Can’t Win ‘Em All (But Try Anyway)

GAME 52 PREVIEW CHICAGO CUBS (28-25) at SAN DIEGO PADRES (34-21) PETCO Park, 9.05pm CT, TV: WGN, Chan4
SP *Darrell May SP Greg Maddux
Someone post the lineups in the comments!
Yesterday my computer's power supply unit ground to a halt. As did the Cubs' winning streak, which at seven games was their longest under Dusty Baker. I'm back up and running now though (with a brand new flat screen LCD monitor too, even if right now it's calibrated such that reds in particular are horrendously garish!). And it's the job of Greg Maddux to get this team back up and running tonight (in the final game of the first third of our season) before we watch these offences attempt the thankless task of scorings runs off Carlos Zambrano and Jake Peavy in a pitching haven of a ballpark tomorrow. Go Cubs!


Is it Peavy tomorrow? They were saying last night on the telecast that Peavy's been sick and that Woody Williams might be activated, skip a minor league re-hab assignment, and start against the Cubs. Of course, given the source I have my doubts but hopefully there's some truth to it.

By the way. In May's four starts he's gone 3.1, 4.1 and 5.0 innings twice. Sounds like a guy who would have shut down the Cubs for eight innings a few weeks ago. Let's hope today's Cubs show him no mercy.

hairston perez lee aram dubois burnitz patterson barrett maddux roberts blum giles nevin sweeney burroughs greene ojeda may wgn radio (memmolo and kozlowski) had the same info that peavey may still be too ill to pitch, and that woody williams would be activated. memmo/koz were saying this around 4 p.m. chicago time today.

The Peavy 50/50 comment wa sin the AP story about this. Am I the only one here shocked to see Dubois in the lineup after Hollandsworthless's 3-3 day? Especially when Dubois struck out with the bases loaded?

Eric- The starter is a LHP, so no it does not suprise me that Dubois is in there. he is teh everyday starter out in LF.

careful in the chat ... trolls among us ...

careful in the chat ... trolls among us ...

i'm sure the recent good fortune of the cubs has nothing to do with all the deep counts we're seeing. i mean, dubois walked TWICE tonight. good lord!

way to go .. doobie do bwah...

nice infield hit by barrett ...

hairy! i love seeing us shellac a real team.

mmmm Pepsi

A Lime Green Hatchback!

For a month, Ronny Cedeno studied major-league batters while mostly riding the bench as an extra infielder for the Chicago Cubs. He watched everything from the seriousness with which they approached batting practice to their hitting approach during games. "You can't believe how much I learned by just watching," said Cedeno, who stayed hot during the Iowa Cubs' 5-3 loss to Oklahoma before a crowd of 8,730 Thursday afternoon at Principal Park. Cedeno improved his average to .380 Thursday, but since he was with the Chicago Cubs from April 16 to May 17, he doesn't have enough at-bats to qualify yet for the Pacific Coast League batting race that is led by Tacoma's Chris Snelling at .396. "I'm hitting the ball better than I ever have in my career," said Cedeno, a shortstop in his first triple-A season. "It's because I hit the outside pitch to right field instead of trying to pull everything." Cedeno, 22, has hits in eight of his last nine games and in 12 of the 15 since he returned to Iowa. "I didn't play every day when I was in Chicago, but every day I watched batting practice," he said. "I pulled the ball too much. I don't do that now. Where the pitcher throws it, that's where I hit it."

The Cubs are now at the top of the WC.

Cubs win the pennant- So much for the theory it hurts rookies to sit with the big league club and not play. If you have a good heady player, he can take advantage of that time and learn like Cedeno did.

IENPW; "The Cubs are now at the top of the WC." Yeah, good thing the players/manager/coaches/management didn't listen to the majority of the fans in Cubs Nation and give up on the season. It is amazing the team is as good in the standing as they are. I thought they would hover around .500 and then make a run when they got their players healthy and/or made a trade. In Dusty We Trusty!!!

Everybody had a hit but Patterson. When can we finally put a nail in this guy's career coffin? Carmenfanzone compared Corey to Dunston. I couldn't agree more.

manny, you just have to love Cedeno after reading that story, don't you?

<i>The Cubs are now at the top of the WC. Posted by: Ienpw </i> Amazing. And as I write this they have the 3rd best winning percentage in the National League behind St.Louis and San Diego.

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  • Schwarber stays back and hammers a 3-2 change-up that was down and away. Very impressive.
  • And a good job to drive the ball to RF to advance the runner in the 8th. Encouraging.
  • <p>It looks like the Cubs "post-season clinch number" is 25 right now:&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
  • Is the magic number 25 or 26?
  • Agreed, to my untrained eyes he does look better than last season. Not a finished product yet and hopefully he will continue to improve, but if he plays solid middle infield defense he will stick in the majors.
  • Phillips smiled at Strop and gave him a thumbs up.
  • That pitch Schwarber hit is the kind he's been missing a lot of lately. When Schwarber struggles it reminds me of how hard it is to hit baseballs at that level. It doesn't seem like they've found a weakness, just that he isn't seeing the ball that great and just missing. Same with Rizzo the last few days. Regardless of what the other fellas said in the thread earlier, I was pretty encouraged with Baez. The violent swing seems to be much more under control, and he took more bad pitches than he swung at.
  • I missed it. What did he do?
  • <p>JOHN B: Pierce Johnson and Rob Zastryzny were likely 2015 AFL candidates ( I mentioned them as likely candidates to get assigned to the AFL in an article about the AFL last month) because they are starting pitchers who missed part of the season due to injuries and they need to accrue more innings. Guys who have been pitching regularly as starters have thrown too many innings to be considered, so it probably came down to Johnson, Zastryzny, and Duane Underwood Jr, with Underwood odd man out because he hasn't pitched above Hi-A.
  • extremely classy. i didn't see his reaction until the replay after the break. baseball needs more fun in some areas and less of some 'unwritten rules' violations leading to angst.
  • Nice bounce back game for Grimm, and "well done" Dan Haren. We'll take that (almost) every time.
  • I have never been a Brandon Phillips fan, but that was a very classy way to handle Strop yelling at him after the K.
  • go cubs go
  • woooooooooooo
  • You know you like it
  • AZ Phil: Any thoughts on the AFL Cubs? Some names on the list caught me by surprise.