Cubs and Marmol Agree on Deal & Other Cubs News

The Cubs will avoid an arbitration hearing with Carlos Marmol, as the two sides agreed on a deal for $2.125M...exactly the midpoint of their two submitted figures of $1.75M and $2.5M.

- Kevin Millar was on XM Radio this morning excited about signing with the Cubs. Apparently he lives in the Mesa area and wanted to go to camp with a team nearby so he could spend time with his 2 kids and a third on the way in June. He says he knows that if he as any chance to make the team, he'll have to re-learn third base and try to play some outfield. That should be fun to watch.

In the same radio interview, the hosts referenced an interview with Reed Johnson yesterday where Reed talked about the confines of the clubhouse at Wrigley. Reed seemed to suggest that the lack of space made it difficult on the team last year to escape some of the drama with Milton Bradley and so forth.

- The TV schedules are coming out and the Cubs will be on WGN for a record low 58 games this year and the home opener will be on WCIU. They also have 8 Fox Saturday games (two scheduled for Saturday nights) and another two ESPN Sunday night games in July. A few more games could be dropped or picked up by ESPN as well.

- Vine Line's latest issue features 50 Cubs prospects you should know and they feature two in this blog post - Hak-Ju Lee and D.J. LeMahieu.

- Speaking of Lee, Muskat runs down some of the signings from Korea over the last few years. This was posted in the comments a few weeks back, but here's Lee singing that's referenced in the article.

- Yahoo does their season preview on the Cubs.

On the field, everything must fall in place for manager Lou Piniella’s team to make the playoffs.

Insightful. That pretty much goes for the other 29 teams as well.

- Holding out hope for Orlando Hudson to join the Cubs? It looks like he's headed to the Minnesota Twins.


Really glowing report on Lee's defensive ability in the Vline article. I likes.

The Cubs clubhouse really is cramped and tacky.

yeah, wrigley field part 2 is badly needed.

as stadiums continue to enhance their perks the shithole known as wrigley field will continue to irk some players.

for all the love the place gets from fans there's more than a few others that hate their facilities and other quirks like having to sit around the line/wall as the bullpen area.

That's what you freakin' get when you elect a south sider as Prez. Da city probably gots them some 100 new trucks to collect gum off 35th and Shields savin' 2 jobs, but not ONE thin DIME to stimulis the Nort Side. Wit the billions Ozzie got he coulda built a freakin' dome, but what do we got? Korean Korkiokee. Next time, let's do some Yankee action, eh? Wit all dem pals up dere, dey probably GIVEN, I say GIVEN dem hot dogs away wit da stimilus money Kostanza got 'em. AND we seen it, didn't we? Damn Yanks took all dat money and blew it on a World Series. Yeah, I don't blame Bradley DIS time for hackin' a loogy up wit dis sweat joint. Jeez..hardly enuff room to take a spit or light up a reefer witout everybody knowin' yer bizznass. Ah, who cares? Damn Blackhawks didn't care. Dey jes put new grass down over what was already new!?!?! Somebody's starvin' somewhere and deez hockey pucks grows some more grass over grass. NOW DAT's tinkin' like da Prez, and some Yankees, baby. "Hey youse guys!! Yah, you over dere!! Pass me the Prior drill towel! Yea, I knows we only gots one, stoopit. What didja tink dis was, Citi Field?"

And here I thought head scratching dialect humor died with vaudeville.

Al Jolson approves!

Is that you, Prison Mike?

Did any reporter anywhere bother to ask how much this comedy gig of Kevin Millar's is costing the Cubs? Some would have us believe he signed for nothing.


i mean...really?

what's the cost of a minor league deal? less than 100K and not guaranteed if he's cut I believe. AZ Phil would know...

I assume he has some incentives like Tracy if he makes the team.

some guys get high-end minor league deals, but that usually goes to elder-teacher types who are mentoring someone, don't mind riding the busses, and who's main realistic goal is to be an injury replacement or end-season callup. pat borders...etc.

this is a guy trying to get his career back and with his limited time of viability it seems he's chosen the route of a possible contender to do it.

i doubt he's making AAA minimum, but i doubt he's making huge bank.

well I assume Millar is just there to try and make the team and show-off for other clubs. I doubt he's going to Iowa if he doesn't make the team. I could see Tracy going to Iowa possibly, he's still pretty young.

Submitted by Rob G. on Thu, 02/04/2010 - 2:07pm.
what's the cost of a minor league deal? less than 100K and not guaranteed if he's cut I believe. AZ Phil would know...

I assume he has some incentives like Tracy if he makes the team.


ROB G: Miner league contracts are not guaranteed, and termination pay for minor leaguers is two weeks salary (1/12 of the player's salary). For minor league players released during the off-season (before they are signed for the next season), there is no termination pay.

In the case of a Chad Tracy or a Kevin Millar, the typical minor league deal would be a $120K-$300K minor league salary (or $10,000-$25,000 every two weeks), meaning if Tracy or Millar gets released prior to Opening Day, it costs the Cubs (at most) maybe $25,000 in termination pay for each player (plus about another $1,100 per week in Spring Training pay, per diem, and housing allowance that all players receive while in big league camp).

For MLB vets like Tracy and Millar, there is always a pre-arranged MLB salary (in writing) in case the player is added to the MLB 40-man roster, usually somewhere between $600K-$1.2M, depending on the player. Tracy's has already been announced ($900K MLB salary plus another $500K+ in performance incentives). Millar probably got a similar deal.

Also, MLB veterans like Tracy and Millar often will have a player option allowing them to request and receive their release if they don't make the MLB 25-man roster out of Spring Training. Sometimes players with this option will defer it and report to the AAA club for a month or two, and then request (and receive) their release. Rod Beck did this a few years ago (accepted an assignment to AAA Iowa, before asking for his release a couple of months into the season so he could sign a major league deal with the Padres).

is the netting above on that picture there because of falling concrete in the locker room?

It's actually for guys who need to take swings during the game. They drop the net and guys hit off a tee. Pretty high-tech, I know.

I took the Wrigley tour last year and was surprised by the size of the clubhouses, especially the visitors. It's amazing the building used to host football games.

Anyways, there was a part of the east wall of the home clubhouse that had obviously been smashed by either a bat or a really angry fist. It had Johnson's autograph next to it. I have a picture somewhere.


mets sign travis blackley to a minor league deal and he promptly goes out in the Carb. WS and throws one of the worst/flattest sliders ever to go with his ordinary fastball.

good luck making it past ST, dude.

-edit- and the worst blown call at 1st since the 85 WS just happened in this MEX/PR game

10 times baseball has been a final jeopardy answer

I got 7 of 10, although I would have gotten the expansion question if I had more time.

9 out of 10, I missed the first.

9 0ut of 10.

Never heard the Stargell quote before, but I guessed right due to it's fantastic description.

did you guys give yourselves about 30 seconds on the expansion question?

if so, I'm impressed...

screwed up the name for stealing a player one (guessed Dodgers...I know dumb) and the 3 different cities (forgot Braves one won in Milwaukee)

I missed Pirates question, yes did 30 seconds.

Dodgers named for people dodging trolleys in Brooklyn.

I figured it out on my own, but it took my about 5 minutes. The two I missed were the first one (sadface) and the one about the Boston Red Stockings.

That's a 10 out of 10...toot that!

my god...

paul sulivan is STILL on that "let's party! milton bradley is gone! hahahah!" kick, huh?

wow, remind me not to fuck his wife. i'd never hear the end of it from across the country any opportunity he got to bitch about it.

he'll always be on it, if you read the comments here

it appears Milton made it clear that he didn't like Sullivan early on and let him hear it on many occasions.

my take is that Sullivan's enjoying Milton's departure a little too much and I never cared for blaming the season on him. But Milton was kind of a douche/idiot/whatever you want to call him when he was here.

it seems picked a tangent and ran with it without understanding sulivan's months-long bitchfest about bradley while thinking the other blogger dude was on the verge of butt-hurt and tears over the whole issue.

good for them for taking something too seriously and ignoring sulivan's history on the milton subject in order to make fun of another blogger with their brand of humor.

yeah, pretty much agreed with jim essian myself, although not to that extreme, although I like Tim's writing for the most part.

none of it was about sullivan's history though with bradley, the reactions were about the alleged improper use of calling a player an idiot in a tweet by a beat writer.

but I know you don't like HJE since your still on their testimonials page...

wow...they still have that? i forgot about that.

yeah, they do good stuff sometimes, but most of their stuff reminds me of Dane Cook in an autistic rage. very serious ranting while going "why so serious?" doesn't make it any less serious.

-edit- well damn...not only am i there, but i'm 1st on the list and linked to TCR. oookay. kinda weird my newest statement matches the 1st to an extent.

you have two testimonials and both unfortunately associate back to TCR...

yeah, i really wouldn't want to be associated with TCR, either.

I didn't go into a whole history of Sullivan's obsession with hating on Bradley since I thought it was understood. The idiot comment and his blocking of me was just what set off the post, not the totality of my problems with him. Then all hell broke loose.

I'm fine with HJE mocking the post, I'm frankly surprised I don't get more mocking of some of the crap I post. It was good for traffic for a couple of days though.

as I said, think Sullivan's a little too giddy about Bradley leaving and put far too much weight into his attitude and performance as being the problems with the 2009 team. On the other hand, I don't think calling Bradley an idiot is a big deal at all, nor banning someone for calling him an idiot is either. Blogger, fan, etc. doesn't really give anyone the moral high ground to then resort to the same petty namecalling.

I did nominate you for best Cubs blog at Cubscast...figured you needed a pick-me up after the last few days. :)

"Blogger, fan, etc. doesn't really give anyone the moral high ground to then resort to the same petty namecalling."

Poppycock. Calling Paul Sullivan names automatically defaults you to the moral high ground. : )

You're a little too easy on HJE. His diatribe impossibly managed to walk the tightrope between longest and least informed on the subject.

Anyone who doesn't recognize the self parody of bitching about someone summarizing tweets, by directly quoting that summary should probably have his infinite number of monkeys taken away.'s satire. if you don't enjoy it you obviously don't understand satire. enjoy your humorless world. my soul weeps for the extreme.

Yeah, it seemed over the top, but whatever. I thought it was entertaining that Sullivan has no problem calling other people names but then can't take one comment from somebody that no one cares about in the slightest.

Like I mentioned in HJE's comments, if I had known it would have blown up like this, I probably would have stood on some more solid ground than the stupid idiot tweet incident in making my case that Sullivan needs to get over Bradley being mean to him.

I wonder how many work hours have been lost as people kept running with this.

Thanks for the nomination, Rob! (tear)

Seriously. I never fuck someone else's wife unless I'm certain he won't keep mentioning it, like some bitch.

yeah, dawg.

~high fives~

Seriously, does it get any worse than Paul Sullivan?

only to idiots, supposedly. i'm waiting for the major players to stop swinging their purses long enough to tell us if that's the case.

yes...Phil Rogers.

Such is my distaste for Sullivan that I'd even prefer Rogers.

What if the Tribune actually had good writers covering the Cubs? What would that be like?

the 1980's? with Jerome Holtzman? (or whenever he covered)

actually I grew up on the Sun-Times because my Dad was cheap and it was .15 cents cheaper for a paper.

"Chicago Cubs Debt Could Hurt Team"

"The limited liability corporation used to facilitate the acquisition already had $699 million of debt from other sources."


I didn't read the article, but if you create a shell corporation to buy a baseball team, they're going to have a lot of debt.

Apparently the Ricketts put the purchase on their dad's Discover card and the interest rate increased just before the Credit Card Protection Act went into effect. What a shame.

It's okay, though, Tom Ricketts is going to securitize the debt by creating a new financial instrument called a Credit Underwriting Balance Swap and sell it on wall street.

I think it's past my bedtime.

"Apparently the Ricketts put the purchase on their dad's Discover card..."

That is some serious Cashback Bonus.

looks like they may have found some more entertainment in the Midwest...

his "hispanic" accent sounds a lot like a "ninja" accent.

That was terrible, and a poor ripoff of some videos making fun of energy drinks.

I wouldn't watch it twice or show it to anyone I cared about.

VEN/DOM game is good, btw... MLB Network...

DOM taking a 3-2 lead by stealing home in the bottom 7th...yeah, that's a good game. freddy gonzalez's 3rd steal of the game (3 for 4).

woo...early feb. live baseball.

Millar's deal comes w/ no guaranteed money

Z earning his loot and more fan support...sweet.

For me, a winter in Chicago would consist of mostly Gino's East, Al's, hockey games and Weed Street. Nice to see that Z is a little more responsible than I am.

Gino's East is disgusting.

Lou Malnati's is good.


Gino's East is fantastic. Lou Malnati's not so much. There's a place on Clark called My Pie that I like a lot. It doesn't get much press, but it is pretty good.

Lou Malnati's is pretty awesome too...

Adam Kennedy signed by Nationals

Orlando Hudson signed by Twins, 1 year/$5M

at least I'm glad Kennedy won't be rumored coming here

no reporting yet on the $$ Kennedy gets but here's the article on his signing

Her digestive system has been affected. Unable to swallow, Riley spends mealtime tethered to a feeding tube, while another tube in her tiny throat allows for the draining of built-up secretions that could seep into her lungs and impair breathing. It’s her only manifestation of the illness.

poor kid....

It makes the quality of Dempster's season last year even more surprising.

No doubt about who's that girl's daddy, is there?

Cactus League President Robert Brinton said ticket surcharges previously have been used by specific cities to fund baseball stadiums within their jurisdictions, but this is the first time a leaguewide fee could be imposed for one project. In a nutshell, the D-backs, Sox and spring training fans Valleywide would help foot the bill for Mesa to build a 15,000-seat stadium for the Cubs.

“We’re opposed,” said White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf.

wonder how many spring training sellouts they get when the Cubs aren't the opponent?

I can see being fundamentally opposed but pratically, they're going to lose a lot of money of the Cubs leave.

Seems short-sighted by Reinsdorf...

President of the Cactus League? That's got to be a pretty sweet gig. The season only lasts one month and then you have eleven months to prepare for the next one.


When I log in and a thread indicates that there are "23 new comments", I can identify those comments on page one of the thread with the helpful red "new" label on each comment.

However, if I scroll to page 2 or any subsequent page, the red "new" label no longer appears on the new comments, making it difficult to identify new comments on any page other than page 1.

Am I missing something or can something be done to identify new comments on later pages? Thanks!

change the amount of comments per page to a higher number...the setting is at the top of the comments...threads rarely go over 150, so that's probably a good number.


Much appreciated.

Comments after 45 or so are seldom good anyway.

it's almost a token position. bobert brinton does all kinds of Mesa boosting stuff with outdoors, business, and tourism. he kinda likes Mesa.

I think he has to make that statement in the press to appease his meatball fan base.

But privately he knows who's his dark master.

Did I fanbase? I meant team too.

Stay classy,White Sox.

bwhaha. awesome.

Jerry Reinsdorf opposing a sweetheart deal for building a stadium is rich with irony.

It's different when the TAXPAYERS foot the bill. This one would actually require the other owners to pay, if only by technically increasing their own ticket prices.

says Indians offered 2/$10M with 3rd year option for Hudson but backloaded, with most of $$ coming in buyout for third year.

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  • Thank you PHIL.

    Glad you avoided temps in the 100s.

    I remember you mentioning Dewees needng plenty of work in th IF. How are his OF instincts?

    Also, did see much of Satchel McElroy? Only Satchel I have heard about other than the "orignal" and one of Woody Allen's kids.

    The E-Man 2 hours 41 min ago view
  • Hate to give the Mets credit, but they did everything right tonight in what had to be a very tough game for them to play. As Hollandsworth said on the Cubs post-game -- if you watched the game, you saw Mets players consoling Marlins players who were in tears during the game. Between that and the way Molina handled the Ross farewell -- maybe the Mets and Cardinal players aren't pure evil. Just the fans.

    billybucks 10 hours 12 min ago view
  • New York Mets @Mets
    Dee Gordon lead-off home run. #AintEvenMad #BiggerThanBaseball 1-0 Miami.
    7:25 PM - 26 Sep 2016

    crunch 10 hours 49 min ago view
  • Amazing effort by Gordon -- truly remarkable.

    billybucks 11 hours 10 min ago view
  • Cubs get 100, KB gets 100, Hendricks gets below 2.00, Cards get absolutely destroyed by the Reds -- all good, other than some Rondon concern. Hopefully, he can get a few outings in this week and find his groove. Also, I guess Soler is still struggling with his right side. Hmmmm. Too bad Joe didn't let Addy bat with the bases loaded in the 7th -- great RBI opportunity.

    I assume all the relievers are on a set schedule this week, but it seems strange Chapman pitched back-to-back.

    billybucks 11 hours 13 min ago view
  • Barry Rozner article interviewing Greg Maddux (with comments on Kyle Hendricks).

    "I like watching him pitch," Maddux said of Hendricks. "I like guys that rely on movement and location. I can relate to him. That's what I had to do. "I'd rather watch him pitch than some lefty throwing 95 mph."

    Cubster 11 hours 34 min ago view
  • cubs win #100. neat.

    crunch 11 hours 42 min ago view
  • Chapman in to stop the bleeding.

    Brick 11 hours 50 min ago view
  • they're falling apart late in WAS...damn.

    crunch 12 hours 20 min ago view
  • Wilson Ramos may be hurt badly. Carried off the field. Looks like the knee.

    John Beasley 12 hours 23 min ago view
  • Hendricks 6 shutout innings, ends night with an ERA of 1.99

    Cubster 12 hours 33 min ago view
  • in case it hasn't been mentioned yet, Twins are hiring Indians 32-year old Derick Falvey from the Cleveland Native Americans organization.

    Suppose McLeod could still be asked by another organization but likely staying put.

    Rob G. 13 hours 32 min ago view
  • Well put, both your remark, and Crunch's.

    Transmission 13 hours 33 min ago view
  • I saw the Gordon HR. It was like a funeral where the mourners were made to play baseball. So sad...

    CTSteve 13 hours 37 min ago view
  • i wanted to watch more of it, but it started to feel like i was going beyond witnessing a human experience that isn't often seen into an uncomfortable voyeurism. these guys are in pain.

    crunch 13 hours 56 min ago view
  • wow I am glad I missed the start of the MIA game.  I would have been sobbing.

    Transmission 14 hours 5 min ago view