NL Central Curse Hits Cubs; Cashner and Wells Headed to DL

Patrick Mooney of CSN is reporting on his twitter account that Randy Wells and Andrew Cashner are both going to the disabled list.

Wells goes down with a forearm strain that no one knew anything about, Cashner's injury is his rotator cuff. I'm sure more details will be forthcoming. Mooney reports neither will throw for 2 weeks with the Cubs being cautious in April and Casey Coleman is sure to be one of the pitchers to join the rotation.

Some updates after the jump...

From Hendry...

Hendry said both pitchers would be shut down for from 10 days to two
weeks and then will be reevaluated. Hendry said there were "no surgical
possibilities" with either pitcher.

Cashner's rotator-cuff strain was termed "very mild" by Hendry, and he
said that Wells' injury was strictly muscular in nature and did not
involve the elbow.

Q-Ball said he'd try to limit the need of a 5th starter. Now if neither of them will pick up a ball for 10-14 days, you need to tack on at least a week or two before they can join the rotation. So here's what the rotation could look like if Z stops drinking too many Red Bulls before games. I'll use Russell as a placeholder for now.

  • Today (6th) - Dempster
  • Thursday (7th) - Off Day
  • Friday(8th) - Zambrano
  • Saturday(9th) - Garza
  • Sunday(10th) - Coleman
  • 11th @Houston - Dempster
  • 12th @Houston - Russell
  • 13th @Houston - Zambrano
  • 14th - Off Day
  • 15th @Rockies - Garza
  • 16th @Rockies - Coleman
  • 17th @Rockies - Dempster (might switch Coleman/Dempster here)
  • 18th vs. Padres - Zambrano
  • 19th vs. Padres - Russell
  • 20th vs. Padres - Garza
  • 21st - Off Day
  • 22nd vs. Dodgers - Dempster
  • 23rd vs. Dodgers - Zambrano
  • 24th vs. Dodgers - Coleman
  • 25th vs. Rockies - Garza
  • 26th vs. Rockies - Russell
  • 27th vs. Rockies - Dempster
  • 28th @ DBacks - Zambrano
  • 29th @ DBacks - Coleman
  • 30th @ DBacks - Garza
  • 1st @ DBacks - Russell
  • 2nd @ Dodgers - Dempster
  • 3rd @ Dodgers - Zambrano
  • 4th @ Dodgers - Coleman
  • 5th - Off Day
  • 6th vs. Reds - Garza
  • 7th vs. Reds - Dempster
  • 8th vs. Reds - Zambrano
  • 9th - Off Day

Then the Cardinals come into town and by that point hopefully Wells and/or Cashner will be ready to go.


from Muskat

"strained right forearm" for Wells, "strained right rotator cuff" for Cashner

from Witty, he says Cashner is "mild strain" of back of rotator cuff

seems Diamond would be the only other minor league option, otherwise start stretching out Samardzija or Russell (probably Russell).

Wow, this team doesn't have much depth.

Perhaps Looper is still an option? Of course, they'd have to take someone off of the 40-man.

40 Man at 38

Well at least they got to .500 this season.

We need some well-timed rainouts over the next few weeks.

Hendry not expecting either to be long term issues. I assume with 2 weeks of nothing and another 2 weeks of rehabbing if everything goes well?


probably old news, but Alex Maestri released according to Goldstein (apologies if Phil already reported it). He mentions Huseby as well, but I do recall Phil scooping that one already.

Goldstein gets his Cubs info from here I think.

Phil mentioned both.

Then let's see if he reports this:

Jim Hendry wrestles assailant to the ground, saves box of donuts.

Witty says Russell in mix to start Tuesday, Coleman is certain to start Sunday vs. Brewers.

Submitted by Rob G. on Wed, 04/06/2011 - 9:37am.
Witty says Russell in mix to start Tuesday, Coleman is certain to start Sunday vs. Brewers.


ROB G: Only Casey Coleman, Thomas Diamond, Robert Coello, J. R. Mathes, and Austin Bibens-Dirkx are stretched-out as starters at Iowa, and since I doubt that the Cubs would bring up any of the Tennessee guys to Chicago right now, I guess it's Coleman for sure on Sunday, and then either the Cubs bring up Diamond or Coello (probably Diamond) for Tuesday, or move Russell to the starting rotation (he was being stretched-out as a starter early in Cactus League play before being moved to the bullpen), and bring up Jeff Stevens or Scott Maine from Iowa to replace Russell in the pen.

What this will do is start an upward movement for a few pitchers in the minors, as probably Hung-Wen Chen (long-relief at Tennessee but has starter experience at AAA) and either Chris Rusin or Brooks Raley (the two most "mature" starters at Tennessee) will perhaps get moved temporariliy into the Iowa starting rotation if Coleman and Diamond move up, or Chen and either Blake Parker or Ryan Buchter (Chen, Parker, and Buchter were the last cuts from Iowa) would probably move up if Coleman and Stevens or Maine get recalled, and if Rusin or Raley get moved up to Iowa, then Rob Whitenack (last cut from Tennessee) will likely move up to the Tennessee rotation from Daytona, and either Jeffrey Beliveau or Jordan Latham will move up to the Tennessee bullpen from Daytona. Daytona already has 13 pitchers and they were probably going to have to drop one to make room for Welington Castillo (who will be the DH at Daytona), and so then only one pitcher at Peoria would move up to Daytona, or one of the older and/or more experienced pitchers assigned to EXST (like Larry Suarez, Luis Liria, Matt Loosen, or Casey Harman) could just move-up directly to Daytona from Fitch Park.

BTW, James Russell started and threw three innings and 54 pitches on March 7th, started and threw three innings (unknown number of pitches) vs CIN at Las Vegas on March 12th, and threw three innings (but only 31 pitches) in relief on March 27th, his last Spring Training outing.

So Russell is probably stretched-out enough that he can maybe throw three innings and/or 50-60 pitches. Something like that.

Pena out again today as well, should be back Friday.

think mlb should just switch to a slo-pitch, underhand, double-or-nothing format...


He's free....

to visit any buffet in America

I assume he has caller ID and I'm guessing he wouldn't answer that phone call.

Submitted by Ryno on Wed, 04/06/2011 - 10:17am.
I assume he has caller ID and I'm guessing he wouldn't answer that phone call


RYNO: An MLB player who is released prior to Opening Day cannot re-sign with his former club until May 15th. So even if Carlos Silva wanted to come back and even if the Cubs wanted him back (both extremely unlikely), it couldn't happen for at least 39 more days.

Adam Dunn done (I know, I'm Stoopid but it made me smile)

Out with emergency appendectomy this am.

Per David Kaplan tweet

Hendry said both pitchers would be shut down for from 10 days to two weeks and then will be reevaluated. Hendry said there were "no surgical possibilities" with either pitcher.

Cashner's rotator-cuff strain was termed "very mild" by Hendry, and he said that Wells' injury was strictly muscular in nature and did not involve the elbow.

Fuku, Castro, Byrd, Ramirez, Colvin, Soriano, Soto, DeWitt, Dempster


Bloomquist, C. Young, Johnson, Upton, Montero, Mora, Miranda, Parra, Galarraga

Hmmm. Where'd I leave that ledge?

Wittenmyer headline: "Cubs rotation suffers 1-2 punch as as Wells, Cashner go down."

Don't exaggerate. It was only a 4-5 punch.


Hah... high five.

3/44 but good stuff...

Prince and Carlos Boozer of the Bulls have different ideas on home decoration...

Absolutely NOBODY in the stands right now. 5,000??

I was just noticing that.

Caught the end of the game yesterday in break room.

Can't remember last time you could hear individuals and conversations at Wrigley over the TV.

So far, next to zero interest in going to the games this year. 20,000 no-shows each day. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? .....Right now, there's a ticket for sale at StubHub for the Wednesday April 20 game vs San Diego for 1 cent.

Legal scalping... just because the Cubs sell a ticket doesn't mean a game-goer will buy the ticket and go to the game. I wouldn't mind seeing the legal scalping schemes get burned.

A friend and I were talking about the no-shows the other day and he asked if Ricketts also got control of that scalping company the Tribune set up? I didn't know. And, if so, do the tickets the Cubs never make available to the public because they sell them to themselves, do those tickets count towards attendance, because the team technically 'sold' the tickets?

That would be Wrigley Premium Tickets across the street. According to their web site (which hasn't been updated since last year because...well... why bother?) they and the Cubs are both owned by "Chicago Cubs Holdings" which is the Ricketts family.

So, I dunno about the rest of you, but I'm wondering if these sales of tickets from the Cubs to Wrigley Premium Tickets are real sales or does WPT return unsold tickets to the Cubs?

Since the Cubs have to give MLB 31% of ticket sales revenue, it sure would make sense not to book sales to
a company you also own, only to have them be unable to unload them, leaving you owing 31% of a fictious ticket sale to the league.

Of course, the act of not really selling the tickets to Wrigley Premium Tickets is, on the face of it, criminal activity anywhere except maybe Illinois.

I should be in parachat for most of the game today.

Go dumpster.


Byrd and Soriano combine to create 2 runs for the Dbacks on one play.

Fuckin' Soriano, I'm so sick of his and Aramis Ramariz's defense.

it's Soriano that you're mad at on that play?

on the other hand, that play that scored the 4th run was complete ass

I apologize if someone has already discussed this, but what the hell is the "Nasty Factor" on Gameday?

lol... are you sure you are on the gameday website?

Thanks for referring me back, I think I understand it less now. Maybe Gameday should change the name to the "Gay Witchcraft Factor."


Yep, the NF is about as useful as Will Carrol's player injury forecast from last month...

Grabow in to throw batting practice.

Wells said he felt something in the forearm after his final tuneup start of spring training. He said he had a lot of discomfort yesterday, so both he and Cashner had MRIs. It's tough to tell at this point when either will be back. It all depends on how they respond to rest and treatment.

Getting Wells and Cashner back in June will be just like making a mid-summer trade!!!!!

So at least we've got that going for us?

It's like Wood and Prior all over again except for the talent part.

I think what I would do regarding the Cubs starting rotation over the next week is this:

I would have Casey Coleman make his scheduled Opening Night start at Round Rock (Austin, TX) tomorrow night and get fully stretched-out, and then join the Cubs in Houston next week and start the game Tuesday night. Because Coleman wouldn't actually be recalled until Tuesday, I would recall a reliever (either Stevens, Maine, or Caridad) from Iowa.

I would start James Russell in Milwaukee on Sunday (his last game would have been Cashner's start yesterday, so he would be throwing with four days rest), and I would recall either Thomas Diamond or Robert Coello as a long-reliever (both are stretched-out as starters) to back-up Russell, since Russell never threw more than three innings or 60 pitches in Cactus League play. I just don't want a lefty fly ball pitcher like Russell to get the Tuesday night start at Houston. It would be better to have Russell throw in Milwaukee on Sunday.

Then I would option Diamond or Coello (whichever one was recalled for Sunday's game) back to Iowa on Monday when I recall Coleman.

I can sort of see what you're talking about on Russel, but I think it'll be Coleman then Diamond. It's not just one start and Russel hasn't really shown anything since like July of last year.


Why burn Russell and Risk his injury on what would likely be a 3 inning start regardless?

Chances are high it'd end up with bullpen burnage.

Marshall could start. His arm is rock solid.

He rarely went more than five, and moving him out of the pen would burn one of our three good options there. Pass.

I think one of the best things that could happen to the bullpen would be an injury to Russell.

Official attendance today: 32,272. Wonder what the no-shows amount is.

It's like Wood and Prior all over again except for the talent part.
and the killer Bees... Baker and Barrett

Jeff Gray called up by the White Sox, Milledge didn't last long there

Bullpen was pitching alot this week. They had 11 pitchers out of ST.

Don't understand why you would need so many bench players when you are in AL.

Offense early, defense late.

I would really love to see a study on how often this pays off vs bites you in the ass.

To me, if a player is a starter because he's a better player, then he's a better player. Runs are runs are runs.

I would bet that it's more likely that a starter's bat is taken out and subsequently needed, than a defensive replacement makes a play that the starter wouldn't have, which impacts the outcome of the game. It just seems like I am more likely to say "I sure wish Soriano's bat was in the lineup here" than I am to say "Wow, Reed Johnson made that play that Soriano would have had no chance on."

Of course, there are some other benefits such as keeping your bench guys sharp and your starters rested.

Also I am the guy that thinks the outfielders in band boxes should play closer to home, because in high HR environments the risk of singles is more significant than of doubles and triples - so what do I know?

Looking at the Orioles' box score, I noticed the following. Luke Scott was intentionally walked in his fourth at bat in the 7th. The Orioles had just taken a 1-run lead. Pie pinch runs (and scores), and plays left field in the 8th and 9th. The O's just have one more inning on offense, and Pie never bats.

The question was why you need bench players in the AL, instead of more pitchers.

When starters start, the game is tied. When they are replaced by better defenders, the team is usually up a run or two.

It must vary with the sluggers who get replaced, but in theory, if you spotted a team a certain number of runs, different players would be starters.

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  • I don't think his issue(s) will have anything to do with it. He hasn't hit since he's been back. Coghlan has the hot hand.

    Tito 51 min 15 sec ago view
  • I'm not a denier but definitely a skeptic on Strop and Grimm, who struggle with fastball control. Strop doesn't go near the ninth inning, and note how Grimm couldn't close the deal even with a 5-run lead. So Felix Pena comes in and gets the 3-pitch game-ending strikeout like it was nothing.

    And how about Almora missing that very catchable ball? That was unexpected after all the hype about his glove.

    When Trea Turner misses balls like that--which he does--I draw conclusions from it. It seems to be the one chink in his armor. But I'll give Almora another chance.

    VirginiaPhil 55 min 19 sec ago view
  • Assuming Soler is good to go, I think it comes down to 3 of the following 4: Coghlan, TLS, Sczcur, Almora. Of the 4, TLS seems to be the hardest to justify, particularly given his behavioral issues.

    billybucks 1 hour 47 sec ago view
  • I'm wondering if both Coghlan and LaStella make it. With Javy being able to play all the infield spots and Joe maybe wanting late-inning D when Soler plays (assuming he plays), hence either Szczur or Almora, I think LaStella might be the odd guy out.

    Tito 1 hour 3 min ago view
  • Hendricks needs the win, anyway, plus a couple more.

    My hunch is that Hendricks wins the Cy Young . . . for Lester. That is, without Hendricks tipping the scale toward the Cubs, Scherzer tops Lester.

    VirginiaPhil 1 hour 16 min ago view
  • Old Cub fans remember when Ken Hubbs died at 22 in the crash of a small plane he was piloting in a storm in Utah in 1964. But Hubbs was not an elite power pitcher like Score and Fernandez. Score lived a long time after the accident but it was (effectively) career-ending.

    VirginiaPhil 1 hour 20 min ago view
  • HAGSAG: Since I've only seen them throw in one game and in one "live" BP session, all I can do is provide initial first impressions.

    Brailyn Marquez is listed at 6'4 but is probably more like 6'5 or 6'6. I would describe him as a younger version of Bryan Hudson, throwing a ton of ground balls but not getting a lot of swings & misses (yet). Because of his size he could eventually grow into more velocity, but right now he's mostly a pitch-to-contact guy. He generally throws strikes.

    Arizona Phil 1 hour 26 min ago view
  • Phil, do Marquez and Ocampo look like prospects?

    Hagsag 5 hours 10 min ago view
  • It helps when your defense has declared war against the H in WHIP.

    Still impressive.

    John Beasley 5 hours 12 min ago view
  • Lackey finishes with a 3.35 ERA. Currently good for 13th in the NL. Not bad for a guy signed to be a #3 starter in a 15-team league.

    He is also 6th in WHIP. Pretty amazing: Cubs have the #2, #3, #5 and #6 starters in WHIP.

    billybucks 12 hours 7 min ago view
  • Completely meaningless game, but Pena striking out Sean the Turd to with the bases loaded was very fun.

    Other than one bad game in SD, Pena has been very good. Even with that game, 9.0 IP, 13 K, 0.89 WHIP.

    billybucks 12 hours 11 min ago view
  • 101 wins...most since 1910 (104).

    neat. ...or sad. pick one. pick both. 'murica.

    crunch 12 hours 27 min ago view
  • Just looked up Grimm's stats -- after a great run, he gave up 2 runs vs. MIL then didn't pitch for 10 days. Don't remember why?

    billybucks 12 hours 29 min ago view
  • Sean Rodriguez's helmet looks like it's taking a dump

    jacos 12 hours 33 min ago view
  • Grimm not doing himself any favors lately re: making the playoff squad. Seems to have lost the feel for his curveball.

    billybucks 12 hours 38 min ago view
  • j.grimm is literally worse than hitler.

    felix pena, your turn.

    crunch 12 hours 40 min ago view