Garrett Olson Reflects on the Garrett Olson Era

Oriole-turned-Cub-turned-Mariner Garrett Olson talks about what it was like to hear he was Chicago-bound in the deal that sent Felix Pie to the O's.

From the Fresno Bee:

"Going to the Cubs, I had talked to the GM, talked to the pitching coach, a few other guys in the office. You definitely get excited for that. The thing is everybody knows the story about Chicago: haven't won a World Series in 100 years, and playing at Wrigley [Field], that's kind of like an icon in baseball. The opportunity developing in front of you is exciting."

Now Olson is with the Mariners, who have only gone 31 years without winning a World Series.

(Note: seems that we have reached the point in this country where it is physically impossible for someone from outside Chicago to say the word "Cubs" without saying the words "100 years" in the same sentence.)

One other item from the article--this telling quote from Orioles manager Dave Trembley:

"I'm not talking down on the kid, because I really like him," Trembley said... "He ought to let up on himself is what he ought to do. He ought to take a deep breath, smell the roses and realize he's in the big leagues. It doesn't look like he enjoys it." 

Olson said he's spent time this offseason with a sports psychologist
who's helped him to do just that -- simplify his life on and off the
field, remove some of the pressure and not try to do too much.

Doesn't sound like the kind of guy who would have thrived under Lou Piniella, does he?


Mark Kotsay's wife > Sports Psychologist.

*sigh*, when does parachat return?

I went in there today for about 10 minutes just to play a bunch of sounds.



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Jerry: Nothing. Nothing at all. I was just expressing…
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Manya: You! You said so!

episode 2, season 2. Won an emmy.


absolutely not safe for werk.

who leaves a country packed with ponies to come to a non-pony country?

Olson was not really given much of a chance to succeed here.


i blame dusty, the outfield bleachers, steroids, doughnuts, and an all around lack of simonize and infield rakes.

re your silly idea to blame the can of simonize. you know damned well you can only do so much with 1/2 a can.

You know, maybe he would have had more of a chance to succeed if our pitching coach wasn't a fucking retard who is in no way as smart as me, average other Cubs blog commenter.

Excuse me while I go fellate Dave Duncan.

"Excuse me while I go fellate Dave Duncan."

On a related note, you won't believe Dave Duncan's arm strengthening program. It really helped Marquis's slider while he was a Cardinal.

No good has come of this.


Re: [email protected]

"i blame dusty, the outfield bleachers, steroids, doughnuts, and an all around lack of simonize and infield rakes."


No Michael Barrett?

Abreu... 1 year, $5M, to the Angels.

Hunter, Mathews Jr., Guerrero, Abreau where do they all play? One DH's I assume. Is 1st an option for them? With Rob Quinlan/Morales as their starting 1B right now doesn't make those power positions too scary.

They also have Juan Rivera and Reggie Willits as OF options.

Double post, sorry

damn, there's a shot to the ego

and the Angels are dumb, unless Dunn just refuses to be a DH

Please explain why the Angels are dumb Rob? I know Abreu is an overrated hitter, a terrible fielder, and he clubs baby seals...but for 1 year/$5 million plus incentives?

Rob runs this joint. Do not question why he hates Abreu so

I don't question Rob's hate...I question calling the Angels dumb for signing Abreu to a modest deal. He is an upgrade over Juan Rivera, Gary Matthews, and even Torii hunter at the plate. So they stick him in LF/DH, Hunter in CF, and Vlad in RF/DH as well, subbing Rivera/Matthews.

This signing improved the Angels.

I was just bustin Rob's satchel a little with that.

I still think its much better than even money that Abreu outperforms Bradley this year. And for only 1/6th the financial commitment.

Oh well.

I agree Dr....but I can't argue that someone will get a good player in Adam Dunn too.

I agree.

I'd take Abreu and Adam Dunn over Bradley and DLee right now given the option.

I imagine Lou probably would as well?

I definitely would NOT take Abreu and Dunn over Bradley and DLee. We don't need a high HR, high strikeout, no defense playing guy like Dunn - we already have one of those in Soriano, except Soriano can actually steal a base. I'll take DLee's intangibles every day of the week over Dunn, who is very one-dimensional. DLee has also been very successful in the postseason, including winning a ring, so that can't be understated and his defense is top-notch.

If you compare the OPS of Bradley and Abreu over the past couple of seasons, Milton's average is about .970 and Abreu is more like .830, which is a marked improvement. If you throw Dunn in this OPS mix, even with all of his HRs and walks, he still only has an OPS average in the low 0.9s, which is a step below Bradley.

Add to this that Bradley is nearly 5 years younger than Abreu and I think he is the better player. I believe his temperamental issues are now a thing of the past, and so the big question with Bradley is health. If you look at his Cubs contract (3 years/$30M), he got a $4M signing bonus and is getting $5M for this season. He gets $9M next year and $12M in 2011, but the Cubs covered their asses for 2011 by adding a $2M buyout if he gets hurt and doesn't play much in 2009, which was smart on their part.

I do have to agree that Abreu is a good deal at 1 year/$5M, but I'd rather have the guys we got.

Of course, take into consideration that Bradley's OPS over the last 2 seasons:
2008: 126 games, 97 at DH. Career highs in avg, obp, slg...
2007: 61 games, .306/.402/.545

If he can stay healthy playing RF this year, play maybe 130-140 games, and duplicate last year's avg/obp/slg numbers, it will be a good signing for the Cubs.

I don't care how old Abreu is, he has proven he will be in the lineup 150+ games a season, will give you 100 runs, 100 RBIs, 20 steals, 20 HRs, but will cover less ground in RF than Bradley with a better arm.

Again...if Bradley proves his critics wrong, this will be a really good signing for the Cubs.

I'll bet $20 real dollars that Abreu doesn't get 100 RBI's or 20 HR's this year...

Damn... I was going to make the same bet.

I'd counter with I bet $20 that he ends up with more HR and RBIs than Bradley...

But that isn't what you said.

Ok...I'd lay that bet too then...

This is exactly what I said:

"don't care how old Abreu is, he has proven he will be in the lineup 150+ games a season, will give you 100 runs, 100 RBIs, 20 steals, 20 HRs, but will cover less ground in RF than Bradley with a better arm."

So...Abreu hasn't shown that in his career? Hasn't averaged that?
He may have to work a bit on 20 HR's this season without the shorter porch in Yankee stadium.

I know exactly what you said, I'm just willing to lay money on the line that he won't hit 20 HR's or get to 100 RBI's. Plus you're ignoring his defense which is a key component.

*edit* that should be and not an or, Tito will nail me again on the rules.

on some screens, comments that reply to mine will start becoming very narrow. Maybe we can get a comment box so narrow that

Oh, well that's just blatantly pandering for people to reply... I resent it...

resent what?

I resent this...

what are we resending?

Not resending... Resenting...

Oh! got it

how has this not gotten old yet?

at least post some good links

Chad's not impressed.

No tanline!

no way in hell I'm clicking on that.

It's not that bad -- JimmE and Jeff Weaver sharing a love embrace.

Although, it gets worse if you imagine where Weaver's other hand is....

Damn, this thing is nearly broken.

what thing?

Like George from Seinfeld - it's getting smaller and smaller...

I just got out of the pool!

Chad: "Really, it shrinks? I don't know how you guys walk around with those things."

If it were an Ipod, it would be a shuffle

How far into the gray can we go?

its really a grey area

Oh, shades of gray, gotcha.

This is the first gray incursion I have observed... Does this lower the high level of etiquette typically expected of our comments?

I lost you. You're talking about the etiquette of gay incursion?

Speaking of gay incursion, did somebody page me?



Luckly Jimmy and Robbie Alomar were never teammates!

Why are you saying that Abreu would be a good signing when Sammy Sosa who averages 42 HR's and 117 RBI's per 162 games is available for less than Abreu (22 & 98)

You're getting all EINTKILIMFYORB on us. The Brewers had more HR's and SB's than the Cubs last year, but the Cubs scored about 100 more runs. It's almost as if fantasy baseball stats aren't the sole factor in determining how good an offense is.

I will admit that the Angels got a helluva deal, but you have to take that in the context that it was a post-Cubs signing.

There's that, plus everybody would be running around this place like a chicken with their fucking head cut off if we had waited until 3 days before pitchers and catchers to sign a RFer.

I hadn't even thought about that. That's got to be worth $2 million a year right there.

too sketchy on my part, I think Bradley's value comes in as much with his OBP/OPS and glove over Abreu...

I'll happily take a bet on using WARP or WAR  value between Bradley and Abreu though, which is a cumulative stat and would incorporate playing time and defensive value.

So does the fact that Abreu will steal 20 more bases than Milton cancel out the supposed defensive edge?

Also keep in mind that Milton has AVERAGED 61 games played in the Outfield since 2004.

A whole lot easier to shine out there when your only playing 1/3 of the games.

I made my bet offer...WARP or WAR are cumulative stats that include defense and (I believe) stolen bases.

if you don't like it, don't take me up on it.


"So does the fact that Abreu will steal 20 more bases than Milton cancel out the supposed defensive edge?"

What would you rather have, a baserunner go from first to second 20 times a year, or an out being turned into a double 20 times a year?

It's obviously not going to work out that clear cut, but 22 stolen bases with 11 caught stealing is not very valuable, that's worth like 1 run over the course of a season. Acording to BP on non-stole base base running Abreu was worth -.6 and Bradley worth -1.8, so you're talking 2 to 3 runs difference.

Of course, factor in the defensive skills of whoever will play right field when Bradley is out 40-90 games this season...

you really don't wanna go mixing abreu and defense into an argument because while milton's injury is hypothetical abreu's brian giles-like defensive quality is real.

b.giles used to be known as a decent defender with a good enough arm and for some reason he still is in the eyes of too many. abreu is "good enough" to play RF in the same respect as some of others out there, but milton laps him with the glove, arm, range...and he can play CF, too.

ever see abreu play something off the wall? ...of course you have because he plays everything off the wall if it's near the warning track. seen him throw the past 3 years?

Playing time will be a key issue..

I don't want to hear at the end of the year.."Bradley's numbers were .307/.382/.520"...and he only plays 90 games.

I'd happily take a bet of Bradley will finish with a higher WARP1 or WAR value than Abreu in 2009. It would account for any playing time issues, stealing bases and defense.

If it makes you feel better, Abreu beat Bradley in 4 of the last 5 seasons in WARP1 value.


If your serious, I would love to take that bet.
20 Hr's Or 100 RBI's

I firmly believe that he will put up better HR-RBI-SB totals than Bradley in 2009.

I am serious, but the bet I'm making is:

if Abreu hits 20 HR's or more AND 100 RBI's or more, I'll pay out $20

if he hits less than 20 HR's AND less than 100 RBI's, you pay me $20

if ihe hits 20 or more but less than 100 RBI's OR hits less than 20 HR's but a 100 or more RBI's, we call it even

I'll take up to 5 people on that bet...

Ok....I'm in on that..

I would counter bet that Bradley will not hit 25 HR or 100 RBI, and will not play >120 games this year.

see comment #50...

That does make it a less-attractive bet, since your original post said 20 HRs OR 100 RBIs.

well sorry about my original use of conjunctions, didn't think anyone would take me up on it to be honest, but the bet I laid out above is what I meant. No one has to take me up on it if they don't like the parameters.

I wasn't going to bet one way or the other, merely commenting. It is a different bet. :)

Rest of the Angels offense is beyond suspect.

I'd say 20 Hr's is a lock. 100 RBI's is probably not happening in Anaheim.

I do however see Mike Scioscia playing a ton of small ball with Abreu.

Double digit Sac bunts, lots of hit and runs, at least 25 Steals

I'd say 20 Hr's is a lock.

A lock?

Abreu's home run numbers in recent years: 20, 16, 15, 24

Strictly looking at it financially, I'm sure if Hendry knew he could wait another month and be able to sign Abreu for 1 year at $5M, he would have done it in a heartbeat, just to avoid the injury potential with Bradley. Still, Bradley is not going to be asked to carry a 150-game load, because we can always play Fukudome in right and Johnson/Gathright in center at least once a week, so we don't overtax Bradley. I'd be happy with getting 120 games out of Bradley and having him (and Harden) healthy going into the postseason, assuming we get there.

This is the fundamental problem with your argument. Banking on Bradley and Harden to be healhty come Playoff time is a roll of the dice at best.

How quickly people forget the offseason between 2004-2005

-We will have a full season from Nomar

-We have Wood and Prior back and healthy

-We got rid of Cancers like Alou and Sosa

-and replaced them with good intangeble guys like Burnitz and Hollandsworth

-Todd Walker can play 2nd base and our lineup will have all kinds of Lefthanded balance

Hollandsworth....ugh...I just couldn't believe he wasn't as good as he was in 57 games in 2004. Oh...sample size?

Fucking horrible move there...just horrible...that .254/.301/.388 was superb.

Dusty Baker, please look up "last hurrah" or "lightning in a bottle."

That's as much on McFail and Hendry as anybody.

How anyone could justify replacing 80 Hr's and 200 RBI's with those two schlubs is beyond me.

Yet the message boards were filled with people harping on "addition by subtraction" and "lefthandedness" and "intagables". Alot like what is happening this year.

Even though I will admit we are in a better position now to withstand Bradley and Harden on the DL.

And the division is 800000% weaker than it was in 2005

Burnitz didn't bother me that much, although his numbers were pedestrian, yet Ruthian next to Hollandsworth-less:

Todd: .254/.301/.388, 5 HR, 35 RBI, 17 2B
Burnitz: .258/.322/.435, 24 HR, 87 RBI, 31 2B

Brilliant plan...

Baseball is all about risk/reward with injury-prone guys. I WOULD bank on Bradley and Harden being healthy come playoff time, because I'm assuming the organization is smart enough to keep them out as long as needed during the regular season to get them ready for the playoffs.

To me, arguing over the net about whether or not a guy is going to be healthy in the upcoming season is like running a relay in the Special Olympics - even if you win, you are still retarded. If we knew Bradley was not going to be healthy in 2009, we wouldn't have signed him. I'm assuming the Cub doctors and medical staff looked into his medical history and checked him out extensively before the contract was signed. The onyl thing I can fault Hendry for was signing him too early - if he waited another month, he most likely could have gotten a discount. Let me repeat, IF HEALTHY, Bradley is a better all-around player for the Cubs, given his age, defensive ability and offensive production the last couple of years. If he gets hurt, then we have guys to fill in (or we can go out and get someone).

I've gotta disagree about baseball being about risk/reward guys.

To me you leave those kinds of "risks" to low budget teams like Pittsburgh.

If you get a guy like Bradley on a 1 year incentive laden contract, while having a suitable backup plan in place. Then your are a GM with a plan.

When you pay full retail for a guy and hitch you star to the Bradley playing 150 games wagon. Then your really just setting yourself up to fail.

I really hope I am wrong.

We're really only on the hook for 2/20 for Bradley, so if he takes a shit, he's gone after next year. No one expects Bradley to play 150 games, and we have enough depth right now to get through for the short term if he gets injured. I'm sure if something catastrophic happens and he goes out for the year in April, he gets 2/20 instead of 3/30, Hendry makes a move before the deadline to shore things up and everyone expecting Bradley to fail can say I told you so. I personally love the signing and I hope he does play 120 games and blows away people's expectations. Of course he looks a lot better at 1/5 than 2/20 or 3/30, but Hendry wanted to shore things up sooner rather than later, because it was a weakness of ours last year.

Here's an attempt at the quantification of a first baseman's scoopability, which ties into losing D Lee's defense:

Dlee isn't even on the list. So what they are saying is that he is basically an average 1bman?

I'm not sure that the author intended to flesh out the list with every 1B - but yeah, it seems to say he's not top 8 and he's not bottom 8. Just presented this for giggles.

the dumb part is not signing Adam Dunn...sorry for the confusion. Angels have enough outfielders, most of them can defend better than Abreu as well. What they need is a bat in the middle of the lineup with some power.

Although an OBP machine like Abreu wouldn't hurt them either, but Dunn would be a much better fit as a mostly full-time DH. But the Angels like to pretend they're an NL team for some reason and for all I know, Dunn doesn't want to be a DH.

Abreu for 1/5 plus incentives is a good deal. Of course if the Cubs waited this long to sign him, everyone would be bitching on why they're dragging their feet so long to fill the spot.


Realistically, maybe they should have signed Abreu and Dunn....and let Rivera go, with Sarge Lite as a bench player.

Abreu-Hunter-Vlad, with Dunn at DH?

edit: NM..Rivera signed to a 3 year deal?? Oof....

You ARE the weakest link! G'bye!

When making comments like this, it's helpful to either use the "reply" function or to quote the comment to which you are responding.

I for one have no idea what this comment pertains to. The double post?

Lets just sign Abreu for RF, put Bradley in CF and when he snaps a leg we still got Fukudome.

He's gonna get worn out playing for both the Cubs and Angels.

We can work out a sharing agreement, Abreu will still play more games in a 50/50 share than Bradley will stay healthy.

I don't even think Bradley will get out of Spring Training without getting injured.

Me, I'm guessing he goes down in April sometime.

we should have a contest who picks closest to milton bradleys first
trip to the disabled list.

It will be really cold in April. So I say he misses at least 8 games in April with some sort of "spasm" or "stiffness" as a precaution.

First DL trip will probably not happen until late May or early June.

Write this down. It does sound like an awesome TCR contest.

April 1. I win.

If Rob G. is really clever he should be able to secure some stimulus money to fund the contest.

Lol..I figure I'll keep complaining about MB..that way he'll play 150 games, go .320/.440/.535 with 27 HR and 108

Someone needs to Photoshop Milton Bradley doing the towel drill!!!

Carrie ( says the 2009 lineup looks like this:

Projected batting order
1. LF Alfonso Soriano:
.280 BA, .344 OBP, .532 SLG, 29 HR, 75 RBI in 2008
2. 2B Aaron Miles:
.317 BA, .355 OBP, .398 SLG, 4 HR, 31 RBI in 2008
3. 1B Derrek Lee:
.291 BA, .361 OBP, .462 SLG, 20 HR, 90 RBI in 2008
4. 3B Aramis Ramirez:
.289 BA, .380 OBP, .518 SLG, 27 HR, 111 RBI in 2008
5. RF Milton Bradley:
.321 BA, .436 OBP, .563 SLG, 22 HR, 77 RBI in 2008
6. C Geovany Soto:
.285 BA, .364 OBP, .504 SLG, 23 HR, 86 RBI in 2008
7. CF Kosuke Fukudome:
.257 BA, .359 OBP, .379 SLG, 10 HR, 58 RBI in 2008
8. SS Ryan Theriot:
.307 BA, .387 OBP, .359 SLG, 1 HR, 38 RBI in 2008

Sorry, that's not as good as 2008, much less better, AND what's with Aaron Miles STARTING (and batting second instead of Theriot) at 2B instead of Fontenot?

Carrie fills out the lineup card?

I think projected is the key...

Lou would probably love a lefty in the 2 spot, hence Miles or Fontenot. Hopefully a .380 pre-All Star Break Fukudome can fill that role.

If you've been a faithful reader of Carrie's mailbag column the last few years you've noted that she admittedly makes her depth charts up without actually interviewing anyone on the Cubs. This projected lineup appears to be no exception.

We shall see.

And of course, Miles will be sure to duplicate his career highs from last season in avg, OBP and Slugging?

Yes...those were career highs...

We should fully expect that Fontenot is going to win the starting 2B job in Spring Training... I suspect it is his job to lose (like Marmol at closer), and Miles is going to be a fill-in guy... let the competition begin and let the best player play!

Seeing Miles in the two spot made me puke in my mouth...

Not so fast, mouth puker -

Aaron Miles' most successful spot in the lineup, career (with 375 PA's), is in the number 2 spot: .331 .354 .389 .743

How can you complain about that?

His leadoff stats, I'd be very concerned with - where he has his most PA's at 924, sporting: .272 .305 .353 .658

Do you really believe Aaron Miles touches .331/.354/.389 for the Cubs this season?

One promising thing about the Cubs this year can be seen with last year's stats

No player on the team really had an outrageous year, or played above their talent level. We entered the playoffs as one of the favorites to win after a season where our entire team played pretty average.

What I'm saying is there is not much potential to be let down by individual performances. I thought DLee had a poor year, we all know how Fukudome played, and about everybody else had pretty average years. It seems much more likely that the returning players will increase production rather than lose any. Maybe we don't know enough about Soto or the LSU boys to say their contribution was expected, but I would say no stat line from last years time seems suspect this year.

Offensively at least...maybe more likely in the rotation


On the cautious side, there is an onus on the left handed hitters (esp Bradley and Fontenot/Miles) to be just as productive as last year (if not moreso). If they flop, or don't play in Bradley's case, the offensive burden again falls on the right handed hitters. You'd like to think that Lee can get back to his 2007 numbers, that would help. And you have to wonder if Soto can duplicate his numbers.

What I really like about Muskrat is the insight: "It's hard to call Samardzija a "prospect" because he was unfazed in his call up last season. Guess playing big-time college football helps prepare pitchers for the Major Leagues."

Ya, Carrie. Guess so. Thanks.

As a Cubs fan I do really hope Milton pans out. I openly pined for him last year at 1/5, instead of Fukudome.

I just didn't like him as much this year at 3/30. Especially when Abreu,Dunn and Burrell were all on the market.

But he's ours now, and I hope he rakes and stays healty enough for 500 at bats.

Moreso I hope he is healthy should the cubs make the playoffs.

well if he's on the DL like the pundits expect him to be, it's only 2/20

so says his ex...

Alomar camp seems to be denying it...or he's done a great job of keeping it secret.

wow, i wonder what that ump Hirshbeck is thinking now?!? And his ex is hot--i'd still tag her rawdog style!

Not rawdog, but maybe with a rubber or Two

and a Jewel bag affixed with duct tape...

hey, welcome to Deadspin...

His ex looks like she runs a "massage spa", doesn't she? What a piece of crap, continuing to have sex with him for another 2 years after supposedly finding out about his deception, then breaking up and suing him 4 months later for $15M? All of sudden, after they broke up, she had all kinds of distress about the matter and needed to sue? If I was the judge or jury, this one would take about 10 seconds to decide...

ESPN reports Adam Dunn to sign with the Nationals

FA Frenzy update...

Real Neal and cincykid are tied...

If Manny signs with the Dodgers, cincykid wins...

If with the Angels, Real Neal wins...

If with the Yankees, Tito wins...

If with anyone else, tie between Neal and cincykid...

any word on how my entry is doing?

which entry would that be? you didn't fill out the survey link I posted.

Thats right.

One of the few times that procrastination and lazyness DIDN'T pay off for me.

Guess I won't be winning.

Is it too late to enter?

Good to see that Dunn won't be huanting us in the playoffs in Washington...

I'm also very pleased to see that Braden Looper will be officially announced as a Brewer tomorrow. If we'd have known they were collecting crappy, overpriced, ex-Cards pitchers, we could have given them Marquis for a sack of Usingers...

OK, let's put a stop to calling Gary Matthews, Jr., "Matthews, Jr." and Ken Griffey Jr., "Griffey Jr.", and Davis Love III, "Love III", etc.

Their family names are Matthews, Griffey and Love. The "Jrs" and "III" are linked to their first names, not their last names.

I know this because my parents saddled me with a "III" befoer I could say anything about it.

Billy Bucks the 3rd esquire?

Um..did you have some spare time, get a job as a spellchecker, or not have your coffee today?

Wow...a little nitpicky isn't it?

Just a pet peeve, like people who use apostrophe's inappropriately.

Standards, folks, it's all about keeping our standards up.

My then-future (and still current) wife, upon meeting my father for the first time years ago and having a few glasses of wine, informed him in no uncertain terms that any potential son would not be named billybucks IV. Turns out she was right, and thus young Zachary bucks came to be.

Yeah it bugs me too every time I Griffey Jr. on his jersey. Maybe it was needed when they were on the same team, but not anymore.

I am never one to point fingers. But meethinks that some unnamed poster will be the new keeper of 1/2 can simoniz and used infield rake.


get off my lawn....

Small sample size of course, but just today I saw clips from last season of Abreu throwing out a runner at home and making a leaping catch while hitting the wall.

That's not in the list of plays at, though he does go against the wall and make a catch. Just watching those defensive plays I would say his arm is 'strong enough to play right', but no one is going to be scared of it.

They were on ESPN.

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  • Over 100 pitches, only the 5th.

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  • coghlan his cleats stuck in the wall attempting a play (failed, but looked great doing it). walking off on his own, precautionary/day-to-day looking stuff...hopefully not worse.

    also, jake arrieta is literally worse than hitler. 1-5, bottom 5. ...make that 1-6, bottom 5. ...make that 1-7, bottom 5.

    crunch 5 hours 21 min ago view
  • Coghlan crashes into wall and comes up limping, looks like left knee or ankle. Leaves game...

    Arrieta inspiring no confidence yet again.

    Rob G. 5 hours 27 min ago view
  • from a sun-times article that I won't link to so you don't have to bear the ad-loading that will crush your browser

    When he left Boston after nine years as general manager, Epstein said he believed in the philosophy espoused by legendary football coach Bill Walsh: essentially that 10 years is a natural shelf life for a high-stress job.

    Rob G. 5 hours 29 min ago view