Winter Meetings 2009 Day Three

12:31 AM

More from Levine saying that Cubs and White Sox lead the chase for J.J. Putz who will throw again Friday. Putz expects around a $2.5M base salary with incentives that could take it into the $6-7M range. The White Sox apparently have already made an offer.

Levine also says if the Red Sox trade for Bradley, they would immediately flip him possibly to Texas or Tampa. ~shrug~

12:15 AM

NPSport Canada tweets that Hendry does have one firm offer for Bradley and the deal will happen by Friday (rolls eyes), but does not involve the Blue Jays (thanks to navigator for the find).

11:14 PM

 - Phil Rogers believes the Cubs have already made their mind up about moving spring training to Naples for the simple reason that he believes the Ricketts want their base of operation out of Florida.

- Lowell to Rangers for catcher Max Ramirez looks like a done deal.

10:52 PM

Harden's contract details from Ed Price; $6.5M in 2010 with $3.5M in escalating incentives up to 195 IP, $11M mutual option for 2011 with a $1M buyout if either side declines.

10:48 PM

Levine says Hendry had meetings with Mike Cameron's agent Wednesday night and agent Casey Close who reps Ben Sheets, Derrek Lee and Mike Fontenot among others.

10:22 PM

Astros sign Brandon Lyon to complete their bullpen whitening process(3/15M according to Rosenthal).

NL Central tally so far:

Cardinals - Added Brad Penny & Hitting Coach that Knows How to Get things, probably losing DeRosa, Holliday and Smoltz.

Brewers - Added LaTroy Hawkins, Randy Wolf and swapped J.J. Hardy for Carlos Gomez.

Astros - Essentially swapped Valverde and Hawkins for Lindstrom and Lyon.

Pirates - Added Bobby Crosby and Akinori Iwamura.

Reds - Still employing Dusty Baker.

Cubs - Resigned John Grabow and traded Jake Fox, Aaron Heilman and Aaron Miles for 5 minor leaguers.

9:23 PM

Another Rule 5 draft preview (h/t to MLBTR) from Jonathon Mayo, he thinks Steve Clevenger is the most likely Cub to get selected but adds that the Cubs could get "hit a few times".

9:17 PM

From Gorden Edes twitter:

Cubs chutzpah: They really did ask Sox about Bradley for Lowell...under the heading: Can't hurt to ask. Got the response you'd expect.

Damn those unintelligent Red Sox.

8:29 PM

Levine's latest:

The Red Sox have been kicking the tires on free agents. They have had talks with the agent for free agents third baseman Adrian Beltre, formerly of the Mariners. If you look at the trade and free agent market, Bradley may be the most attractive power hitting player available, besides free agents Matt Holliday and Jason Bay.

If a team like the Red Sox were intelligent, which they are, they could bring in Beltre to play third base, trade Lowell to the Cubs for Bradley and then end up with two players for next season for the same price or less that they'd have to pay for the big ticket free-agents Holliday and Bay.

Oh did I say Levine's latest? I meant here's the verbatim story handed to Levine by the Cubs to try and float some ideas out there and generate a false market. If a team like the Red Sox were intelligent? I think they've showed their intelligence a few times over by this point. 

Anyway, Cubs like Melky Cabrera (although I still have doubts the Yankees will move him) and have talked to Cameron's agent and two other center field free agents, possibly Byrd or Podsednik.

8:14 PM

Hendry held court and...nothing. The best we have is a non-denial about Boston and Mike Lowell.

7:21 PM

Hendry says they're considering a few names in tomorrow's Rule 5 draft. Muskat lists Thomas Diamond, Steve Clevenger, Chris Robinson and Matt Camp as possible Cubs that could be drafted (Chirinos was mentioned earlier by Phil Rogers). Hendry says Marshall, Gorzelanny and Samardzija will compete for the 5th starter spot with all being able to move to the bullpen if needed.

7:17 PM

Via MLBTR, Ben Sheets wants something close to the $12M he was paid in 2008 (Searches for delusions of grandeur tag).

6:30 PM

From Gordon Edes on twitter:

Milton Bradley has a better shot of succeeding Ted Kennedy than he does of wearing a Red Sox uniform....unless I've completely lost my mind.

4:43 PM

Ex-Cub Bob Howry could be a target of the Diamondbacks.

4:38 PM

Via MLBTR, J.J. Putz and Matt Thornton seem to be best of buddies and word is that will lead him to the White Sox.

Also, there's a report that it's the Mariners, not Rangers that Harden is signing with...I'm sure it'll be cleared up soon enough. (and it is, it's the Rangers)

4:30 PM

Rich Harden to the Texas Rangers on a one year, $7.5M deal with an $11.5M club option for 2011. I imagine incentives and possibly vesting clauses are in there as well. Also remember that Texas has no state tax, so the deal is a little better than what Brad Penny received. I'll comment later once I know all the details, but I think it's a good enough deal that Harden would have passed up arbitration.

3:59 PM

MLB Trade Rumors saw something from Buster Olney that Rich Harden could be on the verge of agreement, but the link that they provide is wrong or doesn't verify it.

3:55 PM

Bruce Levine adds the Red Sox as a team of interest for Bradley, although Mike Lowell seems to be their only bad contract they'd like to move and that was shot down earlier.

3:31 PM

- Astros seemed to have moved from R. Soriano to Matt Lindstrom according to Rosenthal...exchanging medical records.

- Braves seeking prospects and salary relief rather than veteran bat for Derek Lowe according to Jayson Stark. Good luck with that. I think a team would only be interested in Lowe if they could move one of their own bloated contracts.

3:21 PM

Seems the Rays are the most interested in Rafael Soriano with the Astros lurking. Braves are said to actually want some decent prospects plus take his full arbitration obligation.

3:00 PM

- Flat out releasing Milton Bradley isn't on the table at the moment according to Crane Kenney.

"We don't run away from our problems,'' Kenney said. "That fact it's painful doesn't change anything.''

We do like to make our problems more complicated by suspending the player and doing everything we possibly can to lower his trade value.

- Kenny Williams seems to like Milton, but doesn't see a fit on the White Sox.

- Reader "Seamhead" listened to Bruce Levine on the radio and summarizes that the mystery team interested in Bradley is real, the Cubs are willing to eat $4-$5M of Bradley's contract, Cubs would have interest in Melky Cabrera and J.J. Putz is throwing off flat ground at the moment.

- Jay Mariotti won't be dirtying up the Tribune.

1:27 PM

Half way through Wednesday on that impending Bradley deal...

- Kevin Millwood to the O's for Chris Ray seems to be close to happening.

- Lowell for Bradley laughed off.

- LaTroy Hawkins signing with the Brewers, two year deal.

12:54 PM

As has been hinted, Harden seems willing to take a 1-yr deal with tons of incentives.

12:20 PM

J.J. Putz will throw for the Cubs and other teams in Scottsdale, Arizona today. (thanks to navigator in the comments for the link)

11:24 AM

Tim Brown tweets that Cubs are among the early suitors for Joel Pineiro and that Randy Wolf will sign with the Brewers at 3 years and just under $30M total (3/29.75M according to Rosenthal).

11:00 AM

Twins trying to fit Mark DeRosa into their budget and the same article says the Mariners seem to be the most interested in Rich Harden at this point (thanks to MLB Trade Rumors). My own speculation is I wonder why the Brewers aren't more interested in Harden if he's really going to get just a 1-yr deal. If they do end up signing Randy Wolf (latest is a 3/27M offer), add in Harden and they could have a nice trio of Gallardo, Wolf and Harden next season.

10:50 AM

- lectures everyone on the spreading of rumors...from the guys that reported Pat Burrell was traded twice on Monday. Oh sweet irony.... (hat tip to Wrigleyville 23).

- Muskat says ignore all that mystery team crap as well....Rays still the frontrunner.

- Phil Rogers tweets that the buzz is that Robinson Chirinos will be selected in the Rule 5 draft this year. I can't imagine how bored the writers are if that's the current topic of discussion.

The quiet before the storm...

Sullivan tweeted that Hendry was meeting with Jerry Reinsdorf but said it has nothing to do with Bradley.

- The Tampa papers say Rays are still in play - as did Sullivan earlier - but Rays are remaining firm on how much they want the Cubs to pay of Bradley's contract.

- Around the rest of the league, Andy Petitte is about to resign with the Yankees and Rafael Soriano has requested a trade after accepting arbitration, with the O's, Angels and Astros the most interested at this point.


If Bradley is indeed replaced by Cameron in the Cubs clubhouse, that would have to viewed as an enormous upgrade before you even begin to look at the on-field contributions.

Of course, if Bradley had contributed on the field I doubt anyone would be talking about his problems off the field. After 08 all we heard was that the clubhouse was "too nice" and the Cubs needed an edge. Now we are hearing that they need a clubhouse leader. What they really need is somebody to drive in runs. I don't care what type of person they are as long as they can HIT!

If the Cubs can not get something worthwhile for Bradley, they would be insane to let him go for little or nothing. Bradley is probably the most likely player on the team to rebound to near previous levels.

His production on the field would suddenly change him from a "clubhouse cancer" to a "great guy".

Interesting opinion.

My opinion is I think neither him being a "clubhouse cancer" or unproductive are good enough reasons to keep him. Just sayin'.

His production on the field would suddenly change him from a "clubhouse cancer" to a "great guy".

What are you basing this on? His reputation isn't new. He's had it from the start (going back to high school) and it's stuck despite several remarkable performances. He's just an asshole and his teammates aren't going to magically start liking him if he goes back to being an asshole that hits.

I think he's saying if Bradley hit .280 30 hr and over 90 rbis his assholeness would have been overlooked.

I agree.

Most likely to rebound to what exactly? His year in Texas was a fluke, his career averages, games and AB's he gets a year are pretty much maxing out, which puts him around a 50-60 RBI performer a year.

Its not like Milton was this 160 game playing titan averaging 100 RBI seasons and suddenly fell from the sky one year and put up a 40 RBI season and he has a chance to bounce back to playing a full season and returning to 100 RBI years.

Sad to say but his bounce back year was with the Cubs, he just returned to reality.

Never have more people been so excited for a 31 year old player with one 70 RBI season to his credit. You would think Milton was having Bobby Abreu's career by the way people think how awesome Bradley is.

If you listened to Santo last year, you would have thought otherwise. At first it looked as if MB was overswinging, then got into Lou's doghouse. Alfie had the same year, but only Brenly was calling him a loafer. Why isn't he on the chopping block?

3/30 per MLBTR via Yahoo.

Sorry Rob, my main page didn't auto refresh when I reloaded the page.

we'll talk later

*grabs pipe wrench and pair of pliers

fwiw, most people who fix computer problems do grap a pipe first.

Not everybody thinks the matter of exposing Chirinos to the draft--while protecting Adduci, who would not have been drafted--is boring.

JJ PUTZ will throw today and Friday for the CUBS and about a dozen other MLB teams

Whew... Those two posters above me really suck!

Jace- Try the adult dating for Zimbabwe

Not that the Cubs have the money, but I would not mind seeing Piniero as the additional starter. Induces lots of ground balls and does not walk anyone.

Good news. 2 1/2 days down and we haven't done something stupid like inc luding Castro, Lee or Vitters in a trade.

Soriano and Bradley to Toronto for Vernon Wells and Travis Snider.


why would they give up on Snider just to take on more money?

Wells owed $98M, Soriano & Bradley owed $111M

Rob consider the versitility of Soriano.

Add in Vitters as well.

Sorianos deal is cheaper than wells going forward. Soriano is also likely the better player. Unlikely to happen. However I'd rather something like that to the Carlos Silva/ Nate Robertson deals we've been hearing.

The best show on turf. Soriano playing the outfield in Toronto. I would imagine he would be a DH.

Rob G - you've got mail.

Buster Olney says a swap for Lowell is not likely because the Cubs would be in the same predicament as in the Burrell scenario. A high priced bench player. The upside is that Lowell may have more trade value than Burrell.

If we did get Lowell, I am thinking Jimbo should put Aram on the trade market and see what we could get for him. I am not advocating trading him unless we get a great package back.

Play Lowell at 2nd base, two problems solved at once. Sure he would have no range there, but neither did DeRosa and didn't seem to hurt the Cubs much. Second base defense is overrated anyhow, just give me a passable glove there and a bat.

clearly you've never turned a double play before

There's those on this board who believe Bradley should be kept because of his fantastic OBA/OPS and whatever other statistical reasons.

Then there's the rest of us who see him as a $30M mistake by a GM whose arrogance and/or stupidity made him believe he could change the galactically ignorant. Now the 2010-2011 roster is severely compromised in taking some other slug in return.

In any case, Bradley was brought here to drive in runs and batting 2nd thru 5th most of 2009, Milton lit the lamp for a whopping 40 RBI's. And of course he behaved like the world class putz that is Milton Bradley.

So yes his table is now ready and it's time for Milton to go. I, for one, could do without the hand wringing.

I think you're misrepresenting the Bradley camp.

It's never explained how Bradley made Soriano, Fountainout, and Soto into poor hitters with his clubhouse behavior. Nor has it been explained how he injured Ramirez, Johnson, Zambrano, Lilly, Dempster and Hardin or how he convinced Harden and Gregg to give up so many HR's and Marmol to walk and hit so many batters.

Also, if you do the trade AZ Phil speculated on in a previous thread (for example only) and trade Bradley for Robertson then trade Robertson and cash for some middling prospects, you save about $4 million on Bradley. Then you sign Cameron for one year at $8 million. Now you have Cameron in CF for one year, two middling prospects, and $21-4+8= $25 million. Would you rather pay $25 million for one year of Cameron and two middling prospects, or hold onto Bradley and hope for a slight resurgence so that you can either trade him or keep him next year depending upon the team's situation? Or, if the Cubs are out of the picture around the trade deadline they could try to deal Bradley to a contending team looking for a mercenary?

I just don't think the idea of dumping your mistakes is a good one in this case because it doesn't, as far as I can tell, put the Cubs in an improved position. I consider this all contingent upon Lou actually managing the clubhouse, however. If Bradley actually creates a hostile work environment, don't they have a legal case to terminate his contract and recoup some of his salary?

Here, Here, Charlie. Lou needs to step up to his mistakes.

Thanks, Neal, for once again missing the point. 40 RBI's batting in a run producing role in every game he played in, with a career high of 77 RBI's. The juice is not worth the squeeze, and Hendry f'd this up by signing him in the first place.

Oh, RBI's was the point? I guess if baseball was the same as rotisserie baseball, that would have been a good point.

Don't hide your point in the third paragraph of your comment if it's your main point.

You wouldn't get the point if it was in all caps and bold type...just go away Neal. I won't respond to your posts and I'd appreciate the same courtesy although I'm sure you won't oblige.

To go along with E-Man's theory:

These meetings are looking a lot more like NIMBY every minute.

Barry Bonds' son arrested for assaulting his mother with a deadly weapon* Saturday.

*a door knob

O's close to a deal for Millwood. MacPhail doing his best Billy Beane impression. Millwood will be wearing a new uniform by July.

Bernie Brewer has a new friend in Latroy Hawkins. Reported 2/$7.5 million. Good for them.

Levine was interviewed on WMVP over noon hour. Says that the "mystery team" is for real, and that the Rangers have moved back into serious contention. He thinks that the Cubs will eat around $4-$5 million in any Bradley swap.

He also says that the Granderson deal has hit a potential snag over some medical issues, and has not been completed. If that deal soes go through, the Cubs do indeed like Melky Cabrera and would be intersted in dealing for him.

JJ Putz is only throwing off flat ground at this stage of his rehab, and has yet to throw off a mound and may not until after January 1.


that's almost grabow money

Isn't that exactly Grabow money?

Wonder if LaTroy is going to be the clsoer - I could see them picking up Soriano, but I hope they go with Hawkins.

Edit* Forgot they got Grandpa Hoffman.

hoffmann is their closer.


No Adam Dunn rumors this year? Strange off season, indeed.

Per Bruce Miles' blog. Kenny Williams weighs in on Milton:

"You know, the funny thing is, I've had the pleasure of talking to Milton in the past, and it saddens me to a great extent, actually, some of the situations that he's been put in or he's put himself in. I'd like to see this guy just be able to go out there without all of the distractions and everything and do what he can do because this guy can play. He can play. I don't know that I see a fit for us, and I probably shouldn't even be talking about him because he's not our player. But he can play. Milton Bradley can play. It's too bad because he's a really a more thoughtful person, and he's a better person than I think it's been portrayed or he's shown, however the hell it's manifested itself. It's too bad."

Just in case you missed Seamhead's post.

Kenny Williams take on Bradley as cited in the Bruce Miles report this afternoon:

First, Kenny on Milton:

"You know, the funny thing is, I've had the pleasure of talking to Milton in the past, and it saddens me to a great extent, actually, some of the situations that he's been put in or he's put himself in. I'd like to see this guy just be able to go out there without all of the distractions and everything and do what he can do because this guy can play. He can play. I don't know that I see a fit for us, and I probably shouldn't even be talking about him because he's not our player. But he can play. Milton Bradley can play. It's too bad because he's a really a more thoughtful person, and he's a better person than I think it's been portrayed or he's shown, however the hell it's manifested itself. It's too bad."

A little good will. I have not heard much on people's thoughts about the Cubs moving the Spring to Florida, but I am against it. I like the fact that if you go to AZ for a week in the spring that you can hit up several spring games without traveling far. The AZ spring layout is much more fan friendly.

I thought I read that 50% of ST money made in valley is due to Cubs.
Phoenix will not let them go anywhere.

AZ Phil is in a much better position to comment on this than I am, but it's my understanding that Mesa has been reluctant to spend any/much money on the Cubs for sometime. A quote from the story illustrates my point:

The Cubs and Mesa have been talking about the batting cages for a couple of years, Smith said - discussions that started before Florida made a serious bid to uproot the team from its spring-training home.

If you have to fight for a couple of years to get the city to spend less than $1 million on the facility, then maybe it is time to look for greener pastures.

The Cubs are the star attraction in the Cactus League, but I think they have felt neglected for some time by the authorities in Mesa. In the end, I think the Cubs will leave Mesa, but will stay in Arizona, relocating to the Gila River Indian Community.

What do you think, Phil?

I think at this point in the process, it would be good for all Cubs personel to just shut up. Now Crane Kenny is on record talking about dollars and that the Cubs are not going to release Bradley if they cannot trade him? How the hell could they bring him back after the President, the GM (for the most part), and the Manager have basically said that he is as good as gone.

"Cubs are willing to eat $4-$5M of Bradley's contract"
If that's true and they let that out, they are definetly not moving Bradley anytime soon.


Levine's blog: Red Sox now part of the mix.

Interesting note here. Levine says Hendry is addressing the media at 4pm today. I am not reading into it more than what is stated, just a planned media session.


No better way to display you incompetence to the new owner than to completely bungle YET ANOTHER off-season in a row.

The biggest upset now is how ever did this team win 97 games in 2008?

I'm sad to say I totally agree. It's been embarrassing to say the least.

It's all so easy for us. Have any of you been handed an asshole who is considered a dream team player? I have. It's not as easy as you all make it sound. Just shut the fuck up, asshole? No, that, trust me, does not work. Be nice to the ladies? Yes, sort of, but then he'll hide behind his desk and fire pencils at her and some screaming woman will come into your office and bitch about it.

Look, as Lou would say. Relax, as I would say.

Lou needs to be fired. The guy who hired him also needs to be fired, of course, but Ricketts needs Hendry right now because Hendry's scouts are all Ricketts has.

Folks, 2010 is gonna be a lost year. If Hendry had balls and fired Lou and hired some young whipper snapper it might buy a nice winning streak, but 2010 is not our year so let's just kinda settle down a little bit and hope Old and Blue doesn't die before 2011.

Love or hate Obama, but his administration is using lots of Bushies simply cuz it has to.

Change you can believe in may take a couple years so just chill, dudes. If I can wait one more year, you can, too.

So please, stop with the fire hendry crap. It's correct, but it's stupid cuz it ain't gonna happen.

You lost me here.

At least you don't have to be me and lose me everywhere.

it's a 140m team...the team has 3 legit power hitters and 3-4 legit starters. there's supplement crew. it's not lost.

i bet you could march the exact same to bottom...out there and win 95.

Doom before the winter meetings are over. It's getting earlier and earlier every year.

funny thing to me is people freaking out about how quickly we need to get rid of a guy to pick up a lesser or similar guy which in turn somehow leads to more wins.

it's not like hendry was to go into the winter meetings looking to sign holliday/bay/etc.

The winter meetings are entertainment, we want to be excited as it happens, but Hendry doesn't give a fuck about impressing anyone before it's all over. That said, I'm bored. I wish they'd televise all their doughnut spewing and drunkin' 'who's wife would you bone?' conversations. Yes, I'm certain that's what they talk about.

I think that, generally, the longer this goes one, the more worried we are that other teams are either going to change their minds or find someone else instead of Bradley. There's also a fear that while the Bradley saga continues, Hendry is sitting around doing nothing else and thus all the best shitty replacement outfielders will be taken.

To summarize: we're all just hoping for Alex Rios.

the dude signed a guy while on a stretcher having a heart attack a couple years ago.

you want him to light sparklers and shoot roman candles at billy beane this year or something?

if they televised it.


It's a start.

Joe Cowley is reporting that the White Sox are close to a deal with J.J. Putz. And why not? He is more familiar with the AL, unless you count last year with the Mets. He seems to be a nice fit for that ball club. Although, he would also be a nice fit for the Cubs since he has a laundry list of injuries.

So are we finally done here? Another bad Hendry year gets off to its usual start. I'm finding harder and harder to love the Ramirez and Lee trades.

"According to, Rich Harden has agreed to a one-year contract with right-hander Rich Harden."

That's from rotoworld. I didn't follow the link to see what they really meant.


Rumor has it:

Rich Harden close to signing with the Rangers of all teams.

Looks like I called it early this year:

No Bradley deal at the GM Meetings.

Yes, I want a pat on the back.

This does not bode well - considering Hendry has been trying to make a sale since the season ended.

"Yes, I want a pat on the back."

Burrell has apparently not been made available, but if you are willing to go the extra mile I'm sure he'll climb aboard.

Good job?

I would imagine that Hendry will switch to indicating that Bradley is going to be on the team if he doesn't get the deal done by Friday. When are the meetings over, Thursday afternoon?

Am I nuts or was I sort of expecting this? Is Ricketts Wirtz I or Wirtz II?

If the Rangers are in the mix, the Star-Telegram isn't talking about it. Their latest ex-Cub on the radar is lovable Augie Ojeda.

Vitters and Castro named to the all-Prospect team for AFL

Sure this has been said, and I don't have time to read the comments, but....

....I'm sure that impending trade is coming any minute now....

aaaaaand NOW! No, wait for it,..... Now! No? Now maybeeee....


It is what it is... a- trouble finding someone who wants to deal with him and b- how much of it the Cubs will eat.

3.5M in 2010, $4M with 275K in incentives for 2011

just about the same as Grabow

Grabow can close, throws left handed and could never have been a wide receiver.

nothing worth posting, but a where they stand with Bradley now piece...

For Halladay, Angels supposedly offer Aybar, Saunders and prospect Peter Bourjos - whom I assume can shit gold bricks - otherwise that seems pretty weak.

apparently this is considered a pretty good offer ~shrug~

I don't know anything about Bourjos and I do like Aybar for his defense and as long as he's cheap, but Saunders is a dime a dozen soft-tossing lefty.

BP rates Buurjous as a 3 star, speed merchant CF'er.

I would think they want pre-arb guys, though.

You'll have to convince me how the Cubs couldn't easily trump that with an offer of say, Randy Wells, Ryan Theriot, Josh Vitters and perhaps a Tyler Colvin or John Gaub.

Obviously, Hendry has no imagination, this fat turd is fixated on moving Bradley, just like he was fixated on moving Sosa and Jones in the past. Talk about a one-track-mind....

i dont think adding another starter is top or even middle of the priorities list....especially with any huge price tag attached.

agreed...the rotation is at least serviceable already

not saying they need a starter, but from the way I look at it you have Z and Dempster starting for 2010 and three unknowns
-Wells and Gorz
-Lilly's shoulder


Wells and Saunders isn't a big difference probably...

don't know enough about this Bourjos guy, but I'm sure Vitters would be on par.

I have no doubt the Cubs could pull off a trade for Halladay at this point w/o including Castro. Jackson, Cashner, Vitters, Wells, etc...

Ben Sheets: You so crazy. Try a 1-year contract to prove you can last a whole season and then you can rake next year.

cpat to sea, minor league deal

K-Pat signs a minor league deal with the Mariners.

If I was the Ricketts family (and it still creeps me out that the Cubs are owned by a family with a name I associate with a disease that is not that ancient) I would just let Hendry hang himself. That's why I said earlier that 2010 is a wash. Which is why, also, you would think that he would hire some young crazy manager and kill the Lou contract, because you never know what will happen.

I'd like to believe Lou will have a fire under his behemoth belly, but I just don't see it. Maybe Z really is losing some weight and he'll give Lou a nice roundhouse for the cameras.

Old and Blue-

As someone who is also old and blue, I've been enjoying your recent posts. Only on TCR would we have a potential mutant discussion thread about rickets. I propose that milk be free at Wrigley this season, to prevent Vitamin D deficiency. Also, it could calm the stomachs of those suffering from Carlos Marmol Having Trouble Finding the Plate Disorder.

Just heard Rosenthal on MLB - "The MB deal WILL get done..." still says TB is in the talks and the negotiations with the cash owed is a "painstaking affair". He then said, "Once the Milton Bradley money is off the books, then the Cubs 'off-season' can start."

Seeing as how Hendry now has zero leverage, he must be as stubborn as a mule in cement, bless his stupid face.

I'll trade him for Darren Driefort at this point, I just don't want to hear about it, think about it, read about it anymore.

That's a cop out like a mofo, but okay.

Nothing new there if you're paying attention but nice to see someone else give Wilken a decent grade.

Sorry if 3/44 - lots of information (mostly bs) the last couple of days.

Thanks for the link. A very "scouts? We don't need no stinking scouts!" review of the drafts.

I just don't want to hear about it, think about it, read about it anymore

Amen brotha...

From the Star-Telegram- "Sources have indicated that Harden and the Rangers are close to a deal that would pay the right-hander $7.5 million in 2010 with an $11.5 million option for 2011.

That option is interesting in that it appears to assume that the Rangers will have a new owner who wouldn't mind paying a pitcher $11.5 million."

Hey Zell & Trib: Rangers are for sale!

So much for Nolan Ryan's directive on starting pitchers pitching longer into games.

I propose we keep Bradley. Here's why.

Every year this team has some relatively minor need that gets blown way out of proportion by the manager, the media, the fans, and/or all of the above. Hendry kowtows to this overreaction, and it hurts us in the long term, if not right away.

A couple examples:

2003 - Needed more speed, so we traded away good young pitching for a year of Juan Pierre. Result: Missed the playoffs.

2004 - We just HAD to get rid of Sammy Sosa, so Hendry traded him for a nickel on the dollar. Result: Missed the playoffs, Mike Fontenot.

2006 - We missed out on big free agents in the past, so the fans demand a splash. Hendry signs Soriano to a ridiculous contract that will cripple payroll for years. Result: Soriano starts to decline much faster than anticipated and now he's absolutely untradeable and hasn't provided a single playoff win.

2008 - Lou demanded more left-handedness, so Hendry traded DeRosa and signed Bradley. Result: Missed the playoffs.

2009 - Bradley MUST go, so Hendry will trade him for probably a more crippling contract and/or an awful player. Result: We'll almost certainly miss the playoffs.

Out of 25 guys + coaches + trainers + various other club personnel, how bad can one guy make the clubhouse? You know what makes for a bad clubhouse? Almost everyone on the team performing below expectations. That tends to make people a bit grumpy. One guy who seems like a sullen loner isn't going to ruin the clubhouse atmosphere, and even if he does are we sure that has such a huge, quantifiable effect on performance? If all it took was some negativity to ruin a guy's batting average, then wouldn't there be a much more pronounced home field advantage in baseball?

On the field, Bradley's at least 100 feet from the nearest player. On the bases, he's at least 90 feet from the nearest player and we all know he gets on base a lot. Why not just keep him and see what happens? What's the worst that could happen?

Pierre was 2005 fwiw, heading into 2006 season.

Yeah, my bad. Still, end result - Missed playoffs.

Why not just keep him and see what happens?

He'll be 32 next year, he's far from durable, and his power disappeared last year. I think there's a very good chance that what little value he has now will disappear due to injury or continuing decline. In that case, the Cubs can only cut him and eat his whole salary. At least by moving him now they can save a few million dollars and hopefully pick up a player or prospect that is marginally more useful to the organization.

I doubt his value can get any lower.

I personnally do not like or follow american league ball
except for interleague play,i definatley dislike the white sox.
I am beginning to think i like the way Kenny Williams goes
about white sox business not much leaks out he holds his cards close to the vest and when a move is made it is not expected.
Where as with Jim Hendry seems like every one knows year in year out what he is up to.

Jake Peavey when Cubs were after him every one knew it played out in the press,I personnally blamed Kevin Towers for alot of it, but Kenny W illiams makes that move no one heres anything.

Iam beginning to think Kenny Williams is much better and more respected in mlb.

no one hears about Kenny Williams moves because no one cares about the White Sox. They get a 1/10th of the press coverage of the Cubs and a 1/10th of fans that give a shit about them.

The peavy move did fall under the radar probably because no one thought he'd get traded while on the DL.

NPSPORT (Canada) who come at this from a Blue Jays point of view, of course, TWEETS that there is a genuine deal for MB on the table

Cubs GM Jim Hendry has at least one firm offer for Milton Bradley, deal will happen by Friday, but to reiterate, #BlueJays not involved

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Yeah, right.

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  • Can't teach height and thinness

    jacos 1 hour 10 min ago view
  • Hopefully Pirates don't call up A. Lincoln.

    jacos 10 hours 40 min ago view
  • j.buchanan going friday...should something like it.

    crunch 10 hours 47 min ago view
  • Wow. I didn't know they could do that.

    Nice for Willson, not so much for Addy.

    billybucks 11 hours 4 min ago view
  • Game is officially called...also officially a tie.

    Stats count, no make-up date of course.


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  • Yeah -- seeing the weather -- I hope KB and Rizz are inside, wrapped in blankets and drinking hot chocolate.

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  • rain delay...thanks obama.

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  • Thanks again Phil. We actually were in Mesa and drove around. Hopefully, I am back for some Fall League. If not I have all of spring training (like the smart people who move here!)

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  • What Rob G said.  I can't speak for Piittsburgh, but the other end of the state has had absolute crap weather for two days. Perfect day to take it easy.

    Transmission 13 hours 38 min ago view
  • tarp came off 10 minutes ago...let's do this.

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  • He will not pitch another game for Cubs

    /Unless injury in playoffs

    jacos 14 hours 8 min ago view
  • ~fart~

    jacos 14 hours 9 min ago view
  • Today is bullpen day

    jacos 14 hours 10 min ago view
  • 10/450 if they win WS

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  • Carrie Muskat [email protected]
    Even though Hammel is missing start, don't assume he'll not be on #Cubs postseason roster. Maddon says elbow problem isn't that bad

    Carrie Muskat [email protected]
    Maddon on #Cubs postseason rotation: "I don't want to announce anything. We haven't talked to anybody yet"

    Carrie Muskat [email protected]
    Maddon hopes Soler can take BP in Cincy, play in sim game Tue. "All of that should give us some kind of indication of where he's at"

    crunch 14 hours 27 min ago view
  • tarp on the field 40 minutes before gametime...meh.

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