Kerry 20K Viewing Party Plus Other Odds and Ends

We've been meaning to do this most of the offseason, but I think we've finally settled on a date. So Sunday, February 22nd at 9PM CST, we're going to gather in Parachat and watch the Kerry Wood 20K game. We know a lot of you own the Chicago Cubs DVD set and that's what most of us will be watching. I believe they showed the game on MLB Network recently, so maybe you Tivo'd it. Considering we normally have people watching from various different feeds during the season, we'll figure out how to sync it up to everyone's satsifaction. If you don't have access to the game and want to partake in the festivities, drop a note in the comments and I think we can work out something.

So come join us and get your Parachat fix on, Transmission will be doing one of his game recaps. I believe it's Oscar night as well, so that should give us some good material as well.

UPDATE: One of our dear readers points out that you can purchase the game from Itunes for about $2.

More fun after the jump...

- In terrifying news, Robbie Alomar Jr. is being sued by his ex-girlfriend for forcing unprotected sex upon her while having AIDS. You have to suspect of a woman deciding trying to cash in for $15M just a few months after they broke up, but the AIDS angle is probaby true since it would be easy enough to prove and I can't imagine a lawyer would take on the case if it wasn't.

Best wishes to Alomar's health, one of the great second basemen of all-time.

- I wrote two articles for the Maple Street 2009 Cubs Annual - previews of the team and NL Central. Even for those that aren't big fans of the editor,  I recommend the publication highly.

- I updated the TCR Free Agent Frenzy contest with the signings of Bobby Abreu, Adam Dunn and Ben Sheets being off the table.  It's currently a tie between Real Neal and cincykid. There are 3 possible outcomes assuming no one signs Ben Sheets before March 1st (I'm using that as the cutoff since I really can't imagine a scenario where Sheets would sign before the draft and a team would cough up draft picks). 

If Manny Ramirez signs with the Dodgers, cincykid wins...

If with the Angels, Real Neal wins...

If with the Yankees, Tito wins...

If with anyone else, it's a tie between Neal and cincykid...

In case of a tie, I'll figure out something with the prize(s). 

Fangraphs and Mitchel Lichtman try to look at a first basemen's scoop ability. Derrek Lee is curiously nowhere to be found. If I understand the WOWY methodology though (without and with you) , it might be tough to get much of an accurate read since Lee plays just about every game. The only real data would be from 2006.


Oh sure, don't worry about Neal, myself, and everyone else across the pond.

I'm tempted to wake up early and do this. I miss Parachat so much, it's sad. Still, no access to the game. Can you get MLB Gameday to cover it?

Thanks for the concern, but I am back in the states now. Plus taped sporting events never do much for me. The reason I like sports is because I know it's not scripted and you never know what's going to happen. I am going to go ahead and guess that Blauser doesn't throw away Biggios ground-out in the 9th, and that Wood ties the single game record.

Ever watch a movie twice? I can recite Caddyshack verbatim yet I when it's on cable, I stop.

Same for a ton of movies. A classic is a classic.

Chad on reading comprehension: D

Neal on logic: EPIC FAIL

Just because a movie is scripted doesn't make the outcome anymore predictable than a sporting event. The first time through you don't know what is going to happen. Then on repeated viewings you get to enjoy other facets of the game/movie.

There is no difference. The fact that a movie is scripted has nothing to do with the ability to re-watch it versus re-watching a sporting event.

Thank you Chad. I spent all night re-watching sports events and I realize now that I really do enjoy it. You're like a later-day L. Ron Hubbard.

Ironically, I turned off Star Wars last night cause I knew the Death Star was going to blow up. Kinda killed all the fun.

Whoops! Did I mention "spoiler alert"?

Just don't tell me who Luke's father is, ok?

I watch the Boys of Zimmer tape every spring as a ritual, even though I know they fall to the Giants in the end.

So will this be the first time this year,that Transmission has been let out of his cage and chained to the ceiling in his "gimp suit"?

I might sign in just to say, "Trans, you suck!"


I will be there.


 It will be more than you mortals can possibly fathom, let alone handle.


Maynard: The gimp's back there sleeping

Zed: Well, I guess you'd better go wake em up!

who the fuck are you?

The myth that swallowed the legend that ate Transmission.


And you?

me? no one...i just come here for the kool aid and sugar cookies.

2/20 M according to Rosenthal and he'll play 1b$20M-deal?CMP=OTC-K9B140813162&ATT=49

lineup of...

C. Guzman, Willingham, Milledge, Dunn, Dukes, Zimmerman, Flores, A. Herndandez (?)

Kearns and Nick Johnson in the mix still as well

shame they have no pitching...

Ned Colletti must be the stupidest GM alive. How do you get through free agency without Abreu or Dunn? Now if they don't bend over for Scott Boras they have Juan Pierre in CF. Might as well have held onto Andruw Jones in the hope that he rebounds. What's the plan now?

I'm sure they're banking on Manny having no other offers...

Although he doesn't name names, Strawberry relates how team members picked out girls from the stands for quickies. He once watched a pitcher march a frisky fan to a private room for oral sex: "I was jealous. When I saw her heading back to her seat, I gave her a sign. She smiled, turned right back around, and met me in that same little room . . . I had to be quick and run back out on the field."

Another time, "I was in the clubhouse, having one last quickie with this cute little Florida girl. Charlie Samuels, the equipment manager, came in and caught us. He just stood there shaking his head while I finished up."

So ballplayers in the 80's taxed groupies. I'm sure espn will put this on the arod/gammons loop.

I would just like to note, for those of you without the game on DVD, iTunes has a copy on their store for two bucks. Just give it some time to download before the watching party, of course.

thnx for the info...

series is called Baseball's Best if people are looking for it...or just search for Kerry Wood in Itunes

I found Game 1 of 1989 NLCS, 1979 Phils/Cubs slugfest, Game 6 of 2003 NLCS, Game 5 of 2003 NLDS, 1984 NLCS Game 5 as well...


I downloaded Z's no-no from iTunes last year.

I see it now...

they have an Games of the Year section for 2007 and 2008

be sure to check out "The Chicago Sports Band"...

"...manager Lou Piniella.... he thinks that Carlos is a real good fella..."

Did some guy just get drunk with a synthesizer and sing about Chicago sports? Ted Lilly's song is pretty accurate

"Lilly's gonna get you 15 wins, he'll do what he's done since the very beginning. Give his team a chance to win while eating up innings"

I think he should have gotten drunk or at least smoked some weed, then they might be funny...

not a very good time for me but i'll at least to a pop-by

oh and you damned well i have that cubs dvd set.

well yes I know, because I handed it to you last year for beingthe top contributor to our donation drive...

and that pastrami ruled!

Kerry Wood (and the rest of the Indians pitchers/catchers) reports to spring training TOMORROW!

How much more hitting would he have needed in the second half? Let's be real here. You're telling me that 50 or 75 extra swings a day is going to solve his inability to make contact with a slider with two strikes?

Come on now. Seriously.

Yes you figured it out. You're smarter than all the pitchers in Japan.

Talk about 'seriously'.

I think it's clear he's no Ichiro, but he'll be much better this year than he was last year. I expect he'll be consistent and crank out Jacque Jones-like OPS production, albeit with less power, more plate discipline, and well... a slightly better arm. {g}

Well, that wasn't at all what I was fucking saying, but thanks for knocking me down a peg, anyway.

The criticism was about her worthless fucking effort at being a journalist than his ability to make bat hit ball.

Furthermore, the only person on this blog who thinks they're smarter than everybody ON EVERY TOPIC EVER is you.

And, you may be referring to The REAL Neal, correct?


I also think that I am smarter than everybody on every topic ever. Both on this blog and on this planet.

I don't think so. hardly - if you were all that, you would have posted here years earlier, you "johhny-come-lately"! Hmmnf!

I know, I was kidding.

I'm only a month or two into posting here and I enjoy it thoroughly. I know a ton about the sport of baseball, but can't touch most people in here regarding their knowledge of the Cubs and MLB. I'm here to learn. Reading this blog is the most productive thing I do at work.

haha! don't let your boss catch you.

Ya, especially considering he's a Milwaukee fan.

"Furthermore, the only person on this blog who thinks they're smarter than everybody ON EVERY TOPIC EVER is you."

I don't think I am smarter than everybody on every topic, I just occasionally get annoyed with people repeating the same stupid shit so much that eventually it becomes taken for granted. I realize now that you weren't intentionally repeating the same stupid shit 'the pitchers figured out Fukudome' but if you read what you wrote, you'll notice a familiar manure-like pong coming off it.

As far as being 'smarter on every topic' goes specifically, that makes no sense. You are smarter or your not. You're more knowledgable or you're not. 'smarter on every topic' is the kind of thing that makes me think I am smarter than you, I agree.

i agree that I hate when people say "pitchers figured him out" and leave it at that, because I'm not sure many of them know exactly what that means. They look at his declining OPS and just run with that conclusion. The issue is that he's got two very clear weaknesses in his approach, and unless he changes those, he won't improve.

You've got to throw him breaking balls in the strike zone early (no fastballs please), and then you can expand the heck out of the strike zone with your breaking stuff when you get him down 0-2 and 1-2. Once you get him there, you can either go to the backfoot slider or go fastball up and away if you've set him up for it. If he's thinking slider in, he's going to try and turn on it. He'd need a boat oar to hit the outside fastball at that point. His front foot is halfway down to first! Whatever you do, don't throw him a fastball down and don't hang anything.

However, I think part of fixing that is an adjustment issue. There's so few guys in Japan that can really throw that nasty power slider in the high 80's. That, for me, is probably the biggest problem with him from last year. Guys over there just don't throw them like that. Not that I'd know, but I reckon it's kinda tough to lay off (or adjust to) a 89 mph exploding slider when that pitch has been a fastball for your entire baseball career. They don't travel 45 feet and take a nose dive in Japan. The guys with the plus sliders over here make that pitch look an awful lot like a 4 seamer for the first 3/4ths of its trip home. Then it just dies and takes a left hand turn.

There just aren't any Ben Sheets or Roy Oswalt type talents over there. Hell, of all the guys to come over in the last 10 years or so (Nomo, DiceK, Ishii, Irabu, etc), there really haven't been any that I can recall with that really, really filthy slider in the 87-91 range. I'm probably forgetting somebody. Nomo's was pretty good, but not that kind of velocity, and he threw his fork as his out more often, anyway.

F-bomb can get around on the fastball, and he can wait on the curve, but it was like he just couldn't read the slider right out of the hand. He's got to see that pitch better and hit that pitch better in 2009. 104 strike outs isn't a horrible number. Pretty remarkable OBP considering that K number, but still. He's no Mark Reynolds, that's for sure. I'm not trying to say he's a K machine, but, for me, he didn't make enough good contact with the slider.

My original point was that the story is pretty stupid. Taking 50 extra swings a day with batting practice fastballs doesn't solve his second half 639 OPS. He's got to adjust. I believe he's just not a good enough contact hitter for the type of swing he has and the type of pitching he's facing. But, that's just me. It's probably way too late to get him to change that now, anyway. Maybe he'll make no change and have a great 2009. I'd be very happy if he made me look stupid.

I agree that he has to adjust. I don't agree that extra batting practice won't necesarily help, though. Hitting is mental and physical. At the end of the season he was fucked in both departments.

You've also got to keep in mind that he has the misfortune to be on Piniella's team, so even if shit like taking extra batting practice won't actually help him hit better - he has to do it anyway to show LouPa how hard a worker he is. Otherwise he may bet sent to the bench, then traded to the eventual WS champions.

"You've got to throw him breaking balls in the strike zone early (no fastballs please), and then you can expand the heck out of the strike zone with your breaking stuff when you get him down 0-2 and 1-2."

That works on 90% of MLB hitters anyway, doesn't it?

Yes there's pitchers in MLB who have power sliders probably better than what he sees in Japan, but that's like 8 PA's a week at the most.

I don't think that breaking balls early in the count works on 90% of major league baseball. Not everybody takes (or swings through) MULTIPLE breaking balls inside the strike zone early in the count like Kosuke.

Yes, you're right that a lot of pitchers can get away with sliders or curves in the zone on the first pitch. That's the 90% you mention. You can lock some guys up with a first pitch slider or curveball, but they aren't going to fall for it 0-1. They're probably sitting first pitch fastball, but after you fool them with the breaking stuff to get them 0-1, they're protecting against an 0-1 fastball, but sitting on another breaking ball. Why would you throw a first pitch breaking ball if you play on coming back with a fastball inside the strike zone? I think it's silly to do that unless you can throw 100. After you throw the first pitch breaking ball, it figures you aren't going to throw another fastball in the strike zone. You're setting yourself up to get pounded if you do. Hitter knows the first pitch breaking ball leads to the 0-1 fastball. Better throw him another breaking ball.

The average MLB pitcher isn't going to get three breaking balls by the average MLB hitter, but Kosuke wasn't that way, imo, which is what my original problem was. You could throw him infinite sliders in a row. Unless he found the hole on the right side between the 1B and the 2B, you aren't going to get beat by him.

I felt that you could work three straight sliders by Kosuke. Yeah, an ace could force his slider against Kosuke and work him over, but even still, he's not used to the guy with the average MLB repertoire throwing three of those in a row. I believe he can work the Japan slider because it's a mechanical thing. Those guys are trying to disguise their pitches with mechanics, while our guys are trying to disguise their pitches with how they break after release. It's a philosophical difference, which is typically something that can be adjusted to. Godzilla has done it. Even Kaz Matsui did it to some extent. It's not an automatic failure for Kosuke, but it's problem that he has to address. See the slider out of the hand, and you can hit it. That's it.

Just my thought, though.

Yeah, we'll have to agree to disagree on this one. I know what you mean when you say he was swinging through breaking balls that were strikes, but I think that was a mechanical issue, which lead him to try to slow his bat through the zone which wound up with what he was doing at the end of the season, which looked like bailing out on every pitch. I think he was doing the japanese hitting style which is 'if you're missing the baseball leave your bat in the zone longer' and just fucking it up because he had a manger and hitting coach who don't understand the style. A later, sharper break on pitches certainly would make that issue worse, but I think you're over generalizing by implying that the vast majority of MLB pitcher's breaking stuff is that much sharper or harder than in the NL.

but I think you're over generalizing by implying that the vast majority of MLB pitcher's breaking stuff is that much sharper or harder than in the NL.

We're arguing about details at this point, but we agree that he could hit them over there, and after one season in his MLB career, he currently can't hit them over here. If he can hit them, he's going to be a very successful big league hitter. If not, well, not so much.

You being "occasionally" annoyed on here is like saying fish "occasionally" swim in water...

I mean on this post alone you posted the following:

1) I hate taped games
2) Chad gets a D for reading comprehension
3) Sarcastic insult of Chad, calling him L. Ron Hubbard
4) Sarcastic insult of Wes telling him he is smarter than all pitchers in Japan
5) Rude reply to Wes calling his post manure and saying that you are in fact smarter than him
6) ??? Rude reply to this post ???

ooo quite the ultimatum

will he cower away, proving you wrong?
or attack you and your post, proving you right?

stay tuned.

if you read the above post while listening to the Jaws theme song, it's much more effective

The funniest thing of all, of course, is that you appoint yourself some kind of TCR defender to save the innoncents from the big bad meany Neal. Does it give you goosebumps to make posts like this?

And once again to correct your revisionist history.

1) I didn't say I hate taped games, I said they don't do anything for me. You like fat ugly chicks, they don't do anything for me. It's just personal preference.
2) True, because Chad and you, aparently are unable to distinguish comments which are obviously personal opinion from fact.
3) After Chad yelled at me and told me what my personal preferences should be, I made fun of him for being a moron. If people don't treat you like that every day, they should.
4) Yeah, I was a little drunk when I wrote that, and it's already been explained why I said it. You're in Chad's class for reading comprehension. We'll call it the Short Bus for the Big 10 grads. I am sure you two scored well in math or something.
5) I didn't call his post manure. You and Chad need to sign up for some remedial courses. I would guess your level is around 3rd grade.
6) Isn't that what you want? You're one of those idiots who drives up to the end of the merge lane and forces people to let you in, then complains about traffic, aren't you?

One of the definitions of insanity is continuously repeating the same action and expecting different results.

kindly keep the big 10 out of this

you can watch it free on as well

edit - actually not sure if you have to be a subscriber though

it does seem to make you log-in and I had the package for last year...maybe it carries over until the 2009 season starts?

also, it's the Astros broadcast for some God forsaken reason...

Interesting perspective on the Hall of Fame voting...

This is a tough one for me, because there is no clear-cut set of standards you can apply about cheating that works for all eras when determining who gets into the HOF...

If it's based purely on stats, which might be the only objective way to do it, then Pete Rose and Bonds and ARod should get in. But that just doesn't sit well in my gut... I actually have less of an issue with Pete Rose, because his gambling problem and betting on games was after he quit playing, where steroids directly affected performance. Very sticky poop here!!

There are already different standards for different people aside from the whole character thing: the classic benchmark numbers, longevity (like Phil Niekro or Jim Kaat), several outstanding seasons (Sandy Koufax), consistency, domination of a decade (Kirby Puckett). I say if the player did not break the rules of baseball that were in place during his career, then he gets in. This would preclude Pete Rose but not Mark McGwire, and it wouldn't keep A Rod out, at this point anyway.

This is not "Al's blog" so you may use words other than "poop" should you wish.

Brewers teamed up with the Federal Government to pack Wrigley

They probably figure since they can't get more Brewers fans than Cubs fans in Miller Park they'll try at Wrigley

This is good:

"The Brewers call the promotion Miller Park South."

ISn't Miller Park "Wrigley North"?

your spots are waiting in the fantasy league...

We're looking for your replacements at this very moment. Still waiting to hear back from Navigator and Silent Towel...

Still waiting to hear back from Navigator and Silent Towel...

Umm... is it too late to pull out of the league?

"Still waiting to hear back from Navigator...

eh what? nobody asked me anything

don't be bullied by pricks Nav. Some of us appreciate your contributions.

You must be new here.

and will "blog all day if necessary"

tidbits: Soto and Guzman showed up in great shape, the locker room is already packed, Koyie Hill's mangled RH can still give a strong handshake, both Lou and Jim are there.

Wow... That crept on me somehow... I wasn't expecting that until next week for some reason... So, we'll start getting daily news from there now...

Someone dispatch Phil out there on the Double!!!!!

Someone dispatch Phil out there on the Double!!!!!

Virginia Phil is being dispatched?

I am mostly interested in the attendance reports from the fringe parks with the rooks there.

"If Manny Ramirez signs with the Dodgers, cincykid wins... "

If anyone needs help with their fantasy baseball draft too... i am for hire...

No one should brag about their fantasy baseball prowess.

(or however I'm suppose to spell it)

close to a deal with the Mariners via MLBTR

I believe you were told to exclude 'Jr.' from all future posts.

Well since you were ONLY runner-up last year... maybe the prize will be that I get to take over your team!

~hangs head in shame~

speaking of...

Roy Oswalt does not take kindly to your cheating heart...

that must have been the night I saw him.
after blackjack he went up to a club.

those are the two "chicks"

I don't know why, but to me, he always just looks ... like a prick. Like someone Derek Jeter or any other regular guy kind of guy would love to punch in the face if there weren't consequences. Having to be around him for 162 games must suck.

Does anyone else not think of Derek Jeter as even remotely a regular-guy-kind-of-guy? I don't.

I think he's a regular guy.

A regular guy who plays the most important position on the field for the most important team in professional sports. All the while making millions of dollars, jetting around the world and tagging super models and actresses.

He's just like me.

In the context of major league baseball players, who by default are not regular guys, true. I'm sorry comprehension of the point is so difficult for you, but glad to give you the opportunity to prove your superiority in arguing trival bullshit details. Well done.

I didn't mean for this to be taken so seriously.

But Chad was the one who made the "he's a star player professional athlete" point.

I was actually thinking of a description a female relative of mine once made of both A-Rod and Derek Jeter. She said that they seemed like the type of guys who would go get full body waxes together before every game. I thought it was accurate. You may disagree.

Since your whole post was relatively trivial, I didn't think you'd mind my noting a disagreement with a trivial detail.

The leap to anger seems unnecessary to me. I didn't say that you were stupid for thinking of Jeter as a regular guy or anything like that. I just asked whether other people had a different perspective on him.

Why do we get so on edge around here?

Wow! You okay over there?

And no, I would not say that Derek Jeter comes across as a "regular guy" ... at all.

When I think about "regular guys" in MLB, Derek Jeter wouldn't be on the list.

--On whether the Phillies may have overpaid for Ibanez (three years, $31.5 million), given the one-year, $6 million deal that Bobby Abreu just signed with the Angels: "The Cubs were after [Ibanez] pretty thick. Lou [Piniella] and he had a good relationship, so I think Lou was plugging pretty hard for him. I don't think [the Phillies could've waited]. The Cubs were searching for left-hand hitting. My opinion is I would prefer Ibanez to Milton Bradley, just from an injury standpoint. Milton Bradley to me is an American League player, a DH/part-time outfielder. He's not a day-in, day-out player in the National League."

Well, what's gillick gonna say? "We really blew it and we overpaid for a one tool player. But he sure can rake! And, there were only a couple of decent options anyway."

Of Course he's gonna dis the next GM's choices, and make Gillick's pick look good.

Wait, Juan Pierre has a bad arm?

will wonders never cease....

Previously Jacque Jones had been at the bottom, but he bounced up a bit.

Bounced up a bit, you say? Like his throws to the plate?

ZOMG!!!111! PWN3DOSAURUS REX! Wes sent sound: thunder

Sarah Silverman: There are only two Asian people that I know that I have any problem with at all. One is, uh, Guy Aioki. The other is my friend Steve who actually went pee-pee in my Coke. He's all, "Me Chinese, me play joke!" Uh, if you have to explain it, Steve, it's not funny!

sarah silverman...1 joke, just different words every time.

1-*act like a spoiled blonde cheerleader*
2-*make a statement with the tact of ann coulter*
3-*smile and look pretty*
4-*audience notices an innocent acting girl just said something "un-PC"*

there, i just saved everyone 45-90 minutes on her act.

don't forget about her "bits" on Jimmy Kimmel's junk, and the "bit" on women waxing their backstage area.

Blanco talked to Soto, 26, every day during the season and guided the young catcher. What will Soto do without the veteran?

"It's going to be really hard," Soto said. "[Blanco] told me, 'You're ready, you're good, you're ready to go, you're a great player.' The business is like this and you can't really control [what happened]. You just go play where you need to play and that's the bottom line."

most of the article on Geo Soto has Carrie's Muskat's usual density of cotton candy but here's a part with some importance:

His left hand, which was sore at the end of the season and in the playoffs, is 100 percent healed. He's been hitting for about a month, working on his stroke.

Miles in the Herald says Geo reported in shape - 225-230 pounds. What is he, 6 foot? 6' 1"? Are we talking in shape or in catcher shape? Good news on the hand though, I really think that took a little juice out of him in September. I mean aside from when he faced Salomon Torres.

He's listed at 6'1" and 230, which I think is a listing from last year. So if he showed up 225 or 230, then he's about the same as last year, which is good. I think there was some concern that he might put back on some of the weight he'd lost prior to 2007.

He's a big guy. 230 is a little on the heavy side, but it's not enormous for a guy who is 6'1" with Soto's build. It might help his longevity for him to lose another 15-ish pounds, but for now 225-230 is fine.

One more thing that keeps getting overlooked when articles say Soto will miss Blanco

Matt Sinatro spent plenty of time working with Soto too. Sinatro was a backup catcher with Atlanta, Oakland, Detroit and Seattle. Never amounted to much playing time although it spanned a decade. Still he's probably the most valuable resource Soto or any other catcher on the team has. Sinatro's last yr as a player was with the Mariners in 1992. Piniella's first year as M's manager was 1993. So I assume Lou's arrival was concurrent with Sinatro's retirement. I don't know the real story of their contact point though.

Just don't let Sinatro do the driving for Soto, then we're really lost.

Perhaps the staff feels Soto is ready to take the reins all by himself, and that Blanco served his purpose. Not saying that Soto won't miss him, but he strikes me as intelligent and a quick learner and we shouldn't see a drop off in his ability to call a game or throw the ball, however that can be quantified.

I know that during Soto's last year at Iowa, his offensive resurgence wasn't all that marveled the minor league staff. His manager said his catching/leadership qualities also surged, and he'd always been regarded as a fine defensive backstop. So while Blanco may have had a lot to do with his baptism into everyday play, this isn't a guy who's going to be lost without Hank.

As happened so many times in his career, when it came to clutch time, Roger Clemens has failed to deliver. U.S. District Court Judge Keith Ellison today dismissed most of Roger Clemens' defamation suit against Brian McNamee, Clemens' former trainer.

Any controversy in your sport Bud? Thinking slowly so as not to say something stupid?
Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig said Wednesday afternoon that he is "just heartsick" about Alex Rodriguez's admission of performance-enhancing drug use and would not rule out punishing him or adjusting baseball's record book.
Is he considering asterisks or white-out for the records?

as commish and a former owner who saw the 80s and 90s...bud selig can take that comment and shove it.

him and his kind did NOTHING...

this sure as hell didnt start in 98...or 88...

Some will get a kick out of this, Baltimore Orioles fans have Cesar Izturis and Felix Pie running neck and neck in a poll seeking to determine McFail's best off-season pickup.

Right now Izturis is ahead by 58 count.

You can vote:

that is a sorry ass list of offseason moves...even for "filler" positions.

what are they gonna do with wigginton anyway? 1st/LF/DH?

i dare them to play him at 2nd/3rd more than a handful of games =p

actually, who cares..they're baltimore.

Kinda reminds me of the southpark classic.

Well, we know due to the ex-Cub factor that if those 3 make the 25 man roster, the O's will not win the world series. That and the fact they're the O's and their "best off season move" was getting Izturis...yikes

Wes, post #95...kudo's for you're pitchers view insight.

Sounds like Kosuke needs 95 swings at power sliders in the cage daily (just kidding, I think?). But it would be worthwhile having a pitcher working with him on film regarding the thought process about how he's being set up with certain pitch sequences. I wonder if that's a lost in translation issue. New translator this year, probably can't hurt.

"Wes, post #95...kudo's for you're pitchers view insight."

ARe you gonna just leave it at that? Wes will be forced to hate you.

I messed up the apostrophe so he will probably be calling the grammar police on me

I don't get it.

That apostrophe is bullshit, though.

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  • Amazing effort by Gordon -- truly remarkable.

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  • Cubs get 100, KB gets 100, Hendricks gets below 2.00, Cards get absolutely destroyed by the Reds -- all good, other than some Rondon concern. Hopefully, he can get a few outings in this week and find his groove. Also, I guess Soler is still struggling with his right side. Hmmmm. Too bad Joe didn't let Addy bat with the bases loaded in the 7th -- great RBI opportunity.

    I assume all the relievers are on a set schedule this week, but it seems strange Chapman pitched back-to-back.

    billybucks 7 hours 59 min ago view
  • Barry Rozner article interviewing Greg Maddux (with comments on Kyle Hendricks).

    "I like watching him pitch," Maddux said of Hendricks. "I like guys that rely on movement and location. I can relate to him. That's what I had to do. "I'd rather watch him pitch than some lefty throwing 95 mph."

    Cubster 8 hours 20 min ago view
  • cubs win #100. neat.

    crunch 8 hours 28 min ago view
  • Chapman in to stop the bleeding.

    Brick 8 hours 36 min ago view
  • they're falling apart late in WAS...damn.

    crunch 9 hours 7 min ago view
  • Wilson Ramos may be hurt badly. Carried off the field. Looks like the knee.

    John Beasley 9 hours 9 min ago view
  • Hendricks 6 shutout innings, ends night with an ERA of 1.99

    Cubster 9 hours 20 min ago view
  • in case it hasn't been mentioned yet, Twins are hiring Indians 32-year old Derick Falvey from the Cleveland Native Americans organization.

    Suppose McLeod could still be asked by another organization but likely staying put.

    Rob G. 10 hours 18 min ago view
  • Well put, both your remark, and Crunch's.

    Transmission 10 hours 19 min ago view
  • I saw the Gordon HR. It was like a funeral where the mourners were made to play baseball. So sad...

    CTSteve 10 hours 24 min ago view
  • i wanted to watch more of it, but it started to feel like i was going beyond witnessing a human experience that isn't often seen into an uncomfortable voyeurism. these guys are in pain.

    crunch 10 hours 43 min ago view
  • wow I am glad I missed the start of the MIA game.  I would have been sobbing.

    Transmission 10 hours 52 min ago view
  • Baez!!

    Brick 10 hours 56 min ago view