Game 9 Open Thread / Cubs @ Pirates (3 of 3)

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SP *Rich Hill SP Matt Morris
  0-0, 3.00, 4 K, 3 BB 0-0, 5.40, 2 K, 2 BB
LF Alfonso Soriano CF *Nate McLouth
2B *Mike Fontenot 2B Freddy Sanchez
1B Derrek Lee LF Jason Bay
3B Aramis Ramirez 1B *Adam LaRoche
RF *Kosuke Fukudome RF Xavier Nady
C Geovany Soto C Ronny Paulino
SS Ryan Theriot 3B Jose Bautista
CF *Felix Pie SS Brian Bixler
*Rich Hill P Matt Morris












After 27 innings of baseball in two games, I think the Cubs should just get credit for the third game and call it a sweep. It is three full games of baseball afterall.

Lou thought about switching up the rotation a bit and giving Marquis the start tonight, but he was still feeling the effects of the flu. So Rich Hill stays in his spot and as long as the rain stays away, I'm sure there's not a happier guy in Pennsylvania right now. Hill, a flyball pitcher, gets the cozy left field dimensions of PNC Park and the punchless Pirates instead of the hitter-happy Citizens Bank Park and the powerhouse Phillies lineup.

Lou was pondering tinkering with his lineup as well, teasing us with playing Fukudome in center and Ward in right or Pie in center, Fukudome in right, and giving Fontenot a start at second to take advantage of the righty/lefty matchup with Matt Morris on the mound. Eventually he settled on rewarding Pie for his game-winning hit yesterday and giving a spot start to Fontenot, as you can see. Of course, Morris has shown little difference in his three-year splits (775 OPS vs lefties and 769 vs. righties) and was actually better versus lefties in 2007 (784 OPS compared to 828 OPS vs. righties).

The weather block on the left of the site says 30% chance of showers tonight and the map looks even more ominous, although it appears the green blob might stay north of the city the entire time.

Be sure to visit TCR tommorrow, as Mike Wellman of Road to Wrigley will have the first of his eyewitness accounts from Prinicipal Park in Iowa. He'll be stopping by here after each Iowa homestand, and will have some other articles throughout the year.


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"After 27 innings of baseabll in two games, I think the Cubs should just get credit for the third game and call it a sweep. It is three full innings of baseball afterall."

I think you mean three full GAMES of baseball.

thanks...knock a buck off your tab. :)

Woo Soriano!!!

Boo Hill!! (woo McLouth...fantasy points)

Is Hill going to get anyone out?? I think a sickly Marquis could have done this bad.

Now that Hill is out maybe the Cubs will start scoring some runs.

Soto a triple away from the cycle.

ok 7-3...lets make this one easy for once?

I think Godenot has been resurrected.

Actually, I think Fontenot is potentially the best hitter out of Theriot, Cedeno, and DeRosa. DeRosa has him beat on walks, but I think Mighty Mike actually has more pop. And, as we all know handedness is the most important factor, Fontenot has the edge in hitting from the correct batter's box.

let me take a stab at this...

tomorrrow Lou will be quoted that Hill wasn't sent down because he walked a zillion batters in 3 innings...and that they needed a lefty reliever in the bullpen, so they brought Pignatello back up (since they already have Marshall stretched out).

on another note...Nice work Jon Lieber.

Pignatello can't be called back up unless there is an injury.

And Hill is going anywhere.

re: Hill

just being silly...but Hill better have been noticing that Lieber throwing strikes made Lou smile.

Sweet double play!

It would seem unlikely that Hill would be optioned out over the weekend? I'd bet alot of money against it but stranger things have happened.


Go Cubs!!!

That may have been the ugliest sweep in baseball history. Still a sweep, though.

3 uglies beats a pair of sweet wins and a tough loss. Still, can't we extract some measure of good vibe from this series? Something about building a notion of "ain't over 'til its over" etc in the clubhouse, that stuff never gets old IMHO. My big man crush (probably premature) is for Mr. "Leave it to Lieber" who might be setting records for length of middle relief appearances this early in the season? Too early to vote for a TCR POTM?

How 'bout that Geovany Soto?

The Pirates aren't a great team and the Cubs squeeked out a couple but sweeping any series is always a bonus. Now just pull out 1 or 2 in Philly and its a nice little road trip.

Dood. A sweep is nice and tough to complete, I don't care who the team is. And Rich Hill isn't getting optioned. Relax bro.

Looks like rain tomorrow night in Philly. I guess we're playing two Saturday?

scott moore started tonite for 2nd...

okay, whatever.

1. i wonder what that lou and hill conversation was about in dugout
hill did not say anything lou did all the talking.