Tuesday Cubs News Round-Up

- Former major league catcher Jamie Quirk has been named the Cubs bench coach. His last job was as the Houston Astros bullpen coach under manager Brad Mills, who of course came over from the Boston Red Sox.

- Ken Rosenthal reporting that the Cubs are looking in on Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder, with a preference for Pujols because, well, he's better, at least in the all-around game. Of course he's also older and possibly could be doping up on HGH. Stark confirms that a phone call was made.

- Good chat with Jim Callis over at NSBB on some of the Cubs prospects.

- Speaking of prospects, Kevin Goldstein put out his Cubs Top 11 for 2012...I believe the article is free. Past BP lists can be found at Wiklifield.

- Kaplan and others reporting that Cubs are listening on offers to Matt Garza. Apparently though Sean Marshall is off limits, which makes little to no sense. They've also "kicked the tires" on free agent David DeJesus.

- Cubs have also asked about Rockies third basemen ian Stewart.


The Fielder/Pujols rumors must be true, Wrongway is refuting them.


I love that his argument is that they made a few quotes to the press about building for the future, so of course they wouldn't ever again shell out free agent money.


slightly longer story about Ian Stewart

I thought he was a dud on defense, but it might just be my memory failing me... what's his defensive game like?

he played some 2B for awhile, so figure he can handle 3b just fine. Jim Tracy blew some smoke up his ass last year comparing him to Adrian Beltre. Could just be a confidence booster...


screw the D...the guy's swing runs on a plane regardless of where the ball is.

pure mistake hitter who can't seem to capitalize on mistakes in the bigs for some reason.

they used to pound him in (where he'd miss dramatically) so last year he moved off the plate more...it helped in AAA...it didn't translate to the bigs.

Rosenthal reporting that teams are "kicking the tires" on Soriano, with Cubs (shocking) willing to eat significant chunk of $54 million remaining on contract.


Even though I would miss those hot streaks- good fucking riddance.

can't wait to free up the loot for a 2-3 year deal for dejesus.


recap of interview with Ricketts

- working on extension for Kenney
- Theo and Co. have power to move forward from Z and Soriano's contracts if they feel it necessary.
- next on the agenda is renovating Wrigley, does not favor tearing down the grandstands though

more updates from Kapman from interview on his twitter feed


apparently Kapman has a hard-on for Buehrle to join the Cubs

Theo and his team have complete and total authority on all baseball decisions. You as the owner cannot insert yourself into the process.

"The most ridiculous thing I read during the process was "He re-signed Oneri Fleita so he won't land a good GM. C'mon."

Told me he never met with Pat Gillick. "When I refuted it they said I was too arrogant to talk to him. I take that stuff w/a grain of salt."


Q&A with Michael Weiner on the CBA negotiations

Pujols is possibly doping up on HGH because...he's big?

one of them rumors...as is him lying about his age.

has shown a remarkable ability and timeframe to recover from injuries though, just say I wouldn't be shocked.

Broken wrist.

I thought I read he was need in of elbow surgery a few years ago, never heard that again.

That and he's a Cardinal.


I thought I read he was need in of elbow surgery a few years ago, never heard that again.
Pujols had ulnar nerve decompression (medial elbow) surgery in the 2008 offseason. He had an elbow arthroscopy for spurs in the 2009 offseason. There was discussion of Tommy John surgery in 2010 but apparently his elbow wasn't bothering him enough to do that (in the face of a contract year).


Thanks for update!

I'd be more worried about the age thing if I thought the Cubs were really going to go after him. His body type to me doesn't scream HGH, believe it or not. He looks like a big boned, broad shouldered dude all on his own, but who knows.

Greg Maddux leaving Cubs, Wrongway says he's likely to join Rangers in some capacity.

the mcdonalds across from wrigley morns the loss of business.

That's the third busiest mcdonalds in the state. They may get bumped down to four in the power rankings. I googled it one day this summer.

3 college bats in top 10
#3 SS D. Marrero - ASU
#5 - C M. Zunino - Florida
#10 -OF V. Roache - Georgia Southern

3 college arms
#1 - Mark Appel, Stanford
#6 - Kevin Gausmann, LSU
#8 - Chris Beck, Georgia Southern

2 HS Bats
#7 - T. Williams, 3B
#9 - B. Buxton, OF

2 HS Arms
#2 - L. Giolito
#4 - Lance McCullers

Lance McClullers used to pitch for the Pads back in the late 80's.

his son may be pitching for them in the 10's.

don't have access, but Jed Hoyer coming up on Sirius/XM with Jim Bowden at 3pm CST.

twitter box on right has some quotes from Hoyer interview

some audio from interview...


- Maddux indeed gone
- expecting Pena to get multi-year deal and that "drove" decision on arbitration
- talks a bit about Z and says there's a list of things Z has to do to rejoin team

Garza and Soto to the Yankees for Montero and 2 of those pitching prospects at the top of their system.

Who says no?

Does Montero play 1B or catcher? Isn't the knock on him that he doesn't play defense well enough to stay at catcher?

I think the knock on him is his sense of entitlement. Something about not playing very hard in the minors this year because he believed he was a big leaguer.

written before the 2011 season

The Bad: Despite all of his work, Montero remains a well below-average catcher, and someone who just isn't designed to play to position. He's a poor receiver who handcuffs balls, he has trouble blocking pitches in the dirt, and his arm strength is mitigated by the amount of time it takes his immense frame to get out of a crouch and release the ball. Offensively, he has no weaknesses other than his well below-average speed, which borders on base-clogging.

could move Montero to 1B and Castillo at catcher in that scenario, still price seems steep, unless Cubs are actually in full rebuild mode. Montero's probably in the majors next year, even if part-time, but Betances and Banuelos still have a bit of work, although I guess not that far off. I'd certainly want a few just outside the top 10 prospects in that trade coming from the Yanks.

I think he ends up at 1st. Beef Wellington takes over behind the plate.

fwiw, they have Russ Martin for another year I believe and Gary Sanchez in the minors, not sure if they're looking for another catcher at the moment.

Sabean could be blowing smoke, but claims there will be no "sticker shock" signings from Giants this offseason. That would mean, most likely no Reyes, Fielder or Rollins.

Says he is just going to focus on the amateur draft under his new boss...3/44?

Division II pitchers everywhere rejoice!


If you look at it objectively...how many Cubs scouting directors cann match his hit rate on getting 1st rounders to the majors? If Simpson doesn't make it that will be one. If Baez doesn't make it (andhe was a consensus top 10 pick anyway) that's two. Vitters(also a top consensus top 10 pick) will get there, and Colvin and Samardjaiza, widely panned have produced in the majors.

Tallest midget

Anyway, it was just a joke. I like Wilken for the most part.

You forgot Cashner (or you may have substituted Samardzija, a 5th rounder, just for the spelling practice).


- draft reduced to 40 rounds
- deadline is 5pm EST rather than midnight, July 13th for 2012
- teams can announce draft signings now as they happen, no more waiting on overslot deals
- lottery picks can be traded (not for cash, unless to offset a player in the deal) and can only be done during the offseason
- 3/44, but failure to sign a pick reduces your overall cap money, it cannot be reallocated

few other things...

also read that there is a $100K limit on undrafted free agents.

trading of any picks would bother me more if draftees tended to fast-track to the majors.

i don't like that door got opened, though.

You're never for trading draft picks!


technically, Samaramadingdong wasn't a 1st round pick (149th overall in 2006)

but it was 1st roundish money.

technically we're suspending reality here and basking in the warm glow of Tim Wilken's daft, oops I mean draft, brilliance.

I guess you would trade Brett Jackson and Cashner for Casey Kelly and Reymond Fuentes but few if any GM's would.

Red Sox hired Bobby Valentine..

oooh, I hate that guy!

mitch williams does, too...though he takes responsibility for some of the static between the 2 based on his own age/immaturity.

Greg Maddux, same title, special assistant to the GM

"My brother is probably the majority of the reason that I'm coming there," said Greg Maddux.. "When [Hendry] left, I think it made me more open to see if there was something over on my brother's side of town. Mike is going to be a great manager, but as he worked through things, he needed to figure out some things on his own. After all that blew over, he called me to see if I had any interest in coming to Texas and I did."


Greg, Mike and Ron Washington passing the mirror around the office. Who gets the biggest line?

Did I miss a whole Maddux brothers are coke heads story going around Chicago?

dude from CBS Sports also confirms that Cubs are in on Pujols talk. Rotoworld blurb says Cards offered 9/198 last January.

Gosh I hope this is just gamesmanship.

Even if you think the's going to be able to hit for the next 6 years, it's hard to believe his body is going to hold up for fielding and running. He was moving around like a septagenarian at the end of the season.

As I said previously here - imo, it HAS to be gamesmanship.

As you well know, with Yankees-Red Sox gamesmanship battles well acknowledged, one would have to assume that this is the deal.

Right? [I hope so]

Wscr- cubs sign dejesus 2 years

Shitty start for the new guys

2/10 according to heyman


Thanks for the great news.

Well, I guess this fits one of Hoy-Stein's wishes of "leftyness".

Also, he had a down year - so he got him on the "cheap".

Could we assume that Byrd will go in a trade?

Byrd for theo?

No one F's with the De Jesus!!

Maybe they're trading Byrd, otherwise I don't see a big difference between Dejesus, Byrd and Fukudome. Or Colvin for that matter...

Bowden tweet says he's been told Dejesus will be everyday RFer.

Maybe they're saving up for Fielder or Pujols.

Wouldn't making LaHair the RFer save more money than this?

I imagine that LaHair will see plenty of time in both RF and LF.

DeJesus hasn't been the most durable guy over the last few season's.

2/10m with 3rd year club option

I don't get it.

Agreed. This makes about 0 sense. He's got almost no power, but not much speed? He's decent defensively, but has played mostly center and left field?

I'm scratching my head a little on this. But ok...let's see what they do next...

let's see what they do next...
Probably hire a guy they used to work out with in Boston as the strength and conditioning coach.

Seriously though, it's a head scratcher to me as well. Given that they don't have any real "number" data on LaHair's defense versus his in right... does it mean that LaHair is going to be traded for pitching or a third basemen (or a real second basemen)? I would have preferred Kelly Johnson if we are bargain shopping for free agents to upgrade what's in house.

I do like that they got a club option though... Hendry never figured that one out.

*Edit, oh, he played right last year and managed to accumulate 7.5 UZR in the plus, so getting a 2 win player for $5 million is a good deal, especially if you consider his offense is likely to pick up a notch which could make him a 3 win player... usual caveats about UZR aside. UZR (or something similar) is what made Crawford so appealing to Boston. It would also make Soriano seem like a better player to our new braintrust, fwiw.

maybe they have some people that just watched LaHair play RF?

or maybe LaHair will play LF...

Hendry would have given him 3/27 with a NTC and possibly a mutual-player option for year 4 with a buyout.

is that what Byrd got?

Bird was right handed and slated to play Center.

Rightfielders get more money in Jim Hendry's world.

sure dude...

what did Jacque Jones get?

I don't hate him as a #2 hitter and everyday RF. But overall, meh. I would have preferred one year. Apparently he lives in Wheaton, weird.

Think "stop gap".

Outside of Castro, you could say the same about the entire roster.

I don't either. What does DeJesus bring to the table that no one else on the Cubs' roster does?

He can play defense?


Per Sullivan: "DeJesus will be guaranteed $10 million, but could make up to $15 million over three years if the Cubs pick up the option. He'll receive $4.25 million in 2012 and 2013, with a $6.5 option for 2014. The Cubs can buyout the option for $1.5 million."

Bruce Levine-
-DeJesus career .285 ba should be better in NL and had broken thumb in 2011
-No one is asking about Soriano now, his theory maybe Orioles would be interested but Cubs would have to pay at least 85%
-Cubs have talked to both Fielders and Pujols agents
-Wouldn't be suprised if both end up back with their teams
-Doesn't think Z will be on team in 2012

285 ba should be better in NL


easier, which he sort of dispelled after he said it

granted the AL West had a lot of great pitchers last year, it's hard to see BA being dramatically improved going from one league to another.

I can buy a pitcher's ERA a bit because of the DH and I can further buy it coming out of the AL East and the offenses they face, but not sure how a hitter's BA is going to change much. Plenty of damn good pitchers and defenses in the NL. The parks are friendlier in the NL Central though.

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  • So, the Mesa Cubs should be solid this summer in the AZL Rookie League?

    And, I like the, "But did you know" lead in there. Something a little different.

    I can tell really like this group of hitters in AZ right now.

    What pitchers out there, other than Cease, should we be excited about?

    Thanks as always for the info.

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  • back on the Run Differential hunt... (aka The Hunt for Blue October)

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  • These are the 2016 Cubs I know and love. Also digging that Cardinals OF (lack of) defense.

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  • Another day, another eight runs

    jacos 1 hour 33 min ago view
  • I'm not sure there was another team in baseball that would flip a Dansby Swanson type of prospect (plus Inciarte, plus Toussaint) for Miller.  That trade was just comically bad from the start, and getting worse... 

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  • Zobrist just keeps squaring up - and Soler goes yard!

    Eric S 1 hour 34 min ago view
  • Pirates jumping all over Shelby Miller tonight - so glad the Cubs didn't flip a Dansby Swanson type prospect to the Braves for him. Two years of Lackey looking like a good alternative.

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  • 3rd inning...soler walked twice in the game...first time since aug 4th last year in the regular season (2 times in the playoffs, amazingly).

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  • Good gravy, was that a much-appreciated top of the first.

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  • That's a good analogy, bb...  Nice to see tonight's game start with a 104 yard kickoff return TD.

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  • Grichuk won the game last night but a decent CF would have caught that drive by Ross. Good Cubbery!

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  • this game is WAY better than last night.

    6 run 1st for the cubs...

    crunch 2 hours 38 min ago view
  • Very bizarre game -- as you say, both Cubs pitchers were dominant until the one fatal pitch. It was like watching the Bears defense shut down a team, and then lose on 2 punt returns. Some better hitting with RISP would be a good idea, too.

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  • Trouble Boys, the Replacements bio, is a great option. I'm sure Chad loved it.

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  • Amen Brick. What's the point of following early-season games if you can't over-react to them? What, we should be reading books now?

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  • "Weren't the National considered a near lock last year?"

    No, I think you're thinking of Radiohead, The 1975, or Bowie's last album.

    Although The National's Greatful Dead tribute is pretty cool.

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