Saturday Cubs Hot Stove Round-Up

Rosenthal says the Braves are growing impatient...

The Padres are still weighing offers for right-hander Jake Peavy, and
on Friday discussed the possibility of keeping the pitcher if they fail
to receive a satisfactory proposal, according to a major league source.
The Braves, after weeks of discussions, are growing impatient, another
source said, and soon might push for a resolution. The Braves and Cubs
remain the front-runners, with the Yankees and Dodgers on the
backburner. ...

That has to be good for the Cubs, Hendry has no problem waiting it out.

- Jeff Passan returns with his tail between his legs.

They had hoped for the Cubs to include pitcher Jeff Samardzija as part of a deal that could include outfielder Felix Pie, pitcher Sean Marshall and infielder Ronny Cedeno, but Samardzija has a full no-trade clause that he has no intent on giving up, said his agent, Mark Rodgers.

“Under no circumstances are we going to waive the no-trade provisions,” Rodgers said Friday.

The Cubs are tinkering with other players – pitcher Kevin Hart,
minor-league pitcher Donnie Veal and, according to various reports,
perhaps top hitting prospect Josh Vitters and minor leaguers Mitch
Atkins, Wellington Castillo and Jose Ceda.

Chris DeLuca hints that the Padres certainly would certainly love Samardzija, but it would be a deal-breaker for the Cubs.

- Supposedly Kevin Towers was on the radio with Bruce Levine and talked about how well respected Jim Hendry is among other GM's and that it may give the Cubs the leg up in the Peavy sweepstakes.

- The rest of the NL Central is still open for business and Rosenthal says the Cards are offering Skip Schumaker, Ryan Ludwick and  RHP Mitchell Boggs and possibly more for the Matt Holliday. The Brewers are awaiting a counter-offer from C.C. Sabathia's camp.


For the Braves, why the rush? You'd think the Cubs would be the ones to be anxious to get a deal done with Dempster's contract demands.

The Braves are looking to add two starters, so they want to get this done before they can trade numbers with the FA's, and probably they feel like they're being toyed with.

Looking at the list of Free-Agent Eligible and Arbitration Eligible, I see 4 maybe 5 guys that it is imperative to take care of. Kerry Wood, not only because he was better than I expected as a closer, but also because he is and should forever be a Cub. Ryan Dempster proved that he can do anything asked of him, and he can do it above average. He was a stabilizing factor in the rotation when the others were hot-and-cold. Michael Wuertz just gets the job done any time he is brought in and should be a high priority (sign him before arbitration for a slight discount). Reed Johnson... If only because I really like his day-in, day-out effort (I was at the game in Washington when he dove into the wall to make that catch). That effort saved Dempster at least 2 runs and the game. Also, for the "maybe" guy... Jimmy Edmonds. His contribution throughout the season as a lefty to be contended with cannot be measured by numbers. Without him, we'll have to spend a lot more money to replace him.

Wuertz is decent but not as good as you make out. Edmonds would be a mistake. Too much to ask him to repeat what he did last year. We would have to overpay too whereas last year we got him for league minimum.

Well said.

I think some people don't give Wuertz as much credit as he deserves. He's very good for the price, right now, and can be lights out at times (he can be really awful at times, too, when he's wild). I'm beginning to wonder who is behind him throwing almost exclusively the slider, though, Wuertz or Rothschild? He can get away with throwing lots of them, but he's going to need to throw the fastball too.

Brewers hire Willie Randolph as bench coach. More signs of a tough job market.

With the exception of Soto and Marmol, there isn't any player without a 'no trade' clause that I wouldn't trade for Peavy. That includes Vitters, W. Castillo, and any other 'prospect' in the Cubs minor league system. Zambrano, Peavy, Harden, and Lilly is a helluva rotation with or without Dempster. If they can afford Dempster and Peavy, then the can afford to re-sign Wood or Fuentes to be the closer and let Dempster go elsewhere. Save the rest of that money to trade for Brian Roberts, or better yet, sign Furcal to play SS. Then finally move Theriot to 2B to platoon with Fontenot. Soriano, Johnson, Fukudome, and DeRosa can play OF.

I'm really shocked that the Cubs are interested in Peavy, I wasn't counting on starting pitching as something they were going to try to work on, I pretty much penciled in losing Dempster and having to go from there.

I don't care about Dempster if they are able to get Peavy.

The priorities for the off season for me are still bullpen, center field and right field.

Peavy is just some kind of great gravy.

Yeah, of course, Samardjiza would be a deal-breaker because he just maybe... might be... awesome in 5 years. Totally worth it to junk a trade for Jake Freaking Peavy for that reason.

Are you kidding me? He's awesome NOW. Didn't you see that mullet?

He's pretty good now, although I agree I'd part with him if it meant getting Peavy. Unfortunately he's got a NTC and Samardzija's agent said they won't waive it for any reason.

Towers calls Hendry the easiest to work with of the teams in discussions and might give them the edge.

Hendry asked D-Lee after season if he would consider waiving his NTC and it isn't happening.

Cubs asked about McClouth at deadline, but cost was a big power arm, i.e. Samardzija

Cubs talked with Marlins at GM meetings for Hermida and Olsen but will revisit after Peavy situation is resolved. Don't consider Hermida an everyday player...

Cubs had a deal in place for Brian Giles before trade deadline last season but he nixed it

Cubs have heavy interest in Furcal

Hendry talked to the agent of Ibanez and Bradley (same agent).

might I add, I hate you Brian Giles....

what kind of ass turns down a trade to the best team in the league with a chance to win the World Series?

it is also well known that he turned down going to boston

f dlee

Can you blame him? He knows that if he gets moved, it won't be to a contender. He's getting up there, his numbers are down, and he wants to win another one before calling it a career. He's got his money, he likes the town and the team. I can't blame him for that. What's the point of having a NTC if you don't use it?

Exactly. You get the NTC so that you have some say in your future.

I think Lee will bounce back at least a little next year and we'll be happy he wasn't traded at the lowest point of his value in a while.

Oh, and Giles is a moron. His tan is more important than playing for a contender. What a body waxer.

I love how DLee is excused for not wanting to waive his NTC, but Giles isn't, all in the same post.

To quote you, but in regards to Giles:

You get the NTC so that you have some say in your future.

Giles could have been playing for a ring and I'm sure he was told the Padres would be rebuilding in 2009, Lee would likely be going to a worse team.

But that isn't the point.

Players earn NTCs, and in turn have the right to determine their future.

Players have more concerns than winning, including family.

it is the point, it was for 2-3 months and Giles had a team option going into the offseason. Padres have picked it up, but he didn't know that when the trades were being done. He could have been playing for a ring.  Lee has 2 yrs on his deal and no idea where he was going...big difference. Now I agree, maybe Lee should wait until he finds out what team he could possibly going to...but then I'd argue that Hendry should probably have waited to ask him until he had a better idea of what teams or cities.

of course, maybe Hendry did do that....

but I don't know how you pass up playing for a pennant....

Well, maybe Giles just thought the Padres were having an off year and were going to be back in contention like they'd been the previous two years.

Lee is 5 and 10 now anyway.

What Rob said.

But also, hypocrisies sometimes arise in that my player likes and dislikes are not always dictated by reason but I like to pretend they are.

I do, however, approve of Lee's likely reasons for wanting to stay in Chicago, especially since the Cubs are likely to be good again next year. I can't understand staying on an awful Padres team when you could play for a team that had the best record in the NL and you'd really only have to stay there until they were eliminated from the playoffs or won a World Series.

But, you're right, Giles had the right to refuse a trade and he did so. I mostly just dislike him for completely irrational reasons, though I'd love his OBP skills in the lineup (but not at much expense).

I think when he was a free agent he reportedly didn't really want to sign with Chicago because he didn't like the city, the ballpark, the fans, or some such thing.

fwiw, Lee is now a 10/5 player, so all the criticism of giving him a NTC is pointless. Can't blame him for wanting to stick around...just stop batting third.

Who bats third: Ramirez? The yet to be determined RF?

right now? still Lee

if they can sign Furcal and a new RFer, I'd love to see

Furcal, Lee, Soriano, Ramirez, Bradley or Ibanez, Soto, DeRosa, Fukudome/Johnson

bit of a pipe dream, but we'll see

I think Lee's more of a 2 or 6 hitter imo...but much like Soriano batting leadoff, it depends on the rest of the team.

I hope we get Furcal as well, but do we really expect we can trade for Peavy, re-sign Demp and Wood and get Furcal? Plus, Furcal and the Dodgers reportedly have mutual interest. Ned'll do one of his patented more money for less year deals, and the Cubs will have Theriot starting again Opening Day 2009.

So it's all about DLee then. Under your scenario, it makes him a selfish jerk.

Why do you want to play for a team that doesn't want you?

I understand 10/5 but no matter how they get them, a NTC that extends beyond 1 or 2 years is terrible.

I doubt the Cubs went to Lee and said we need to go a different direction, probably just asked if his name came up would he consider waiving it. Lee still has 2 years left on his deal, so I see it a lot differently than Giles's situation. Not to mention the only reason they'd trade Lee is to sign Teixeira and that's hardly a slam dunk that the Cubs could do that.

Giles had an option for '09, if he was worried about it not getting picked up, he could have asked to get it guaranteed before agreeing for it. If he didn't want to stay with Chicago or Boston, he could have made them guarantee the buyout and search for a new job his offseason. Something that he was at risk of anyway if the Padres didn't pick up his option.

The padres have picked up his option since then, but that certainly was guaranteed 3 months ago. Basically Brian Giles wanted to play for a loser for the last 2 months of the season. I'm sure his family would have understood if he went for a ring the last couple of months of 2008.

there's more people playing baseball that don't really care for the glitz and glamor of the ring than people would suspect (though they work hard and stay in playing shape). hell, some could care less they actually play baseball...they just do because they're good at it even though they work hard to play the game in proper shape. adam dunn would probably trade 1/2 his $$ worth to play football for a last place team if given the chance to play everyday.

that said...i got no idea what could be giles's issues aside from his heavy community, family, and friendships in the area.

honestly, it's probably more about 2009 than it was about the last 2 months of 08.

the guy came a long way for a near AAAA type player who finally got a callup to do platoon work. took til age 28 before he became an everyday player even though it probably should have happened around age 25/26.

i didn't compare lee to giles.

I wonder, do they consider Hermida a platoon player or a 4th outfielder? From full-time to 4th outfielder would be a pretty big demotion.

I think they said they'd throw him into the mix, if he wins a job, great, otherwise a solid bench option.

Not sure what they'd have left to get him if they get Peavy though.

Its an either or sitution at this point. If we dont get Peavy, a Hermdia and Olsen deal becomes the the main priority. I think I had rather have Hermaida and Olsen over Peavy though. Olsen is starting to become a decent no.2 MLB starter and Hermadia could be a 25-30 HR guy in Wrigley. Also I imagine both of combined would cost us less money in the next 3 years compared to Peavy. I imagine our RF if we get Peavy will be Ryan Church. It seems Minaya wants to unload him and god knows they need pen arms. I could see something like Church for Wuertz.

Other than the prospects involved, not sure Peavy influences getting Hermida in any way. Olsen needs to stay in a pitcher's park, he's not that good.

has peavy made a statement at all about his wishes?

it doesn't surprise me that he's limited his choices to 3 teams (LAD/ATL/CHC), but while i can understand why LAD/ATL...CHC confuses me a bit.

according to a sun-times story yesterday no other teams will be considered and that's peavy's "list".

wonder why CHC gets the nod...wonder what their team reputation was around the league last season as far as a place to work.

when the rumor started 3 weeks ago, his agent came out with 5 teams he'd be willing to play for. Mostly he wanted to stay in the NL and play for a contender. The 5 teams were Houston, St. Louis, L.A., Chicago and Atlanta.

Giants suck, Rockies and Arizona aren't fun places to pitch

Milwaukee, Cincy, Pitt, well who would want to spend half the season in those cities

no one wants to play for Florida or Nats right now

Philly isn't fun a place to pitch and maybe he just doesn't like New York

Atlanta was his childhood team and he still lives near there

Oswalt is one of his best buddies

LA obviously for proximity

I'm guessing he just liked St. Louis and Chicago...or heard good things from guys who played there.

"maybe he just doesn't like New York"

Pure speculation, but he may not want to play second fiddle to Santana, too.

"I'm guessing he just liked St. Louis and Chicago"

Chicago had 97 wins last year and St. Louis has Albert Pujols to team up with and Dave Duncan to coach him (those are the only reasons I can imagine wanting to play with St. Louis right now, though).

Reportedly, he's always enjoyed pitching at Wrigley and likes the city and the fans. He's apparently recently talked with such people as Sutcliffe, Gracey, and others who have told him who great it is to play everyday as a Cub.

The whole bit about not wanting to hurt the other team too much in a trade, and Towers' reported compliments of Hendry, also make a Chicago deal seem feasible. Here's hoping they like the quality (but more likely the quantity) of our prospects more than Atlanta's.

this guy

who actually was pretty good at info with the Bedard trade, supposedly emailed this to someone at NSBB

I heard this morning that a Peavy-to-ATL deal is getting pretty darn close. Sounds like the two sides may haggle for awhile, but the Cardinals, Astros and Cubs can't match the Braves' offer, or even get remotely close to it. ATL is trying to play that into giving up less, but Towers and company would rather keep Peavy until mid-season than get less than value for him.
The Braves are about to steal Peavy, one of the game's top five or six starting pitchers, from the Padres for a package that grades out half as good as the Bedard deal, and maybe as good as the Santana deal, when Minnesota had no leverage.
If I were SD, I'd wait. It's very possible that during the year, Peavy's NTC becomes less of a factor as he watches interested teams hover in first place, and if any of those teams were LAD, NYY, LAA or even Detroit, SD would likely get better offers.

Detroit? LAD has better players to offer now than what Atlanta is purportedly trying to get him for.

It could be that the Padres front office is of the same mind about Peavy that I am, and that's why they want to trade him during the off-season, rather than have to hope he doesn't have another DL trip by July 31.

How are the Braves "stealing" Peavy, but the Cards or Cubs cant match it? If ATL is offering something like Hanson, Escobar, Schaffer and Morton, then yes nobody is going to match that, But the guy makes it sound likes it a Harden-type deal, so why couldnt someonematch it.

Folks, barring some surprising late push from a team that simply overwhelms the Padres with a new offer, it’s going to be the Braves or Cubs who land the 2007 Cy Young Award winner. And since the few other teams Peavy would agree to be traded to seemingly don’t have the package of prospects that they are willing to part with and would satisfy what Padres GM Kevin Towers is looking for, I’m fairly certain it’ll be the Braves or Cubs.

And since the various possible offers from the Cubs that have been reported thus far seem to fall short of the Braves’ likely offer of Yunel Escobar, Gorkys Hernandez or Jordan Schafer, and one or two pitching prospects from a group that might include Charlie Morton, Jo-Jo Reyes, or one of the younger guys (not named Hanson), I’m still of the belief that the Braves are favored over the Cubs to get Peavy.

But I also know that some others think the Cubs moved ahead, for whatever reason. So we’ll see. I do think it’ll happen well before the December 7-11 Winter Meetings in Vegas, and probably before Thanksgiving. But whether it’ll be in the next week, I’m not as certain. But there’s a decent chance.

also says Braves are growing impatient and want it done ASAP so they can move on to other issues and see what prospects they have left. So hopefully Towers drags this out and the Braves drop out :)

This is similar to that time when the Cubs were so close to signing Furcal, and the Dodgers just swooped in and took him away. Of course, that contract didn't work so well for LA. So who will outswoop whom for Peavy?

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