luis Castillo is out of the mix as well. The Blue Jays have emerged as the possible third team with some interest in Burrell as a DH. Sullivan also echoes that Cubs may have interest in Melky Cabrera if Yankees land Granderson with the Cubs on the outside of the Granderson sweepstakes due to their refusal to move Starlin Castro.

Money quote:

One major league manager said Monday he would gladly take Bradley, though he added his general manager wasn't interested because of possible negative reaction by the team's fan base. Another manager asked why the Cubs don't just bite the bullet and bring Bradley back rather than giving him away.

Can the "another manager" come and run the Cubs?

9:22 PM

Whoever Ed Price is, he's tweeting that Brewers are closing in on a 3-year deal for Randy Wolf. I think that's good for the Cubs. I kind of like Randy Wolf, but he's not the 3.23 ERA pitcher he was last year and although he's been pretty healthy the last two years, he's had quite a few injury issues in the past.

8:34 PM

Jayson Stark echoes that 2-3 teams have asked the Cubs about Bradley since Winter Meetings have begun and the money gap continues to hold up Bradley moving to the Rays.

7:24 PM

Braden Looper would love to pitch for the Cubs. Hopefully the feeling isn't mutual.

6:04 PM

A few notes from Bruce Miles...

The Cubs and Hendry like Heath Bell but "laughed off" rumors of trying to acquire him using Geovany Soto, Ryan Theriot or just about anyone else.

The Cubs will give Jeff Baker some reps in the outfield this spring to continue their creepy molding of him into Mark DeRosa. I wonder how much Baker feels like Kim Novak in Vertigo at this point.

5:16 PM:

Bob Nightengale at USA Today says the Tigers would like to move Granderson by this week and then Wittenmyer says the Cubs have heard nothing of the sort from the Tigers.

4:10 PM:

Ryne Sandberg will manage Triple A Iowa next year. Organizational soldier Bobby Dickerson is moving to...go ahead take a guess...the Baltimore Orioles of course.

Another ESPN Winter Meetings Live note:

Nick Pietruszkiewicz:
Meanwhile, Buster Olney says for the Yankees to get Granderson, it will cost Phil Hughes and Austin Jackson.

So safe to say, the Tigers are only going to move Granderson for the right package, not just salary relief.

3:56 PM CST: ESPN Winter Meetings Live has this note:

Nick Pietruszkiewicz:
From Peter Gammons: To get Curtis Granderson, the Tigers asked the Cubs for Starlin Castro and two prospects. The Cubs considered that to be too high a price.

3:50 PM CST: Q&A with Lou from the winter meetings including this gem about having a balanced lineup:

I don't think it matters anymore. Just keep people healthy on the field, and let's get people that can produce and let it go at that.

No fucking shit. Thanks for ruining the 2009 season with that bullshit.

Says that Alfonso Soriano is staying in the 6 spot and Zambrano should be winning 20 games every year with the stuff he throws.

3:20 PM CST: Brewers have strong interest in Randy Wolf according to Robothal.

3:!5 PM CST: Danny Knobler at CBS Sports says the Cubs are talking with up to 4 teams now regarding Bradley.

2:42 PM CST: And we're back...

Bruce Levine blogs about talks of Bradley for Gil Meche, which Wittenmyer subsequently shoots down. The Cubs were after Meche before the 2007 season, but he passed to go to the Royals, I believe citing that he'd prefer a smaller market than Chicago. Rumors creeped up again last year with Meche right before the Cubs acquired Harden and he shot those down as well.

- Cardinals are close to their annual pick-up-a-vet for Dave Duncan to fix...this time it's Brad Penny

- Phil Rogers says the Padres are trying to move Heath Bell and the Cubs could be interested. Rogers thinks if they do get Bell, it could mean Carlos Marmol is on his way out - most likely for Curtis Granderson. I can't ever recall one Phil Rogers rumor coming through.

- It looks like the Cubs and Yankees are fighting for the same center fielders, both coveting Curtis Granderson or Mike Cameron.

- Lou was on XM radio and said the Cubs is searching for a center fielder and veteran right-handed bullpen arm. Blamed 2009 on injuries and lack of depth and some tangent about making 11 or so changes to a 97-win team.  When asked about Bradley possibly returning, he said Bradley had a tough year and he'll probably bounce back but we're looking to move him and some of the events of last summer were too much to bring him back. Has the "well, we have to dump him" pan ever worked in a team's favor? I mean, the team doing the dumping of course.

10:31 AM CST: This is a bit sketchy, but a report that Burrell has been moved to the Cubs and then the Mets, no mention of Bradley, but that must be the deal if true. (For what it's worth, it was posted about a half hour ago and no confirmation anywhere else, so I think someone's been duped).

Another tweet from MLB official tweeter that Mets are the third mystery team, but no mention of the actual trade going down.

10:10 AM CST: Another Sherman tweet that the both Cubs and Yankees are interested in Cameron and then he floats that Cubs have always liked Melky Cabrera.

- 3 teams are interested in Bradley: Rangers, Rays, mystery third team. All of them want the Cubs to pay more (as in just about all of Milton's last year) to get a deal done. For the Rangers, it looks like Kevin Millwood is the trading chip, for the Rays, it's Pat Burrell, for the mystery third team, it's a mystery player.

- Speaking of Burrell, Joel Sherman first tweeted that the Mets would consider taking Burrell for Castillo but are  naturally worried about his defense. More recently he tweeted that "Rays growing less hopeful of swapping Burrell to Cubs."

-Bruce Levine blogged that Cubs are considering bringing back Reed Johnson and Rick Ankiel, Coco Crisp, Mike Cameron and Marlon Byrd are all on the Cubs radar. 

I think that's everything worth mentioning at the moment, I shall be back with updates later in the day.


Strangely appropriate as Hendry tries to move Bradley
s contrat.

I think my preference on the center fielders would be:

Crisp $6 million
Ankiel $4 million
Cameron $8 million
Johnson $3.5 million
Byrd $7 million

Factoring in their "likely" salaries. I saw something about San Diego being interested in Skinny Dick.

Enough with the "skinny dick" nickname. It is the least funny nickname I've ever heard. I'm ready to sign Cameron or Byrd just so I don't have to hear that dumbass shit anymore

At this point I feel obliged to point out you chose 'Jumbo' as your moniker.

Hopefully the mystery team is Atlanta and the Mystery player is Derek Lowe. is reporting that the Angels are getting interest in Gary Matthews, Jr. Could the Angels be the mystery team? Would a three-way trade moving Milton Bradley to the Angels, GMJ to the Mets and Luis Castillo to the Cubs make sense.

If the Mets were/are considering Pat Burrell, wouldn't they also consider Matthews?

Would the Angels consider a problem child like Bradley?

Could the money be figured out? Any trade involving either Bradley or Matthews is going to involve some money changing hands.

Cubs GM Jim Hendry has announced that OF Milton Bradley has been traded.

To a team to be named later (TTBNL).

Bradley to Baltimore for Pie,Montanez,Izturis and Rich Hill.

All four incoming players to receive large backloaded deals and NTCs.

I'm just going to throw this out there.

Mystery team is Cardinals, player is Pujlos.

Hendry has him slotted to play RF.

Burrell traded to Cubs then Mets.

Oh and also...


Cabrera 2009: .274/.336/.416, 13 HR, 68 RBI, 28 2B 10/12 SB's

They could do worse...meh...

White Rat and Doug Havey(ump) are in.

Santo wasn't up this year, just managers, umpires, and executives. Players are up again next year.

MLBTradeRumors passing along a tweet from Newsday reporter indicating that Mets have no interest in Burrell.


Not really sure what Burrell would add to a ball club that needs health and pitching.

Ahhh!My mistake.
Santo still didn't get in, though.

MLB Trade Rumors says the Cubs have talked to the Royals about Bradley/Piniero. That could be the mystery third team. The money is about even, so I don't see why the Royals would do that unless the Cubs do eat some money to give them salary relief. I thought I read someplace that the Royals are going to be active in the FA market. If true, it probably means bottom feeder guys left at the end.

You mean Bradley/Meche
Levine says Cubs and KC talking...

There would have to be more than Bradley involved to make this one work. It would be intriguing to add Meche, just to solidify the rotation. Then Hendry could go out and offer to many years and dollars to Cameron.

That is the best Bradley scenerio I've seen floated.

I'd be willing to add Marshall/Gorzallany and Josh Vitters to sweeten the pie in that deal. Maybe we could expand to get DeJesus in that deal? Then we can avoid Cameron all together.

You want to trade Bradley, Marshall/Gorzellany, AND Vitters for Gil Meche?


For Meche and DeJesus. I'd even add in a Colvin/Flaherty type of prospect. Assuming no money is changing hands.

Meche has troubling numbers... and that's with half his games being pitched at Kauffman. Meche @ Wrigley with the wind blowing out would be ugly, imo. Still, I guess Bradley taking RF on opening day would be equally ugly. I think they could do better.

Meche has actually pitched significantly better on the road than at home during his tenure with the Royals.


Oh... DeJesus makes it SO much better.

Oh wait.

Meche works for me but I'm not sure I believe it because the Cubs would have to add salary to make that deal.

I see the Bucs are trying to light a fire under Ronney Cedeno's ass. They are considering Adam Everett and Boobie Crosby.

if i remember Meche does not like big cities,and has a partial no trade to protect against this.

I think

According to Cot's, Meche has a partial no-trade for 2010 and loses the no-trade in 2011.

It wasn't big cities, it was that he wanted to be the big man on campus, if memory serves. He's not going to be big man on campus in KC, so a team in playoff contention would probably be interesting to him now, particuarly one where at least had discussions about coming to after 2006.

I think adding Vitters and Marshall to get the deal done is a bit wacko.

Apparently two new teams have approached the Cubs about Bradley, per MLBTR.

The more the merrier.

Why else would KC be willing to do the deal?

Meche and DeJesus



Should close to equal out money wise. Cubs should still have enough payroll to add something later on if need be.

Meche has a partial NTC clause and judging from choosing the fucking Royals over the Cubs two years ago and then saying he had no interest in joining the Cubs last year when he had a full NTC, I assume the Cubs are on the list.

I read somewhere recently the Royals aren't looking to move DeJesus.

royals got very little reason to move meche til mid-season anyway, and especially if it's for prospects.

Andrew Baggarly tweets that the Cardinals are nearing a deal with Brad Penny. Does this mean they are passing on Smoltz?

Gordo is knocking down the Meche rumor.

One of the two new "mystery teams" is reportedly the Nippon Ham Fighters.

If that's true(which would be sweet)can't they just sell his contract to the Japanese team?

No, it's part of the collective bargaining that those contracts cannot be sold/traded without the player's consent.

A real trade with the Ham Fighters would be fun.

The reference to the Nippon Ham Fighters was just a joke.

I find any reference to the Nippon Ham Fighters inherently amusing.

with conjecture that this means adios to Marmol. For what it's worth:

Note the byline on the article. Phil Rogers typically has his own trading desk full of unnamed sources and fictional trade scenarios. To me, he's like the WSCR of print.

Does anyone have time to figure out how much of Heath Bell's value is due to him pitching at Petco, and how good he'd be in Cubby Blue?

I'd be alright with losing Marmol and Theriot and gaining Granderson and Bell - but then we'd have the SS hole.

Starlin Castro or bust, baby

Good point NEal, but there has to be a no-bat good glove player for a one-year rental right? I mean, we had one last year only our idiot GM way overpaid.

The Cubs already have one in Andres Blanco.


Indeed that is true Lou!

Forgot about him.

Don't the Cubs already have a hole at SS? With Theriot's range, it is a HUGE hole.

heath bell is one hell of a legit pitcher...the scary thing is they got someone just as good or even better in mike adams IF he can stay healthy. adams is f'n longer a kid, though.


"To me, he's like the WSCR of print."

well said.

Ed Price tweets the Mets aquire Edwin Jackson, not Samuel Jackson.

Samuel Jackson has better things to do than play for the Mets.

Appearently Matt Murton is going to Japan. They should welcome the singles hitter with open arms. This is according to Fox Sports

Wouldn't surprise me at all if Murton hit 30-40 home runs a season in Japan.


Best of luck Thunder Matt!

Matt Murton won't hit 30 home runs a season in Japan.

50? is tuffy rhodes still the single season record holder over there?

Yes, tied with Sadaharu Oh at 55. Alex Cabrera also tied the record a year later. He too was walked almost every time up during the last few games so that Oh's record would not be broken by a non-Japanese player.


That's the word.

One of the cool things about America is that our sports teams don't have any of those lame "you can only have so many foreners on your team" rules.

Matt Murton released by the Rockies to pursuer a contract in Japan.

A buddy of mine is an American scout for a Japanese team.
He was in town in June 2008 to talk to Murton about Japan. The day they were to meet Murton was traded for Harden.

Murton's contract sold to the Hanshin Tigers. The Nippon Ham Fighters would have been funnier.

Pocket Rocket looks to be tendered

Yahoo's Big League Stew is live Tweeting...nothing of note yet, but kind of amusing in spots:

This read was more like beef stew.

ex-Cub Clay Rapada traded to Rangers

not Brewers, Dodgers or Mets though...

Yankees were rumored earlier along with Granderson...

I don't know what Melky costs, but Melky, Hughes or Chamberlain, A. Jackson and a few spare parts?

Would give the Tigers the help them win now players they want...

-edit- thinking about it a tad more, giving Hughes or Chamberlain and A. Jackson would probably get them halladay, so if getting E. Jackson is part of it they must be holding on to one of them.

The scenario with Cubs .. TB .. Mets involved is the one I would take if true. Maddon gets to 'fix' Bradley and the Mets unload Castillo to handle 2b for the Cubs. You would think the Cubs and Mets could find a way to split the $9m left for Bradley. Assuming Castro is ready for later this summer, Theriot could then go for Granderson.

How do you convince the Mets to do that?

It looks like the Mets are out of the Bradlesy Sweepstakes, as they don't want either Burrell or Bradley directly.

That would also seem to eliminate the possibility of Castillo coming to the Cubs, which is probably why the Cubs are accepting a Baker-Fontenot platoon and preparing to tender Fontenot a contract.

thank god...castillo, meh.

But what about his .387 OBP?

he's a 34 year old pure singles hitter.

an extra 10-15 hits/walks over his usual .370 OBP doesn't really do much for me.

the guy makes ryan theriot look like he's got some pop...crazy stuff.

I was just joking about your man-love for Bradley's OBP skills.

Daydreaming at work.

How different would the Cubs' situation would be if they had sign Carlos Beltran instead of Soriano?

yeah, when they had their epiphany of spending on par with their revenues, that was my first thought after they signed Soriano.

Couldn't they have done this two years earlier? of course Beltran may have been boo'd out of town after 2005...

Ahh, I thought it was after 2005 season he signed.
Doubt he would be booed, he had a hard time hitting in 2005 but he could field.

Unlike Soriano, Bradley.

Bradley can't field? Since when?

Since he threw that ball into the stands.

lol... of all the BS Bradley brought to the team in '09, I do not fault him for throwing the ball into the stands. Everyone makes a dunderhead mistake every once in a while. He doesn't do that all the time.

And fwiw, I think jacos was implying that Bradley used to be a really good fielder and now he is very average.

The Van Slykeing without coming up with the ball was a bit frustrating to me.

Add up all those plays, and maybe it's a run or two. I can't think of a time where I thought "that's an out" when the ball left the bat and he didn't get it.

Doubt he would be booed, he had a hard time hitting in 2005 but he could field.

so the Wrigley'ites just appreciate the fine art of defense more than anything?

Replace "art of defense" with "hustle" and I think you're on to something.

I'm a little harsh on Bradleys fielding, obviously not Soriano's.
I think when you see a guy struggle at plate, make some bonehead plays in field and/or pop off to media, will not endear you to the fans, especially when you're getting paid that kinda cash and have the organization praise you as the next coming.

aside from giving away premature souvenirs bradley's a nice CF/RF.

If Bradley was a nice CF why didn't we play him there instead of Fuk since Fuk sposedly sucks so bad in CF?

most of the guy's injuries are on stuff where he has to go 0-to-60 quickly. probably to protect his legs or something...who knows?

he's also got a marginally better arm, but it's not like either of them are ichiro...actually, fuku is slo-mo ichiro...he's accurate, but could use a bit more velocity.

Sorry crunch, was being rhetorical-slash-smart ass.

I don't disagree with anything you're saying, however, if he's not viable there for injury concerns or whatever, that doesn't make him "nice" at the position in my book

oh, i dunno the real reason...that's just an open ended guess.

i also have no idea how bobby scales saw so much time.

mysteries of life.


I secretly think Lou's into the young ones, if you know what I'm saying, and certain guys (scales, I'm looking at you) get to the head of the class....

buzz seems to be DBacks want E. Jackson the most...

Penny to Cards for $7.5M and $1.5M in incentives...

They can have him. To me he's the #1 "whatever, where's my paycheck" guy in MLB right now.

Good Lawd thas a lotta money

Michael Tucker trying to make a comeback...put him in there with J. Jones and get Murton back from Japan and all the Cubs problems are solved.

holy crap...nick bierbrodt. i didn't even know he was out there trying to exist.

evidently he's been playing indie ball yearly for the past 4-5 years....and it seems from his #s he still doesn't have control over his stuff.

Not exactly front burner stuff but it's been a good week baseball-wise here in Des Moines. First the I-Cubs won some sort of best organization in baseball award & now Santa Claus is coming to town [in the person of Ryno]! That should ensure a new season attendance record next summer [600k+], a nice thing to contemplate as the first blizzard of the winter draws a bead on us...

Murton will be as conspicuous as Eddie Gaedel playing in Japan...

The Granderson talks are like the Halladay talks in July:The team is asking for the moon and stars, and if they get want they ask for, great


But asking for and getting what they want are two different things for the Tigers.

Looper had what looks like he had pretty bad luck when it came to HR/Flyball (much like Harden).

I am not saying that we should jump on him with a $6 million contract, but there's a good chance that he could give a team, especially one with a solid defense, 200 league average innings and at $3.5 to $4.5 million that would be a pretty nice deal. The Cubs and the Sox, you'd figure could get him at the best price.

Well, at that price I suppose that would be a "deal". Jason Marquis with his 15-13 record last year (and annual Post ASG flop), will be making around $10MM after accepting the Rox' arbitration.

I don't think Looper would be too bad as a 4th or 5th starter. He had a 14-7 record last year (impressive), but a 5.22 ERA (not so much). However, he has a career 4.15 ERA which isn't bad for a back of the rotation starter. Plus, he's fairly durable.

If he's willing to sign for one year and a reasonable salary (he made $4.75 million last year), it wouldn't be a horrible move.

I wouldn't feel comfortable throwing that large amount of our remaining cash at a starting pitcher until we get our other chips set in place. Pick up a back end veteran in a few weeks if you'd like, but I'm not even worried about it. Our younger guys can get the job done, imo


I'd rather look for a non-roster stash in Iowa type of guy.

The problem is that three of the guys competing for the #4 and #5 spots in the rotation to start the season are AAA guys (Gorz, Marshall, Samardjzia). Picking up a legit big leaguer wouldn't be a bad idea. However, I do agree that now is not the time to do it (unless Looper gives Hendry a blank contract ala Andre Dawson). There will be arms available in January/February.

I'm not against getting a legit MLB rotation starter. I just don't think Looper is that guy. I'd rather start Marshall or Gorzy.

I'd rather the cubs pick up Rich Hill and give him a shot over Looper.

Trouble is that the Cubs will be starting Marshall and Gorgonzola, already.

I'd like to see a solid guy like Looper/Garland or a boom or bust guy like Smoltz/Sheets added to the rotation.

Pitchers get hurt, and if possible I'd like to avoid having Cashner and Atkins starting "must win" games. I think it's best to go into the season with six guys who you're pretty sure are going to be decent and healthy starters. Our top 3 guys all got hurt last year, one of them is coming off shoulder surgery and the next three guys all have some uncertainty around them, so in my mind we're not there yet.

thanks to scheduling the cubs don't really need a 5th starter until the CIN series (9/10/11) and there's another day off for a skip afterwards where a 5th could be pushed back in the HOU series (15/16/17).

cubs could get through april with a 5th man needing 3 or 4 starts. it could be done in 3, but he'd go in one of those first 2 may starts.

So the gameplan is to maximize Gozelany's or Marhall's innings as early in the season as possible?

These pitchers who used to have 40 start seasons, did they need 120 to 130 pitches to throw complete games?

i'm just saying the cubs can get through april with 4 "legit" starters without a ton of stress because of scheduling.

three of the guys competing for the #4 and #5 spots in the rotation to start the season are AAA guys (Gorz, Marshall, Samardjzia)<?i>

Gorz and Marshall are AAA guys? Both have had moderate success pitching at the big league level.

BL -- Gorzelanny spent the majority of 2009 on the Pirates AAA team in Indianapolis. The guy couldn't stick in the Pirates rotation, but now he's supposed to start the year as the Cubs #4 starter.

Marshall is better than AAA. That's true.

My point is that the Cubs are counting on four guys (Gorzelanny, Marshall, Samardjzia, Wells) to fill out their rotation next year who have a lot of question marks and extremely short resumes. A proven back-of-the-rotation arm would be nice insurance.

Like Mitch Atkins or Jeffy? The Cubs rotation are one popped hamstring from becoming thinner than Calista Flockhart. Assuming Lilly comes back in May, Marshall is the fill in guy which leaves the long relief with holes. I do agree that the team needs to address the outfield situation and not drag this into spring training before making a move for a starting pitcher. I guess I am saying that I am not as sold on the rotation as some.

3-team trade talk rumor of Yanks, Dbacks and Tigers with Yanks getting Granderson, Dbacks getting Jackson...

doesn't look like it's happening though....

What are the chances that the Cubs are the 3rd team involved in the Rays & Jays talks with Halladay?

Cubs get Upton. Jays get Burrell, Wade Davis, and others of course. Rays get Bradley, Halladay?

I don't think there are any Rays and Jays talks...

so I'd go with less than 1% to answer your question..

Easy enough.

Gotta love this time of year.

I'd guesstimate about a 4000% chance of that happening.

4000%? That's a solid guesstimate.

"Another manager asked why the Cubs don't just bite the bullet and bring Bradley back rather than giving him away."


...though it seems almost impossible bradley is staying at this point.

points and laughs at Braves

another report was they were pushing to move Derek Lowe.

how about trading our Soriano for Lowe instead of Bradley? I saw it floated as an idea on another blog. I'd take it.

They'd still have to move Bradley and Hendry would ruin it all by signing Jason Bay or something...

Wow, imagine getting out from Soriano's contract - that would be awesome, even if we have to pay a 4th starter $45 over three years.

Hopefully this will make the Braves more motivated Bradley buyers.

Here's a scary thought. If we had to throw in Jake Fox to get rid of a one year deal for $3.7 million - who are we going to have to throw in to get rid of a two year $21 million deal?

well, one guy is actually good at baseball whereas the other guy owns a SS glove.

If Hendry could get out of both the Soriano and Bradley contracts, he should make a spot on the mantel for GM of the year right now. Hell, make it a trifecta, dump Fuku's silly contract, too.

I don't think he'd be eligible since he's the bonehead who made the mess to begin with. Kind of like how a closer who comes in with a 10 run lead and then gives up 9 runs to put himself into a Save situation, then strikes out the side doesn't get credit for a Save.

great analogy

The Cardinals looked at Rich Harden and Penny before opting for the latter to add to their rotation. They supposedly favored Harden -- until they saw his medical records. ... Harden and former Cubs teammate Kevin Gregg are being looked at by Orioles GM Andy MacPhail but could wind up in Seattle. harden isn't even worth a 7.5m a year gamble vs. brad f'n penny? scary.

Here's the thing--I think the whole "medical report" business is just cover. In reality, baseball people recognize that Harden just doesn't help you because the guy NEVER pitches deep into ballgames. How does it help your pitching staff when you know you're going to need 2-3 relievers minimum every single time Harden gets a start?

Yeah, he can be dominant at times for 5-6 innings, but unfortunately, it's a 9-inning game. He just ain't worth the big bucks.

he may not give you 7-9 innings, but he tends to give you 5-6 really nice innings over the span of a season.

mark buerele he is not...

irod/nats 2yr/6m...meh. screw you jesus flores.

Hendry is the one who offered those 3 contracts,
i dont have alot of faith he can trade them.

Didn't post it, but I had to chuckle, I was thinking the same thing...

For the GM of the year thing, it'd kinda be like the Cubs staking Hendry to a 6 run lead, then him blowing it, but still getting awarded his own save....

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  • soler + hammel for mike trout is pretty much a sure thing. *nods*

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  • Not an inspired outing by Rondon. Seemingly got ahead of every hitter but had no swing and miss pitch today, slider had no bite.

    Somebody give Soler some smelling salts - yeesh

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  • that runner scores on a single...

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  • So where do you think Soler will be traded to this off season?

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  • And right on cue he throws to third with no chance to get runner on 2nd so the batter takes 2nd easily. How long has he been playing baseball??

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  • Man you cannot put Soler out there late in games for Playoffs. Yuch...

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  • Such is the life of a fatted calf...

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  • fowler with a triple in the 4th...he's a HR away from a "natural" cycle

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  • ...and contreras takes one off the hand and he's in obvious pain. sigh.

    he's staying in the game, though he's wringing his hand out during breaks in the action. aside from that he seems to have no issue giving signs or tossing back to the pitcher.

    ...and he's batting in the cubs half of the following inning. sweet.

    crunch 11 hours 53 min ago view
  • his collapse started on august 21st this it's a slight improvement.

    but wow, what a collapse since then...only 2 out of 7 can be considered good/decent.

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  • I'm really going to enjoy watching Hammel watch the playoffs.

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  • The always combustible Jason Hammel

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  • Hammel :(

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  • That was fun.

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  • "home field advantage through the playoffs?"

    Except for the away games.

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