Roster Status of Cubs Players

Here is the roster status of Cubs major league and minor league players as of today: ORGANIZATIONAL STATUS OF CUBS PLAYERS FREE-AGENTS AFTER 2006 SEASON: Henry Blanco Jerry Hairston, Jr John Mabry (Type XX FA ìno tradeî until 6-15-06) Greg Maddux Wade Miller Juan Pierre Aramis Ramirez (player option for 2007 that would also include 2008) Todd Walker Scott Williamson Kerry Wood (club option to pay $13m salary in 2007 or $3m buy-out - also ìno tradeî through 2006 season) NOTE: Aramis Ramirez is signed through 2006, and then he has a player option for 2007 that includes 2008, and if he exercises this option, then there is either a mutual option for 2009 or a player option vests for 2009 if Ramirez plays 270 games combined in 2007 & 2008. Kerry Wood is signed through 2006 (with a complete "no trade"), then club option (with $3m buy-out if club declines option) for 2007. SIGNED BEYOND 2006: Michael Barrett (through 2007) Neifi Perez (through 2007) Glendon Rusch (through 2007) Scott Eyre (through 2007, player option for 2008, also Type XX FA ìno tradeî through 6-15-06) Ryan Dempster (through 2008) Bob Howry (through 2008, also Type XX FA ìno tradeî through 6-15-06) Jacque Jones (through 2008, also Type XX FA ìno tradeî through 6-15-06) Derrek Lee (through 2010, completeîno tradeî for length of contract) --------------------------------------------------- WILL BE ELIGIBLE FOR ARBITRATION AFTER 2006: Carlos Zambrano (FA after 2007) Will Ohman (FA after 2008) Mark Prior (FA after 2008) COULD BE ELIGIBLE FOR ARBITRATION AFTER 2006: Jerome Williams (FA after 2009) - see NOTE NOTE: Jerome Williams would definitely be eligible for salary arbitration after 2006 season only if he accrues at least 97 days of MLB service time in 2006, although he would likely qualify as a ìSuper Twoî with about 75 days of MLB service time. ------------------------------------------------------------------ MINOR LEAGUE OPTIONS: NOTE 1: A player's 2006 minor league option is exercised once the player has been on optional assignment for at least 20 days. NOTE 2: Players who have spent any time on an MLB regular season "active roster" or DL in at least three separate seasons must clear Major League Waivers before they can be optioned to minor leagues. (Major League Waivers are revocable the first time they are requested in a given waiver period). NOTE 3: Any player with at least five years of MLB service time cannot be optioned to minors without their permission. NOTE 4: Any player with at least three years of MLB service time or any player who has been outrighted previously in his career who is assigned outright to the minors can be a free-agent immediately or defer the option until the end of the season. * Player has been optioned to minors NO MINOR LEAGUE OPTIONS LEFT: Freddie Bynum HAD ONE OPTION YEAR LEFT AS OF SPRING TRAINING 2006: Ronny Cedeno * Roberto Novoa (2006 option is exercised if not recalled by 4/18) Will Ohman (must clear Major League Waivers to be optioned) Jerome Williams (must clear Major League Waivers to be optioned) NOTE: Roberto Novoa will be out of minor league options next Spring Training if he is not recalled by April 18th. HAD TWO OPTION YEARS LEFT AS OF SPRING TRAINING 2006: * David Aardsma (2006 option is exercised if not recalled by 4/16) * Angel Guzman (2006 option is exercised if not recalled by 4/16) * Rich Hill (2006 option is exercised if not recalled by 4/17) Angel Pagan Mark Prior (must clear Major League Waivers to be optioned) * Geovany Soto (2006 option has been exercised) Michael Wuertz (must clear Major League Waivers to be optioned) Carlos Zambrano (must clear Major League Waivers to be optioned) NOTE: Even though he has already used up two option years and normally would have only one minor league option left, David Aardsma will get an additional (4th) option year in 2007 because he signed a Major League contract and was placed on the 40-man roster when he signed with the Giants in 2003. Players get a 4th option year IF they have not played five seasons in the major leagues or minor leagues by the time they have used up their three minor league options. Likewise, Angel Guzman will get an additional (4th) option year in 2007 because he will not have spent five ìfull seasonsî in the minors (2004 and 2005 not ìfullî because of time spent on DL). A "full season" is defined as spending the first 60 days of a given season or a total of 90 days in any given season on a major league or minor league "active roster" (does not include time spent on DL). THREE OPTION YEARS LEFT AS OF SPRING TRAINING 2006: * Brian Dopirak (2006 option has been exercised) * Carlos Marmol (2006 option has been exercised) Sean Marshall * Scott Moore (2006 option has been exercised) Matt Murton * Felix Pie (2006 option exercised if not recalled by 4/20) * Jose Reyes (2006 option has been exercised) * Jae-Kuk Ryu (2006 option exercised if not recalled by 4/16) * Ryan Theriot (2006 option exercised if not recalled by 4/19) ---------------------------------------------------- SIX-YEAR MINOR LEAGUE FREE-AGENTS (PLAYER OPTION) IF NOT ADDED TO 40-MAN ROSTER BY 10-11-06 (WITHIN 10 DAYS AFTER CLOSE OF 2006 REGULAR SEASON): Angelo Burrows, RHP Gary Cates, 2B Buck Coats, IF-OF Kevin Collins, 1B Jeff Deardorff, OF-1B Brandon Emanuel, RHP Casey Kopitzke, C Luis Montanez, OF Augie Ojeda, SS Matt Padgett, OF Carlos Perez, LHP Carmen Pignatiello, LHP Michael Restovich Brandon Sing, 1B Jamal Strong OF Anderson Tavares, RHP Les Walrond, LHP Mark Watson, LHP Aron Weston, OF ---------------------------------------------------- ELIGIBLE FOR 2006 RULE 5 DRAFT IF NOT ADDED TO 40-MAN ROSTER BY 11-20-06: Thomas Atlee, RHP Federico Baez, RHP Justin Berg, RHP Oscar Bernard, RHP Todd Blackford, RHP Chadd Blasko, RHP Jerry Blevins, LHP Clint Brannon, LHP Bobby Brownlie, RHP Edward Campusano, LHP Jose Caridad, RHP David Cash, RHP Rocky Cherry, RHP Robinson Chirinos, 2B Matt Ciaramella, OF Matt Craig, 1B Darin Downs, LHP Mike Fontenot, 2B Jake Fox, C Alfredo Francisco, RHP Alberto Garcia, 1B Danny Gonzalez, SS Adam Greenberg, OF Lee Gwaltney, RHP Luke Hagerty, LHP Ryan Harvey, OF Lincoln Holdzkom, RHP Micah Hoffpauir, 1B Jonathan Hunton, RHP Nic Jackson, OF Carlos Jan, LHP Scott Koerber, LHP Aaron Krawiec, LHP Tim Layden, LHP Richard Lewis, 2B Jose Martinez, RHP Juan Mateo. RHP J. R. Mathes, LHP Zach McCormack, LHP Casey McGehee, 3B Adalberto Mendez, RHP Carlos Morla, LHP Ryan Norwood, 1B Ryan O'Malley, LHP Leonel Perez, INF Billy Petrick, RHP Jose Pina, RHP Elvin Puello, 3B Robert Ransom, RHP Clay Rapada, LHP Tony Richie, C Alan Rick, C Carlos Rojas, SS Issmael Salas, INF Paul Schappert, LHP Eduard Serrano, INF Chris Shaver, LHP Andy Shipman, RHP Jemel Spearman, INF Nate Spears, INF Raul Valdes, LHP Jesus Valdez, OF Carlos Vasquez, LHP Chris Walker, OF Matt Weber, RHP Randy Wells, RHP Olin Wick, C Jesus Yepez, LHP NOTE: Although they were selected in the 2004 Rule 4 (June) Draft, Randy Brown, Jeff Culpepper, Jesse Estrada, Sam Fuld, Grant Johnson, and Eric Patterson will not be eligible for the Rule 5 Draft until after the 2007 season because the first contracts they signed were for the 2005 season. ------------------------------------------------------------ PIPELINE * bats or throws left # bats both CATCHER: CUBS - Michael Barrett/Henry Blanco AAA IOWA ñ Geovany Soto/Casey Kopitzke AA WEST TENN ñ # Jose Reyes/Tony Richie/Peter Farina Hi-A DAYTONA ñ Jacob Fox/* Alan Rick/# Olin Wick Lo-A PEORIA ñ * Mark Reed/Jake Muyco/Justin Morgan 1st BASE: CUBS - Derrek Lee/* John Mabry AAA IOWA- Brandon Sing/Jeff Deardorff AA WEST TENN ñ * Micah Hoffpauir Hi-A DAYTONA ñ # Matt Craig Lo-A PEORIA ñ Ryan Norwood/Alberto Garcia DISABLED: Brian Dopirak (AA WEST TENN DL) 2nd BASE: CUBS - * Todd Walker/Jerry Hairston, Jr AAA IOWAñ * Mike Fontenot AA WEST TENN ñ * Eric Patterson/Richard Lewis Hi-A DAYTONA ñ * Nate Spears/Issmael Salas Lo-A PEORIA - Robinson Chirinos 3rd BASE: CUBS - Aramis Ramirez AAA IOWA ñ Casey McGehee AA WEST TENN ñ * Scott Moore/Gary Cates Hi-A DAYTONA ñ Jemel Spearman Lo-A PEORIA ñ Brandon Taylor SHORTSTOP: CUBS - Ronny Cedeno/# Neifi Perez AAA IOWA ñ Ryan Theriot/# Augie Ojeda AA WEST TENN ñ Carlos Rojas Hi-A DAYTONA ñ Joe Simokaitis/# Danny Gonzalez Lo-A PEORIA ñ * Dylan Johnston/Luis Rivera LEFT-FIELD: CUBS - Matt Murton/* Freddie Bynum AAA IOWA ñ Jamal Strong AA WEST TENN ñ Luis Montanez Hi-A DAYTONA ñ * Jeff Culpepper Lo-A PEORIA ñ * Johnny Defendis/Jesus Valdez CENTER-FIELD: CUBS - * Juan Pierre/# Angel Pagan AAA IOWA ñ * Felix Pie AA WEST TENN ñ Chris Walker Hi-A DAYTONA ñ * Sam Fuld Lo-A PEORIA ñ * Davy Gregg RIGHT-FIELD: CUBS - * Jacque Jones AAA IOWA ñ Michael Restovich/* Buck Coats AA WEST TENN - * Adam Greenberg Hi-A DAYTONA ñ Ryan Harvey/* Nic Jackson Lo-A PEORIA - # Matt Ciaramella STARTING ROTATION: CUBS Carlos Zambrano Greg Maddux * Glendon Rusch * Sean Marshall Jerome Williams INJURY REHAB: Kerry Wood (shoulder/knee) Mark Prior (shoulder) Wade Miller (shoulder) AAA IOWA * Rich Hill Angel Guzman Jae-Kuk Ryu * Raul Valdes * Les Walrond AA WEST TENN Carlos Marmol Juan Mateo Randy Wells David Cash * J. R. Mathes Hi-A DAYTONA Sean Gallagher Grant Johnson Mark Holliman Justin Berg * Luke Hagerty Lo-A PEORIA * Donald Veal Mike Billek * Jesus Yepez Todd Blackford Mitch Atkins BULLPEN: CUBS Ryan Dempster (closer) * Scott Eyre Bob Howry Scott Williamson * Will Ohman Michael Wuertz AAA IOWA David Aardsma (closer) Roberto Novoa Bobby Brownlie * Mark Watson Andy Shipman Brandon Emanuel * Ryan O'Malley AA WEST TENN * Clay Rapada (closer) Thomas Atlee Federico Baez * Carmen Pignatiello Lincoln Holdzkom * Paul Schappert Rocky Cherry Hi-A DAYTONA Adalberto Mendez (closer) * Chris Shaver Angelo Burrows * Carlos Vasquez Jonathan Hunton Matt Weber * Carlos Perez Lo-A PEORIA * Edward Campusano (closer) Mike Phelps Jesse Estrada Jeff Teasley * Tim Layden Matt Avery Roberto Sotolongo (Cuban defector/no stats available)


I posted this on the other thread, but I thought I'd post it over here so everyone gets a chance to see it. It's from Peter Gammons' latest blog and, entitled "Loveable Winners?", it's all about the Cubs.

Since it's an Insider article, I'll post some highlights:

Angel Guzman, 23, once a prize in the class of a Zambrano, made a significant comeback this spring. "His velocity was back up to 95-96," Rothschild says. As he pitches at Iowa, Guzman will be closely monitored for his command, especially of his breaking ball. When asked if Guzman could help by midseason, Hendry laughed and said, "It could be by the end of this month."

The Cubs believe Prior will be fine, in time. When he pulled the muscle underneath his armpit this spring, Dr. Lewis Yocum said this was yet another in the series of freak occurrences that have set him back. And one thing should be eminently clear -- this has nothing to do with a willingness to pitch with pain. It's just that with Prior's delivery, when he gets to the unloading point, there is a lot of unnecessary stress.

As for Wood, there have been several encouraging signs. Everyone feels the ball is coming out of his hand far better than it has since 2003. When Kerry feels right, he is back on his legs, driving to the plate better than he has since 2003. His slider is starting to come back. Wood is coming off shoulder surgery, which was deemed "minor," as if any shoulder surgery is ever minor. What they don't know is how quickly his velocity will return (sometimes with a shoulder rehab, it takes a full year for arm strength to come back). Then there's Wade Miller, who is throwing better than he did last year for Boston but is still a rehab work in progress. No timetable. No pressure.

NOTE: Wood's been clocked at low to mid-90s on his pitches, so it appears his velocity is fine.

They wanted to get faster. The key piece was obtaining Juan Pierre, but Ronny Cedeno, Matt Murton, Freddy Bynum and Angel Pagan all can run. And they wanted to get more energy. "It's unbelievable what Juan brings to all of us," Murton says. Barrett, Todd Walker and other veterans also point to both Murton and Cedeno as key energetic components. "They never stop working or coming to the park with excitement," hitting coach Sarge Matthews says. "It's great for everyone."

Interesting statements there from Hendry re: Guzman and Dr. Yocum re: Prior.

AZ Phil:
I guess 2 innings and 35 pitches would be like a side session for Jerome Williams and he can start Saturday, but do you think there is a surprise in the works, such as Angel Guzman?

And with reliever innings piling up already, it's probably only a matter of time before a 12th pitcher is added. It looks like Freddie Bynum may get outrighted, does he clear waivers?

If not, what was the point of that trade?

Freddie Bynum

Pretty sure this is the only reason why Oakland wasn't interested in him.

Any updates on Jones or Ramirez? Day-to-day?

#4 of 4: By Allen (April 12, 2006 12:28 PM)
AZ Phil:
I guess 2 innings and 35 pitches would be like a side session for Jerome Williams and he can start Saturday, but do you think there is a surprise in the works, such as Angel Guzman?

And with reliever innings piling up already, it's probably only a matter of time before a 12th pitcher is added. It looks like Freddie Bynum may get outrighted, does he clear waivers?

If not, what was the point of that trade?


ALLEN: I don't think Angel Guzman will get recalled unless Sean Marshall and/or Jerome Williams pitch extremely poorly in their starts this weekend.

I suspect the Cubs intention is to go with Rusch, Marshall, and Williams until Wood, Prior, and Miller return.

As for Bynum, the Cubs gave up only John Koronka and an as yet PTBNL to get him, so it's not like they would be too worried about losing Bynum on waivers. However, barring somebody going on the DL (Jacque Jones?), I believe Angel Pagan will be the one to go (optioned out) when the Cubs add a 12th pitcher, and then the Cubs may try and sneak Bynum through waivers at a later point in time this season once they can get a handle on what he brings to the team (which so far is nothing, especially when compared to what Pagan can bring to the team IMHO).

I doubt Bynum is such a coveted prospect that he would find a spot on somebody's elses team. I'm guessing he's ours until we release him.

I missed part of this radio announcement today on ESPN 1000

I heard JHJ at second, and Barrett batting 4th.

I'm guessing he's ours until we release him.

I disagree. He's nothing terrific, but he's an above average NL 25th man with great speed, plate discpline (which he's shown already despite 2 K's), and can play many positions. He's a better guy to have on the roster than Scott Spiezio or Orlando Palmeiro.

Sounds to me like Aramis is sitting, then, if Barrett is batting 4th. Dandy.

Jumping to conclusions now, does that mean Mabry or Neifi plays 3rd?

ANDREW: Would you rather keep Bynum on the 25-man roster (to keep from losing him on waivers) and option Pagan to AAA, or keep Pagan on the 25-man roster and hope that Bynum can get through waivers? Because that's probably the two options the Cubs are considering right now (unless Jacque Jones goes on the DL).

I can't see Dusty going much longer with an 11-man pitching staff, although he probably could try and wait to add the 12th man until April 22nd (three days before the #5 starter gig becomes permanent), because once Jerome Williams gets his spot start on Saturday in Pittsburgh, he can go back into the bullpen again and be available to pitch in the Wednesday and Friday games next week.

Today's line up

CF Pierre
2B Hairston Jr
1B Lee
C Barrett
RF Pagan
LF Murton
3B Perez
SS Cedeno
P Maddux

"Mabry or Neifi plays 3rd?"

You had to ask?

"JHJ playing second"

second baseman Todd Walker is 4-for-8 with two homers lifetime versus Brandon Claussen

dusty said earlier this week that walker wouldn't start against someone (carpenter? i forget) bc he was 4-19 against him lifetime or some crap.

dusty uses small sample sizes only when it can help him bench todd walker, apparently. what a crap for brains manager we have. sometimes he plays the matchups even when the sample size is tiny, but sometimes when the sample size is small but the results are ridiculous (2 HRs in 8 ABs?!) he goes righty-lefty.

the dustbag is bothering me again. especially on a day with ramirez out the cubs could use a little extra power. i don't mind hairston that much, but power he does not have.

Let's hope Maddux can keep the ball down today. And Claussen throws up some pickles.

Anyone know if A-Ram or Jones are available to pinch-hit?

ANDREW: Would you rather keep Bynum on the 25-man roster (to keep from losing him on waivers) and option Pagan to AAA?

It's a tough call because I think Pagan makes a better spot starter than Bynum and he has a bit more power. Still, if it's between optioning Pagan or putting Bynum on waivers, I'd favor the former because we still have options left. If we have to put Bynum on waivers later in the summer then fine, do it then. Otherwise, I don't see the point in acquiring Bynum for only 3 PA's, even if the cost was only Koronka and a PTBNL.

What to do with the pitching staff is a little harder, as there isn't really a great option. I'm willing to give Rusch another start against the Bucs, but he isn't hitting his spots, and when your stuff is crap, location is a must. Since you can't option him without his consent, I'd stick him in the pen as the long reliever, and give the starting job to Williams or Guzman until Wood returns.

Ok. Mabry playing 3rd in ST was sort of... what's the word... Nightmarish.

Why not send Pagan down and bring up Felix Pie?

the results are ridiculous (2 HRs in 8 ABs?!)

Also ridiculous, Javier Valentin, the Reds' catcher, is 6 for 10 against Maddux with 4 homers.

It will be good to see Pagan get some work in, but Ramirez and Jones need to be in the lineup on a daily basis.

BTW- I was really worried about Jones defensively, but so far this year he's been getting to everything just fine. That's something Burnitz always got sold short on was his excellent defense. Fortunately, I don't think Jones is much of a sacrafice there.

His arm is notoriously bad, but so far this year it's been ok. The first throw to the plate from Jones that I saw tailed toward the backstop. Maybe a bad grip or something? The next throw he made was a rocket but a wee bit toward 3rd base. I figure he was trying to compensate for the ball tailing, but it didn't tail that time. In either case I don't think there was enough time for a tag anyways.

Ryno, I'm guessing you know that Jones and Ramirez were both hurt yesterday and that's why they're out of the lineup?

Just about everyone in today's lineup has the potential to steal a base, so I look forward to a lot of steals and hit and runs today.

Neifi batting right handed, and not in 2 hole is okay with me. JHJ has to start at some point even though Walker is showing good numbers against Claussen.

This Aram injury is concerning, lets hope for no wet infields this year.

I think Baker is dead set on going defensive at 2b when Maddux pitches, I applaud him for the strategy....

The Bulls beat the Nets with a skeleton crew last night, so the Cubbies can certainly handle the Reds with a couple of bench guys in the starting lineup, right? I mean, the Reds aren't as good as the Nets anyway. Dunn is the only really tall guy, and Griffey isn't as quick as he used to be. I could see Womack being an OK point guard but he's really no match for Jason Kidd.

So, I rest my case. Guaranteed win today.

Rob -- I'm not as excited about it as you are. The marginal defensive improvement from Walker to Hairston doesn't outweigh having Walker's bat in there against a guy he has 2HR's in 8 AB's against.

It's unlikely that there will be even a single play that Hairston makes that Walker wouldn't have made, but let's see.

All things considered, I don't think the lineup is too bad.

Its clear that Maddux has been given a personal 2nd baseman, so while I'd prefer Walker's bat to be in the game on any day ARam is out, its not the end of the world. At least its Hairston batting 2nd and not Neifi.

Speaking of ARam, I really wish the Cubs would give Hairston some work at 3rd base. If he can play 2nd, and the outfield, he should be able to play decent defense at the corner, and he's a much better option than Neifi or Mabry for when ARam inevitably pulls his (insert name of muscle here).

But since that hasn't happend, I'll take Neifi over Mabry, particularly on a day with a ground ball pitcher going to the mound. Again, as long as Neifi isn't in the top 2/3rds of the order, this is fine.

So, I rest my case. Guaranteed win today.

I don't know. 18 MPH wind blowing out to right field. Lopez, Griffey, Dunn, and Hatteberg are licking their chops. It'd be nice to have Walker in the lineup today.

When you play Neifi and Pagan in the same lineup you almost have to play Walker for some offense. But I guess Hairston is good enough, not an ideal #2 hitter but better than Neifi.

SP Rehab rules of thumb,

**Shoulder injuries reduce velocity, which is why they are such career-enders. Most pitchers don't start out with enough velocity that they can afford to lose 5-10 mph off their fastball and survive.

**Successful Tommy John surgery (elbow) increases velocity.

Case in point: Kerry Wood.

Wood came up to the Cubs with a high 90's -- occasional 100 mph-- heater. Hurt his elbow. Had successful surgery and found himself with a new burst of velocity as observed by Baseball Almanac.

Kerry Wood- 100.0 mph 08-10-2005 Wrigley Field

Now he's coming off shoulder surgery and his velocity is in the mid to low 90's as Andrew noted above.

If Kerry Wood approaches 100 mph in the future, we will know that shoulder surgery has really turned a corner and no longer is the sure career ender it used to be.

Richard Lewis

does he still play now that he has Larry David's kidney?

Maddux looks sharp...

"Sounds to me like Aramis is sitting, then, if Barrett is batting 4th. Dandy"

It sounds to me like Aramis is standing ! :)

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    azbobbop 6 hours 18 min ago view
  • One miscommunication in outfield and the Cubs would have another no hitter

    jacos 7 hours 29 min ago view
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    johann 10 hours 30 min ago view
  • wood(4)/grimm/strop/rondon combine for 7ip 0h 0bb 8K


    crunch 10 hours 44 min ago view
  • 3ip 0h 0bb 3k for t.wood...nice.

    28 pitches.

    wonder if they'll let him go another.

    4ip 0h 0bb 4k...and probably done f'real this time. 43 pitches and in line for the win.

    crunch 11 hours 32 min ago view
  • And stay off the keyboard too

    Eric S 11 hours 41 min ago view
  • Depends how long he'd be gone but if not too long I would assume they'll use Wood or Cahill and limit them to 4 or 5 innings and call up a reliever to use in the bullpen.

    johann 11 hours 59 min ago view
  • hopefully it's a carlos-zambrano-special and he just needs to drink more water and less coffee+redbull before starts.

    crunch 12 hours 5 min ago view
  • Assuming Hammel needs some DL time for the hammy, who do the Cubs call up: Glasnow or Taillon? Too many starting pitching prospects at Iowa to choose from.

    Eric S 12 hours 8 min ago view
  • "cramping in right hamstring" according to the booth.

    btw, it was his left hamstring that was injured last year.

    crunch 12 hours 9 min ago view
  • hammel is injured and done..."leg cramp" or some other leg issue...was down behind the mound coming back from commercial and seemed to have injured himself warming up on the mound between innings.

    crunch 12 hours 31 min ago view
  • heyward with a bit of starlin castro're great D dude, but you can't range 200ft in all directions even if you're playing CF.

    that said, he almost had it...though zobrist or baez should have had it if heyward wasn't coming on at 100mph.

    hammel is quite wild today even if he got the first 2 outs on Ks that were result of swinging through stuff not in the zone.

    crunch 13 hours 15 min ago view
  • she did fine, fwiw.

    bombs were bursting in the air...ramparts were watched...all that stuff.

    zoobrest kissed her afterwards and got about 20lbs of the 100lbs of makeup she was wearing on him.

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