Cubs Fit to Be Tied at Fitch Park

Max Kwan laced a line-drive single through a drawn-in infield to score Reggie Golden from 3rd base, as EXST Cubs Squad “A” rallied for a run in the bottom of the 9th to tie EXST Cubs Squad “B” 6-6 in an Extended Spring Training intra-squad game played this morning at Fitch Park Field #3 in Mesa.

Daytona IF-OF-C David Macias (on a rehab assignment at Fitch Park) was a DH for Squad “A” and got five at bats, going 1-5 with a single, two ground outs, and two strikeouts (one looking and one swinging). Macias was placed on the D-Cubs 7-day DL on May 10th.

Hunter Ackerman, Austin Reed, and Ben Wells all pitched multiple innings in the game, with mixed results. Ackerman struggled through his four innings (two of the innings were stopped early--“ROLL-IT!”--when the lefty reached his max pitch limit for that inning), allowing four runs on six hits and three walks (and a WP) in 3.1 IP, Reed allowed four runs (one earned) on two triples, three singles, and a walk in four innings of work (Reed also committed a costly error that led to three unearned runs scoring)), and Wells tossed three innings of one-hit ball, allowing one unearned run (Cub Squad “A” defenders committed four errors while Wells was on the hill).

RHP Dustin Fitzgerald had his best outing of the spring, throwing two innings of one-hit shutout ball with five strikeouts.

21-year old Dominican RHP Felix Pena made his U. S. debut, and was the victim of the Squad “A” 9th inning rally that tied the game. While F. Pena did allow one run on two hits and a walk, he also induced a timely DP ball with runners on 1st and 2nd and no outs to help ease the pressure, and then struck out Wilson Contreras (swinging) with high gas for the final out.

Cubs GM Jim Hendry, Player Personnel Director Oneri Fleita, Scouting Director Tim Wilken, and a number of members of the Cubs Scouting & Player Development departments are spending the week at Fitch Park, with the scouts evaluating potential draft picks in pre-game morning work-outs, and the minor league instructors and coordinators evaluating the players who are assigned to the squad at Extended Spring Training in preparation for the start of the short-season leagues later this month. (Perhaps having so many eyes of importance watching was the reason Cubs players committed eight errors in the intra-squad game).

In EXST Cubs roster news, LHP Jeffry Antigua has been moved up to Daytona.

Here is the box score from today’s intra-squad game:

NOTE: David Macias was DH #1 for SQUAD “A” and batted 1st in the bottom of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 7th, and 8th innings

1. Vismeldy Bieneme, 2B: 1-5 (L-1, F-7, F-7, 1B, L-4, R)
2. Eduardo Gonzalez, RF: 1-5 (4-3, 1B, E-1, 4-3, E-6, 2 R, 2 SB)
3. Marco Hernandez, SS: 2-5 (K, 1B, 3B, E-4, E-6, R, 2 RBI, SB)
4. Brandon May, 1B: 0-3 (BB, 5-3, F-8, P-4)
5. Dustin Geiger, 3B: 1-4 (2B, 6-3, 6-3, K, R)
6. Dong-Yub Kim, LF: 1-4 (4-3, 4-3, 1B, E-6, R, SB)
7. Brian Inoa, C: 2-3 (1B, BB, 3B, 4-3, 2 RBI, SB, 2 CS)
8. Oliver Zapata, CF: 0-4 (K, P-4, K, 4-3)
9. Johan DeJesus, DH: 0-4 (5-3, 4-3, F-8, P-6)

X. David Macias, DH #1: 1-5 (1B, 6-3, K, K, 4-3, R)
1. Wes Darvill, SS: 1-3 (4-3, 6-3, BB, 1B, SB)
2. Gioskar Amaya, 2B: 2-4 (1-3, 2B, 1B, K, RBI)
3. Reggie Golden, RF: 2-4 (1B, 1-3, P-3, 2B, 2 R, RBI, SB)
4. Max Kwan, LF: 2-4 (1B, K, 1-3, 1B, 2 RBI)
5. Blair Springfield, CF: 1-1 (BB, BB, 1B, BB, R, CS)
6. Carlos Romero, C: 1-4 (1B, K, 5-3, 5-4 DP, R)
7. Wilson Contreras, 1B: 0-3 (BB, F-8, K, K)
8. Jesus Morelli, DH #2: 1-3 (1B, 5-3, K, 2 RBI)
9. Gregori Gonzalez, 3B: 1-3 (K, 1B, K, R, SB)


1. Hunter Ackerman: 3.1 IP, 6 H, 4 R (4 ER), 3 BB, 4 K, 1 WP, 63 pitches (38 strikes), 5/0 GO/FO
NOTE: 1st and 2nd innings were stopped with two outs when Ackerman reached max pitch limit
2. Brian Smith: 1.2 IP, 3 H, 1 R (1 ER), 1 BB, 0 K, 38 pitches (23 strikes), 3/2 GO/FO
NOTE: 5th inning was stopped with two outs when B. Smith reached max pitch limit
3. Dustin Fitzgerald: 2.0 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 5 K, 30 pitches (22 strikes), 1/0 GO/FO
4. Felix Pena: 1.0 IP, 2 H, 1 R (1 ER), 1 BB, 1 K, 1 WP, 1 GIDP, 25 pitches (15 strikes)

1. Willengton Cruz: 2.0 IP, 2 H, 1 R (1 ER), 1 BB, 2 K, 36 pitches (21 strikes), 2/1 GO/FO
2. Austin Reed: 4.0 IP, 5 H, 4 R (1 ER), 1 BB, 1 K, 64 pitches (43 strikes), 6/4 GO/FO
3. Ben Wells: 3.0 IP, 1 H, 1 R (0 ER), 0 BB, 1 K, 33 pitches (24 strikes), 4/4 GO/FO


C Brian Inoa - E2 (throwing error on stolen base attempt at 2nd base allowed base-runner to advance to 3rd base)

1. 1B Wilson Contreras - E3 (throwing error allowed runner at 3rd base to score unearned run)
2. P Austin Reed - E1 (throwing error allowed batter to reach base safely – eventually scored unearned run)
3. 2B Gioskar Amaya - E4 (errant relay throw to 3rd base on an RBI triple allowed batter-runner to score)
4. 2B Gioskar Amaya - E4 (fielding error allowed batter to reach base safely and unearned run to score)
5. SS Wes Darvill - E6 (fielding error allowed batter to reach base safely)
6. SS Wes Darvill - E6 (throwing error allowed batter to reach base safely)
7. SS Wes Darvill - E6 (fielding error allowed batter to reach base safely)


Brian Inoa: 1-4 CS, 2 PB, 1 E (see above)

Carlos Romero: 2-7 CS



WEATHER: Sunny with temperatures in the 90’s


does anyone know what's up with zach rosscup?

he hasnt pitched in 2 weeks.

from the previous thread...

Pilliere's mock draft from yesterday

The Cubs love George Springer in this spot, but most evaluators agree that it will be hard for them to pass on Bubba Starling. They’ve looked into Archie Bradley, and they have heavy interest in Mikie Mahtook as well. None of these players would be surprising but ultimately Starling will be too tough to pass.

-edit- Pilliere later said that Nats at #6 are targeting Starling

from a thread 12 threads back...

Fire Jim Hendry!

Despite the Cubs history in development (or lack thereof), I am always a fan of drafting a player with the highest ceiling. Unless one of the ridiculous pitchers falls, Starling is actually my hope for the Cubs pick.

Most likely, he won't make it to us. I am not as sold on Mahtook and am concerned about the Springer's hitting troubles this year (high Ks, not as strong production as was expected) (though I do root for him based on having the same last name as me!). But the draft is deep in pitching and so I hope the Cubs can grab a top hitting prospect with their pick. I don't really want Lindor, as he looks like a gap hitting shortstop, something I don't think the Cubs need right now, so I would prefer Springer if Starling isn't around.

However, if Starling isn't around, I think the most likely picks are either Bradley or Sonny Gray (particularly because the Cubs appear to like to draft someone they previously selected, such as Cashner and Fuld).


Ballplayer first, athlete second. You can get your unsignable athletes in later rounds and woo them away from big time college football programs.

McNutt goes 2 inning (47 pitches), gives up 2 ER on 4 hits, 1 BB and 0 K.

Not sure if he had a pitch limit or if an injury led to his removal.

Both Robert Coello and Jeff Stevens cleared waivers and have been outrighted to the minors, Coello to AA Tennessee, and Stevens to AAA Iowa.

Both Coello and Stevens will be eligible to be MLB Rule 55 Minor League Free-Agents (Six-Year Minor League FA) post-2011, unless added back to a 40-man roster by the 4th day following the conclusion of the World Series.

The Cubs are one of 9 teams violating MLB's debt service rules. Apparently Zell's scheme on how to pay no taxes on an almost $1 billion sale left Ricketts with more debt than MLB allows.

Not true. The deal, when made, met the MLB debt service restrictions. Go look it up.

This is new and all on Ricketts. I'm guessing the Cubs haven't been maintaining the same level of profitability, maybe not making any profit at all, which would put them in violation of the debt service rules.

The story says Selig has the right to waive MLB's debt rule whenever he wants.

The Astros will be on the list as well...

""With one or two exceptions, we see how teams are going to be compliant again in the short term, so we're not worried about them." is the key quote from the article.

NEAL: You are the finance guy here. Is it even possible that Ricketts turns a post-debt profit anytime soon?

There's no way of telling. This isn't even about turning a profit, specifically, it's just sort of a rule of thumb about acquiring debt. If you have debt at 10% intererest, it's much more of a concern than say 1% interest, but their rule of thumb doesn't talk about that.

Selig is sort of caught between dueling desires here. On one side, he wants the baseball teams to be sold for as high a value as possible, because, well, that's pretty much his job. On the other hand, he doesn't want to have to bail out owners who bite off more than they can chew, because that would tend to lower the values of the teams.

I was looking around for Selig's steroid testimony the other day and found this - which is just a great and amusing read.

The way baseball owners make money is by selling their franchise, not in general, by profiting on a year-to-year basis. That's the exact plan the Ricketts have - to give them selves some nice salaries as board members to pay the bills, but to just own the team for 20 years and then sell it and become even wealthier than they were, and have the fun of owning a ballclub in the interim.

So in short, it's all a bunch of bullshit. You're not going to be able to get any real information if the Congress can't, but you can get enough little soundbites and snippets here and there to get you pissed off at the owners or players, regardless of whose side you come down on.

That's interesting stuff.

The way baseball owners make money is by selling their franchise, not in general...

I have surmised this over the years. This is the exact reasons why "small-market" owners hang on, as well as those owners who have teams w/miniscule payroll (Rays, et. al.).

It is the TEAM's value appreciation they desire, just as you state.

Too big to fail?

i am guessing this is another jim hendry is fat joke. if not, it ought to be.


I'm seriously sick of this team and probably because it's largely the same team as last year. I'll stop being sick of it when we have guys that aren't an embarrassment with the gloves and the lineup is reduced to one or two 'free swingers'.

I think Hendry has to leave to stop loading up on free swingers.

Unfortunately most of the "Vaunted Minor Leaguers " have the same afflictions.

Espn 1000 just played soundbite from Papa Joe rickets, undated, saying in part kids came to him in 2005 saying that Cubs are for sale and that the should buy. Papa Joe said why, I don't like sports not interested. The kids replied "Wrigley sells out win or lose." Joe said that's good business now I'm interested.

Yikes !

Here's a dick poll for you- which happens first-
Ricketts sells or moves Cubs to suburbs?

Don't blame me, I voted for Cuban!

You should copywright that and sell T-Shirts outside of Wrigley (don't tell the purchasers they won't be allowed in Wrigley with it).

Navigator linked a video to the Ricketts speech where that bit of genius was uttered a few weeks back.

How about a #1 jersey with this name on it:


this is why owners should STFU and push their pencils rather than becoming a face of a franchise they have to defend to the press.

stfu, cut your checks, sell the team 10-20 years from now, enjoy the nice seats.

Archie Bradley at #9 to Cubs as well

Sounds like a pretty good kid. His sister should probably have her DL taken away.

Here's a scouting report on him:

What the deuce?


Robert Whitenack

McNutt left game early with an injury as well last night relating to some earlier collision in the game.

Miles suggests the debt thing is more to do with the financing of the deal to buy the team than anything current.

McNutt with bruised ribs...

You may wonder why I haven’t branded the Cubs as a EBITDA offender. True enough, the Cubs debt is more than twice what the MLB rules allow. But the MLB rules do not consider the Cubs’ debt to be debt! The Cubs’ lender is the Ricketts family, the Ricketts family is also the team owner, and MLB rules provide an exception where the lender is the owner. But the Cubs’ debt is still debt, no matter what baseball might think. The Cubs still have to pay interest on the debt (3% per annum, a nice interest rate if you can get it), and the debt still has to be repaid (or if possible, forgiven or converted into equity). Of course, if the Cubs have trouble paying what it owes on this debt, we can hope that their lender will be reasonable.

Also interesting in the highly dubious Forbes info presented there is that they missed the Astros' value by about 50% ($474 million to actual $680 million)... of course the $680 million isn't actually $680, it's a higly financed $680 million, but and I am not sure what they purport their values to represent, but the Cubs' price listed is pretty close their "sale" value.

me confused...

the article is end of April and Astros were sold in middle of May, and who knows when the actual Forbes data was compiled.

A house is worth whatever anyone is willing to pay for it, isn't the same true for baseball teams?

unless a team had been sold recently, like the Cubs, they're just taking educated guesses on fair market value. Also, didn't the Astros deal include part of a TV network they just started?

Yes it included it, but it was already owned by the team, it wasn't like they invented the Ipod or something. Do you think that you can make $200 million by starting a regional sports network with a basketball team? And if so, shouldn't Forbes counted the ability to do so into their valuation model?

Like I said, I don't know what the values are supposed to represent, but I am 99% sure that as a whole they're not very accurate. I know this because they've alwasy been wrong.

If they don't represent what the team is going to be sold for, then what do you suppose they're supposed to represent? An actual valuation, like you do a publically traded company? Once again, how can Forbes do this when Congress can call Selig to a hearing and can't get the info?

The answer, is that they can't.


of course using the Forbes data, the article came up with 10 teams over or near the debt rule and then the LA times from 3 different inside sources got 9, so it's not that far off.

and the teams' stake int heir regional sports networks are not part of their valuations fwiw, just the TV rights they're paid.

What I am saying regarding the regional network stakes is it isn't that the teams are spending much money to "create" them, and they're not worth $200 million if you separate the team from them.

They're sort of like the Cubs ticket scalping company, their whole value is intrisinc to them being associated with the baseball (and NBA in this case) team... If the Rockets and Astros walked away from the network, then it would be worth whatever they could sell their camera and trucks.

If you value it at $200 million, for the most part, you're just subtracting that value from the Astros in the first place, since the revenues they are getting were already potential revenues for the team (and potential revenue is about 50% of how you do a valuation for a company).

*edit for Faulknerism


But they must be worth a whole lot when buying a team because adding them into part of the sale process is a huge part of the negotiating process and a huge part of the overall sale price.

too much time spent on something I don't care enough about...but I'll just agree to disagree that the Forbes findings are all that far off.

Well, either they were way off on the Cubs or they're way off on the Astros. That doesn't mean they're necessarily way off on the other 130 major league teams, but it seems like every time there's a sale, you check the latest Forbes number and it's not close.

There's so much wrong with that article I don't know where to begin (and I'd like to know where he got that 3% interest bullshit). But let me just note that the Ricketts didn't finance the deal entirely with their own money. Not even close. They got a $350-million loan from J. P. Morgan Chase & Co., Citigroup Corp. and Bank of America Corp. And Barclays PLC marketed a $100-million private placement of notes with institutional investors. And as soon as they finished the deal they started looking for big buck private party investors to buy notes secured by Wrigley Field (which is why all Ricketts wants to talk about is how he's fixing up Wrigley...he's wooing investors).

$425 in bank loans with $250M of that being diversified with private placement notes. Another $250M in subordinated debt(money someone should not expect to get if they go bankrupt) with $175M of that financed by Ricketts themselves.

no mention of interest rate on it...

I'm sure this is 3/44, but stumbled across this just now...

Ricketts trying to build "state-of-the-art" training facility in D.R.

again, probably a 3/44, but JR Mathes was released last week?

Mike Wellman has to feel like he's lost a dear friend.

franchise all-time wins leader w/ 42!

Mathes was released the day they promoted two starters from AA.

hope he's better than Pete Rose Jr.

Wayne Gretzky's son worked out for Cubs in AZ Phil's neck of the woods

Tonight's lineup:

Fukudome, RF
Barney, 2B
Castro, SS
Soto, C
Pena, 1B
Montanez, LF
Colvin, CF
LeMahieu, 3B
Dempster, P

Soto finally out of 8th spot, took 1/3 of starters to get hurt but I will take it.

I think it was a year ago this time that Lou benched Soto and had the inspiration to start Hill to stop all the stolen bases.

/more things change...

must be a lefty starting tonight for Cards


Lots of Starling and Cubs stuff, including one question about "my guy" over at BP pre-draft chat.

Rami to take BP today and assess tomorrow whether he can play. 7 stitches inside still-swollen lip.

must be tough to swing a bat with a swollen lip?

Sully calls you a damn dirty liar!

Tweet-PWSullivan Aramis got 7 stitches in lip, face still swollen. Will try to hit off a T tonight and is day-to-day.

how is that different than Witty's tweet?

my point being, and not that it matters in the slightest with this team, but does a swollen lip/jaw really prevent someone from playing against a division rival?

No. Old time players would play with that and far worse. ARam's even in a contract year, you'd think he would be eager to get as many ab's as possible and maybe start actually hitting.

Hitting off a tee

/ lighten up francis

Aramis got 7 stitches in lip, face still swollen. Will try to hit off a T tonight
Cubs now in a T-ball league?

Pujol's gametime gear:

pujols might be hitting off that tee in a few weeks.

his swing is horrible right now and his lead foot in the box is weak and slow moving...he's either injured and playing through it or he's continuously sore. he's turning homers into singles and outs.

pujols might be hitting off that tee in a few weeks.
prepping for becoming a Cub?

Prepping for hitting the Cubs.

OF Matt Szczur, 2B Pierre LePage, 3B Greg Rohan, C Micah Gibbs, 1B Richard Jones, LHP Austin Kirk

first 3 are starters

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  • rare air though if he can keep it under 2. Sounds like Maddon already made up his mind though and Hendricks seems like the sort that would want to earn it. Guessing he gets a quick hook if he's still under 2 after 5 innings.

    Fwiw, he can give up 1 ER in 5 innings (or more) and still be under 2. If he gives up 2 ER, he would need throw 9 IP to keep it under 2. 1 ER in 4 IP would give him an ERA of exactly 2.

    In terms of WAR, it's still Scherzer by a lot (6.4), then Cueto (5.6), Lester (5.5), Kershaw (5.5), Roark (5.4), and then Hendricks (5.1)

    Rob G. 4 min 53 sec ago view
  • Boring lineup tonight in terms of guys trying to reach milestones -- no KB (40 HR), Addy (100 RBI) or JHey (can he keep it going?), and Lackey isn't really going for anything, plus the team has already reached 100 wins. I get the "rest" thing, although they will have 4 days off after Sunday, but....bleh.

    billybucks 49 min ago view
  • Agree -- I think you want to keep him on a regular schedule.

    billybucks 1 hour 8 min ago view
  • Ramos torn ACL

    jacos 1 hour 36 min ago view
  • Sure, its not about his record.

    jacos 1 hour 37 min ago view
  • Do you start him Sunday or not?

    @jonmorosi Pitchers w/ sub-2.00 ERA in year of 185+ IP this century: Pedro ’00, Clemens ’05, Kershaw ’13/’14, Arrieta ’15, Greinke ’15, Hendricks ’16.

    Rob G. 2 hours 59 min ago view
  • Yeah -- that would be rough for him. But, Monty is getting people out, he's a lefty and he has experience working out of the bullpen. Hammel? None of the above.

    billybucks 3 hours 54 min ago view
  • even if he's not starting, abandoning hammel would be a bit of a 'screw you.' i think it might be -monty +hammel, but it's speculation.

    either way, someone's gonna be disappointed.

    crunch 4 hours 55 min ago view
  • Joe said he is leaning towards 11 pitchers and 14 position players.

    - 4 starters, Chapman, Rondon, Strop, CJ, Wood, Grimm, Monty. No dice for Cahill or Smith.
    - 3 catchers, Rizz, Zo, Addy, KB, Javy, Heyward, Fowler, Soler, Coghlan, TLS and then Sczcur over Almora?

    billybucks 5 hours 6 min ago view
  • Cubs 3B Jason Vosler made two really bad throws on consecutive AB in the 8th. Fortunately the game was no longer in doubt at the time  

    The first one was a one-hop lob that allowed the batter to reach base on an infield single, and the second was air-mailed so far over the first-baseman's head that it went over the fence and landed in Field #4.

    Arizona Phil 5 hours 41 min ago view
  • E-MAN: Despite the HR, Donnie Dewees is really more of a slash hitter (the HR was an opposite-field line-drive) who can accumulate lots of doubles & triples. He's also a good bunter and can get on base that way, too. Although he was thrown out trying to steal in the game, he's actually a good base-stealer and baserunner.

    Defensively he has plus-range and tracks fly balls OK, so he can play CF, but he has a rag arm that requires the middle infielders to go out further into CF to make relays.

    Arizona Phil 5 hours 42 min ago view
  • I don't know how many of you remember Bobby Knoop, who played 2B for the Angels, White Sox, and Royals back in the day, but he is a coach-emeritus for the Angels, and works with the infielders at Minor League Camp, Extended Spring Training, and Instructs. He's pretty spry for a 77-year old, and he really knows his shit.

    Arizona Phil 6 hours 10 min ago view
  • With a big lead, Chapman was throwing sliders and changeups, something he's reluctant to do in a save situation. (Len and Jim covered this.)

    VirginiaPhil 6 hours 18 min ago view
  • Maybe they have a bad owner, I don't know, but they still have players and fans and a franchise, all devastated by this loss of life. Plus, everybody who follows baseball is a fan of a guy like this. It's why I used the word tragedy, which other people throw around but I try to be careful with.

    I'm at an age where I remember old incidents better than recent ones, but I have to go back to Herb Score for something as disturbing.

    VirginiaPhil 6 hours 34 min ago view
  • That was Dee Gordon's only HR this year. Wow.

    billybucks 6 hours 36 min ago view
  • Thank you PHIL.

    Glad you avoided temps in the 100s.

    I remember you mentioning Dewees needng plenty of work in th IF. How are his OF instincts?

    Also, did see much of Satchel McElroy? Only Satchel I have heard about other than the "orignal" and one of Woody Allen's kids.

    The E-Man 9 hours 22 min ago view