Tribune Picks Ricketts Bid

The Sun-Times yet again scoops the Tribune on their own business affairs. Although heavily rumored for some time, there's now the infamous "person familiar with the process" going forward with Thomas Ricketts - diehard Cub fan - as being the Tribune's bid of choice. The bid is rumored to be in the $900 million range and supposedly not the top overall offer, but would provide more money up front to the struggling Tribune corporation along with a more conservative financing approach.

But there's always a twist...

Tribune is not locked in to negotiate only with one bidder. Others remain free to enrich their offers.

It's probably doubtful that anyone else will come in with a late bid at this stage of the game, and with local ties to Chicago, Ricketts would certainly appease the major league owners. But this sale has dragged on for this long, there are no guarantees that it won't drag out longer.


Congrats to Mr. Ricketts.

Now, win.

I can't wait until the insults start flying. Mr. Rickles is notorious for his sharp wit.

shut it, you hockey puck

Well, he's where my mild interest was leaning. Hurry up and by the damn thing then trade for Peavy.

Just sell it already, Sam, you fuck!

he used to live above sports corner, right?

YES! Yes, bigz. He met his wife in the Bleachers. Bruce LEvine last week opined that the family is mostly interested in long-term, family ownership. Ala Wrigley's, yet not on the cheap!

I have ALWAYS wanted an owner that would wear the wins and losses on their sleeves, and suffered when we did. Also, one that during the press conference will say, "We will not tolerate losing under our stewardship..."

The thing is that ownnership, just like Cubsfanship is destined to live on hope. Any owner who thinks that his team's payroll is big enough to win, is not going to throw extra money at it just for the hell of it. $145 million payroll, most in the NL - should give the Cubs a great chance, but we know that even if we had a $200 million payroll it won't guarantee a title, so maybe we can get by with $140 million... or maybe $120 million.

The sad truths are, that we as long suffering Cubs fans don't want to admit is that, an unlimited payroll won't guarantee a title, and no owner is going to sign off on an unlimited payroll. The 21st century Cubs have already moved away from the 'Let Maddux walk' days... a new owner is not going to make us more likely to win.

I think it will be a big benefit going forward, that a GM will KNOW he has 145-150 in payroll EVERY YEAR.

This current club does have a 140ish payroll. However it arrived because of a spike from the 90 Million level of 2006.

This club was constructed with backloaded deals, and robbing peter to pay paul planning.

A committed owner whom you know will "pay the cost to be the boss" will do nothing but help the team/GM plan and map the future.

ROB G: Did you ever cut "Dexter"? I was wondering if Showtime is giving it one more season...

no and no idea

said they backed out of a 5-yr, $10.8M sponsorship deal...

It was karma. No good can come from selling the hallowed walls, er doors, of Wrigley Field.

And I see the Under Armor weasels are still sponsoring the Senior Bowl. Be sure to tune in Cubs fans.

The Cubs don't care when they cheat the public (with those officially scalped tickets) but they don't seem to like being the ones cheated.

Selling tickets at market price isn't cheating the public.

Rather, selling tickets at face value and watching other businesses sell them at market price is cheating the Cubs.

The Judge's ruling on this was a sham. Wrigley Field Premium and the Cubs ownership are one in the same. At the end of the day the money ends up in the same pocket; it's all to the cubs advantage. To say the cubs aren't cheating the public on this is rather disingenuous IMHO.

I don't suggest the Cubs are not one in the same with their ticket "scalping" arm.

What I suggest is that the Cubs have a right to sell their tickets at market prices. If a scalper can legally buy their tickets and sell them at market prices, I think the Cubs should be able to do so as well. The scalper has made no investment in the on-field product; so in my view, the Cubs have much more right to sell the tickets at market prices than the scalper does.

I don't see how the Cubs "scalping" their own tickets is cheating the public. Especially when the team efforts at maximizing their revenue turn into one of the top payrolls in the National League.

As to whether the money is spent well, your mileage may vary. But that the budget is there, I approve.

Finally, the rightful sponsor of the doors can come forward

I thought Jack Daniels was the sponsor of The Doors.

Mo-The Joe- rising!

He is the Keeper King! He can do anything!

That's awesome!

"The Sun-Times yet again scoops the Tribune on their own business affairs"

To be fair, it would be beyond tacky for the Trib to go with this story. The Ricketts family hasn't been told that they're the winning bidder yet.

Of course, they'll have to call The Cell and ask Uncle Jerry if Ricketts is OK.
Does anyone know......if the Cubs accept an offer and present it to MLB for approval, that's going to take some time. While that process is ongoing, and it looks as if the accepted offer will pass MLB's vote, would or could the baseball people (like Hendry) contact the prospective ownership to see about making deals or spending money on players? I just don't remember if there is a precedent, if it's ever happened in the past when franchises have changed hands.

I don't think there's any tampering rules to worry about, the current Trib owners would just have to sign off as well in case a deal doesn't go through.

I can't recall the last ownership group rejected by the owners...or if it's ever happened. The Red Sox were sort of ushered to John Henry and his group, but that was well well before any votes were being cast.

The DeBartolos wanted to purchase the White Sox in the early '80s I believe (correct me if I'm wrong), and I recall they bid on the SF Giants as well, and were rebuffed because of their horse racing connections. Not that that stopped Steinbrenner......and of course Bill Veeck was shot down on a few purchases such as the Phillies in the late '30s (the other owners found out he wanted to staff the roster with several Negro League stars; imagine how that would have changed baseball history).
In Bruce Miles' blog on the Herald today in as much as said that if it came to it, Hendry could go to the potential owners before they were approved to see what he was working with regarding payroll and such.

Man, Bleed Cubbie Blue is fucking retarded.

took you this long to figure it out, Joe?

No I was just reminded and wanted to vent. I figure, I'll have one chance to register, call Al a douche, save the webpage for posterity, then get the post deleted and me banned. I've been saving it for the right time...but it's always the right time!

Your banning will put you in good company.

When you're around, I'm always in good company.

Get a room, you two! Better yet, start a diary on Al's site.

I'd love to start a diary at bcb about me and Joe being together, but, alas, I'm banned from doing so. Maybe I'll just write a series of ghey harlequin novels instead.

Write it out anyway. My ISP hasn't been banned yet.

I hope the new owner is dedicated to winning instead of just making money. People whine and cry-baby about the Tribune, but I remember the Wrigleys.

Trib picks up the story...

they now have to complete negotiations with the Trib, and be approved by the owners. $900Mish for Wrigley, the team and 25% of CSN

as long as the new owner doesn't turn this into a pointless 200m "spend to win" team i'm fine with it.

i know some disagree...whatever.

when i watch/follow 162 games of something i want to watch a game...not being at the mercy of injuries and heavy bad contracts to "level the field."

im not seeking some everyone-on-the-same-ground thing, but i don't wanna watch the cubs turn into a yanks-type team where 162 games are generally just the pre-game show.

yeah, you can't buy a WS, but that's not what im worried about, it's the 162 games before the playoffs.

I envision a Red Sox-type spending level, which would be another $15M or so on top of last year, still good for second in the NL and about $5M behind the Mets.

I don't think anyone's saying the Cubs should be the Yankees.

The Cubs are what they are: a big-market, big-money team. I don't have any problem with them acting that way. Let the Milwaukees and Arizonas draft and develop players in their farm system.

I know winning cures all ills, but with Wood, DeRo and now Hank White gone, and Milton Bradley in town, it may not be quite so fun to root for the Cubs for the six-month season. More fun to root for good guys (or at least those who seeme to be good guys), particularly good guys with talent. Never heard a bad word about Hank.

Maybe Milton becomes the next Rodman -- easier to stomache when the team is winning championships every year.

This has been discussed A LOT here. Personally, I don't have a problem with Bradley. I don't think he's a 'bad' person, but had (has?) a lot of personal demons and made some very bad mistakes. He's trying to turn his life around, give him a break. I'm not going to mourn that the Cubs win a championship without Hank. Good guy? Cool. Not going to miss him, though. I will miss Wood, but I just want the Cubs to win, regardless.

I concur completely. For years and years and years the Cub players were "ours" and fans worried more about the guys who left than winning. The 21st Century fan might be a little different, mainly because the Sox won it all in '05 but also because it's a "win or go home" mentality these days.

I also have no problem with them spending a lot of money, and I know it has nothing to do with winning. For the last 25 years at least Cub fans have complained that they don't spend enough, when in fact they spent plenty.....just mostly on the wrong guys.

I can totally talk myself into liking Milton if he plays well. Guy who has gotten a bad rap and been an easy target finally overcomes his reputation (and his health history) to be come a productive player and good teammate. Of course, if he slumps it's because he's a whiner.

I have no doubt if he plays well he'll be received well by the Wrigley bleacher bums. Look what happened to Edmonds.

To quote one of my favorite movies: "Rome IS the mob."

I'll tell you, the 2004 team was hard to root for. That was the first time I was ever embarrassed to be a Cubs fan. Though I've been behind the Bradley signing before it was rumored, if he can't keep his shit together I'll be among the first to say 'jettison his ass'. Winning is good, but winning without class is something I can't stomach.

I don't care if the Cubs have an infield of binLaden, Pinochet, Amin and Limbaugh - as long as they win the World Series.

Limbaugh would have to play first. Too fat for the hot corner, I think.

he'd have to pass a drug test first...

The name is Ricketts not Rickett.

a thousand pardons to the Ricketts family...

and here i thought all along that ricketts was some sort of bone disease.

It's Rickels! Not Tom Ricketts, Don Rickles! And if we F up the playoffs again this year, he's gonna say something like "I've had my balls handled better by Johann's mom."

Tonight should be considered an important night...

Tom Ricketts statement:

The Tribune Company has informed us today that our family has been selected for exclusive negotiations to buy the Chicago Cubs.

We would like to thank the Tribune Company for overseeing a fair and competitive process and we look forward to working with the Tribune and Major League Baseball to close the transaction promptly.

We will have more to say publicly when this process is completed. If we succeed in buying the team, our work will just be beginning.

"My family and I are Cubs fans," said Tom Ricketts, the family's point person in the Cubs purchase. "We share the goal of Cubs fans everywhere to win a World Series and build the consistent championship tradition that the fans deserve."

That's a nice statement. Now make it happen.

if Jake peavy is a Cub next week, I may believe him.

If Jache Peavy is a Cub, we may be sentenced to four more years of also-rans.

Both my wife and I are available to be adopted by the Ricketts!

NY Post reports Mets signed Freddy Garcia to a minor league contract but huge incentives up to $8M

also Rosenthal says Dodgers going after Randy Wolf

and Milw Sentinel online says Prince Fielder will sign a 2 year deal worth $18M, avoiding arbitration that was between $6-8M for this year.

also Fielder passed his physical so it's a done deal to be announced tomorrow

and Rosenthal says Brandon Lyon probably to the Tigers for around $5M

So is the news about Fielder the deal they struck or the fact that he passed the physical?

Why when I picture them announcing the Fielder deal at a press conference that I imagine them weighting Fielder like a boxer first?

And by boxer I really mean Tony "TNT" Tubbs.

a little more detail on Troy Glaus getting his right (throwing) shoulder scoped yesterday, from the StL Papers

Pressed why Glaus waited three months into the offseason for surgery, Mozeliak insisted, "Frankly, we didn’t even know it was a possibility until recently. We prefer to announce these things when it’s definitive," Mozeliak said. "This wasn’t firmed up until Monday morning."

Glaus traveled from St. Louis to Los Angeles for the surgery, performed by Los Angeles Angels team orthopedic surgeon Dr. Lewis Yocum.

The procedure was labeled a "debridement," or cleanup, of the shoulder. Though the club did not specify Glaus’ problem, a source familiar with the procedure said it involved the labrum, the shoulder’s gasket-like lining.
If the labrum was trimmed up, ie. worn tissue shaved away (debrided) but not repaired (as in detached from the underlying bone, which requires more work to reattach the labrum) he probably can recover faster but it's still unlikely he will be back to normal before 3 months which means some time in May at the soonest.

picture of the anatomy:

I don't know anything about the Rickett's family other than what I've read on this board. Supposedly, they're big Cubs fans. I hope so.

I know it's a business, but the number one criteria for buying any professional sports team should be that you're a passionate fan of the team. Not just a fan of the game or a fan of making money, but a PASSIONATE fan of the team you're buying.

If you have enough money to buy a sports franchise, there are a million and one other ways to make a living. Hell, you don't even have to make another cent for the rest of your life and you'll still have enough cash to wipe your ass with and burn for heat. Buying a sports franchise needs to be about a passion for the team and a passion for winning, not for making money.

I hope whoever buys the Cubs is doing it because they genuinely love the Cubs. A family-owned team doesn't have to appease shareholders by plastering fucking Under Armour ads on the outfield doors or pasting Motorola ads behind home plate. The next Cubs owner should care about one thing - winning.

And if they don't, here's my version of the Billy Goat curse - 'If the next Cubs owners place the almighty dollar ahead of winning (in the form of reduced payroll, gratuitous ads in the stadium, and/or unwarranted/automatic hikes in ticket prices every year), may their children, their children's children, and their children's children's children toil in sweat shops sewing Florida Marlins team apparel.'

Given the effectiveness of the original curse, I hope they take this seriously.

It'll be a different atmosphere around the team if the Ricketts' buy them. There's been that sentiment the last few years that the team needs to hire management that "get it", well, there's no question that Ricketts ownership "get it".

Rosenthal says StL interested in Counsell to fill in for injured Glaus

Retaining counsel can be expensive.

Your C&D is on its way.

Retaining counsel can be expensive.

After a long, deliberate look at his options, Dusty chooses Taveras to hit leadoff.

"His role is he's our center fielder and our leadoff man," Baker said. "The fact that he's so young - he's going to get better. A lot of people talk about his on-base percentage. I like to think in terms of him getting into scoring position."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't on-base percentage and getting into scoring position at least moderately entwined?

dusty baker is not interested in your logic....

he has his guts and experience to tell him what to do....

oh sure say that now just days after manny has made his monthly appearance.

If Dusty has found a way to get men into scoring position without first getting on base then I pick the Reds to win the National League Central going away.

Wasn't that the benefit of Adam Dunn's 40+ HRs every year?

To be more accurate, it was exactly 40 homeruns every year. He had it measured off, apparently.

He doesn't want some slow ass old guy getting on base. He wants a fast guy getting on base, then stealing 2nd. See: Base-clogging.

wow, speed shocking and new for one saw one ever does that!

hey, this team has it's main power hitter and low ob% guy with less speed than tavarez hitting 1st...what does that say?


it says that Soriano is actually one of our better hitters and getting the most PA's...

please tell me you can tell the difference between Soriano vs. Tavares and Patterson leading off...

and his OBP is average, not may come from home runs, but last time I checked, they still count the same as a single, stolen base and making another hitter get a hit.


lou played the guy hitting 1st when he had to windmill his legs just to run.

the guy is the team's best power hitter and has a low ob%.

out of the time he's been here he's been in running shape for a handful of months, he has a low ob%, he's on a strong hitting team, he hits for power, he is streaky, he Ks a lot...he leads off.

overall, though...i find it strange how this is "fine"...especially those months where he couldn't even run the have this guy leadoff, but what dustbag is doing is ignorant and stupid.

i'm a little sick of seeing soriano try to feast on 7/8/9 hitters for RBIs while he struggles to get more RBIs than power hits.

go figure.

I didn't realize an above league average OBP is low...

.350 as a #1 hitter(.344 overall) is slightly below average for the for leadoff men, as I don't have exact numbers

(he was was tied for #19 out of 29 with at least 250 PA's)

 overall, though...i find it strange how this is "fine"...especially those months where he couldn't even run the have this guy leadoff, but what dustbag is doing is ignorant and stupid.

because dusty is ignorant and stupid...the point isn't to be fast, the point is to score runs. The Cubs do that with Soriano in the leaoff spot, they didn't with Dusty's lineup choices , nor have the Reds...


he's the worst regular ob% guy last year (even counting fukudome) and the past 2 years combined with guys still on the team...along with the other stuff i mentioned.

i think soriano's handling has been pretty damn ignorant and stupid, myself.

with so much support from other bats it don't matter that much, though.

i'd prefer the guy who has to windmill his legs to run not to lead off and the best power hitter on the team seeing something more than the 7-9 hitters.

his 38sb aren't that neat, nor is his .330-.340 area ob% with his high Ks.

his power is neat, though.

yes, he should be striking out with runners on base, that's a tremendous idea

if fukudome is a .380 OBP guy again like he was in the first half or Theriot can keep it up from 2008, I'm fine with either of them leading off, but both are sketchy bets to do so...

Soriano having an OPS over .850, scoring runs and getting lots of PA's for one of the team's best hitters is a safe bet on the other hand.

I don't think it's a big mystery that he gets a  lot more breaking balls and garbage in the dirt with runners on and that he's hit worse with runners on for the majority of his career. Pitchers are far more careful around him when there are runners on base (.808 OPS for career with men on, .870 with nobody on).



i don't really agree with most of that 2nd paragraph. no one just grooves soriano an easier mix because no one's on base. he's not a selective hitter. he's going for the seats with none on or bases loaded.

i'm just saying the standard of manager stupidity has many flavors. i'm also saying i'm really sick of the best powerhitter on the team trying to struggle for more RBIs than power hits...i think that's a waste.

 are you his agent? what do you care about his personal RBI totals...the team scored the most runs in the league last year...

I disagree with the first paragraph, I'll stick by my .70pt OPS difference in those situations and he's generally better numbers in the leadoff spot over his career.

"are you his agent? what do you care about his personal RBI totals"

i'm a cubs fan. more runs = good. putting RBI guys in good RBI positions...that kinda stuff.

for the love of Dusty Baker....

Moving him down in the order isn't necessarily going to score more runs for the Cubs though...

it depends on who you put up there of course, but since your answer is anyone who is fast, then you're wrong....


I like when Rob G. is involved in these skinny comments debates. It's nice when it's not big lowitzki, the Real Neal, myself, or any of the other usual suspects.

It's also nice when it's a baseball debate rather than, say, political.

"it depends on who you put up there of course, but since your answer is anyone who is fast, then you're wrong.... "

that's not my answer.

I'm just waiting for you two to keep arguing long enough for me to break everyone's formatting.

Crunch, you are such a blatant Dusty defender. You think you're being sneaky with your partisan undercurrents, but this idea that Lou is as stupid as Dusty for his use of Sori in leadoff is idiotic.

Let's compare Dusty vs. Sweet Lou 2005 v. 2008. But wait, let's not compare the #1 leadoff hitters. To get a real feel for the manager's understanding of the leadoff position, let's compare the second and third most used leadoff hitters.

In 2005 Dusty used Neifi and CPat as his #2 and #3. Their average OBP in leadoff was .263 in 2005.

In 2008, Sweet Lou used Johnson and TheRiot as his #2 and #3 leadoff hitters. Their OBP was roughly .357.

Overall leadoff numbers 2005 v. 2008 (including Hairston and Sori) look like this:
Dusty: .299
Lou: .342

You heart Dusty. Time to fess up.

I think there is an argument to be made that having Soriano bat leadoff in a lineup that includes Fukudome, Theriot, Derrek Lee, and Mark DeRosa (or this year, Mike Fontenot) signals that the manager is willing to sacrifice OBP for, well, something. Either speed or Soriano's comfort (which some argue means more overall production from Soriano--which they then argue means more overall production from the lineup).

Clearly, though, Soriano's OBPs in the last 2 years show that he's a better leadoff hitter than Taveras or Patterson--by a long shot.

I think, however, that except for a few of us, we'd be happier if Soriano could maintain his current rate stats batting somewhere between 2nd and 6th in the batting order so that the team could take more advantage of Ryan Theriot, Kosuke Fukudome, or Derrek Lee's on base abilities, and more advantage of Soriano's power.

If the Cubs continue to have the most productive 7th-9th hitters in the league, though, it's really not as big an issue.

Soriano batting leadoff is clearly not the same thing as Corey batting leadoff. Corey shouldn't have even been a starter with his numbers last year, much less a leadoff hitter. There could be similar questions with Taveras. Also, to the Reds, why resign Hairston if you barely plan to play him? Anyone can be your backup left fielder.

I'm not arguing who should bat leadoff now--just that trying to compare Dusty to Lou is idiotic. I don't think Sori should have been batting leadoff last year and definitely not this year.

Crunch has spent the entire time Lou has been here at one ham fisted attempt at playing devil's advocate after the next. I personally think it's a cautionary tale against smoking too much dope.

"Crunch has spent the entire time Lou has been here at one ham fisted attempt at playing devil's advocate after the next. I personally think it's a cautionary tale against smoking too much dope."

no i haven't.

i have the right to bring up the absurdity of "this manager is the worst thing to happen to baseball and no one ever does what dusty does-ism."

you have the right to be totally wrong about some agenda you're dreaming up.

you're also presenting your case (twice in 2 posts here) acting like a spoiled brat. maybe it's a cautionary tale against being a know-it-all who should step away from the computer a while.

Holy Moses, you're touchy on this subject. I like what you said about me though. It's especially funny because I only tend to pop up here once every couple of weeks during the offseason.

I find it unfathomable that in the face of clear evidence to the contrary that you can continue making an argument for any other reason than to play devil's advocate. Maybe I'm giving you too much credit and you really are too much of an ideologue to care about data that contradicts your premise. There is ample evidence that Dusty don't know shit from shinola as a manager. The premise you start from is that managers really don't matter much. It seems to me like you try to fit your Lou and Dusty arguments to that premise but you repeatedly have a hard time discounting evidence to the contrary.

All that said, you're really taking yourself far, far too seriously, Crunch. Do you want to hug it out? Let's hug it out, bitch.

you wasted a lot of time typing that...and you seem to enjoy it.

nice sig...wear it like a trophy.

You seem really pissed. Did I really hurt your feelings? Sorry if I did.

nice sig...wear it like a trophy. you enjoy this...hell, you're doing your best to create something out of nothing.

I will neither confirm nor deny that I'm creating something out of nothing.

On a completely unrelated note, I think we're almost far enough over to break the formatting.

yes, you win.

now go celebrate something that doesn't matter and wrap yourself in it.

your opinions are facts, i get it.

me explaining myself means something else if you dream it up to be something else, i get it.

you wanting me to be something means i am something, i get it.

you are the boss of everything...sorry...i'll check with you to clear my opinions and views that i CLEARLY EXPLAIN so you can redefine them for the rest of the world on wild tangents that have little to nothing to do with what i said.

bravo, guy.

now change your sig again to reflect how important i am to you some more.

Jesus. Who peed in your cornflakes?

quit being a mental midget and READ what i wrote instead of having a conversation about something no one is discussing but you.

if you go to the source you're calling lou a retard for batting a high speed leadoff guy with the lowest OB% on the team well as dusty. but that don't matter because all that matters to you is some conspiracy about how i'm all about some dusty defender...not the MULTIPLE PARAGRAPHS explaining myself. No, all that matters is what's made up in your head, not the fact I don't find most of what dustbag does out-of-the-ordinary, shocking, or not replicated by many others.

you're arguing something totally different that you made up and seem to think we're discussing here...and you couldn't even bring it up without insulting me twice to start your piss fest.

pretty simple...said it

Whatever, Crunch. You got all hot-headed about me taking issue with your underlying and repeated denigration of Lou and frequent comparison of Lou and Dusty to one another. Seriously, it is a waste of my time to be talking about this. I think I need a TCR vacation now. Hasta dude.

yeah, you generally prove things through comparisons and bringing a home-example to the table helps.

you want to tell me why you let a guy who has to windmill his legs to run the bases gets to lead off and why that's brilliant i'm all ears...i'll even let the "letting the lowest/streakiest ob% guy with the most power on the team lead off with hobbled legs" go by the wayside.

they're managers...not gods. no one's comparing Muhammad and Jesus's two fat old guys.

So, it's more like comparing Buddha and Santa Claus then?

Is it time to call R2D2 yet? btw, anyone know who ever won that stupid internet douchebag contest put on by those guys Rob banned? My guess is Al.

wow. whipple was right. the formatting really does break. i thought in was just an urban legend.



Sorry, inside joke for the Nested Comments Club

Do not scroll down this page

I've never got that broken page thing - maybe because I use IE?

I should to

"Crunch, you are such a blatant Dusty defender. You think you're being sneaky with your partisan undercurrents, but this idea that Lou is as stupid as Dusty for his use of Sori in leadoff is idiotic."

yeah, me explaining exactly what im talking about is something else.


everything after that 1st paragraph is a waste of your time.

read what i wrote instead of playing amateur mystic.

Yes, he had the worst OBP of any starter on the Cubs, but then again the Cubs did league the lead and were second in the majors. Overall for qualified players in the National League Soriano was 40th in OBP, but 7 of the top 40 are Cubs.

"but 7 of the top 40 are Cubs"

I love reliving the glory that was the 2008 regular season. I do not state this ironically. It was a wonderful regular season.

It was indeed and enjoyable summer. To think the Cubs OBP and rank went from .319 (last) to .333 (9th) to .354 (first) from 2006-2008. It seemed like every time I turned on the TV there was a Cub on base.

NL league average was .331 last year, .336 in the AL if people are worried about the pitcher

he was the worst (marginally) so give him the most ab's?

i'm more pissed about his misuse of power/production. i want him knocking guys in not setting up ryan theriot/fukudome and dlee to cash him in. hell, i'd prefer the opposite.

...and when soriano can't even run without embarrassing himself i do NOT want him leading off.

Pessimism was handed out early this year

Holy cow do I have issues with that post.

First off, all claim and no support, and no research done whatsoever.

"I'm going to guess that the Cubs are the only team in the majors with three infielders and three outfielders listed at under six-feet tall."

Why am I reading your post if your just going to guess? This is easy to look up. Also, are all of these players exactly the same? Mike Fontenot does not equal Ryan Theriot does not equal Reed Johnson. Aaron Miles does kind of equal Neifi Perez, but that's not even what he's saying. Who are the other two players? Joey Gathright hasn't made th 25-man roster yet and neither has Sam Fuld.

"How many short white position players does it take to hoist a championship banner? Cubs fans better hope the answer is six." Joey Gathright, unless I'm mistaken, does not consider himself "white." Apparently being a "champion" has something to do with skin color, too. Also, Ryan Theriot and Reed Johnson are listed at 5'11" and 5'10". In my book, that is average adult male height. Fontenot and Miles are the only guys who actually rank as short, at 5'8". I give Fontenot a pass on height and frame because he's got at least as much power as Mark DeRosa and other bigger players. But I thought this guy's issues were intangibles, anyway? He wants his cake and he wants to eat it too: Soriano certainly fits his size requirements, but he doesn't meet his "champion" requirement.

His whole "scared" thing takes me by surprise, too. Soriano has never looked scared to me (at the plate). He looks stupid and stubborn sometimes, but not scared. He sticks to his game pretty strictly, which to me is not a symptom of doubt or fear--it's more often a symptom of confidence.

I think the post boils down to him saying that he gets to define who is a "champion" and who is not in an arbitrary manner. If it had taken more than two minutes of my life, it would not have been worth reading at all.

But thanks, 10-man. It's a pretty good example of a particular subset of pessimistic thought that has become relatively common.

I decided to look it up, since this seems to be a concern for a lot of people speculating on the quality/type of baseball player based on size:

Cardinals, 6:
Jason LaRue - 5'11"
Yadier Molina - 5'11"
Brian Barden - 5'11"
Khalil Greene - 5'11"
Jarrett Hoffpauir - 5'9"
Skip Schumaker - 5'10"

Pirates, 6:
Robinzon Diaz - 5'11"
Freddy Sanchez - 5'10"
Ramon Vazquez - 5'11"
Nate McLouth - 5'11"
Steve Pearce - 5'11"
Jose Tabata - 5'11"

Nationals, 6:
Will Nieves - 5'11"
Ronnie Belliard - 5'10"
Alberto Gonzalez - 5'11"
Anderson Hernandez - 5'9"
Leonard Davis - 5'10"
Willie Harris - 5'9"

Dodgers, 7:
Russell Martin - 5'10"
Tony Abreu - 5'11"
Blake DeWitt - 5'11"
Rafael Furcal - 5'9"
Chin-lung Hu - 5'11"
Juan Pierre - 5'11"
Jason Repko - 5'11"
Delwyn Young - 5'10"

Padres, 7:
Henry Blanco - 5'11"
Everth Cabrera - 5'9"
Travis Denker - 5'9"
David Eckstein - 5'7"
Luis Rodriguez - 5'9"
Luis Durango - 5'9"
Brian Giles - 5'10"

Indians, 6:
Carlos Santana - 5'11"
Wyatt Toregas - 5'11"
Jamey Caroll - 5'9"
Luis Valbuena - 5'10"
Shin-Soo Choo - 5'11"
David Dellucci - 5'11"

Twins, 6:
Jose Morales - 5'11"
Mike Redmond - 5'11"
Alexi Casilla - 5'9"
Luke Hughes - 5'11"
Nick Punto - 5'9"
Steven Tolleson - 5'10"

Angels, 6:
Ryan Budde - 5'11"
Erick Aybar - 5'10"
Chone Figgins - 5'8"
Maicer Izturis - 5'8"
Howie Kendrick - 5'10"
Reggie Willits - 5'11"

Athletics, 9:

Yung Chi Chen - 5'11"
Mark Ellis - 5'11"
Eric Patterson - 5'11"
Cliff Pennington - 5'11"
Gregorio Petit - 5'10"
Aaron Cunningham - 5'11"
Rajai Davis - 5'11"
Javier Herrera - 5'10"
Richie Robnett - 5'9"

Also, for those who think that all players under 6' tall are the same player, remember that Prince Fielder is 5'11" and Miguel Tejada is 5'9".

yet another article that should be labeled "brain-cell killer"....

I think I need to start gathering these at wiklified....

don't do it, Rob. Cubs fans have been losing brain cells for more than a century. i don't think there's too much left.

Sterling's a jackass. So is just about everybody he puts on the air at 1070. Awful. I listen to more sports radio than just about anybody, but I can't stand that crap.

Sadly, their biggest competition may be going away in Indy with the Clear Channel cuts.

Wes - While on subject of Indy talk radio, have you listened to Bob Kravitz? He was my goalie on my hockey team while he lived here in Colorado, and I was curious to hear if he was good as a radio guy, after being a newspaper guy for so long...

That's the station he works for. I think he's a pretty good radio personality, which is to say, it's not unlike his personality as a columnist - incredibly polarizing.

I don't agree with many of things he says, but he's able to get people to care about sports from the time the Colts lose in the first round of the playoffs until they open training camp the next season, which is no easy task with the Pacers in the shitter. He's able to do that, although a lot of it is at the expense of his own credibility, imo. But, then again, he's the only sports columnist at the only newspaper in the city, so he can say whatever he wants and nobody will call him on it.

I've always said Kravitz is kinda like a Mariotti lite. Will take some completely ridiculous stand on an issue just to get people to read him or listen to him. I will say, however, Bob's way better at actually formulating cohesive thought than Jay is.

Your comparison of Mariotti to Kravitz really made me laugh... Thanks for your thoughts... Boy, would I love to tell hi that he was just compared to Jay Mariotti... HAHAHA!!

Well, they aren't on the same level. But, they're both equal in that they make these ridiculous claims. That's about the extent of the comparison.

Por ejemplo, last year he wrote a column about how horrible of a father Tony Dungy was because his son committed suicide. IMO, that doesn't have much to do with it, but that's just Bob. He has nobody to call him out on stuff like that, so he can say whatever he wants and basically get it away with it.

As much as I dislike Mariotti he is an outstanding technical writer from a pure journalistic standpoint. Actually one of the best Chicago has seen at any of the papers in any dept in awhile. His content varies but the whole overly negative and/or "shockvalue" are what kills him. Like any other business, it's the results which get him paid and he got people to read so I guess we're the idiots.

He's an outstanding technical writer? He's nothing but puns and one sentence paragraphs. A typical 500 word column from that guy has like 19 paragraphs. It's insane.

I'm gonna have to go with Mr. Dascenzo here.

If Jay is our gold standard of sports writing, those pages should be cut from all newspapers. Keep the box scores, leave the bullshit to 98% of sports bloggers.

Also, I'm gonna have to disagree the "we're the idiots" statement. I don't feel at all idiotic for refusing to read Jay's nonsense. I usually don't spend much time complaining about him either, though. I don't watch much ESPN and I don't read the sports pages; that mostly solves the problem for me.

Now, if I were trying to get into sports journalism, Mariotti's existence/employment would really grate on me.

I can't speak for the AOL columns because I haven't read any, but in regard to the Sun Times pieces he has no control over how they are translated into print form. That is the editor and/or the layout/graphic design dept depending on how large a staff any given paper has. In smaller papers they are often one in the same. I'm not going to get all Foundations of Journalism class, but yes he is an outstanding technical writer. The content of what he writes is what you can debate freely on. I never read his columns daily so I can't speak on the overuse of puns. I never read any of his columns that didn't deal with the Cubs or Blackhawks and rarely did he ever write about the Blackhawks unless he was piling on Bill Wirtz. I don't like the guy I'm just saying he's a good technical writer. However, most of the time his content is meh.

This is ridiculous. There is no factual support for any of his claims.

So did the Phillies look at Pedro Feliz and decide that they could win a World Series with him? Yeesh ...

Simple question: The Cubs and Phillies both got swept in the 2007 playoffs. The Cubs got swept again in the 2008 playoffs, but the Phillies won the World Series. What did the Phillies realize about winning in the postseason between the 2007 and 2008 seasons that the Cubs didn't?

If the answer isn't "winning in the postseason is a crapshoot" and that person can prove it, then Mr. Ricketts should hire this man immediately.

ricketts was some sort of bone disease.
thanks god for that extra "t"

otherwise Rob would be expecting me to do a writeup on how the Cubs medical team tries to prevent the players from getting Scurvy (with Vitamin C) and Rickets (with Milk Mullets)

Someone put a damn lime in Tommy boys beer!!!!

I'm pretty sure Chad has a Milk Mullet.

Speaking of Chad...has anyone heard from him since Tina Fey exposed her bra on Third Rock last nite?

I heard a rumor that he exploded. Har.

Um, gross. Who'd wanna see that?

Speaking of. I tried hard to like that show. I find her funny, Alec Baldwin hilarious, and used to find Tracy Morgan humorous...but I just don't find the show funny at all. I might have snickered a few times, can't remember.

Ricketts Family: Join TCR! There's got to be a computer in that office somewhere!

Ok...that guy is the definition of pessimistic...I wonder who the Cubs pitcher was described as "the biggest pussy of all time."
Mike Krukow?

What is this in reference to?

EDIT: Nevermind, I just saw 10-man's comment and link.

the pussy was wuertz

Submitted by Rob G. on Thu, 01/22/2009 - 7:00pm.

I can't recall the last ownership group rejected by the owners...or if it's ever happened. The Red Sox were sort of ushered to John Henry and his group, but that was well well before any votes were being cast.


ROB G: Vince Naimoli & associates made Bob Lurie an offer he couldn't refuse and had a deal in place to purchase the Giants and move the club to Tampa Bay from San Francisco about 15 years ago, but the sale was rejected by MLB owners. Then the Tampa Bay expansion team was awarded to Naimoli a couple of years after that, because the owners didn't want to risk losing a lawsuit. So I really doubt that the MLB owners will reject the Cubs sale. It should go through quickly and smoothly.

I almost wish they'd try to reject it. It would be interesting to see the rather ridiculous anti-trust exemption that MLB enjoys come under the scrutiny of a trial.

Organist Gary Pressy is adding to his repetoire: Short people got no reason to live (probably for RJohnson, AMiles, RTheriot or Fonty)

Randy Newman tunes on the baseball diamond! Can we have Enrico Palazzo sing the national anthem too?

What did the Phillies realize about winning in the postseason between the 2007 and 2008 seasons that the Cubs didn't?
methinks Cole Hamels being the ace and winning games like an ace is the difference.

Godspeed Z.

Z was awesome, the rest of the team let him down. Back me up here, Chad.

Z pitched well in his 1 postseason opportunity. The Cubs didn't hit, and occasionally they also mixed in some not fielding and (other than Z) not pitching.

Bad series. I think that's most of what there is to it.

heard a rumor that he exploded

Oh god, read the comments. I die a little bit inside every time I read something like...

"OMG is this real?"

Haven't read anything, but I've got a quick Az Phil question:

Guy at the office says there's some sort of "Early Season Trading Deadline", ie rosters have to be set by a certain date prior to opening day. I've never heard of any such thing.

And I know you're the man. Thoughts?

NEW YORK – Jose Canseco might want to dust off that muscled-up "Bash Brother" moniker one more time. He needs a colorful nickname for his introduction as he enters the boxing ring Saturday night for a celebrity match against child star-turned-radio host Danny Bonaduce.

Bonaduce must be insane/completely broke; Canseco never got off the roids.

Events like this always cause me to wish for the dual-fatal-punch-delivered-at-exactly-the-same-time. Maybe this one's the one. I can only hope.

Only in Superman, my friend.

Uhh, I don't think Bonaduce really did either...

baseball completely unwatchable

Steve Phillips joining Joe Morgan and Jon Miller

"$145 million payroll, most in the NL - should give the Cubs a great chance..."

I'm most interested to see what he does with the farm system - cupboard looks pretty bare at this point, although I don't fault the current Director for that reality.

Oh Fire Joe Morgan, where are you when we really need you?

Hopefully the Ricketts family will not be like the Wrigley family. They might want to spend just enough to keep butts in the seat, but not enough to win a championship. I also hope that they didn't shoot all of their bullets just purchasing the team.

Aragua, with Sam Fuld and Ronny Cedeno usually in the lineup, is in a seven-game final series with Caracas for the Venezuela Winter League crown. Caracas leads one game to none.

Reds owner, Bob Castellini in a WLW radio interview.


*high five*



Too bad I can't actually change my font color... sigh. I need parachat back in my life.

▀█▀▐▌▀█▀ ▄█▀

homer dolphin

Is it too late to get my free-agent frenzy picks submitted?

Sun-Times article filling in on some Tom Ricketts detail:

Thomas Ricketts:'My family and I are Cubs fans'

...spotting Ricketts after the second game of the Cubs' execrable playoff series against the Dodgers last year. The game was over, and the crowd was shuffling home. But there sat Ricketts a few rows from the Cubs' on-deck circle.

"He was slumped in his chair just like he had watched his own son strike out," Bianco said.

and the Daily Herald Ricketts files:

What his former Wrigleyville and college roommate says:
"He's really smart, he really loves baseball and he really loves the Cubs," said Curt Conklin, who has worked at TD Ameritrade Holding Corp., and Incapital LLC.

To Wrigleyville's new first lady...

Celia, youre breaking my heart
Youre shaking my confidence daily
Oh, Cecilia, Im down on my knees
I'm begging you please to come home

Making love in the afternoon with Cecilia
Up in my bedroom (making love)
I got up to wash my face
When I come back to bed
Someones taken my place

Jubilation, she loves me again,
I fall on the floor and I'm laughing,
Jubilation, she loves me again,
I fall on the floor and I'm laughing,

- Peavy for Hart, Castillo, Stevens, Olson and Vitters is the latest rumor

- Juan Uribe interest, looking for 2b, 3B, SS for last roster spot (doesn't look like Hoffpauir will have a job)

- if they do sign Bako, more in the 700-800k range, weren't happy with Blanco last year

-Cedeno for Heilman talk

Re: Uribe, unhappy with Blanco

What the hell? Uribe more valuable than Cedeno? What more did they want form Blanco? The guy hit .292 while playing very little and being a good defender--and they have praised him greatly for his mentoring of Soto! And the Cubs have been looking at Kevin Millar and Eric Hinske in addition to Rich Aurillia? The only one who can play 3B these days is Aurillia, so how do Hinske and Millar bring anything to the table that Hoffpauir doesn't? I think Levine and others are just making things up.

That Peavy trade sounds a little better than when Marshall was involved, but I still don't see sending Vitters + at least 4 others away. Castillo looks expendable to me, even if he is one of the Cubs best remaining prospects. Vitters is probably the only guy out of that group I'd really lament losing.

Cedeno for Heilman sounds good to me, since Jim seems intent on getting rid of Cedeno. That would allow the Cubs to send Samardzija to AAA to start, yes?

And holy God there was really a Brian Roberts update at the end of that article.

lou didnt play blanco...based on the other "HUH?" in that article i dunno how much take seriously how "unhappy" the cubs were with him, though.

he showed up in shape...hit the ball...but mostly sat on the bench doing a lotta nothing.

Peavy for Hart, Castillo, Stevens, Olson and Vitters?

Cedeno for Heilman?

did "Neil" get crack in his stocking for xmas?

*shoots the messenger*

Aaron Heilman is one of those guys I just don't understand. His walk rate magically increased by more than double last season. Very, very reliable late inning guy, just fell apart for him last year. I'd take him, though. Worth a shot on, particularly if the cost is just Cedeno.

Besides, I heard the Cubs wanted to surround Samardzija with Domers to keep him company and make him feel more comfortable.

If Peavy had been a FA this offseason, what would he have been worth?

Funny, had a bar discussion over this question last week. Figured it would be somewhere between CC and AJ contracts. Something around 6 years at $20mil per.

I think you are correct, with Peavy at about $20 million. So four years of Peavy on the open market = $80 million.

If the Cubs are willing to take on $63 million in Peavy salary (which includes a $4 million buyout), plus give up a package of 5 good young players (including two of their top prospects), then they must place an economic value on Vitters et al at less than $17 million.

Are Vitters, Castillo, Stevens, Hart and Olson worth more to an organizationt than an average $3.4 million a piece?

Plus, the Cubs might still have to shed some salary in order to make room for Peavy. I don't think there's any guarantee that Ricketts would write them a blank check.

Juan Uribe????



Juan Uribe takes the field in a Cub's uniform, I'm taking 2009 off as a fan. Why not just get Neifi out of retirement or whatever the fuck he's doing right now.

No way.

Cedeno for Heilman? Whatev's

Bako? Bleh

Peavy... if it were really that simple, pull the trigger. I have a hunch SD needs a little bit more.

Why not just get Neifi out of retirement or whatever the fuck he's doing right now.

1. Greenies
2. Rehab
3. Dreaming of grand slams in webbings
4. all of the above

I'm with you though. At least Cedeno's doofiness can be amusing on occasion, whereas Uribe seems like not just a hack, but a surly hack. Although if by a stroke of bad luck he joins the team, DLee can stuff him in the luggage compartment for that "deke"/cheat a few years ago.

Unless I misremember Uribe played a decent third base for the second half of the season for Sox with Crede out. He would probably be Arams back up.

I don't know how they will be able to put concessions and new toilets in Wrigley unless they are able to build out over the sidewalk on Addison.

Peavy... if it were really that simple, pull the trigger. I have a hunch SD needs a little bit more.

What more do we have to give? I want Peavy, badly, but I'm not sure the Cubs can really offer much more than that. We'd need to keep Marshall giving up Hart, Stevens, and Olson.

We want a Parachat section at our TCR wiki. Rob G -- get on it!

so if hoffpauer does not make roster , who do the cubs have know that
would be the back up first baseman, i dont think there is one on roster?

Sullivan wrote an interesting update about renovations needed at the ballpark and plans for the 100th anniversary.

You have no idea how happy I am to hear the bathroom and concessions situations will be improved.

Hopefully the money is there for the park as well as the team.

from Phil Rogers Whispers column...

Tampa Bay signed outfielder Gabe Kapler for $1,000,018, the extra 18 representing Kapler's lucky number as well as a symbol of life in the Jewish community. …

gReat, except the tradition is to give money away in multiples of $18 which works out to $1,000,008 instead.

Incorrect, it's $1,000,026.

Um, those are both multiples of 18. Easy enough to notice just by the fact that if one is correct they both are since they are 18 a part.

Um, that's really amazing since I got the second number by adding $18 to the first.

Um, your jokes suck. Just FYI.

Ironically you're the 1,000,026th person this year to not get a joke and then complain that it wasn't any good.

Actually, I still don't know for sure if you meant it as a joke. You spend 90% of your time on here telling everyone else they are wrong. So it was quite naturally for me to think that you were correcting the previous poster's math, trying to be a condescending asshole as usual. I was simply trying to make it know that you were both correct. Sorry I didn't get your poor attempt at humor.

Apology accepted.

Maybe if you didn't spend 90% of your time on here trying to correct people, when the conversation is obviously above your realm of understanding, you won't have to apologize.

See, condescending asshole. Thanks for proving my point. You stay classy.

What kind of mental health institution do you live in where it's OK to call someone a 'condescending asshole' and then bitch about the person not being nice to you?

For those of you keeping score at home.

1. Someone says something anal retentive, and which by his own provided definition is incorrect.
2. I make a joke about it.
3. Wiscgrad, sharp tack that he is, doesn't understand the joke, and tries to correct it. He's probably still wondering how the Irish are going to eat their children without salt.
4. I explain to Wiscgrad that it's a joke.
5. Wiscgrad, says that he doesn't think it was funny.
6. I point out that no one ever thinks jokes they don't get are funny. That's what 'getting' a joke means.
7. Wiscgrad calls me an asshole.
8. I make fun of Wiscgrad for not being smart enough to get the joke in the first place, and suggest that he should just butt out of conversations which are above him.
9. Wiscgrad calls me an asshole again

Humpty and Dumpty come along and try to act like I've done something wrong, when it fact Wiscgrad butted in on an A-B conversation, didn't understand a joke, and then started swearing at me.

It's sort of like a Greek tragedy only authored by retards.

And to answer your question, I haven't been in a bad mood lately, Chad.


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  • crunch 3 min 38 sec ago view
  • Reports this morning that Marlins' pitching ace Jose Fernandez died in a boating accident - just horrible news.

    Eric S 3 hours 55 min ago view
  • Check out John Arguello at Cubs Den for great analysis & photos from Cubs AZ Instructs


    Arizona Phil 16 hours 10 min ago view
  • soler + hammel for mike trout is pretty much a sure thing. *nods*

    crunch 21 hours 28 min ago view
  • Not an inspired outing by Rondon. Seemingly got ahead of every hitter but had no swing and miss pitch today, slider had no bite.

    Somebody give Soler some smelling salts - yeesh

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  • that runner scores on a single...

    The E-Man 21 hours 40 min ago view
  • So where do you think Soler will be traded to this off season?

    jacos 21 hours 41 min ago view
  • And right on cue he throws to third with no chance to get runner on 2nd so the batter takes 2nd easily. How long has he been playing baseball??

    The E-Man 21 hours 42 min ago view
  • Man you cannot put Soler out there late in games for Playoffs. Yuch...

    The E-Man 21 hours 49 min ago view
  • Such is the life of a fatted calf...

    JoePepitone 22 hours 3 min ago view
  • fowler with a triple in the 4th...he's a HR away from a "natural" cycle

    crunch 22 hours 36 min ago view
  • ...and contreras takes one off the hand and he's in obvious pain. sigh.

    he's staying in the game, though he's wringing his hand out during breaks in the action. aside from that he seems to have no issue giving signs or tossing back to the pitcher.

    ...and he's batting in the cubs half of the following inning. sweet.

    crunch 22 hours 40 min ago view
  • his collapse started on august 21st this it's a slight improvement.

    but wow, what a collapse since then...only 2 out of 7 can be considered good/decent.

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  • I'm really going to enjoy watching Hammel watch the playoffs.

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  • The always combustible Jason Hammel

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  • Hammel :(

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