2010 Rule 4 Draft

The MLB Rule 4 Draft (AKA “First-Year Player Draft”) starts at 7 PM ET tomorrow (Monday June 7th) and will continue Tuesday and Wednesday. The first round (plus the 1st supplemental round) will be televised “live” on the MLB network Monday night, with the balance of the draft to be conducted via conference call (rounds 2-30 starting at noon ET on Tuesday, and rounds 31-50 starting at noon ET on Wednesday).

The Cubs will have the 16th pick in the 1st round, followed by the 65th overall pick (2nd round), pick #97 overall (3rd round), and #130 overall (4th round), and then every 30 picks (#160, #190, #220, #250, etc) after that until the 50 rounds are completed. More than 1,500 players will be selected by the 30 MLB clubs before the drafting is finished.

Clubs have until August 15th to sign draft picks who have college eligibility remaining, but there is no deadline for signing college seniors who have exhausted their eligibility. Players who are not selected in the draft can sign with any club as a Non-Drafted Free-Agent (NDFA), with the same deadline as drafted players applying to NDFA.

If a club fails to sign a 1st (or 2nd) round pick in a given year, it gets a replacement pick one slot lower in the 1st (or 2nd) round of the following year's draft. (Not signing a 3rd round pick nets a club a compensation pick between the 3rd and 4th rounds in the following year's draft).

Projected 1st round picks “connected” to the Cubs in recent mock drafts include catcher Justin O’Conner (Cowan HS - Muncie, IN), RHP Asher Wojciechowski (The Citadel), RHP Alex Wimmers (Ohio State), and RHP Karsten Whitson (Chipley HS - Chipley, FL). O‘Connor has one of the best arms in the draft, and could be moved to RHP if he doesn’t hit enough to stay behind the plate. The fact that the Cubs think nothing of moving a catcher to pitcher makes O‘Conner the “logical“ Cubs choice if he is available when the Cubs pick at #16.

I strongly suspect the Cubs will take a catcher somewhere in the first two rounds (at #16 or at #65), with LH hitting Kellin Deglan (a teammate of Cubs 2009 5th round pick SS Wes Darvill on the 2009 Canadian Junior National Team) a likely target if he is available at #65 and if the Cubs don't draft O'Conner in the 1st round. Switch-hitting catcher Micah Gibbs (LSU) is another possibility for the Cubs at #65 if the Cubs don't get a shot at O'Conner or Deglan .

The Cubs did give an extended work-out to Big South Conference Player of the Year (and Illinois native) CF Nate Roberts (High Point U.) at Fitch Park on Friday (he even played in an EXST game, getting an RBI single and two stolen bases), but he probably wouldn‘t get selected until maybe the 3rd or 4th round (if he‘s still available).

The Cubs have a history of drafting players they like two years in a row, most-recently TCU RHP Andrew Cashner (30th round in 2007 and then 1st round in 2008), Clemson 3B Marquez Smith (35th round in 2006 and then 8th round in 2007). and Stanford OF Sam Fuld (24th round in 2003 and then 10th round in 2004), so don’t be surprised if the Cubs select a player they drafted (but did not sign) a year ago. 2009 31st round pick 1B Andrew Clark (U. of Louisville), 20th round pick LHP Eric Ericson (U. of Miami), 34th round pick RHP Rett Varner (UT-Arlington), and 16th round pick OF Keenyn Walker (Central Arizona JC) are four players who were drafted but not signed by the Cubs last year who might get the Cubs attention again this time around (Clark reportedly turned down a six-figure offer from the Cubs at the deadline last August).

Last year, the Cubs signed 31 of their 50 selections, including their first 12 picks, and 25 of their first 29. Of the 31 who signed, two had their contracts voided, four have subsequently been released, and one retired. 14 of the Cubs 50 selections in the 2009 Rule 4 Draft were high school players, and the Cubs signed four of them (3rd round pick LHP Austin Kirk, 5th round pick SS Wes Darvill, 7th round selection IF-OF Blair Springfield, and 19th round pick C Sergio Burruel). The Cubs selected only eight high school players in the 2007 draft and eight in the 2008 draft (16 combined) and signed only five of the 16 (3B Josh Vitters and RHP Ryan Acosta in 2007, and C-IF Matt Cerda, INF Logan Watkins, and RHP Tarlandus Mitchell in 2008). The Cubs have also given $6M+ in signing bonuses to amateur players from Korea, Australia, and Taiwan over the past three years, making the First-Year Player Draft somewhat less important than it would be if the Cubs were not actively pursuing players in Asia and Australia.

This will be Wilken’s fifth draft since joining the Cubs as Scouting Director in December 2005.

Here are last year's Cubs Rule 4 selections, and where they are now:

NOTE: Players who signed with Cubs are in bold

* bats or throws left
# bats both

1. * Brett Jackson, OF (Cal) – SIGNED (CF at Daytona)
2. D. J. Lemahieu, SS (LSU) - SIGNED (INF at Daytona)
3. * Austin Kirk, P (Owasso HS - Owasso, OK) - SIGNED (at Fitch Park EXST)
4. * Chris Rusin, P (U. of Kentucky) – SIGNED (at Daytona)
5. * Wes Darvill, SS (Brentwood SS - Langley, BC) - SIGNED (at Fitch Park EXST)
6. * Brooks Raley, P/OF (Texas A&M) - SIGNED (LHP at Daytona)
7. Blair Springfield, SS (MacArthur HS - Decatur, IL) - SIGNED (IF-OF at Fitch Park EXST)
8. Robert Whitenack, P (SUNY - Old Westbury) - SIGNED (at Peoria)
9. * Richard Jones, C (The Citadel) – SIGNED (1B at Fitch Park EXST)
10. Charles Thomas, 3B (Edward Waters College) - SIGNED (at Peoria)
11. * John Mincone, P (Suffolk County CC) – SIGNED (at Fitch Park EXST)
12. Runey Davis, OF (Howard JC) – SIGNED (at Fitch Park EXST)
13. Chad Taylor, SS/P (Jefferson HS – Tampa, FL) - DID NOT SIGN (enrolled at U. of South Florida)
14. Danny Keefe, P (U. of Tampa) – SIGNED (at Fitch Park EXST)
15. Cody Shields, OF (Auburn U. - Montgomery) – SIGNED (at Fitch Park EXST)
16. # Keenyn Walker, OF (Judge Memorial Catholic HS – Salt Lake City, UT) - DID NOT SIGN (enrolled at Central Arizona JC)
17. B. J. Dail, P (Mt. Olive College) - SIGNED (contract voided - subsequently signed with Gateway Grizzlies - Frontier League)
18. Matt Williams, C (Duke) - SIGNED (retired post-2009)
19. * Sergio Burruel, C (Trevor Browne HS – Phoenix, AZ) - SIGNED (at Fitch Park EXST)
20. * Eric Erickson, P (U. of Miami) - DID NOT SIGN
21. Greg Rohan, 1B (Kent State) – SIGNED (1B-3B-LF at Peoria)
22. D. J. Fitzgerald, SS (Dyersburg State CC) – SIGNED (LF at Peoria)
23. Jeffrey Pruitt, OF (Cal State – Northridge) - SIGNED (contract voided - subsequently signed with Florida Marlins)
24. Gerardo Esquivel, P (De La Salle Institute – Chicago, IL) - DID NOT SIGN (enrolled at Kansas Sate)
25. * Justin Bour, 1B (George Mason) – SIGNED (at Peoria)
26. Steve Grife, P (Mercyhurst College) – SIGNED (at Peoria)
27. Corey Martin, P (Western Carolina) - SIGNED (at Fitch Park EXST)
28. Jordan Petraitis, 3B (Miami U. - Ohio) – SIGNED (released March 2010)
29. Tim Clubb, P (Missouri State) – SIGNED (released April 2010 - subsequently signed with Gateway Grizzlies - Frontier League)
30. Daniel Sheppard, C (Downers Grove North HS – Downers Grove, IL) - DID NOT SIGN (enrolled at U. of Iowa)
31. * Andrew Clark, 1B (U. of Louisville) - DID NOT SIGN
32. Trey McNutt, P (Shelton State CC) - SIGNED (at Peoria)
33. * John Lambert, P (NC State) - DID NOT SIGN
34. Rett Varner, P/OF (UT – Arlington) - DID NOT SIGN
35. Kevin David, C (Oklahoma State) - DID NOT SIGN
36. Brandon May, 2B (U. of Alabama) – SIGNED (3B-1B at Fitch Park EXST)
37. * Peter Mooney, SS (Palm Beach CC) - DID NOT SIGN
38. * Bobby Wagner, 3B (Panola JC) - SIGNED (C-1B at Fitch Park EXST)
39. Nick Struck, P (Mt. Hood CC) - SIGNED (at Peoria)
40. Eric Whaley, P (Cardinal Gibbons HS – Ft. Lauderdale, FL) - DID NOT SIGN (enrolled at LSU)
41. Jake Schmidt, P (Concordia U. – St. Paul) - SIGNED (released March 2010 - subsequently signed with St. Paul Saints - Northern League)
42. Trey Ford, SS (Chaparral HS – Scottsdale, AZ) - DID NOT SIGN (enrolled at South Mountain CC)
43. Colin Kaepernick, P (U. of Nevada) - DID NOT SIGN
44. Frank DeJiulio, P (Daytona State CC) - DID NOT SIGN
45. Addison Dunn, P (Warren Area HS – Warren, PA) - DID NOT SIGN (enrolled at Kent State)
46. * Glenn Cook, OF (U. of Miami) - SIGNED (released post-2009)
47. Joey Jocketty, 3B (Ladue Horton Watkins HS – St. Louis, MO) - DID NOT SIGN (enrolled at Miami U. - Ohio)
48. John Nasshan, P (Niles West HS – Skokie, IL) - DID NOT SIGN (enrolled at Bradley)
49. Christian Segar, CF (McQuaid Jesuit HS – Brighton, NY) - DID NOT SIGN (enrolled at Bradley)
50. Zach Cleveland, P (Central Arizona JC) - DID NOT SIGN (transferred to U. of New Mexico)

2008 NDFA:
* Daley Cox, P (Santa Fe CC) - SIGNED (released post-2009)
Jesse Ginley, P (St. Petersburg CC) - SIGNED (at Fitch Park EXST)


Az Phil who do you think is the next Cub youngster to make it
to Chicago?

Submitted by rokfish on Sun, 06/06/2010 - 9:58pm.
Az Phil who do you think is the next Cub youngster to make it
to Chicago?


ROKFISH: Probably Welington Castillo.

I would have thought Jackson, particuarly if the Cubs start trading veterans.

Where do I lodge my official "no" vote against taking a high school catcher? Joe Mauer's been good... and I am sure I'm forgetting a player or two, but historically high school catchers are pretty much the worst possible pick you can make.

More impact bats is good though, if they think they can find one.

I'm just shooting from the hip here, but a lot of guys start out as catchers and end up playing other positions. Marmol comes to mind. Maybe the scouts saw something in his game they liked?

Otherwise, yes, I agree... find a slugger or a starter.

I should have been clearer, specifically talking about the first round of the draft. There's plenty of guys who get drafted or signed as catchers and move to pitcher - particuarly with the Cubs. And there's plenty of college catchers who do just fine - a lot lately it seems like. High School catchers drafted in the first round, however, have produced the worst value of any position/level at the bigs.

Soto, Yadier Molina, McCann, Kendall to name a few current ones...

unless you're expecting Johnny Bench or a 'roided out Piazza as the measure of a good pick.

I would think the emergence of Cashner and Colvin would give Wilken the benefit of the doubt for a bit.

ROB G: I've got the TCR Draft Tracker Ticker tuned up and ready to go for all 50 rounds.

I was counting on it. :)

thanks as always.

But will we see you guys in Parachat?

And why's it called parachat again? It seems just like regular chat.

probably not me, I'm swamped at work.

Parachat is the software, name just stuck.

Submitted by The Real Neal on Mon, 06/07/2010 - 8:50am.
Where do I lodge my official "no" vote against taking a high school catcher? Joe Mauer's been good... and I am sure I'm forgetting a player or two, but historically high school catchers are pretty much the worst possible pick you can make.

More impact bats is good though, if they think they can find one.


REAL NEAL: One of the reasons the Cubs like Kellin Deglan is that he has played against international competition and against pro teams (in Spring Training), and is considered more polished & advanced than the typical U. S. HS kid. Deglan also worked out during this past off-season with Justin Morneau, which reportedly helped show him what he needs to do to develop his body and helped to light a fire under his ass.

I think Deglan could actualy be the Cubs 1st round pick, especially if Justin O'Conner and Asher Wojciechocwski are gone. If those two are gone at 16, it would probably come down to whether the Cubs prefer a HS pitcher (Karsten Whitson) or catcher (Kellin Deglan) at 16 (presuming they are still on the board).

But O'Conner would probably be their #1 choice, just because he can pitch if he washes out as a catcher (he was a 3B/RHP in HS before switching to catcher mid-season).

That "he can move the mound" didn't work out so well with Harvey. I think in the first round if you're rationalizing your pick like that, you're probably on the wrong guy. You want a guy that everyone agrees is going to be wearing a ML Cubs uniform in four years at the outside.

It should be interesting - Wilken's been all over the board in terms of what he takes in the first round. That kid from Ohio State is my favorite among who's been mentioned, but I haven't really done much homework on the draft this year.

Edit - holy run-on-sentences, Batman!

Theriot 2B, Baker 3B, Lee 1B, Nady RF, Byrd CF, Soriano LF, Soto C, Castro SS, Silva P

lefty going for Pirates, dana Eveland

Buster on twitter says White Sox are sending out signals they're open for business.

Pirates radio guy on XM is running through the numbers and is impressed that Eveland is 2-0 with a good ERA vs. Chicago this year.

Problem is it's his first start against the Cubs and in the NL, those were against White Sox.

After a very long pause, his partner on the broadcast says, "There are 2 teams in Chicago".

Good radio.

now Pirates TV guys with the funny...

Byrd picked off and they're wondering why Soriano didn't take 2nd...

"I don't know what Soriano was doing...other than not much."

WTF was Byrd doing? Naturally, Soto gets a hit right afterwards (whic woudl have scored Byrd), followed by a DP. Another scoring chance brutally botched by your 2010 Cubs. "Year 1". Aye Carumba.

When was the last time Castro pulled the ball?

He hit one to pretty deep CF yesterday, fwiw. As a Cubs fan worrying about Castro's plate approach is probably about #18 on my things that bother me list.

Last 17 ABs, not including today where he is 0 for 3 with an intentional BB: .118/.158/.118

And I have never seen Castro pull a ball yet, although I did see he made an out to SS the other day.

Still, I am actually with you on this. For some reason I'm not worried about his approach to the plate. The league is making some adjustments on Castro but I think he'll be okay.

Not sure how this link will work, but at cubs.com you can look at the hit chart for him at any park. If you look at Wrigley, he actually is very evenly spread out with a lot of outs to third and short.


I don't remember him having any trouble pulling the ball during Spring Training. (Not directed at you, Neal.)

one of the reasons castro's low-power slap hitting works is you can't defend him even on a slight shift. he works the whole park.

i hope it's intentional rather than just swinging and seeing where it ends up.

glad they fixed the scheduling from last year of the draft.

I think last year it went up against a full slate of games and possibly the NBA finals.

Pretty empty schedule tonight all around.

Silva well on his way to NL Comeback Player of the Year...

baseball is funny.

Two outs into the 5th inning, he's thrown 68 pitches, of which 51 have been strikes.

God bless him.

Apparently there is a jinx related to mentioning strike-throwing in progress that is similar to the jinx from talking about a no-hitter in progress.

My apologies.

Clearly the most logical move to make at this point is a 5-year backloaded $90 million dollar contract for Silva...

Brewers release Jeff Suppan...

We should snatch him up - look what we've done with his idol, Carlos "The Stopper" Silva. 2.84 ERA - and they say Dave Duncan is good!

BA mock draft

Whitson 9th to Padres, O'Connor goes 10th to A's, Wimmers 12th to Reds, Wojo 23rd to Marlins among some of the names previously mentioned.

has Cubs taking RHP Deck McGuire out of Georgia Tech


O'Connor mentioned as high as 7th with the Mets

With a name like Deck McGuire, how do you not become a power-hitting OF/1B?

Theriot doing a good impression of a leadoff hitter today.

Byrd waking up again.

cubs trying to avoid first winless season in Pittsburgh in 124 years according to sun times.

Silva could sell Slim Fast, I'm buying .

Why have we played so many games in Pittsburg, anyway?

Also, why is our hitting coach playing catcher for them? That seems unfair.


chat with Frankie Piliere who seems pretty connected, scanned through but couldn't find any Cubs info. Someone here should ask him something.

His mock draft...


16. Cubs | Karsten Whitson (RHP) | Chipley (Fla.) H.S.
Vitek may be gone by the time the Cubs pick, either to the Padres or possibly the Rangers, but he is a guy they'd love to have fall into their laps. They are reportedly in the hunt for a position player, if it's the right guy, but Whitson would be awfully tempting in this spot.

He has O'Connor going 7th to Mets

anyone care to post Law's pick for the Cubs with access?

Stevens gets the set-up man opportunity today...

...and Soriano tries to blow it for him.

Adam Everett DFA'd by Tigres, time to move Theriot to them.


On ESPN's play by play:

Sean Marshall pitching for Pittsburgh

Wow, I hope we got McCutchen for him.

Nope. Iwamura.

and millions of Marmol fantasy owners curse with the Cubs taking a 4-run lead

-edit- 5-run lead

That's why I don't draft Cubs.

I'll trade u Colvin or Byrd.


marshall stays in to try and get the save...

gets the first 2 outs and a double for Crosby.

@CubsInsider #Cubs have the 16th pick in tonight's #MLBDraft. Coverage live @MLBNetwork and MLB.com. Draft begins at 6 pm CT.

be nice if the CubsInsider would actually give out insider info...

carlos silva...


i mean...



Too bad I didn't say "I wouldn't be surprised if he winds up leading the team in ERA this year". My brother and I watched him make his first ST start - he looked like he was pitching for a HR Derby.

im at a total loss of words on what silva is doing. every time he looks like he might slip in late innings he goes to his next start and does that "wtf" good stuff all over again. go figure...

That's the thing, it's not even good stuff... it's just a sinker with plenty of junk and he throws it in the zone. The formula is just so simple it's brilliant.

Every time I think I've seen it all in baseball -- there goes a Carlos Silva. I mean if we had a real GM, what do you do? Keep him through 2011 or trade him? And who has the willingness to trade value in return for him?

Carlos Silva: lower ERA than Lincecum, more W's than Carpenter, and a better WHIP than Santana. Who'da thunk?

Let's not play a similar game with Lee and Ramirez.

Lee, similar success as BP, Ramirez, as good as Martha Coakley.

Take that, Pennsylvania!

Flyers and Pirates both drubbed by Chicago in less than 24 hours.


Wonder what today's actual attendance was -- according to Pat in the first inning: "Oh, about 1,00 folks or so as of now"

Judd and Otto guessed 9,000 officially. After they did, Pat said "There's not anywhere near 9,000 folks in the stand today. No chance. Not even half that. Maybe 2,500."

what's fear of crowds? agorophobia? maybe that's the problem w/ this team...heard an account elsewhere that makes hughes' estimate sound verrry generous...if silva could toss in a cg now & then he'd be downright fergiejenkinslike w/ all the strikethrowing he does...

I think that agrorophobia is fear of sweaters.

That has got to be the first mention of Silva and Fergie in the same sentence... unless it was something like "Carlos is always listening to that new Fergie album".

"Here is a list of Cubs pitchers over the last 50 years....Silva, Zambrano, Lilly....Jenkins....etc"


16. Chicago Cubs: Not at lot of feel here in the industry, some feel they'll be looking for an arm that can get to the rotation quickly like Alex Wimmers, and they'll have interest in Harvey if he gets this far. If San Diego passes on Castellanos, this could be his landing spot.

Pick: Nick Castellanos, 3B, Archbishop McCarthy HS (FL)

Has O'Connor going 10th, and Whitson 17th to the Rays, calling him a lot better than the 17th player in the draft.

money or not i still can't believe kaleb cowart is going in the high 20s or 2nd round on people's lists.

i'll believe it when i see it. i think some of these projections don't have a proper pulse.

BP and Heyman are the only 2 that have him in the first round, both saying a tough sign and both saying it would be the Rockies taking him.

he is gonna demand a lot of money. he can go to FSU, have the time of his life, and get paid bigtime anyway a few years from now.

1/2 the teams scouted him as a pitcher and 1/2 as a hitter...if one fails he could easily slip into another barring arm injury.

the guy's arm is just amazing...pitching aside....whether he ends up in the OF or at 3rd he can get rid of the ball like classic furcal when he was throwing the ball 10000000000 mph off flat ground.

he's a hitting machine...he understands and adjusts his mechanics...this is stuff "kids" just don't do, but he realized long before the pressure mounted that he should do this. it wasn't enough to just hit .500-.700 in school...he doesn't rest his skills.

mature dude...i'm a big fan (in case you can't tell by now).


Heyman's mock draft, although I don't think that's really his expertise.

Josh Sale, OF, Bishop Blanchet High (Ore.)

Sale seems to be going much higher in other mock drafts.

@Kevin_Goldstein Team in teens: "It's a joke, we're ranking 11 f---in' guys in here because we have no idea what's happening in front of us."

bwhahaha. awesome and to the point...

milton moved to 2 spot in mariners lineup with figgins going to 9th

a paul "gangsta vibes" sullivan picture of silva warming up today...

"silva warming up at empty PNC Park."



updated afternoon mock draft

O'Connors to Cubs at 16th

y.grandal keeps dropping by the day.

also, i can't believe the astros are so dead set on getting deshields and his speed/D game for a 1st rounder when there's power and pitching out there to be had. so many people are calling for astros/deshields and it seems no one wants to get in their way.

allegedy grandal had a pre-arranged deal with royals at #4 to start the day and then another team said they'd pay more and he backed out.

deshields was heavy with astros at #8 but has dropped to the 20's on most of these mock drafts

yeah, astros are expected to snag them with the 19th after wisely realizing there weren't a lot of teams wanting to throw 1st round money at a speed/D guy.

whoops, forgot astros have 2 picks...

heymand says blue jays like deshields as well

mlb network has blocked 3.5 hours for this "1st round draft pick" exaggerated TV experience.

it could be 60-90 minutes before the cubs even pick. wee.

oh yeah...they are dragging this crap out for no f'n reason other than to fill time.

mega mega artificially lame.

gonna check out CIN/SF game. =p

ps- WAS is immediately "turning" harper into an OF rather than C

not one mention of his attitude issues by the studio guys

why they have hart, reynolds and gammons there instead of at least mayo or callis I don't understand

what's worse is they do have both mayo and callis on the roll today in the same studio. they were interviewing them pre-draft. they should be doing the breakdowns, though...or at least helping.

by my math, Cubs will pick around 7:25 pm CST if everyone takes the full 5 minutes which they usually do.

quick/clean draft tracker via mlb mobile...


colon a surprise pick at 4, Pilliere is saying Pomeranz will go #5 to Indians.

pom's weird...his game is almost all fastball and his curveball looks/acts like a curve, but instead of using his wrist he flicks the ball with a finger to give it the spin. he does this to take the strain off his wrists and credits his dad with teaching it to him.

loux to dbacks, then hearing harvey to mets at 7 with choice going #10 to A's.

keith law says A's would move o'conner to 3b if they take him

Mayo says Astros will take Deshields at #8

-edit- Toronto, Texas and Rays were interested if they didn't take him there and waited until #19

Whitson goes #9, first guy linked to Cubs to go...

Zack Cox w/o a home, wonder if Cubs would go for another 3bmen, otherwise O'Conner or Grandal also still available.

law says Deck McGuire going to Jays...thinks O'Connor to Cubs.

Grandal going to Reds...

Chris Sale going to WSox according to Callis

Ivy (Clark & Addison): 1st Draft w/ new Cubs ownership: Are they more likely to spend than in the past?

Kevin Goldstein: Not necessarily. Some internal battles as some of the front office might want near ready talent to help save their jobs.

Jake Skole going to Rangers...Cubs on the clock.

Keith Law says O'Connor, possibly Vitek

surprise surprise..

Callis says Hayden Simpson to Cubs


Simpson has made a name for himself in the Division II ranks, going 22-1, 2.73 over his first two seasons at Southern Arkansas. Last year he set a new school record and ranked second nationally among all Division II players with 132 strikeouts. He entered 2010 as Baseball America's preseason choice for D-II pitcher of the year and the No. 8 prospect in D-II, and so far he has lived up to that billing. In his Feb. 5 season debut, Simpson struck out 13 over 5 2/3 shutout innings, allowing just three hits in a 13-1 win against Missouri Southern State. He followed that up with seven strong innings in a win against perennial D-II powerhouse Tampa last weekend. An American League area scout who was on hand for Simpson's season debut broke down his outing.

"The weather was terrible—it was really cold, and it had rained the day before. It's the first game of the year, and it's cold. The kid is 6-foot, 175 pounds—a slight build. He comes out in the first inning, and the first pitch is 94. Then 94, 94, 93, 96. There were about 20 scouts there and a handful of crosscheckers—he's no secret. He's throwing two breaking balls: a slider that he throws about 80 mph, and a curveball he throws about 76 mph. They're very similar pitches; the curveball has a little more depth, the slider has a little more run, and they're both tight and sharp.

"He faced 16 batters and struck out 13. The guy was good last year—an all-American. He's good. The only knock on him is his size, whether or not he can be a starter and hold up for a whole season with his size. If not then you've got a reliever who can come out and pump it, and shut you down with the breaking ball. But the second, third, fourth inning, he sat more 90-93. The fastball is pretty straight, he was kind of leaving it up a little bit—he's going to have to get it down. And whenever he goes to the stretch he loses a little bit of his velocity. But he has the ability to pump it back up when he needs to. I know it's Division II, so it is what it is talent wise, but he was just mowing them down. He's going to go pretty good (in the draft)."


roy oswalt 2.0 hehe...

Callis says he throws mid to upper 90's and kept his velocity as season went on...

also thinks someone else must have been on him to take him so high.

should leave money for a signability drop in later rounds.

yeah, the cubs just drafted a projected 2nd rounder...sweet.

You're talking about Tyler Colvin?

Haden Simpson? Callis and Mayo aren't overly critical, but they don't seem too high on the pick. At least he was in the top 200 on BA's list.


H. Simpson?

Homer's son from a previous marriage?

goldstein not enthused...

Kevin Goldstein: Our first complete and utter shocker in the draft as the Cubs take Heyden Simpson, a D-II pitcher from Arkansas. Just floored. Undersized righty with very good velo, but not a ton of other stuff.

Three different spellings on just a few posts. That's enough for me to give a big thumbs up on this pick.

should leave money for a signability drop in later rounds.
great...hopefully they are scouting baseball players and not wide receivers

The MLB.com report on the kid is pretty telling:


that's because he was a projected 2nd to 4th round pick.

it's kinda...insane at this point.

crunch's boy Cowart goes at #18 to angels

finally the draft starts making sense. =p

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  • ,571 winning percentage in May.

    I think they're gonna be OK.

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  • RAISIN: All I know is that Oscar de la Cruz is still shut down, and I don't know what his prognosis is, or what the plan is going forward.   

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  • Remember just two weeks ago, when "all" they had to do was play .500 ball the rest of the season and coast into the playoffs?

    BobbyD 3 hours 35 min ago view
  • Well I guess if pitchers can keep working the edges of the plate to perfection it will be a long season. But that doesn't seem likely. Rizzo finally, fully, snapping out of it would help.

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  • If I didn't believe in coincidences (or science), I would apologize to Gordon Downie--one of my favorites. Sad news about a great talent.

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    Has there been any news on Oscar de la Cruz' health?

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  • O&B: Cease was apparently working on his off-speed pitches in his first & thrd innings, because in his second inning of work he just blew the D'backs away with high-velocity gas (that's when he hit 99-100 and struck out the side). 

    Arizona Phil 13 hours 53 min ago view
  • Wow, Lyin' CTSteve? He was just BEGGING for my endorsement last year!  Lame!

    Transmission 13 hours 58 min ago view
  • 1. I did not say the thing I insisted that Trans write down and attribute to me, or it was taken out of context.

    2. Trans and his "roast" (aka, a Salisbury steak TV dinner by Swanson) are very low energy.

    3. Make TCR great again.


    CTSteve 14 hours 4 min ago view
  • Yeah, I'm fine if I don't hear another one, furlong time.

    Transmission 14 hours 6 min ago view
  • nice recap, horrible game...i hope to never hear another horse pun/joke for at least a decade.

    crunch 14 hours 18 min ago view
  • Recap posted.  ~sigh~

    Transmission 14 hours 36 min ago view

    MY GAWD.

    crunch 14 hours 59 min ago view
  • Ok, fine. I'll do a recap.

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  • Thanks for the post AZ. That's a huge attendance. Scouts must be excited about somebody.

    Would you say Cease's performance was a result of working on his change or was it just a bad outing? And isn't Ademan some ridiculous age, like 17 or something?What are your thoughts on him?

    Old and Blue 18 hours 11 min ago view