Twenty-Six Runs per Hour

Manager Ryne Sandberg's Iowa Cub lineup SCORED 4 runs in 9 minutes? I LOVE THIS STAT! That translates to 26.6 runs per hour. Thankfully, they suspend games in triple-A rather than just wash them out and make it a do-over. The RPH just might go up when the game resumes in a month.

Manager Lou Piniella's Chicago Cubs GAVE UP runs at a similar velocity. After last night's 17-2 debacle vs the Rockies in an 8th inning that saw 11 consecutive hits (13 total hits but 11 hits with 2 outs) and 12 runs score...that's what I'm talking about, RUNS PER MINUTE. The only problem is that the Chicago National League franchise's role model has been Captain Peter Wrongway Peachfuzz. It was too painful for me to use a stopwatch on that fiasco. The last time the Cubs gave up 12 in one inning was Sept. 24, 1985 vs the Expos. The Expos won that game 17-15 and Expo hat wearing Andre Dawson went 4-6 with 8 rbi and 3 homers. Oddly, a pitcher named Ray Fontenot took the loss for the Cubs. At least those Cubs scored 12 runs over the last 3 innings, which is more than this inept group could claim.

Why can't the I-Cubs just play out their schedule at Wrigley and hide the lame ducks in Des Moines?

As far as the trading deadline ending later this afternoon, the Saturday morning latest says Lilly is still on the block with the Dodgers, Twins, Tigers and Yankees for some reason showing interest. "Minor sniff's" on Xavier Nada and Little Babe Ruth are out there per Ken Rosenthal. Something about interest in DBack Kelly Johnson too. If they wanted him now, it seems they missed the boat since he would have come for less when he was a free agent nobody wanted last off-season. Did Jim Hendry misread the saying as buy-high and sell-low? I hate it when we get stuff bass-ackwards.

and a bit more detail on runs-per-minute after the break...

First the good news...

July 30, 2010 (Albuquerque, NM) - The Iowa Cubs scored four runs in nine minutes in the top of the first inning before rain delay halted play at Isotopes Park tonight. After waiting approximately 90 minutes, the field was ruled unplayable and the Cubs' game against the Albuquerque Isotopes was suspended. The game will be resumed when the Cubs return to Albuquerque on Tuesday, August 31st at 5:00 p.m. Central Time.

The at-bat by at-bat details:


I-Cubs top 1st: Fuld walks. Barney singles. Scales strikes out. Hoffpauir doubles. Wright homers. LaHair 2-0 count, rain delay.


Rockies Bottom 8th: Sean Marshall pitching. Barmes doubles. Mora singles. Fowler Strikes out. Spilborghs Strikes out. HELL BREAKS LOOSE. Gonzales singles. Tulowitzki doubles. Hawpe doubles. Cashner replaces Marshall. Iannetta triples. Stewart homers. Barmes singles. Mora doubles. Fowler homers. Spilborghs singles. Schlitter replaces Cashner. Gonzalez singles. Tulowitzki doubles. Hawpe walks. Iannetta walks. Stewart flies out.


Ken_Rosenthal: Source: Westbrook to #Cardinals close. Deal at union level. Trying to work through $$$. Westbrook gets more than 2M

George Ofman is the source here. He does some post game work on WGN radio.

Cubs deal to D-back in their hands now. Theriot and Russell for kelly Johnson who strikes out way too much for leadoff man. Does have 17HRs
about 1 hour ago via web

Ryan Ludwick to Padres? Doesn't say who the Cardinals are looking at in return. Apparently Jon Jay has taken Ludwick's spot in the lineup.

Bowden says Dodgers confident Lilly deal will get done.

thanks for the shorty george twitter link, didn't realize he is a talking head again...

saw this on one of his previous tweets:

Lilly to Dodgers. Names to consider from LA: Ron Ely and Dee Gordon SS top prospect
about 22 hours ago via web

I doubt Lilly plus Theriot would get Dee Gordon. BA had him as their #1 prospect, so I expect Shorty G just picked that name from his wishful thinking list rather than a real source. He's at AA Chattanooga this year with a line of .281/330/.368/.698 but he does run (39 steals/15 CS) in 439 PA.

We saw Ely pitch well against the Cubs but lost earlier in the year, he hasn't been quite so good of late as I recall.

Anyone see Dee Gordon lately?

...BA loved him as top prospect including best hitter for average, fastest baserunner, best athlete and best defensive infielder. They project him as the Dodger SS for their 2013 lineup.

The Dodgers have said Gordon isn't going anywhere. Could just be talk. I don't have a link for this.

Gordon has numbers comparable to Hak-Ju Lee (.289/.359/.363), who has 27 steals and 6 caught-stealings in 400 PA. Lee is in low-A ball but is 2-1/2 years younger.

Gordon doesn't have a lot of baseball experience, and also it's OK to have two prospects who play the same position.

Krasovic says Ludwick, Westbrook and Padres deals linked with the Indians getting prospects, deal waiting union approval because Westbrook gets more $$ if traded.

Would be nice if the Cubs would do both trades. Try to pick up a pitching prospect to replace Russell in the Lilly trade, while shedding payroll, then flip Theriot and Russell for Johnson.

Considering the trouble the Cubs had putting together a bullpen for this season, I'd rather hold onto Russell. Lefty relievers are harder to come by than righties. I'd rather give up one of the righties or someone from the minors, if this has to be done.

I'd expect Russell to improve upon his rookie season. But I could just be talking out of my arse.

Johnson has some pretty extreme home/road splits too, 1031/695 ops. I'm not sure he'd be that much of an upgrade not playing in Arizona half the time.

Jayson Stark saying Lilly and Theriot will go to LA together, wonder who the prospects they are looking at (probably DeWitt) specifically prospects from minors.

Bruce Levine on his radio show just said the Cubs-Dodgers deal is the most likely scenerio, the GM's had late night discussions, mentioned DeWitt to Chicago, but it's not a done deal yet.

Levine just on saying deal with Dodgers is - very - close. Maybe within the next hour.

Gammons just said the Lilly trade should be done within half an hour. He's on MLB Network, if you get that channel check it out, it's all trade deadline coverage today.

EVERYONE is tweeting pretty much the same thing.

So the Cubs will get (if the deal is wrapped up) Blake Dewitt, and pass on Kelly Johnson, because of the difference in 2011 salaries. Johnson will likely get $4-4.5 million. Dewitt gets a tiny (pre-arbitration) raise on $410k.

I like Dewitt but his power has become non-existent. At this point I'd rather have Johnson. I know Hendry should have just signed him as a free agent, but he would make the team better next year and we're really only giving up a lefty middle reliever since Theriot would almost certainly be non-tendered.

Starting to remind me of the last Cubs-Dodgers deal where we got Izturis, when we already had good field no-hit shortstops on the roster in Perez and Cedeno. We've already got Fountainout(LH hitting 2nd basemen with career 92 OPS+), what's the point in adding a LH hitting second basemen with a career 93 OPS+?

You didn't hear? The Cubs are getting "sniffs" on Fontenot.

Braves secondbaseman just hit the DL???

Ask Tim Wilken.

Tim Wilken: I coordinate from 20 to 25 amateur scouts in the United States and Puerto Rico. Once the draft is over, I turn my attention to professional scouting, which I coordinate with Randy Bush and Jim Hendry. We talk frequently about potential deals between May and the trade deadline.


Maybe if I explain to you a fifth time what "professional" baseball is you'll realize that it is not the same as "Major League" baseball? He's talking about minor leaguers here.

Minor leagues are professional? Who knew?!

So, according to you, Wilken's comprehensive knowledge of high school and college talent and their progress through the minors is no longer useful once these same players reach the major leagues.

Yeah, that makes sense.

You do realize that Randy Bush and the other three asst.s to the GM also scout the minor leagues. Right?

The point is, after the amateur draft if not before, Tim Wilken is in part responsible for what we've been getting back in trades since 2006. It's just a fact that's pretty much ignored when judging his and the Cubs' front office's performance.

The point is that you were replying to a post about trading for Major League players. Try to remember what we're talking about for five minutes.

And as I said the other day, YOU are the one who constantly brings him up and calls him Teflon. You aren't using the language to comment on our discussions, you go out of your way to bring it up. It's like he killed your dog or something.

Naw, I used it a total of once and I think it was E-man who went apeshit and couldn't get it out of his mind.

So why does it bother you? It's like I killed your dog or something.

No, right now your Teflon references just annoy me. If it got to the level of you killing my dog, you'd know it.

I don't understand DeWitt either. I don't know that much about him, but it seems like best case scenario he will hit .270 with a .350 OBP, but have no power or speed at all, and play an average second base, with the ability to backup at 3B.

The second basemen fetish rears it's ugly head again. The Cubs major league scouts have done a really good job in finding some guys who are set to blossom, I guess we have to hope that this is a case of that.

Be interesting to see how much money the Cubs throw in. It certainly frees up a little payroll for the off-season.

And Dewitt is a career .262 mlb hitter. Yuk. I liked him in 2008 but he's regressed since then.

Perhaps the Cubs are simply thinking of Dewitt as next year's bench guy who can play 2b/3b replacing Baker and they'll get a 2b somewhere else. But if that's the case, we shouldn't be giving up a good starting pitcher to get him.

Riot and Lilly for Dewitt is completed.

no word yet on anyone else.

If it's only Dewitt then Hendry really blew this.

UPDATE: Verducci says we also get two young pitchers. We send $2.5 mil to LA.

Agreed. DeWitt and Theriot are a wash to me. Dewitt will get on base more, Theriot will hit for a higher average and steal more, Theriot can play 2B and SS, Dewitt 2B and 3B, Dewitt is a lot cheaper. The Cubs needed to get something of value back for Lilly.

Dewitt, Class AA pitcher and a third player

-edit- Bret Walch & Kyle Smith

That's Brett Wallach, I think he's Tim Wallach's son. He was at A ball:

Kyle Smit was at AA:

Wow, Smit really struggled as a starter. Moved to the pen this year and is pitching well.

Looks like a big part of Smit's struggles in 2009 were due to some poor defense behind him.

Not useless and guys who certainly can be projected to make the majors, but no #2 pitcher or closer in there.

Baseball Prospectus' scouting report on DeWitt:

"the "prettiest swing you'll see never turned into results," calling DeWitt a "constant source of disappointment" for the Dodgers"

Well, that makes me feel better.

I'd say Jamarillo could fix him, but he stands a better shot by talking to Byrd and his magic supplements.

Yeah, take that Byrd for being, um, quiet and unassuming.

just making a joke about this and Jamarillo being useless...

Jeffrey Dahmer was quiet and unassuming as well...

Interesting article, thanks.

Oh, then carry on Mr. Bowditch.

Thanks for the update.

According to Stark the Cubs got Brett Walch and Kyle Smit, send $2.5 mil to the Dodgers.

Unimpressed. to be DeWitt. Nice for Lilly and Theriot.

meh, i like dewitt...not like he's anything special.

his 15+HR power seems to have turned into 5-15 HR power, though. this season is kinda pathetic.

he can field, spell 3rd (his arm isn't junk), and like someone posted above he has a really sweet swing (and decent enough eye)...too bad it's not become much yet.

he's a nice #2 or 7/8 (real 7/8, not that soto kinda 7/8) hitter, imo.

...about time some JA made it into a post, btw...and a good one, too.

When DeRosa was traded, I remember reading that Archer was the key to the deal for the Cubs. I think the key to this deal is Wallach.

I keep a list of Cub pitching prospects ranked by K/9 minus H/9. I call it the Marmol Index, since Marmol is the undisputed king of K/9 minus H/9, and he's had some success. Wallach was a third-round pick last year, so this is his first full season. Relievers usually rise to the top of the Marmol index. Wallach is a starter, and he's right in there with some of the Cubs' best starting prospects:

McNutt, 3.79
Samardzija, 3.48
Archer, 3.13
Batista, 2.65
Wallach, 2.02
Diamond, 1.50
Bibens-Dirkx, 0.54
Rusin, 0.49

(Yes, believe it or not, Samardzija is pitching well this season, although he gives up too many walks, which don't hurt you in this ranking.)

blake dewitt should start a huge chunk of the season and be the starting 2nd next year barring disaster.

Or, you can say that Blake DeWitt as the starting second basemen next year IS the disaster.

He's always looked promising but as the Baseball Prospectus guy said, it just hasn't turned into results.

the 2nd base FA market is pretty much non-existant.

it helps that i don't mind dewitt. i'm not expecting much more than a contact hitting guy who can field his position and flirt with .800 ops.

mark ellis and jose lopez (not much of a 2nd defensively) are the cream of the 2nd FA market i believe...which is scary...

DeWitt's defense will at least silence the Theriot wasn't good enough crowd. You might have gotten a clone of him offensively but you wont bitch much about his defense.

The only question is do the Cubs know what their plan is? Because i don't think the Cubs have had a plan since 1969.

offensively dewitt has at least gap power.

riot was pretty useless aside from collecting singles and finding an occasional double. not like it's hard to hit with a little more power than him unless you're juan pierre.

dewitt is also kinda slow compared to riot, but he's not a molina or anything. dewitt's speed is low enough he turns some doubles some others would get into singles, though.

btw, i find the whole thing very boring...even looking toward 2011.

but i like it compared to the FA market which is one of the worst for 2nd in a long time.

at least it won't add much to the bottom line of the payroll left to spend in 2011.

Of course the Cubs have a plan.

DeWitt helps them get more left-handed.

Joking aside, DeWitt gets Colvin's power farther down in the lineup. If we could just get Lee's lack of anything farther down, or out of the lineup, the offense would be pretty decent.

And just in time!

Well obviously the season is over, but that's no reason to continue to watch the Cubs needlessly lose games... oh wait, nevermind, Pinhead and Trampled are in charge - they must be angling for a top 10 draft pick.

I'm all for that, actually.

How the hell do you analyze pitchers without looking at their walks?

It probably has something to do with the "Tired of OBP? Join the club." line of thinking. Virginia Phil is our own little Brandon Frazier, right out the bomb shelter and chatting up Alicia Sivlerstone.

Brendan. You're totally out of the fan club.

Fraser. so are you.

Well, you can't look at everything, especially if you're trying to make predictions, publicly, about who the real prospects are when they're still at Peoria.

So I worry less about walks, especially when pitchers are on the youngish side.

Take Chris Archer and Hung-Wen Chen. Last season, Archer had 66 walks in 109 innings, all at Peoria. But he struck out 119, and only gave up 78 hits.

Chen was at Tennessee last year, two levels higher than Archer, where he yielded 32 walks in 142.2 innings, or about 2 per nine innings, close to the lowest in the organization. But Chen gave up 166 hits, so his WHIP was a bit higher than Archer's, 1.39 to 1.32 (still pretty close).

The point is that Archer has blown through two levels this season and is on a fast track to the Cubs. His walks are down to 40 in 100 innings, still on the high side. Chen, three years older, was promoted to Iowa but converted to long relief, a bridge to nowhere. He could conceivably get a shot, but we'll see who gets there first, the pitcher with the pinpoint control or the one with the filthy stuff.

You have to be kidding me.

You do you know that you can look at walks AND strikeouts, right? And you do know that hits are very team defense dependent, right? Any analysis of pitching that ignores control/walks is no analysis at all.

I'll just say that I am glad that Cubs are not relying on you to analyze prospects.

You're treating dependent variables as independent variables. Hits/9 innings are inversely correlated with K'/9 innings, because when you give up a hit, you don't get a K and vice versa. But strikeouts and walks are frequently correlated positively as well. Think about Greg Maddux and Kerry Wood. If Maddux got two strikes on a guy - he'd throw him another strike. When Wood got two strikes on a guy he throws him a slider low and away and a chest high fastball to try to get them to chase for strike three, and potentially wind up walking him.

You can't do any real analysis of a pitcher by disregarding his walk rate. The reason their walks rates are so high, is because they're trying to strike guys out. The reason that Chen's is low, is that he isn't afraid to let the ball be hit.

I made it quite clear that I was talking about prospects, not major-league pitchers. Every pitcher in my list was a minor leaguer.

The question is, who is a good prospect, and when. Was Archer a good prospect last season when he walked 66 in 109 innings? How about the year before, when he walked 84 in 115? That was when the Cubs acquired him. Didn't they know what you guys know about the importance of control?

Dave is having trouble separating "good pitcher" from "good prospect"; and you are even less helpful.

Every year, thousands of pitchers with excellent control graduate high school and are never invited to pitch competitively again. Meanwhile, if there's a kid in the neighborhood who throws 95, he is heavily scouted, completely regardless of control.

What's hard about this? What does Greg Maddux have to do with it?

Dave is having trouble separating "good pitcher" from "good prospect";

Nope... not having any trouble at all.

You cannot doing any kind of pitching analysis, including that of prospects, without looking at walks.

Every year, thousands of pitchers with excellent control graduate high school and are never invited to pitch competitively again.

This is stupid. No one, at all, is saying that you should only look at control. So don't pretend that we are.

We are saying you can't just look at hits and k's, but also have to look at walks (as well as other things that are more difficult to look at via stats, such as command/movement). But to ignore control is just plain silly.

Here's the question, Dave. I'll spell it out for you again. I understand that you are reluctant to answer it.

Was Archer a good prospect in the fall of 2008 when the Cubs acquired him? (Reminder: 84 walks in 115 innings.)

Go ahead and say No. Follow your own logic. Be brave.

I bet I can answer that for him from by merely using his prior comments.

Was Archer a good prospect in the fall of 2008 when the Cubs acquired him? (Reminder: 84 walks in 115 innings.)

"You cannot doing any kind of pitching analysis, including that of prospects, without looking at walks, [but] [y]ou do you know that you can look at walks AND strikeouts, right? No one, at all, is saying that you should only look at control. So don't pretend that we are.

[Basically] we are saying you can't just look at hits and k's, but also have to look at walks (as well as other things that are more difficult to look at via stats, such as command/movement). But to ignore control is just plain silly."

[So assuming that the other parts of his game were encouraging, yes he could be considered a good propsect in spite of his high walk totals.]


I'll venture an attempt at defending the "Marmol Index" being touted by VirginiaPhil. As I understand it, it is trying to identify pitchers whose "stuff" is so nasty that hitters not only swing and miss with regularity but also fail to square up the ball very often when they do make contact. I know that, by definition, pitchers who K many batters tend to allow less contact than pitchers who pitch to contact. However, there are pitchers who get many of their strikeouts mainly with velocity (hitters are able to "square up" the ball when they manage to catch up with it) and pitchers who, because of exceptional pitch movement, change in velocity and deceptiveness are constantly causing batters to "look sick" and only make weak, if any, contact.

As I understand it, it is an attempt to identify not just those pitchers who can blow batters away but also those who consistently make batters "look sick" against them. It is an attempt to statistically identify those pitchers with Marmol-like "stuff". Clinical correlation is advised (i.e., someone should actually observe his pitching and not just rely on the numbers -- that's for you, Cubster).

Joe I think the point is that when evaluating young pitchers, VAPhil wants to weight walks at zero while the rest of us want to weight it somewhere between 0.0000001% and 100%.

It's an attempt, but it's a poor one.

kerry wood is a yankee...finally.

Didn't he used to be a Cub?

damn now i have to root for the Yanks.

That is a dilemma with Wood counter-balancing the ARod hate. Maybe Wood needs a nice mythical creature painting of himself.

35m after the deadline and WSox are still holding onto e.jackson.


Jackson might just be the difference maker the Twins were hoping for.

Stone was just on the radio saying better off without Dunn, because his bat "is just slider speed, and too many AL pitchers would bust him inside with fastballs."

Way to rationalize, enjoy the Tehan/Kotsay Dh combo.

never hurt reggie jackson too badly...hasn't hurt david ortiz too badly yet, either.

Wish the National League would have thought of that....

Friday on WSCR Stone was certain Edwin Jackson was just going to be "flipped" in a deal for someone like Adam Dunn because Edwin Jackson just didn't make sense. Heh...

seems kenny may have thought that, too.

maybe we'll find out on season 2 of that wsox reality show nobody on this f'n planet is going to watch.

The impression that I got from the radio (no statements of fact here) was that Rizzo told KW that if they traded for Edwin Jackson they would trade Dunn for EJ.

Then Williams went and traded for Jackson, called Rizzo, and Rizzo says, "yeah, I want what I asked for earlier and now I want one more guy, too."

Rizzo thought he could get Williams to step up his offer since Williams had it partially completed already. Rizzo recognized that KW had lost a lot of leverage in the discussions and attempted to exploit it. Williams chose to not make a deal and keep Jackson instead of Dunn.

If what I heard was true, I don't see why Williams wouldn't have insisted on a 3-team deal to avoid this.

Quoting Ken Tremendous, formerly of FJM fame:

"DeWitt VORP: 8.8. Theriot VORP: 3.3. Sweet trade, Colletti."

I know very little about DeWitt. I won't miss Theriot, though.

Lots of ex-Cub action. Besides Wood to the Yankees, Ohman went to the Marlins and Farnsworth to the Braves.

ohman to FLA is kinda...wuh?

By sending $2.5M to the Dodgers, the Cubs save just about $2.5M in 2010 payroll by trading Lilly and Theriot, while gaining a player who will not be eligible for salary arbitration until after the 2011 season.

It appears that DeWitt basicaly duplicates Mike Fontenot (albeit with better defense at 2B), so Fontenot will likely be a 12/12 non-tender if he is not traded before then.

As for the two young pitchers acquired by the Cubs, Kyle Smit will be eligible for selection in the December 2010 Rule 5 Draft, so there's probably a pretty good chance that Smit will go to the AFL so the Cubs can get a better read on whether he is a legit prospect or not.

Speaking of the AFL, Peoria Chiefs Manager Casey Kopitzke (a rising star in the Cubs Player Development Field Staff) will be the Mesa Solar Sox manager this season.

go casey

Colvin 9/ Castro 6/ Lee 3/ Ramirez 5/ Byrd 8/ Soriano 7/ Soto 2/ Fontenot 4/ Gorzelanny 1


Just in case anyone was curious, no Alan Trammel does not deserve a second shot at being a manager.

Phil, I realize that the AZ ssummer league has a month to go but does anyone in AZ now excite you much? Hard to get excited about our haul from Lilly nad Theriot.

Submitted by chuck on Sat, 07/31/2010 - 4:56pm.
Phil, I realize that the AZ ssummer league has a month to go but does anyone in AZ now excite you much? Hard to get excited about our haul from Lilly nad Theriot.


CHUCK: 2nd round pick Reggie Golden has been down here about a week, but he hasn't made his game debut yet.

INF Vismeldy Bieneme has played very well so far. He had just a so-so EXST, but he has really been outstanding as a lead-off man for the AZL Cubs. He is a below-average defensive player no matter where he plays (and he is definitely miscast as a SS), but he is very fast and has shown a pretty quick bat. I would think 2B will be his position if he remains an everyday player.

RHP Luis Liria is probably the best pitching prospect who hasn't been moved up to Boise. He has some control issues, but he also has good stuff (decent fastball, plus-change, OK breaking ball).

RHP Aaron Reed (12th round pick out of Rancho Cucamonga HS - Rancho Cucamonga, CA) has electric stuff but sometimes struggles with his mechanics. He has long legs and a complicated delivery, but when he's on his game he is really outstanding. Reed's older brother Addison is the #1 starter at San Diego State, and it was a bit surprising that Aaron did not go there too after signing an NLI with SDSU, which is probably why he fell to the 12th round.

RHP Ryan Hartman (16th round pick out of Mt. Zion HS - Mt. Zion, IL) got a late start but has looked pretty good. He has a plus-curve.

The Cubs signed 49th round pick RHP Bryce Shafer (Valparaiso) last Tuesday, but he isn't ready for game action yet. Shafer was the #1 starter for the Crusaders this past season.

The problem with AZL baseball and the AZL Cubs in particular is that the AZL is used as an entry-level staging area, and so the better prospects usually get moved up to Boise very quickly and just aren't here very long.


Weird to see the club make good decisions, like realize it's more important to see if Diamond can be a starter than let Z make 13 starts.

i hope they piggyback Z on the back on diamond to let Z build up his stamina, myself.

but yeah, i wanna see what diamond can do.

Chad Tracy has opted out of his minor league contract with the Yankees.

The Mariners placed OF Milton Bradley on the 15-day disabled list, retroactive to July 26, with patellar tendonitis in his right knee. I hadn't checked in on him in a while, but he is at an abysmal .205/.292/.348 for the season in 278 PAs. Jeez.

Hence why you don't give 3 year contracts to people who only care about money and nothing else. They just let their game go to complete shit because they won in the game of life in parting a fool with his money.

I hope Fontenot enjoys his last start with Cubs, no more cajun connection.

currently he's our backup SS...that should be fun if castro decides to kick a fan or yell in DLee's face.

I submit the following without further comment:

The Astros 3-5 hitters tonight are Jeff Keppinger, Hunter Pence, and Jason Michaels.

And their collective OPS is how much higher than the Cubs 3-5 hitters?


oh snap...

RHP Thomas Diamond will have one minor league option left once he is added to the 40-man roster. He was one of the three Cubs minor leaguers eligible to be Rule 55 minor league free-agents (6YMiLFA) post-2010 who I thought the Cubs would add to the 40-man roster by the end of the World Series (at the latest). OF Brad Snyder and C-INF Robinson Chirinos are the other two.

Two other post-2010 Rule 55 MiLFA (RHP Austin Bibens-Dirkx and 1B-3B Russ Canzler) will probably be offered minor league successor contracts for 2011 where they would get 1st time 40-man roster money (about $30K) plus an NRI to Spring Training. The only risk in that arrangement is if the player wants to try his luck with another organization or if the player signs a minor league contract for 2011 and then gets selected in the Rule 5 Draft.


You are not fooling anyone Dlee.

When Lee hit the homerun, something crystallized for me: Lee has been out to ruin the Cubs since the beginning of the season! Now that they are out of it, not only will he refuse trades, but he'll do everything in his power to the team win games. Of course, his ability to help the team isn't great enough to get them back into the race, but it is enough to drop them in next years draft a few spots.

What a jerk.

Good thing for the rest of the team or we might have won that game.

I don't know if anyone else will, but I appreciated the humor in this.

I wish him the best-He's my second favorite Cub after Mordecai Brown (I loved watching both of them pitch)-but I have a feeling Wood isn't going to be making many fans in NY.

I am hoping we bring him back as a starter next year.

Mordecai Brown?

Lou Piniella.

This site is the counterpart to the Cubs yahoo blog (which will remain nameless) so maybe the readers are jackasses, but here goes:

You know the saying “Even if you put lipstick on a pig, it still a pig”? Well, in that scenario, I always imagined putting lipstick around the mouth of the pig. Trading a cost controlled league average 2B for 10 starts of Lilly and shitty ass Theriot is like putting lipstick around the pigs behind area. We didnt even put the damn lipstick in the right place!

Reacting to the inclusion of the minor league pitchers:
What more could the Cubs want?
They got a cost controlled MLB’er (an upgrade at 2nd base) for TED Freakin Lilly.

Fuck Ned Colletti. Just fuck him. I won’t let the excuse he has no funds to make trades. He shouldn’t make them then.

It took not being able to afford a real starting 2B to get him a shot. You may not have been the best player, Blake, but you tried your damndest. Fuck, his defense got to be really good too.
Screw you Ned.

This makes me sad.

Let me just go on record saying I like Ted Lilly and am perfectly fine that he's on my team. But (no offense to Theriot) the rest of the deal can bite me.

He gave up on Brett Wallach? Fuck this.

We gave up Wallach? Fuck that shit

what the fuck

NO NO NO THERE IS NO EXCUSE. This is a piss poor stupid trade. No matter how much money they are getting back. This doesn’t even help the team. Our pitching has been a strength, our offense is killing us. So we trade starters.

We traded a cheap 2nd basemen that can get on base…for 10 starts of Ted Lilly that wont get the team to the playoffs.
Amazingly, the offense just got worse.

in 3 years blake dewitt will be hitting 300 for the cubs, lilly will be pitching for the yankees, theriot hitting on high school girls at a mall in encino trying to lure them into his camaro, and the starting 2b for the don mattingly-managed la dodgers – juan uribe

Here's a post from a cub fan and some replies:
Hate to be Debbie Downer on you guys, but Theriot absolutely sucks. However, you guys WILL fall in love with Lilly. He’s a beast. He’s probably been my favorite Cub for the whole last decade. Anyone care to give me a scouting report on DeWitt?

DeWitt is better than Theriot in every way.

We know he sucks

We know Theriot is awful.. DeWitt is a gamer…

Lilly will be here for 10 starts and thats it.
When you’re already way behind in the race, it doesnt matter.

i’m happy with lilly because now we may have one of the best starting rotations in baseball… on the other hand… WHAT THE FUCK WAS THE POINT IN EXCHANGING DEWITT AND RYAN FUCKING THERIOT! his ops is below ,700 too, FUCK OUTTA HERE!

Have to say —→ I once saw Ryan Theriot buy beer in Chicago a couple years ago at a Jewell. It was bud light.
Yes, he’s very gritty.

This fucks us so badly for next year. No second baseman and Theriot’s arb-eligibility on the payroll is crippling.

I hate to break it to some (Jumbo, et. al.) but they weren't lined up aroumd the block for Ted Freakin' Lilly! He is a #4 pitcher on most good teams. He needs a big ball park so his home run balls can stay in the park and his velo is down 4-5 mph.

Personally, I lile him and love his competitiveness, but to get your balls in a knot over a salary dump is just wasted angst.

DeWitt is younger and will be a bench guy or stop-gap. That's it. Hopefully, one of the prospects will pan out.

This just is a move where honestly the trade chip just was not as valuable as the fans thought. And, for the amount of bitching here re Theriot, I would think many of you would be pleased that the Cubs traded our junk for new junk!

I can't tell what you think I thought about Lilly/Theriot/DeWitt/prospects from the last post. The Dodgers fans seem to hate this trade. I'm happy with it because it gets us a league minimum second baseman to replace Theriot and a starting and relief pitching prospect.

Sorry Jumbo. I mis-interpreted your post.

Lilly hasn't lost 4-5 MPH on his fastball (unless you're talking about since he was 22 or something). He's third on the Dodgers in ERA was an all-star last year and flirted with a no-hitter earlier this year. There are I think three teams in baseball with three startes who have an ERA better than Lilly's - and I guess you didn't know this, but Wrigley Field is not a pitchers haven.

Lilly was hitting 89 with ease his first year with the Cubs, and had days where the fastball reached 93 a few times. This year he seems to have been sitting pretty steadily around 85 and 86.

Who's getting their "balls in a know?" At all?

This looks to me like a pretty good trade. DeWitt is better, younger, and cheaper than Theriot. Lilly got traded for a couple of decent but not great prospects, and the Cubs saved money.

Sounds good to me.

It looks like a good trade for the Cubs, who were going to lose both Lilly and Theriot at the end of the season anyway without getting anything back, most likely. Now they've got DeWitt to replace Fontenot (he makes Fontenot obsolete--lefty bat that can start at 2B or backup 2b and 3B) and can use Barney to replace Theriot (as a right-handed bat that can backup SS and 2nd), all the while saving 2.5 mill this year, and paying Barney and DeWitt close to the league minimum next year instead of paying Fontenot and Theriot another $5 mill-ish? And they got a pitcher who is actually a prospect in the deal. Sounds like a great move by Hendry to me.

DeWitt, as you said, can play off the bench or act as a stop-gap 2B until the Cubs have a better sense of what their young infielders can do (and then decide whether to give or save an infield job to Hak-Ju Lee, Logan Watkins, LeMahieu, Ryan Flaherty, or Tony Thomas). None of those guys are can't-misses, but any one of them could have a breakthrough inside the next couple of years, so if DeWitt has to be the starter in 2011 to prevent the Cubs from over committing to another veteran before they know what they really have in the minors, that's just fine with me. On the other hand, if DeWitt rides the bench while the Cubs get a more reliable guy finishing up a contract or on a short contract (2 years, maybe), that's okay too.

I liked both Theriot and Lilly, but there is nothing to complain about here.

When I read up on DeWitt being an excellent defensive 3B, I thought back to the days of Bill Mueller. While he had some injury trouble, he was a great #2 hitter. I don't know what DeWitt's ceiling would be, but if he could approach what Mueller was I'd put him back at third whenever one of the other guys take over at 2B.

I realize Vitters may be the heir apparent to 3B, but I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up at 1B instead. Who knows?

Mueller at 3rd worked better with Sosa and Alou in the corner outfield.

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  • Thanks again Phil. We actually were in Mesa and drove around. Hopefully, I am back for some Fall League. If not I have all of spring training (like the smart people who move here!)

    rvimpeny 8 min 3 sec ago view
  • What Rob G said.  I can't speak for Piittsburgh, but the other end of the state has had absolute crap weather for two days. Perfect day to take it easy.

    Transmission 11 min 43 sec ago view
  • tarp came off 10 minutes ago...let's do this.

    crunch 25 min 46 sec ago view
  • He will not pitch another game for Cubs

    /Unless injury in playoffs

    jacos 42 min 31 sec ago view
  • ~fart~

    jacos 43 min 16 sec ago view
  • Today is bullpen day

    jacos 43 min 43 sec ago view
  • 10/450 if they win WS

    jacos 44 min 21 sec ago view
  • Carrie Muskat [email protected]
    Even though Hammel is missing start, don't assume he'll not be on #Cubs postseason roster. Maddon says elbow problem isn't that bad

    Carrie Muskat [email protected]
    Maddon on #Cubs postseason rotation: "I don't want to announce anything. We haven't talked to anybody yet"

    Carrie Muskat [email protected]
    Maddon hopes Soler can take BP in Cincy, play in sim game Tue. "All of that should give us some kind of indication of where he's at"

    crunch 1 hour 1 min ago view
  • tarp on the field 40 minutes before gametime...meh.

    crunch 1 hour 4 min ago view
  • travel day + rain in Pittsburgh. Why risk injury?

    Rob G. 1 hour 7 min ago view
  • tim federowicz has been freed to play with his AAA teammates.

    crunch 1 hour 18 min ago view
  • The lineup tonight....what the hell. Unless all the players are completely exhausted, this seems like overkill to me. They have 4 days off after Sunday.

    billybucks 1 hour 22 min ago view
  • Tommy Nance seems like quite an Indy league find

    Koyies Bansaw 1 hour 28 min ago view
  • watching heyward attempt to hit a fastball is alarming. he's doing bad things with stuff he should be nailing...weak popups, grounders, late swing fouls...

    it's going to be next to impossible to do worse than this season, but hopefully he can at least hit a fastball with authority next year.

    crunch 2 hours 10 min ago view
  • He's an incredible defender, base-runner and takes great AB's. A .265 BABIP is highly likely to improve next year. That being said, his power numbers are down too which is certainly concerning so I'd certainly hedge my bets with him next year, but it would be surprising if this is his new normal.

    Rob G. 2 hours 28 min ago view
  • I have no deep level of expertise or analysis here, but I still like Jason Heyward. I truly wish his bat was better, but I love the defense and the feel-good nature of his signing. I might be naive, but I think his offense will improve. I'm glad he's here, and I hope he doesn't make me regret saying that!

    Brick 2 hours 41 min ago view