Mike Quade Just Ran Circles Around Tony LaRussa.

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Well, he did if you just watched the Cardinal's effort.

Even Pat Hughes last night said he'd never seen such a lethargic Cardinal team play the Cubs.

Not good for Tony LaRussa.

Pretty awesome for Mike Quade.

So the Cubs sweep the Cardinals in St. Louis for the first time since 1988? (Did I hear that right?) 
Young Tyler Colvin drives the stake in the heart with the 3 run homer (his 20th!) off of Cardinal Ace Chris Carpenter. 

Carlos Zambrano wins yet another game, and he's so excited he decides to talk about retiring! 


you please do that kind of reflection when you're home this winter so
we'll all have something to talk about rather than how the Bears could
possibly be 1 and 7?

And Mike Quade as the new Cubs manager.

He's seriously doing some kind of job, and surely his performance has to give Jim Hendry pause.

Yes, Hendy's gonna travel around and do all the interviews, but... how to put this?

When you're fishing you always take the boat to the other side of the lake because you're positive that's where that Big Bass is.

But sometimes, he's right off the pier.

You can view Tim Souers work on a daily basis at Cubby Blue.


when will we know schedule and roster for az instructional cubs

Beavis and Butthead sure didnt age very well.

it's been almost 24 hours an there's no excuses by larussa about how they lost by the cubs stealing signs, using UFOs, or otherwise cheating.


I bet he's at a stop light somewhere hopping mad, but nearly passed out.

Soriano in a new Cubs.com article, blaming his below-average BA on not being a first-place team... If he hit better, they might be a little higher in the standings... I know that he is not the sole, or even the biggest reason that the Cubs have failed this year. Doesn't good hitting typically help a team to be good? I'm pretty sure that teams that are in first place at the beginning of the year don't stay there just because they're in first place, so all their hitters will tend to hit better...

Great to hear that he's not trying in games that aren't close.

Luckily the numbers don't really back him up:

Late and close: .214 .282 .357
Tie game: .202 .292 .351

Highest batting average is...
Margin > 4 runs: .286 .295 .455

Soriano could be happy in first place or in last place. Either track maximizes games that have a margin > 4 runs, where he can batten on bullpen back-bench fodder. He's less happy--and so are we with him--on a team that muddles through a lot of close games.

After the 2006 season we drafted Josh Hamilton for Cincy and realized a $50,000 profit for doing so. Since then Hamilton has averaged .312 with 92 HR's and 328 RBI's with OPS of .917. Instead of doing this we signed Sori for 8 years for 136 mil. He has averaged .269 with 71 HR, 274 RBI's and OPS of .829. Aint hindsight great. Oh, well, we made 50 grand

Hamilton was never on the Cubs radar, they weren't going to take a chance to rehab him.

It was a pre-arranged deal with the Reds.

he's no matt "there's no crying in the middle of the street" bush...

So why wasn't he on the Cubs radar? They took a 136 mill chance on Soriano but couldn't take a 50 grand risk on Hamilton???? Actually it probably would have been a $25000 chance because he would probably have been reclaimed for that amount had the Cubs decided not to keep him. We're talking chicken feed by
MLB standards here.

So why wasn't (insert name) on the (insert team name) radar?

you could say that for any guy that got past any team in any draft and turned out good.

not a lot of teams were willing to take the chance on Hamilton overcoming his addictions and problems. Reds had a unique situation.

per usual, AZ Phil explains it better than anyone

-edit- the article associated with that comment and ensuing comments has some great stuff about wanting to sign Fukudome...good times.

AZ Phil's stuff about Hamilton is in comment #43 at the link Rob G. posted above.

not that I care, but doesn't it just jump straight to the comment if you click the link?

It does in Firefox.

It didn't go straight to the comment for me, and I'm in Firefox, too.

Wow! I'm impressed with the fact that you could come up with that article. I can't even find my glasses most of the time...but that goes back to with winter of 2007, not the winter of 2006 when we drafted Hamilton for the Reds. the Reds must have had someone in their organization smarter--or luckier---than the Cubs....or the 2-3 clubs that drafted in fron of us.

did you read the comment AZ Phil posted that the link goes to? #43? explaining the Narron brother connection?

Sorry, I hadn't gone into the questions. Went back and found #43. Guess 15 games at Hudson Valley wasn't much of a barometer. Thanks for the good info.

Yeah, I wish I could Google my glasses, too.

He fell off the wagon last year.

He would have been passed out in his own puke the first nite he hit wrigleyville.

Cashing a check, that's all he cares about

I just cannot believe we're complaining about a guy who has averaged 71 Home Runs and 274 RBI's!


j.heyman on MLB network being pretty nonchalant about sandberg most likely being the next cubs manager. no lip service given to any other candidate by him while mentioning sandy 3 times in the convo at various points.


Ricketts also said the team has to have a manager who's "still engaged in being a coach" and is willing to teach fundamentals.

"We're going to have a younger team going forward," Ricketts said.

Ricketts also said he's looking for someone who will be committed to the organization for a long time, possibly ruling out older candidates who may be looking for their last managerial job before they retire.

"I think that we're going to bring in someone who has in their mind that this is their job and their position forever," Rickett said.

and says new manager must understand Cubs history

"We have to have a manager who really understands what it is to be the Cubs manager, the pressure, the scrutiny you get and be able to handle those periods in June when you lose three games in a row and people start talking about Year 103 of the curse. We have to someone who understands what they're getting into," Ricketts said.

Well, that sounds like Ricketts wants either Sandberg, Girardi, or Brenly.

"We're going to have a younger team going forward," Ricketts said.

uh oh...i've heard that code-talk before.

at least we're not dodgers fans i guess.

It almost makes you think that Colvin's relative success is a bad thing.

tonight Ted Lilly vs SF:

3.1 ip, 7 H, 6 R/ER, 0BB, 3K, 2 HR...relieved by Troncoso

one more outing liek this and he might be revaluing himself to get back to the Cubs price range

I noticed that Rich Hill (who grew up near Bahstan as a Saux fan) got a september call up by the Red Sox and actually got a win.
In 19 games for Pawtucket, six of them starts late in the season, Hill was 3-1 with a 3.74 ERA. Lefthanders hit .170 against him.


Dorothy: "There's no place like home"


The boyhood dream of pitching for the hometown team reached one level of fruition on Tuesday night in Seattle, where Hill threw five pitches to retire the final batter of the seventh inning on a ground ball. When David Ortiz put the Sox ahead the next inning with a three-run homer, Hill was the pitcher of record, picking up the win in his first appearance for the Boston Red Sox.

Now they need to start working on that darned delivery so people don't find it so easy to steal against him.

joe "what, this isn't a 120+ million team anymore?" torre almost out in LA (probably by his choosing)...

The Los Angeles Times reports that the Dodgers will have Don Mattingly replace Joe Torre as their manager at the conclusion of the season.

2/9th of Mr. Burns' ringers will then be MLB managers. I'm just waiting for Strawberry and Clemens to get their calls.

so much love for that episode.

I think it's time for a new MLB episode. IIRC they haven't had any MLBers on the show since with the exception of McGwire.

it's time they brought Hank Scorpio back for another episode, too...i mean, c'mon...


The Los Angeles Times reports that the Dodgers will have Don Mattingly replace Joe Torre as their manager at the conclusion of the season.
Isn't Mattingly going to replace Girardi as Yankee skipper?

i still don't understand the rumblings about girardi going anywhere. he'll get his raise from 2.5m to 4-5m and manage his hired guns, imo.

Crunch --

It will be interesting. My wife's family is friends with Girardi's family (Dad & brothers) and what I've heard (third hand) is that Girardi is legitimately interested in the Cubs job. However, that doesn't mean that he'll turn his back on the Yankees money to take it (assuming it's offered).

Now that word has leaked out that Torre is out in LA, might the Yanks be interested in bringing him back? It was my understanding that the Steinbrenner kids didn't want Torre to leave, but George wanted to play hard ball with him on his contract. If the Yanks botch the post season under Girardi, might the Yanks want to bring Torre back?

My personal feeling is that Girardi will re-up with the Yankees, but you never know.

what died first...the cubs 2010 season or TCR parachat? :(

quade becomes manager and the SP quits sucking...wtf?


phew...living with castro's growing pains is hard. good thing this season don't matter.

aside from his credited error (26) he just turned a double play into a fielder's choice in the 8th. fun stuff...

...and castro gets the last out in the 9th showing us why he's here.

unf. that was awesome.

hope 2011 is a bit more fluid for him.

So your current theory is that Castro would be getting better right now if he was at home watching TV?

my current theory is castro has no business in the bigs with that glove, but since the 2010 cubs gave up before the weather got too hot it doesn't matter anyway.

he's got 26 errors, but we've all seen him do some dumb stuff that would probably tack another 10-ish onto his total if not for official scoring...not to mention his "the entire field is mine" thing he does cutting off CF/LF from making plays that become singles because 100mph of castro is making a line for a ball he can't catch.

that said, the kid is so f'n young he's learning on the job and it's not like a trip to AAA will suddenly have him fluidly handling his position. guy this young and this raw is going to be like this, but he's got all the tools to be so much better. he probably will be, too.

Castro will hopefully settle down some on defense as he gains experience, but the more I watch him the more similar he is to Edgar Renteria, but based on last night's crazy catch, probably more athletic. Both guys are average defensively at best, below average in reality, but excellent contact guys. Neither will walk to save their lives.

But it is fun watching a kid like that play. It's been so long since we had a consistently fun young position player to watch.

castro's lack of walks outside of the 8 slot is pretty alarming.

at least he did walk a decent-enough clip down in the 8 slot that he at least knows not to swing at total crap. still, he's not seeing much thrown to him he doesn't want to swing at.

miguel tejada approves.

The Cubs will be holding their annual Organizational Meetings next month in Mesa, and I suspect one of the outcomes of the conclave will be a decision to target both a LH power-hitting 1B and an established RHP 8th inning set-up man who can close on days Marmol isn't available.

While free-agents Adam Dunn and Aubrey Huff (or Adam LaRoche, who could be traded by AZ in lieu of getting bought-out) might be at the top of the Cubs list for the 1B gig, one relief pitcher who might come onto the Cubs radar once the season is over is Pirates set-up guy Joel Hanrahan.

Hanrahan was throwing a mid-90's four-seam fastball and a mid-80's power-slider last night versus the D'backs, and he has had a consistently good year working out of the Bucs bullpen. He had some closer experience in Washington and pitching for Team USA in the WBC earlier in his career, but not enough to where he would be likely to whine or complain if he isn't used as a closer.

Hanrahan will be eligible for arbitration for the first time after this season, and thus will instantly become a salary albatross to the Pirates, plus the Bucs have a couple of other RHP in their bullpen right now (Evan Meek and Chris Resop) who can fill any hole caused by moving Hanrahan in a trade. Meanwhile, the Pirates have a gaping hole behind the plate, where they have the worst CS % among all catching staffs in MLB.

23-year old Welington Castillo (255/317/498 at Iowa in 2010) is a 40% CS guy who has the power to hit 20 HR and slug .500 in MLB (albeit with a low BA and OBP), and would be a perfect long-term backstop fix for Pittsburgh, a young, raw catcher who can grow with the team. The Cubs also have a deep inventory of ready or near-ready young pitchers, both relievers and starters, lefties and righties, so that losing Hanrahan could be offset by the Pirates acquiring a young starter (like Casey Coleman) and/or a young reliever (like Blake Parker, Jeff Stevens, or Marcos Mateo) from the Cubs as part of the deal.

Do you think a deal for Hanrahan would involve the Cubs sending Castillo and a young pitcher to the Pirates and receiving only Hanrahan in return? That seems like overpaying to me, but I have to admit I don't really know how to evaluate the value of a player to the organization (I just tend to not care much about relief pitchers).

Submitted by Charlie on Sat, 09/18/2010 - 8:51am.
Do you think a deal for Hanrahan would involve the Cubs sending Castillo and a young pitcher to the Pirates and receiving only Hanrahan in return? That seems like overpaying to me, but I have to admit I don't really know how to evaluate the value of a player to the organization (I just tend to not care much about relief pitchers).


CHARLIE: I think Hendry tried something in 2010 that he had not done before, and that was try to build a bullpen from within the organization instead of signing established FA middle relievers (like Remlinger, Howry, Eyre, et al) to multi-year contracts as had been his practice in the past.

Hendry could opt to go back to his old habits and sign an established FA RHRP (somebody like Jason Frasor, Jesse Crain, or Grant Balfour) to a 3Y $11M contract this off-season, but the middle-ground would be to acquire an established arbitration-eligible set-up guy/Plan "B" closer (like Hanrahan) who the Cubs can go with year-to-year (maybe $2M in 2011) without spending twice that per year on a multi-year FA contract, especially since the Cubs have plenty of depth at the top end of the farm system to be able to make a trade like that. And over-paying with young talent has never been a problem for Hendry, as long as the club gets the guy they want, and the players they are trading are expendable. As Hendry & crew like to say, "We're not playing fantasy baseball."

As for whether the Cubs would settle for just Hanrahan, I guess if the Cubs wanted a second player (like maybe Ryan Doumit), I would think the Pirates would be fine with that, especially if the Bucs are getting a young front-line catcher back from the Cubs (thus making Doumit expendable). With the Cubs, Doumit would be just a back-up C-1B-LF-RF-SWPH, and that might be a payroll problem since he's making $5.1M in 2011, plus a combined $15.5M in non-guaranteed club options in 2012-13. And the Pirates are also probably looking to move 3B Andy LaRoche (who, like Hanrahan, will be eligible for salary arbitration for the first time post-2010), in case the Cubs want to round up multiple candidates to consider as the eventual replacement for Aramis Ranmirez in 2012, except LaRoche is out of minor league options, such that the Cubs would probably have to carry him on their 25-man roster all next season just to have him available to be a candidate to replace Ramirez in 2012. (LaRoche will probably be non-tendered by the Pirates on 12/12 if the Bucs can't find a taker before that).

So I would think the Cubs would be willing to offer W. Castillo, Coleman, and either Parker, Stevens, or Mateo (for example) for Hanrahan (only), even though it might be an over-pay, because they would be getting exactly the guy they want back in the deal without having to give up any of their best pitching prospects (Archer, McNutt, J. Jackson, Carpenter, or Rusin) in return.

Thanks Phil! For some reason I was thinking you meant one of our more valued pitching prospects.

I also wonder if a Wellington Castillo and Jeff Samardzija for Hanrahan and Doumit deal might make sense. That would help to even out some of the money, but the Cubs would have be looking at Samninja as someone they want to dump, the Pirates would have to want him, and Jeff would have to wave his NTC.

Andy Laroche seems like an upgrade over Jeff Baker to me, but I may still be thinking of him as the highly ranked Dodgers prospect he was a few years ago. If the Cubs decide to go with a LH platoon guy at first (a Hoffpauir type), Laroche could be the right-handed side of that platoon, while also serving as backup to 3B and 2B in an emergency. That doesn't necessarily mean the Cubs should want to trade for him, if he might become available after being non-tendered.

I might be overvaluing Castillo, too. He's got tools, but I guess it wouldn't be realistic to call him a safe bet.

doumit is one of the worst catchers in the game from pitcher handling to his own skills behind the plate.

bob brenley holds a special hatred for his lack of skills.

Phil, sorry to ask endless questions, but I wonder if you would mind sharing any thoughts you have on Marwin Gonzalez? (I'd basically forgotten he existed until I started looking at AA playoff box scores.) Thanks!

Submitted by Charlie on Sat, 09/18/2010 - 6:08pm.
Phil, sorry to ask endless questions, but I wonder if you would mind sharing any thoughts you have on Marwin Gonzalez? (I'd basically forgotten he existed until I started looking at AA playoff box scores.) Thanks!


CHARLIE: Marwin Gonzalez arrived at Fitch Park as an 18-year old 3B in 2007, but he has gradually morphed into a utility guy. He suffered a broken hand one year at Fitch Park EXST (either 2007 or 2008) that impeded his progress a bit. He began the 2010 season as the primary utility infielder at Daytona before getting promoted to AA Tennessee, where he has played mostly SS. (There was a gap in the Cubs pipeline at SS between Junior Lake at Daytona and Darwin Barney at Iowa after Starlin Castro was promoted from Tennessee to Chicago in May). But Gonzo's future is as a supersub IF-OF utility player.

Gonzalez runs OK but isn't overly fast, he is just a so-so hitter but with occasional XBH power, and he is a switch-hitter who possesses the versatility needed to play several different positions (1B-2B-3B-SS-LF-CF).

It's great that he has been able to progress to AA at age 21, but I'm not sure he will ever hit enough to play in MLB. He got as far as he did this year only because there was an organizational need for a player of his type at Tennessee after Castro was called-up to Chicago, and Gonzalez just happened to be in the right place at the right time. (In other words, he is not another Starlin Castro).

The most-comparable MLB player (in terms of type) to Gonzo is probably somebody like Geoff Blum.

Thanks Phil!

holy crap larussa...does anyone whine as much as this guy while at the same time thumping his chest about personal responsibility and freedom? well, in sports, that is.


the last paragraph is so typical...


Here's my two cents on Castro:

The Cubs need to move him to centerfield.

They need to play Darwin Barney at short-he may be less athletic but he's got a much higher baseball IQ.

Move Castro to center, Barney to short.

Jeez! The kid is only 20. If US born he would have only finished his first or second year of college.

I disagree strongly.

Keep talking I like what I hear. We can move Soto to first, and play Hill at catcher and score three runs/game.

castro's 1st walk since aug. 21

If they keep winning at this rate it would be very difficult to tell Quade he's not getting the full time gig.

Chris Hatcher with a walk-off game-winning HR in the bottom of the 9th off Luke Sommer to give Jacksonville (Marlins AA affiliate) a 1-0 victory over Tennessee and the 2010 Southern League Championship.

Craig Muschko threw seven inings of one-hit shutout ball for the Smokies, but the offense took the night off.

So the new manager should be named before organizational meetings?

Submitted by rokfish on Sat, 09/18/2010 - 10:27pm.
So the new manager should be named before organizational meetings?


ROKFISH: Not absolutely necessary, but it would be desirable to have a new manager signed prior to the Organizational Meetings so that the new manager can have some input into The Grand Plan.

Assuming the status quo stays as it is - would Quade and Sandberg both be part of those meetings regardless?

Submitted by The Real Neal on Sun, 09/19/2010 - 7:14am.
Assuming the status quo stays as it is - would Quade and Sandberg both be part of those meetings regardless?


REAL NEAL: As long as they are still employed by the Cubs at that point, they would be.

But of course being The Manager means you actually get some (sometimes considerable) input into the make-up of the next-year's team and (presumably) the general direction the club will be headed into the future.

From what I've been told, Lou Piniella apparently had significant influence on the make-up of the team throughout his career with the Cubs (beginning immediately right after he was hired), as did Dusty Baker. Conversely, a Mike Quade or a Ryne Sandberg might have a lot less influence and input (like, for example, "Here's the team... now you manage it...").

The way it sounds, I suspect we won't be seeing a new Cubs manager who will have a whole lot of control (or shall we say "influence") over Player Personnel matters quite the way Piniella and Baker did, or especially like Leo Durocher did back in the 1960's when he was Cubs manager and de facto Player Personnel Director.

That's why Ricketts (and Hendry) are probably going to want more of an "organizational"-type manager, somebody who will be satisfied playing the hand he's dealt (which will involve playing and developing the young guys who come up through the system over the next couple or three years), and won't complain if the Cubs don't sign a premier free-agent. That should give Sandberg an advantage, especially if Ricketts is looking for a manager who can also be sold to the fans as "The Face of the Franchise." But while Ricketts is said to want Sandberg, I don't think Hendry is sold on Sandberg as a manager (ergo Hendry's apparent interest in Fredi Gonzalez, Joe Girardi, Eric Wedge, et al).

If the fix is in and Sandberg essentially has the job, I suspect one aspect of the managerial interviews could be to find out if Brenly, Melvin, or Wedge would be interested in being Sandberg's bench coach. Brenly actually might be a good complement to Sandberg, because Ryno knows the Cubs farm system very well, while Brenly probably knows the National League (and the current tendencies of the N. L.'s managers) as well as anybody in baseball.

As for Mike Quade, I think his performance as interim manager of the Cubs puts him squarely in line for an MLB manager's job somewhere in 2011 (maybe Milwaukee?), but probably not with the Cubs.

Would anyone in their right mind give up such a plum TV gig to be a bench coach? Doubtful.

Submitted by John Beasley on Sun, 09/19/2010 - 8:04am.
Would anyone in their right mind give up such a plum TV gig to be a bench coach? Doubtful.


JOHN B: He probably wouldn't. But that doesn't mean he won't be asked.

Add Don Wakamatsu (former M's manager) to the long list of candidates Hendry has an interest in. I'm not quite sure I understand that one...


Well, he's got to interview "a minority" and didn't Gonzales decline the interview?

I would think that it's a good idea to interview even if you know you're not going to get the gig - just like it is with everyone else. It's a good idea to impress people in your industry.

Is Wakamatsu is the player to be named later in the Silva-Bradley transaction?

with a walk-off game-winning HR in the bottom of the 9th
sometimes ya feel like a McNutt...

(can't wait to see some of this AA talent in spring training 2011)

Xavier Nady collected a $125K performance bonus last night as he reached 300 PA.

If he starts seven more games he gets $100K more, and if he can accrue another 48 PA before the end of the season he gets another $250K.

Soto is out for the year, due to have arthroscopic surgery on his throwing shoulder tomorrow. 3 month rehab.


smart move

iowa cubs are playing the marlins today.

iowa cubs are stomping the marlins today.

A. Miller seems to have some control problems

The theory that the Iowa Cubs are better than the big league team was finally proven correct.



Why did Colvin leave the game so soon?

Impaled with the sharp end of a broken bat. Hit him in the upper left chest toward the shoulder. He went to the hospital to get sutures and have x-rays done. Looked like it hurt, but he stayed on his feet and walked himself off to home plate (he scored on the play) and off the field.

Welington Castillo, as an interesting piece of trivia, managed to impale the first major league runner that he has batted in.

I finally saw the reply, Colvin is lucky as hell he didn't get that in the face, neck, or heart. It impaled his chest and punctured his lung. He was looking at the ball when the bat hit him. He's probably better off not having seen the bat, any movement to avoid it could have gotten him killed.

Well, a punctured lung is pretty bad, too. But it sure isn't as bad as a pierced jugular or a gouged out eye. I was surprised it got through his rib cage, but I guess knowing that information, it could've got his heart, too.

I know I breathed a premature sigh of relief when I saw him get home and into the dugout of his own power.

just sayin'


they still play football in chicago?

good for them.

rob I'll be in there for 2nd half

heading to parachat now

Colvin hit in upper chest/shoulder by Castillo's broken bat coming down third base line to score on double.

Taken out for precautionary, Amish Assasin in left.

fwiw, esp. with all this bat study crap going on...wellington uses a maple bat

didnt even notice the marlins called up jose ceda.

rough start so far. today was his 5th appearance and 1st without an earned run given up.

quade's cubs about to be 17-7...and jeff baker has 3 hits off righties today. go figure.

...and florida has a catcher warming in the pen.


-edit- they didn't have to use him...it was some AA catcher they called up yesterday/today. cubs lead by 10.

back to back sweeps...damn

First Geo's season is over, now Colvin's.




Somebody told me that pneumothorax can occur when air enters the chest from outside the chest, too, rather than through a puncture of the lung. Anybody know if that's true? Any conclusive report that Colvin's lung was punctured or word on whether there are any long-term effects of that injury?

Barret Loux is apparently healthy and pitching for suitors. Wouldn't mind the Cubs making an offer there. Maybe something really incentive laden?

Submitted by Dr. aaron b on Sun, 09/19/2010 - 7:43pm.
Barret Loux is apparently healthy and pitching for suitors. Wouldn't mind the Cubs making an offer there. Maybe something really incentive laden?


DR AARON B: I think the Cubs might go after Loux if they sign a Type "A" FA (like Adam Dunn) during the off-season and lose their 2011 2nd round draft pick.

Then they might take what they would have budgeted for their 2nd round pick in 2011 and offer it instead to Loux (if he hasn't already signed with somebody else).

AZ Phil-

Any idea when the players for instructs will report? I'm looking forward to your coverage on it and getting your opinions of the overseas players who will be making their initial debuts. Also, did you ever find out what was going on with Dong-yub Kim? I was looking through some of the archives from last years instructs and realized we really hadn't heard anything from him this summer and you mentioned that he might have been hurt. Thanks as always.

Submitted by W Flag on Sun, 09/19/2010 - 10:34pm.
AZ Phil-

Any idea when the players for instructs will report? I'm looking forward to your coverage on it and getting your opinions of the overseas players who will be making their initial debuts. Also, did you ever find out what was going on with Dong-yub Kim? I was looking through some of the archives from last years instructs and realized we really hadn't heard anything from him this summer and you mentioned that he might have been hurt. Thanks as always.


W FLAG: Players reported to Fitch Park last Wednesday and I believe the first game is this coming Thursday.

Dong-Yub Kim had some type of season-ending surgery (I think it might have been TJS) in March and he hasn't played since, although I suppose he might surface in Instructs if he's cleared to play, at least as a DH.

Wonderful. Thanks again. Are the actual instruction parts of instructs available to the public? If so, have you seen anything particularly interesting thus far? Possibly a position switch for a few people, everyday players becoming pitchers,vice versa? Thanks as always

With season-ending injuries to Geovany Soto and Tyler Colvin,. I would expect the Cubs to call-up Robinson Chirinos and possibly Brandon Guyer from Tennessee, since the Smokies season ended on Saturday and both players are still in game shape. (Iowa OF James Adduci is already on the 40-man roster and ordinarily would have been the most-likely candidate to get recalled to replace an injured player... and he still might be, but the I-Cubs last game was on Labor Day and so Adduci hasn't played for two weeks). Chirinos and Guyer were both virtual locks to get added to the Cubs 40-man roster post-2010 anyway, so it would just be a matter of adding them to the 40 a few weeks earlier than planned.

Also, RHP Esmailin Caridad's 30-day minor league rehab assignment expired on Saturday, so he will likely get reactivated today or tomorrow. Caridad has been on the DL since May with a right forearm/elbow strain, but he has been pitching regularly out of the Tennessee bullpen (ten games, including three SL playoff games) over the past month (3.86 ERA and 1.69 WHIP, allowing 14 hits in 11.2 IP, with 3/12 BB/K). Although his overall numbers at AA weren't great, he pitched much better in September than he did in August, and he was reportedly throwing in the mid-90's as recently as last Wednesday.

The Cubs can make room for at least two players on the 40-man roster simply by placing Colvin and Soto on the 60-day DL, and if they need a third slot they can either place Carlos Silva (sore elbow) on the 60-day DL, or if he is going to return to action sometime over the last two weeks, the Cubs could outright somebody who was going to get outrighted in October anyway (probably Jeff Gray).

A player on the 60-day DL must be reactivated no later than the 16th day after the conclusion of the World Series (which coincides with the end of the 15-day Free-Agency Filing Period), even if he has been on the 60-day DL less than 60 days. In fact, a player could be placed on the 60-day DL the last day of the regular season and then get reactivated the next day (but that only would apply to clubs not active in the post-season). That's why it's technically called the "Emergency Disabled List" (or "EDL"), because a player might not actually be on the EDL for 60 days if the MLB regular season (or post-season, if the player's club is active in the post-season) ends prior to the player spending 60 days on the DL.

Good stuff Phil,

Any chance the Cubs can find a taker for Carlos Silva this off-season? Any chance without the Cubs paying more than the 5.5 Million the Mariners sent over?

Submitted by Dr. aaron b on Mon, 09/20/2010 - 8:46am.
Good stuff Phil,

Any chance the Cubs can find a taker for Carlos Silva this off-season? Any chance without the Cubs paying more than the 5.5 Million the Mariners sent over?


DR AARON B: I think the Cubs might be able to find a taker for Carlos Silva, but only if he proves himself healthy in Spring Training. And even then the Cubs probably would have to pick-up at least some of what they owe Silva ($6M in 2011 salary and the $2M 2012 buy-out) or take back a similar salary. So I wouldn't expect any movement on the Silva front until maybe the end of Spring Training. Most-likely scenario is Silva begins the 2011 season on the Disabled List (exact injury and/or illness TBD).

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  • I think you're very much overvaluing Schwarber if you think he can fetch Sale by himself. An unproven rookie with demonstrable offensive flaws he hasn't had the chance to show he can overcome and with no defensive upside will never fetch an ace of the quality of Sale in today's market where pitchers are fetching insane prices, especially with Sale's team friendly contract. You'd for sure need to throw in a pitching prospect in return at least.

    johann 1 min 12 sec ago view
  • best relievers in baseball tend to not be the best relievers for very long though...

    also, when you start just trading away guys for marginal benefits, that window will shrink. The window is easily through 2021, just have to look how long Rizzo is signed for and how long they have rights to Bryant, Russell and so on down the line.

    Can't say I'm too worried about the SP, they've done nothing but land guys on the cheap and on the expensive since they've arrived. TheJedi will figure that out.

    Rob G. 37 min 58 sec ago view
  • Not sure I agree with this logic. The Cubs are one of the best teams in baseball, they have spent heavily on the team over the past couple of seasons, have more hitting prospects than they have places for them to play (and more on the way), a clear weakness in the bullpen, and have a 1.5 year window with Arrieta (to say nothing of the likely declines of Lester and Lackey).

    Unless you think (maybe even if you do think) Schwarber is the next coming of Babe Ruth, I would certainly consider trading him if it brought back a couple of the best relief pitchers in baseball.

    Rob Richardson 3 hours 20 min ago view
  • Miggy was going to sit anyway with Lester starting.

    In related news, do any of the Cubs pitchers want to throw to Contreras?

    Rob G. 3 hours 32 min ago view
  • Only Russell and Miggy failed to reach base yesterday. Both sit today.

    billybucks 3 hours 40 min ago view
  • Trading Schwarber actually makes a lot of sense because his actual position is currently being taken by Anthony Rizzo, unless they vote in the DH this offseason.

    Trading him for a reliever is never going to happen though. I don't think you can trade Schwarber unless you get a CF'er for a few years (presume Fowler finds his multi-year deal next offseson) or a couple of high end young starters...or an established starter...a good one like Chris Sale.

    Rob G. 3 hours 52 min ago view
  • I don't see what the Yanks have that the Cubs need.

    Ryno 3 hours 57 min ago view
  • peter gammons on MLB network pushing the yanks/schwarber angle...says insiders from the yanks say brian cashman highly covets him.

    unless that conversation starts with a.miller (2/18m left on contract) i dunno how you even start that conversation given the "not trash, but no stars" state of the yanks minor league system.

    they got corner OF'r aaron judge, C gary sanchez, RHP james kaprielian's questionable elbow, RHP domingo acevedo...all interesting, none expected to impact the game like schwarber's power potential.

    crunch 4 hours 30 min ago view
  • Zo, Heyward, KB, Riz, Contreras (LF), Baez (SS), Szczur (CF), Ross, Lester

    Cubster 4 hours 38 min ago view
  • damn. low sample size blah blah whatever, but that slash got sneaky good. 10 hits, 4 walks, 2hr, 1 double through 39 PA...nice

    crunch 4 hours 58 min ago view
  • Buddy Ryan takes his place alongside George Allen as the great Bear head coaches who never were.

    VirginiaPhil 7 hours 52 min ago view
  • Well, at least he can still hit: Jake slashing .294/.368/.868. Forget hitting 8th -- he should hit 6th.

    billybucks 8 hours 11 min ago view
  • Curious to see today's lineup vs. a LHP: Ross needs to catch Lester, Joe likes Javy at 3B when Lester pitches. Heyward with back-to-back good games at the plate, and is actually hitting a little better against LHP (.247/.341) than RHP (.232/.321), although neither is much to write home about. But, tomorrow is an early day game, so some regulars will probably sit either today or tomorrow.

    Maybe Willson in LF, KB in RF and Almora in CF? If so, Albert Jr., assume every ball is yours.

    billybucks 8 hours 16 min ago view
  • "Pitching prospects not looking so hot"

    That reminds me that Lucas Giolito will start for the Nats tonight.

    VirginiaPhil 8 hours 19 min ago view
  • Well, there you go. Federowicz is one of the best at balls in the dirt.

    VirginiaPhil 8 hours 38 min ago view
  • Reds pitching meeting tomorrow:

    "Hey coach...maybe we should walk Bryant?"
    "No...keep challenging him with fastballs! What kind of man are you?! The Cubs walked Harper, and look what happened there! They got teased for it, by one of the Nat players! Is that what you want?"

    billybucks 19 hours 19 min ago view