DeRosa to Play in WBC

Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated, but I am finally feeling somewhere close to normal finally. I know you were all worried. 

A whole lot of nothing going on, but Ken Rosenthal is reporting that Mark DeRosa will play in the WBC. I know we were alll waiting for that shoe to drop. Kosukue Fukudome had already been named to play for Team Japan.

In two-day rumors news, Dave Kaplan on WGN radio reported that Adam Dunn's first choice is to play with the Chicago Cubs at a "fair offer". The Cubs first choice is to have Adam Dunn play somewhere else and sign Milton Bradley. The other rumor is that somehow Tim Redding is possibly holding up Jason Marquis getting traded. It seems whomever "loses out" on signing Tim Redding between the Rockies and Mets may pursue our dear fifth starter.

I'll slowly get back in the flow as the week goes on...otherwise enjoy the holidays.


When the choice is between Tim Redding and Jason Marquis, can you call anyone a "loser"?

The answer is "yes. yes, you can". You could probably call all the teams involved "loser". It becomes tricky, however, when you try to decide the "winner".

I thought my use of quotes around loser implied all that...get with the lingo.

Tim Redding: 10-11, 182 IP, 120K/65BB, 4.95 ERA, 1.429 WHIP
Jason Marquis:11-9, 167IP, 91K/70BB, 4.53 ERA, 1.449 WHIP

Pretty silmilar...Redding's ERA is a bit higher..Of course Redding's was his best seson in 4 years, Marquis has won double digit games the last 5 seasons.

For a fifth starter, Marquis is decent. It's not his fault Donut Jim backloaded his contract.

We coulda had Carlos Silva: 4-15, 153IP, 69K/32BB, 6.46 ERA, 1.598 WHIP for $8.2 mill...

Redding did his work for close to MLB minimum.

Well, Carrie Muskat has taken off until Jan 5, so there probably won't be much Cubs news til then....

Seriously, good to hear you're feeling better.

Gratz...look at Redding's last 3 seasons prior good Dr. aaron b

Inebriated Phil Rogers suggest Brewers trading JJ Hardy to Twins for pitching and prospects.

Think Brewers would consider trading with Cubs?

By that I mean that Redding has been less than reliable over his career, and missed 2006 with injuries. Last year, his $1 mill was well worth it.
A career of 34-51, 4.92 ERA, 1.502 WHIP? Not so much.

For all of Marquis' faults, he is at least consistent, and will give you 11-14 wins, n ERA around 4-4.50, and 165-210 Innings, with last year being a low waer mark of 167.

Just putting it back out there... would really love for the Rockies to trade us Jeff Baker for Marquis.

Who wins this hypothetical trade

Rockies get : Jason Marquis and assume his full salary

Cubs get: Half empty can of Simoniz and a used infield rake


How many miles are there on the rake?

^ Cubs win! Cubs win! Go Cubs go! Go Cubs go......


I'll give you one better and make it a three-way trade. Who wins?

Rockies get Jason Marquis and assume his full salary.

White Sox get a humidifier to store their Cubans.

Cubs get Barack Obama's campaign manager.

You must be the kind of fan who always sees the Simoniz can as half empty instead of half full.

Nah.....JJ Hardy isn't really scrappy enough...hits too many HR's...I'd take him off their hands though..

Where would Jeff Baker play? I am just asking...

You tell me. The guy mashed lefties last season (926 OPS).

He could platoon with our soon-to-be-named LH RF. He can play 2B when DeRosa has to play 3rd. He can play 1st when DLee needs a day off. He can play left when Soriano goes down for a month.

I just like him because you rarely see a guy so versatile who can potentially develop power.

How can a guy named "Hardy" not be scrappy?

For an answer to that see Oliver Hardy (Stan Laurel far scrappier) and Thomas Hardy (dying of pleurisy a month after contracting it shows little scrap)

Dr. Aaron....did Jason Marquis forget your birthday or something? Lol....

No problems with Marquis.

My problem is more to the point about Hendry and management every year. They consistantly overpay guys like Marquis,Neifi,Burnitz,Fukudome,Hank White,Glendon Rusch,Etc.
Then they turn around and cry about budget limitations, when a guy like Beltran or Peavy become available. Basic economics should tell you that you pay replacement level guys minimal money. Then you spend real money on proven dependable stars.

Hear hear!! I've been ragging on this very point about Hendry for years, you pegged it to a tee, Aaron. All those "little" contracts to nobodies add up to real money, and then the Cubs can't afford impact players because of "budget" considerations. What crap.

Look at just the last couple of weeks. I challenge anyone to justify the $2MM Hendry spent on Neal Cotts and Joey Gathright. In Gathright's case, there isn't even an open roster spot for him! Can someone tell me how there's room on the roster for Gathright when (a) the Cubs will certainly carry 12 pitchers again this year, (b) which leaves room for 4 non-catchers on the bench, (c) of which Fontenot, Johnson/Fukudome, and Cedeno/other backup SS are guaranteed spots.

You have to go with Hoffpauir for that last spot as he's your Ward replacement, and the only guy other than DeRosa (in a pinch) that can do backup 1B. And all this assumes Pie is toast.

So where is there room for Gathright again? There's not any? Then how can you justify the nearly $1MM Hendry just wasted on him?

/close rant/

neal cotts is left handed, throws in the mid-90s, and is relatively cheap imo.

he showed up mid-season with an improved arsenal, though it's not tight yet.

he's always gonna get hit some, probably, but if he can keep his control he should be fine.

cheap hard and tight. are you talking about a ballplayer or something else?

He is versatile...he'll be 28 in June...kinda like DeRosa, but 4 years younger?

There is nothing wrong with Jason Marquis as a 5th starter. He is probably the best 5th starter in the league. If we do not trade him, however, we would probably be the only team in the league paying our 5th starter close to 10 Mil. per year.

If we trade him and $5 million, then sign Johnson to replace him for $8 million - then we'll be paying out 5th starter $13 million!

At this point 10 mil is our sunk cost for the 5th starter spot, so in essance it only be 3 mil to upgrade from Marquis to the Unit, which is a good move IMHO.

No, why not just dump Marquis after eating $4MM, and give the job to Sean Marshall? Now you have equally as effective performance at a cost of negative $5MM. I like that a lot better than old man Unit at positive $3MM. Or do you think Unit would be $8MM better than Sean Marshall?

With Rich Harden you still need 6 good starters. Given that Shark or Gaudin is going to be 7th inning guy it takes one of them out of the mix for spot starting duty and Guzman is too injury prone to be jumping roles, Hart doesnt have a 3rd pitch and Atkins has no MLB expirence. So I think the real question Unit 8 milion dollars better than Gaudin or Shark as a SP? I would say yes on Shark and no on Gaudin, but you dont know if you need Gaudin for the pen if Shark and other young guys cant make it in the 7th. Honestly if we trade Marquis I would like to get a LOOGY better than Cotts so the need for a 7th inning guy is decreased, but the scenerio I laid out in my last post is a good alternative.

1. That's what I just said
2. Player contracts are not sunk costs. It could be argued that a contract with a NTC is, but we see those moved all the time.

Exactly, TRN. This is why I don't understand the mad rush to get rid of Marquis. For a fifth starter, he does a good job and can be counted on for 200 innings a year. The Cubs may pay him too much, but that contract is a done deal. If the Cubs trade him, assume 50% of his salary and sign someone else (like Randy Johnson), it's going to cost more and the likelihood of getting 200 innings out of the fifth starter will have declined. Not a good trade off in my mind.

"Hey...I just figured out how to get Bonds, and Griffey for the Yankees"

I have noticed that Marwin Gonzalez is putting up some nice numbers in Winter ball. Anyone know what kind of prospect he is? (Caracas): 43/122, 14 2B, 2 3B, 3 HR, 13 BB, 11 K, 1 HBP, 15/20 SB, 8 E - .352/.423/.574/.997

I've been having trouble tracking this item down--trying to find a trace of Marwin Gonzalez on Kroeger's Caracas team (or any team) in the league where Rich Hill, Sam Fuld and Ronny Cedeno have been playing.

Apparently there's a Venezuela winter minor leagues called Liga Paralela, where Gonzalez has been registering these numbers.

Good find, if a bit puzzling.

"INF Marwin Gonzalez (C-)— The Opening Day starting shortstop started well at the plate, but then struggled before getting sent back to extended spring training. Due to turn 20 next March, Gonzalez will likely get another shot in Peoria."

SS/3rd...not showing much power in his numbers.

wonder what kind of arm he has.

i've never heard of him and judging by his early bat returns, i'm not surprised.

I think Hendry has had a man crush on Clint Barmes, I wouldn't mind seeing him come back in a Marquis deal. He might be able to beat out Theriot if given a legit shot. At least he has some pop.

Where's Eckstein?

Are you related to Clint Barmes or something?

Bastard. You stole my great idea, albeit it was in two parts. lol

(1) If the rumors are true that Colorado might be a home for Marquis, then Barmes makes perfect sense for the Cubs as the RH utility infielder counterpart to Mike Fontenot, assuming Cedeno is not around. Barmes can play both 2B and SS.

(2) The Cubs could then package Cedeno and one of their extra #5-type starters/long relievers (e.g., Hart, Guzman, Wuertz) to the Royals for Ron Mahay? Would solve the Cubs' need for a quality veteran LH guy in the bullpen, the replacement basically for Scott Eyre and Will Ohman. Royals need to shed a good $5MM salary according to the KC Star, and an expensive lefty in the bullpen is a luxury they probably don't need. Cedeno would make sense for them, as he MIGHT earn a starting job at SS, which would allow Aviles to move to 2B. Even if he doesn't win the job, he'd certainly be an improvement over Tony Pena Jr., so I think the Royals might be interested.

Not saying anything however

Player A through age 29

1998 23 ATL NL 5 3 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 .333 .333 .333 77 1 0 0 0 0 0
1999 24 ATL NL 7 8 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 .000 .000 .000 -100 0 0 0 0 0 0
2000 25 ATL NL 22 13 9 4 1 0 0 3 0 0 2 1 .308 .400 .385 99 5 0 0 0 0 0
2001 26 ATL NL 66 164 27 47 8 0 3 20 2 1 12 19 .287 .350 .390 89 64 1 2 6 5 3
2002 27 ATL NL 72 212 24 63 9 2 5 23 2 3 12 24 .297 .339 .429 100 91 2 3 3 3 5
2003 28 ATL NL 103 266 40 70 14 0 6 22 1 0 16 49 .263 .316 .383 81 102 0 1 0 5 6
2004 29 ATL NL 118 309 33 74 16 0 3 31 1 3 23 53 .239 .293 .320 59 99 4 6 3 3 6

Player B through 29

2003 24 COL NL 12 25 2 8 2 0 0 2 0 0 0 10 .320 .357 .400 87 10 0 1 0 2 0
2004 25 COL NL 20 71 14 20 3 1 2 10 0 1 3 10 .282 .320 .437 84 31 2 0 0 1 2
2005 26 COL NL 81 350 55 101 19 1 10 46 6 4 16 36 .289 .330 .434 90 152 4 1 1 6 4 RoY-8
2006 27 COL NL 131 478 57 105 26 4 7 56 5 4 22 72 .220 .264 .335 47 160 19 7 6 9 2
2007 28 COL NL 27 37 5 8 3 0 0 1 0 0 1 13 .216 .237 .297 33 11 1 0 1 0 1
2008 29 COL NL 107 393 47 114 25 6 11 44 13 4 17 69 .290 .322 .468 99 184 4 1 0 2 9
6 Seasons 378 1354 180 356 78 12 30 159 24 13 59 210 .263 .301 .405 75 548 30 10 8 20 18

That didnt format very well.

Basically the jist of the whole thing is that Both guys really sucked through age 29.

Well, let's far, this is the 2008 Cubs team with Marmol/Gregg replacing Wood/8th Inning setup; Gathright platooning with Reed Johnson in CF; and Koyie Hill as the backup catcher. This reeks of waiting for new ownership to approve a payroll budget and/or waiting for the Tier 1 FA's to slot out. Despite how sucky this team looks right now, I haven't seen any moves by the NL Central that would lead me to believe this team doesn't win its 3rd straight Division title.

I know he's making almost $10M next year, but how does trading Marquis and eating at least half his salary improve the rotation? Assuming Hendry can get a budget around $145M approved, here's what I would do as GM:

1. Trade for Brian Roberts (any combinaton of R. Hill, Wuertz, Guzman, Cedeno, Pie, Colvin, Atkins)
2. Sign Bobby Abreu to play RF

That's it. If the Padres want to come back to the real world (and Peavy wants to re-negotiate his $20M option in 2013), then by all means, make the Peavy deal. If not you've got the following team:

Roberts, 2b
Theriot, ss
Abreu, rf
A. Ramirez, 3b
Soriano, lf
D. Lee, 1b
Soto, c
Fukudome, cf (he learns to hit .280 or better or send him back to Japan)

Rotation -- Zambrano, Dempster, Lilly, Harden, Marquis - Marshall fills in for Harden
Closer -- Marmol or Gregg
Setup -- Samardzija, Gaudin, Cotts, Marshall

Bench -- K. Hill (can Bako be worth double Hill's salary?), Hoffpauir, Fontenot, Gathright, Johnson.

If some team wants to pay all of Marquis' salary (and I thought Marshall could start 30 games), then fine, trade him. If not, wait till the July 31st trade deadline -- who knows what might be available by then.

This is a slow market right now. You have to keep in mind that right now the only NL clubs that have actually improved themselves are the Mets and Braves. In the Braves case it makes them just a .500 team. Hendry will make 3 or 4 more moves this off-season:

1. Get a LH RF
2. Upgrade the 5th statrer spot
3 and 4. Trade off spare parts (Cedeno, Marquis, Pie) for needed parts (one more lefty in the pen and a backup C)

Keeping in mind what you want from your 5th starter, who would be an upgrade on Marquis?

Jake Peavy

2006-2007 Rich Hill

Quite Possibly Donald Veal

You've traded Marquis to free up money for Roberts and then included him in the rotation. If you were Andy McPhail, which of those players would you take for Roberts, especially while you've got the contract offer out for Texieira.

Once again Tex's signing is creating a log jam in the off-season market.

Uh, no love for DeRosa? He going to AAA?

George-you forgot DeRosa...If you add Roberts, do you move DeRosa?

If DeRosa got McPhail off dead center to move Roberts then, yes. Something like DeRosa, Pie, and R. Hill since Roberts is in his option year anyway.

Good point Dr. Aaron.
Of course...Barmes away from Colorado over his career?
.228/.267/.340.....Positively 2008:
Home: .330/.362/.570
Away: .249/.281/.363

So at Colorado, he's Superman, on the road, he's Jimmy Olson.

Sorry for seeming like I'm picking on your point today.
Not my intent.

Not picking on my point. Clint Barmes sucks. I was just pointing out that sometimes guys just "get it". But I'd rather keep Cedeno. As dumb as he plays sometimes.

He still has more upside than Theriot.

True....Theriot is what he is....but I sure wish Ronny Ce would "get it" at some point...

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  • based on what SF has been doing every other year lately, getting access to the postseason playoffs seems to be what's important. bring on dat short series!

    that said, skipping the sudden death 1-game WC would be nice from here on out.

  • I know what you are saying, but I feel compelled to point out that there's no such thing as luck, curses, etc. The Cubs this year have as good as a chance as the Pirates to move on to the next round. If the Cubs proceed to the next round or not tomorrow, it will not be because of luck, but because one team outlasted the other. When/if the Cubs are lucky enough to make it to the league series, that's where they may find their biggest challenge. The Dodgers have a good, deep pitching staff.

  • debuting the new format 1 game "sudden death" WC matchup at yankee stadium does a perfect job of showing the intense emotion and drama this game can be.

    that said, i'm ready to not see yankee stadium or hear fans at yankee stadium for another 5 and 1/2 months. at least i don't have to sit through the braves with their "tommy hawk chawp" this postseason.

  • i'd like to know why the internet radio feed of the game (which is always delayed by a few seconds at best) is almost a minute faster than the ESPN cable TV coverage. wtf?

  • i dont know what order they'll be in, but i pretty much expect fowler/schwarb/rizzo/bryant/montero/castro/lastella/arrieta. any change at all (aside from the first 4 guys) wouldn't shock me, though. coghlan is still a wildcard in the lineup joe could always march d.ross out there with very slow arrieta pitching.

  • Yup. Have to agree. Baseball, like golf, certainly has that psych component for the player. There is no real reason why a fielding position should affect a batting average. The Cubs are 106 years over due for a little luck. Don't you guys think so? Maybe the rookies can bring some dumb luck on.

  • probably stacking capable lefties vs cole while keeping the "hot" castro in the game. fwiw, he's 1-6 lifetime with 0 bb/k vs cole (double).

    i chalk bryant's issues at the plate while playing OF up to coincidence so far.

  • I will call your dead horse, "Trigger".

    In one game, when anything is possble, I am glad that Joe Maddon is our Manager.

    He knows the stats better than all of us. It would seem, IF La Stella gets the start at 3B, it will be only up to the point that they were to get the lead (crosses fingers). From everything I have read, the game will be managed like a hoops game: offense/defense. So expect La Stella to be out of the game by the 5th. This team is incredibly deep which is so surprising. We never woulda thunk it.

  • i don't know what their roster plans are, but j.herrera is out there practicing with the team.

    i can't imagine him making any roster, though. dude had 4 PA the entire month of sept. him being a good dude to be around while keeping the clubhouse loose seems to be his main role at this point.

  • I know it's my own personal dead horse to beat --but Bryant has been a lousy hitter when playing the OF this year. Given that it's his first playoff game, I really hope they keep him in his natural position and don't mess with his routine.

    Lousy as in 8-for-45 with one XBH and no HR. Small sample and all that -- but why take the chance?

  • hard to tell what's up given they'll probably want to stack as many good lefties into the lineup as possible.

    castro being a bit hot doesn't help things. if he was still cool they'd probably stick la stella at 2nd and call it a day.

  • Madden won't announce lineups but Stella is practicing at 3rd and Bryant in LF today. I'd rather see Bryant at 3rd but I guess Stella has been hotter than Coghlan.

    /edit. Though I guess they could be practicing this with the idea Stella would come in as a PH then double switch him to 3rd base and Bryant to LF. Hope that's the plan instead

  • I really like the sound of that idea about expanding the AFL to ten teams. Each org. gets to field more players.
    They should do that anyway, regardless of Adv. Instructs.

  • Dallas Beeler, Corey Black, David Garner, Pierce Johnson, Steve Perakslis, James Pugliese, Duane Underwood Jr, and Rob Zastryzny threw early-morning bullpen side-sessions at Riverview yesterday.  

    Underwood threw last, and received specific one-on-one instruction from pitching coach Mike Mason. 

  • HAGSAG: There are only five advanced instructs squads left, and presently the only "co-op" team operating is the Angels/Cubs.

    The league was originally established as a "parallel" league to the AFL (a sort of "junior AFL"), for players too advanced for traditional ("basic") instructs but who were unable to get placed on AFL rosters due to AFL player-limits.

  • He is but I would think it'd be better to start out with offense and then bring in Jackson and LaStella once they have a lead. Stella has very good PH #s too.