Jim Hendry Fired

This is one of those times I wish I could adjust the headline size so it could fill the whole front page.

Anyway, ninja Hendry finally bit the bullet as Ricketts wasn't kidding when he said a major announcement was coming. Hendry says he was informed as of July 22nd that he wouldn't be retained for next year.

"He never missed a beat; it's a credit to his character that we were able to operate the way we did and get the job done," Ricketts said. "We had the trade deadline coming up and I didn't think it made any sense to change horses in mid-stream."

Followed by this little quip...

Hendry, 56, said Cubs Chairman notified him July 22 that he wouldn't be retained. He indicated that was one factor in deciding not to trade away veteran players at the deadline, figuring he should leave those decisions to his successor.

That, along with just naming Randy Bush as the interim sort of defeats the whole purpose of keeping him an extra month, but who am I to question the reasonings of billionaires.

Hendry conveniently leaves with a 749-748 record as a GM, I guess the gift of a winning record is better than a gold watch. Ricketts says the search for the new GM starts today (shouldn't it have started on July 22nd?) and it will be a private process and be a search outside of the organization. And that the new GM will report directly to Ricketts, rather than using Crane Kenney as a buffer.

It's step one of the process and for that I am glad. Unfortunately, it's really step two of the process where the real excitement or possible dissappointment lives.


Playing "the kids" will probably help. No one wants to see Skinny Dick and Koyie Hill play, not even their mothers.

Along those lines, from Muskett:

Cubs pitcher Andrew Cashner, who threw 32 pitches in a live batting-practice session on Friday, is expected to begin a Minor League rehab assignment on Tuesday.

Cashner has been on the disabled list since April 6 with a strained right rotator cuff he suffered during his first and only start this season on April 5. Friday was his third live BP session.

If all goes well, the right-hander expects to be back with the Cubs on Sept. 1.

"That's what I'm shooting for," Cashner said. "[I want to] be ready to roll and ready to come right out of the bullpen."

Q-ball, "I'd love to get cashner in there but how am I suppose to sit Ramon Ortiz and grabow after all they've done for us."

I actually just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

Q-ball, "I'd love to get cashner in there but how am I suppose to sit Ramon Ortiz and grabow after all they've done for us."
actually Q-ball, now that his "inner voice" has been cut off from the Borg Collective has been stopped from having any thoughts.
Q-ball, "...background noise: Led Zep's, When the Levee Breaks..."


If Q-Ball starts cooking meth I wouldn't be surprised.

My wife volunteered me for my 10 year old sons football league.

I'm in charge of music at the stadium.

Heh heh

Any suggestions?


WASP's classic 80's song, ANIMAL, F*CK LIKE A BEAST. Oldie but goodie and it always gets them talking.


wonderful role model...great supportive mother, too.

Your 10 year old plays football in a stadium? He must be good.

Hs field, bit of an exaturation
Got compliments, got to play the Jam and the clash

For your half time entertainment

Wscr Dan Bernstein tweet

Crane Kenney is a tumor on the Cubs. Ricketts lets it become more vascular and potentially metastatic.
web • 8/19/11 9:59 PM

I think the time has come to stop worrying about what was and start worrying about what comes next. I don't know much about Josh Byrnes, so I looked him up.

I found this:

Carlos Gonzalez, Brett Anderson, Chris Carter, Aaron Cunningham, Dana Eveland, and Greg Smith to the A's for Dan Haren on December 14, 2007.

on wikipedia. Now, I was okay with the Garza deal, but this is insane...!

Anybody else scared of the Josh Byrnes possibility besides me?

i'm just waiting to see who it is before i even give a fuuuuuuuu...

i wanna know what's up with 3rd/RF/1st and 2 pitching slots...and how much money mr. unnamed has to work with.

it's not like there's a lot of system to trade away for anything that's going to be gold, but they probably can't fill all that without doing some trading.

whoever the GM is, they have a lot to do and the cubs should probably find out who it is and get them into the fold asap.

...also, i think josh b. made his bed with a slew of bad trades...as bad as that trade was, the trade that got rid of d.haren was also horrible. joe saunders for one of the best starters under a reasonable multiple-year contract...way to go. i dunno if anyone really wants him as a GM...at least i'd be shocked.

I'm sort of stoked that Ricketts seems interested in a sabre guy, even though I've often disputed the absolutes that some people put on stats. Good, old school scouting is still important, but Ricketts seems aware of this, too. His emphasis on player development, and shrewdly keeping Hendry around to sweet talk the draftees was another thing I was impressed by. I don't buy the argument that all the draft picks would have signed no matter who was in charge, as one columnist I saw suggested. I saw a report that Dillon Maples was landed specifically because of Hendry's college recruiter like sales job on the Cubs. That shows huge class on Hendry's part, doing that after being fired, and smarts on Ricketts' part for knowing Hendry had the kind of character to do that kind of thing.

I, for one, thought Ricketts was an idiot up until a few days ago. Instead, he's starting to look like a pretty sharp suit.

Yeah, Ricketts has changed a lot in the last few days!

i'm glad hendry is finally gone. and i'm not sure if my joy is anti-climactic or premature. it's only 1 move of a whole host of moves that need to be made.

crane kenney contributes nothing, and probably detracts from, the baseball operation. unless he miraculously pulls off a complete publicly financed wrigley renovation, he needs to be dispatched. if only to remove a potential roadblock for a genuine baseball president to interview and be hired.

quade is already a dead-man walking, no sense wasting words about it.

fleita has been around for eons. wilken has been around plenty long enough. they are both hendry guys. the only reason to keep them now is for continuity until the new full-time gm is interviewed and hired. then they need to walk the plank. i'm hoping ricketts' press conference vote-of-confidence is just as terminal for them as it was earlier this summer for hendry.

hendry's dismissal was the best well-kept secret i can recall. i am hopeful ricketts is playing possum when he says "the search can now begin". i am hopeful he has more good secrets, and will keep them well until september 30.

and then the demolition can truly begin. glad hendry has been dismissed, but it's only the first mile of the marathon.

also, good to see old-timers like manny trillo and 10 man jump in. all we need now is a little news from ruz.

imo, fleita (notoriously cranky, yet mostly fair...) and wilken are pretty good baseball guys and cubs guys.

quade/crane...meh, *shrug* whatever...don't care either way whether they stay or go. quade has his supporters, but there doesn't seem to be anything he does especially well as a manager aside from not looking/acting like he's out of his league or lost.

careful who you call an old-timer, old-timer! ;)

I'm not your buddy, pal!

I'm not your pal, guy!

Not your guy, friend!

this is old news (about the suspension) but the specific drug (methylhexaneamine, a stimulant) that got Cubs AA catcher, Luis Flores suspended, was reported in this link.

Luis Flores, playing with Double-A Tennessee, was suspended by Major League Baseball for 50 games after testing positive for Methylhexaneamine, a banned stimulant found in some energy drinks.


some info on the methylhexaneamine...


Ugh. These kids need to stay away from both energy drinks and the unregulated supplements. Maybe the Cubs need to install some offseason curricula on GNC and the drug testing policies. (They could create a course on hydration and energy while they are at it.)

they took away their adderall. everyone is sad...except the 10%+ of MLB that has a prescription. =p

Here's a reason why I think we should all be talking about how strangely unproductive Marlon Byrd has been:

Colvin's R/PA in 2011: .0696
Byrd's R/PA in 2011: .120

Colvin's RBI/PA in 2011: .101
Byrd's RBI/PA in 2011: .062

Colvin R/PA in 2010 and 2011: .130
Byrd R/PA in 2010 and 2011: .128

Colvin RBI/PA in 2010 and 2011: .130
Byrd RBI/PA in 2010 and 2011: .090

Meanwhile, Colvin has practically hit himself out of the majors, and Byrd's production hasn't been questioned by anyone in the mainstream media or in the front office. We could look at these numbers and say they are just runs and RBI, and absolutely agree that these often vary drastically, but I suspect that if we take a close look at Byrd's approach and what he actually brings to the table, we'll find that his batting average severely skews our perception of his actual value.

BP tracks RBI opportunities...how many runners you bring in that are on base

Byrd is at an abysmal 6.7% this year in driving other baserunners in, Colvin at a much better 11.2%, although still sub-par.

Reed leads the team at 20% btw, out of the regulars, Ramirez at 16.7%, Castro 15.3%, Pena 14.1%, Barney at a very good 13.3% for a singles hitter

last year though Byrd was at 14.7%, Colvin at 14.0%

it's something that tends to fluctuate quite a bit, the most consistent hitters are those that hit for average(i.e don't strike out too much) and have power like A. Ramirez

I guess that is a more fair way of looking at it. Still, I'm awe-struck at Byrd's 2011. But I suppose that doesn't necessarily indicate that his overall game is as poor as I perceived it to be--he just hasn't driven in runs this year.

Colvin's skillset, I would argue, still proves him more offensively productive in 2010 and nearly so in 2011; they may have been close in driving in runners on base in 2010, but Colvin could drive himself in at any given time, and he also appears to be the better baserunner, and--remarkably--he's had a higher walk rate with the Cubs than has Byrd.

not sure about nearly so in 2011, production is also getting yourself on-base for others to drive you in

I'm not a fan of Byrd's or anything, he hits a lot of groundballs, that's gonna lead to double plays with runners on, doesn't really walk much. But he's pretty cheap and would be an okay #2 hitter(had OBP over .345 the last 2 years) and perfectly fine, #6, #7 hitter by a team not run by morons.

I think that's probably why I find myself so annoyed by him. He'd be fine as the #7 hitter and if he and Fukudome hadn't kept Colvin from playing time in 2010 and to begin 2011.

I think we can all agree that he's not the problem with the team. He shouldn't be batting 3rd unless he's in AAA, but he's still a really nice 4th outfielder or a "second division" starter.

graham hicks (from the t.gorz trade) back from the DL and on assignment in AZ...


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  • The AZL team with the best record over the course of the full 2016 AZL season and the only AZL team to play .600 ball (the AZL Dodgers) did not qualify for the AZL playoffs, and the AZL East Division team with the best record over the course of the full season (the AZL Athletics) did not qualify for the AZL playoffs, either. 

    That's because of the ridiculous "split season" schedule most of the minor leagues now play, a stupid system that rewards mediocrity at the expense of the worthy. 

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  • LHP Clayton Richard (released by the Cubs earlier this month) is pitching very well as a starting pitcher for the San Diego Padres and could be a good candidate to get traded to a contender looking for a veteran SP before tomorrow night's post-season roster eligibility deadline.

    Because they released him, the Cubs are paying most of Richard's 2016 salary ($2M plus another $1M in performance bonuses).

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  • Despite good movement on his fastball, I think location kept him from getting Ks. Left some pitches up and away that got hammered up and away. Then of course Travis Wood gave up the 2-run double in the 7th, but both runs counted against Arrieta.

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  • "i'm gonna make you my main squeeze one day, bro. save the date."

    This level of discourse is #charming.


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  • I would be having this discussion with anyone who (a) blathered on ad nauseum about the topic. (See, "Olt, Mike, not given an opportunity") or (b) responded directly to what I posted (which you did).

    Have a nice day.


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  • what would you do without me? aside from having your posting content here cut by 75%+?

    i'm gonna make you my main squeeze one day, bro. save the date.

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  • In this instance, yes, I care more about the result of this big thing that isn't really a big thing.








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  • Two things:

    Fangraphs WAR #s include baserunning and Hamilton is elite at that. He leads in SBs with the 54 and and has an 87% rate which is really good. I'm sure once he gets on base he's able to take the extra base quite often too. Both those things will up his overall WAR value.

    The differences between BR and FG WAR is pretty well documented online and thus If there are discrepancies it's fairly easy to figure out why. It's fairly well accepted that BR WAR is fine as a snapshot but FG is better at predicting future value.

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  • i have no doubt at all you quit reading at that point. you're very enamored with outcomes without caring what it takes to get there.

    the fact it's exploitable, especially without someone to cover the running game for him, as well it's evolution in how people are testing possible exploits is interesting to some people...to me...i'm some people...hurrah.

    some people want to check the boxscore to see who won, some want to know how it went down.

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  • I read it as him saying it's not really that much of a concern and that the one time it really cost Lester, vs. K.C., was an anomaly.


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  • if jeff says it, it's cool...when i say it, it's straight from the mouth of hitler.

    aside from the lack of jeff touching on the insane leads runners take and lester's inability to throw if he's fielding, this is a lot of what i've said about the issue.

    exploitable, needs his own personal catcher to control his shortcomings, relies on his ability to get outs along with his personal catcher keeping runners in check before things become further exploited...

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  • That would be Rice Krispy Treat

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  • "Crunch's cousin"

    Butterfinger or Baby Ruth?

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  • I saw the first three innings and the last three, so I didn't see Arrieta get hit. His stuff looked nasty at first...what happened? Any insight from anyone who watched?


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  • That question came from CRUNCH's cousin.

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  • He's definitely one of the best


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