MLB Open Draft Day

We had our draft earlier today for the first annual TCR MLB Open League. The rules are simple enough:

H2H weekly play

No trades

Set your lineups weekly

Point system (Single = 1, Double = 2, Triple = 3, Home Run = 4, Run = 1, RBI = 1, Walk = 1, Stolen Base = 2, Caught Stealing = -1 )

Draft entire Pitching Staff, not individual pitchers (basically Wins, K's, ERA and WHIP are counted)

That's the basics, so let's see how we drafted.

It's a twelve team league and here's the owners/teams that joined, by draft order (please correct me if I'm wrong on the usernames).

Marfa Polecats - Belive he goes as "Henry" around here

Whole Camels
formerly Wrigley's Believe it or Not, now John Beasley
Kill the Goat
- I'll go with "Q"
Hendry's Okonomi Buffet - I believe that's DCTom, but might go as Tom K.
(too many Tom's around here)
The Christian Coalition - Ruz

Nippon-Hamilton Fighters - The Joe

WISCGRAD'S TEAM - naturally, Wiscgrad

For Seeking Heat - Matt of America

Kerry Wood's Hot Tub - believe he goes by "OmarLittle" around here
Karl Hungus' Logjammers - Dr. Aaron B.

PEDia Lights - cubswinthepennant (my vote for best team name)

The Cub Reporter - myself

So let's see how it went (click on the image for a larger version).


Here's my draft with comments. I wasn't pleased with the last pick in the draft, but the two picks in a row is nice.

Round Player Comments
1 Ryan Howard (1B, PHI) "For Seeking Heat" started off early grabbing my players, by taking Utley.
2 Grady Sizemore (OF, CLE) Have him in another keeper league, makes life easier for me
3 Alex Rios (OF, TOR) Feel he's a guy ready to take the leap to super-stardom this year
4 Chicago Cubs (P, CHC) Bit of a reach, but team should be good and always up there in K's.
5 Chipper Jones (3B, ATL) Was hoping for Aramis or Garrett Atkins (FSH strikes again), but happy to "settle" on Chipper.
6 Nick Swisher (1B, OF, CWS) Multiple position eligibility and the park should be friendlier.
7 Aaron Hill (2B, TOR) Was thinking Orlando Hudson would fall here, but Ruz grabbed him earlier
8 Rafael Furcal (SS, LAD) Meh, guess he can't be worse than he was last year.
9 Jason Bay (OF, PIT) Was hoping for Salty from Texas, but FSH struck again. Bay should rebound, but he's a bench player at the moment.
10 Alex Gordon (1B, 3B, KC) Multiple positions and counting on him to take a huge step forward this year
11 Howie Kendrick (2B, LAA) Amazed he fell this far...
12 Josh Hamilton (OF, TEX) Lefties usually feast at the Ballpark or whatever it's called these days.
13 Dioner Navarro (C, TB) Counting that Joe Sheehan will be right about his breakout players for 2008
14 Scott Rolen (3B, TOR) Guess you can't have enough third basemen
15 David Eckstein (SS, TOR) needed a backup SS and Eck was the last one left who might get regular playing time.


So there you have it, how did I do? Shortstop and catcher are my big worries, but should have enough depth around the rest of the diamond. We're filling up a second league and it might be full (big lowitzki is running commish on that one), but drop me a line if you're interested.


You're going down!

I'm herse to fix ze cable. I's an expert.

Your all playing for 2nd place

Nuh uh.

I'm curious why MLB ranked Mariners pitching so low. Am I the only one who thinks they'll be good?

Also, I'm sad to have no Cubs.

thought it was a good pick, but Silva, Washburn and Bautista aren't gonna help your K's much. I don't know enough about their bullpen besides Putz to be honest.

Yeah, just curious. Their bullpen was really good last year, if I remember correct.

Wow. Interesting draft for several reasons:

-D. Wright slipping to 9
-Soto being the 5th catcher taken even though he is a rookie (I know he has high potential, but he is still a rookie. I know he is old, but Pudge has the potential to have a big year with the lineup around him, if he gets on in the 9 hole he will score a ton of runs with the top of the Tigers lineup, and he didn't go until 2 and a half rounds later)
-Jeter not going until pick 30, early indications from Yankee camp is Jeter is looking great (Roberts taken before him? I assume that person expects Roberts to land in Chicago, because I can't imagine him hitting that well with the O's lineup this year)
-Cameron Maybin going ahead of Milton Bradley. I know Bradley is "always hurt" but several articles I have seen say he has a new, I am ok with being the bad guy, attitude and is poised to have a big year. Maybin will be great someday. Someday. Not this year. He is where Pie was last year. I saw him play in Detroit last year and he is just raw; needs time. Also, he hasn't won the job yet (although I concede he most likely will).

Just some of my thoughts.

I'm not sure why you think I-rod will "get on in the 9 hole", he walked all of 9 times last year in over 500 PAs, compared to 96 Ks, contributing to his .296 OBP. He's just not a good hitter anymore.

Also Jeter is a nice player and all, but can you imagine word coming from Yankees camp that DJ was just looking ok?

All I am saying is that when Pudge gets on he will score a lot of runs because he is playing on the best lineup in baseball. One that has a legitimate chance of having an all-star at every position (with the exception of LF). Also, he hit higher in the order last year, where he was expected to be a large part of the Tigers production. This year that is not the case, he will press less and get on more (maybe even draw more walks).

And the word from Yankee camp wasn't from Yankees reps; it is from players. Namely A-Rod said Jeter looked better in this year's camp than he has seen him since he joined the Yankees. Obviously players wouldn't say "Jeter looks ok" but if they didn't think he looked good they just wouldn't say anything. All I was pointing out was that it was very shocking to see Roberts taken above Jeter.

My favorite comment of the draft was when Rob pointed out that the Giants' pitching staff would be a great pick in a league where wins weren't a category.

Still, I'm pretty happy with my team -- not bad for a guy who hasn't been in a Fantasy league for three years.

And, with Hanley Ramirez, Mauer, Loney, Longoria, Pie, and the Giants' pitching staff, I'm going to have a great team in 2010. Good thing this is a keeper league, right? Right??

*takes bow*

it was a fun draft...hope no one took my jokes too seriously.

Biggest surprise for me? Mets in the first round!?

I agree, since I didn't even notice that until you just mentioned it. 

Followed by Reyes slipping to end of Round 2. After Ordonez and Dunn.

he was the beginning of the 2nd round, snake draft remember...

knew I'd regret passing him up for Sizemore and I got stuck with Furcal.

Oops...good point.

Pena in round 6.

what a f'n joke.

seriously, if he played for BOS or in NY we'd ***NEVER*** hear the end of the miracle kid who's finally put it all together.

I dont think people realize how much he's changed and how f'n uber-disciplined he is the past couple years with what he wants to do for a living and how to go about training for it. Then again they probably dont realize cuz he's treated as if he doesnt exist.

Who? Tony?

okay, to be fair, he's not a kid...but where he's at now is a LOT more mature and focused than he was a couple years ago.

Nearly everyone already had a 1B by then.

I had to bail for the last four rounds. Autodraft really #*(@$& me. Otherwise I like my team a lot, although I did take a lot of chances.

Oh, which team are you? 

Sorry, the artist formerly known as WBION formerly known as WPZ. See the signature.

(New site wouldn't let me use an apostrophe in my name.)

I like my team well enough. I also really like this set up. If this were a league where HR or RBIs were a category, I'd be screwed, but since it's this points system derived mainly from TBs, I think I'll do ok. I ended up with a lot of well-rounded players, and a few that can play multiple positions. But it was strange to realize that I only have two guys who had over 100 RBI last year (V. Martinez, Lowell).

Fun draft. Sorry I kept snatching your guys, Rob. If it makes you feel better, you got me with Rios and Gordon. I don't know much about Markakis, to be honest. Just took him cuz he was ranked high. Is this his 2nd year?

Just noticed Kill The Goat (whose team i think was autodrafted?) got 5 pitching staffs in the last 7 rounds. Hope he knows you can't mix and match!

Just for fun, I'll lay my decisions out there like Rob did.

1. Jimmy Rollins (SS) - he's a stud, with Hanley gone I chose him over Reyes

2. Victor Martinez (C, 1B) - catcher is not a deep position and he's one of the best, I liked Martin too but Martinez is also eligible at 1B which is a plus

3. Ichiro Suzuki (OF) - I was set to take Crawford but he went two picks ahead of me, and at this point 9 OFs had already been taken and I was beginning to panic a bit

4. Diamondbacks Staff - with the Red Sox, Mets, and Cubs already gone I wanted to be sure to grab one of the few remaining good staffs. I wanted the Padres but they went the pick before me so I took the D-backs who were the highest remaining

5. Chone Figgins (3B, OF) - this was my surprise pick to many. I realized 3B was getting very low. At this point A-Rod, Cabrera, Wright, Braun, Ramirez, and Zimmerman were already gone. Chipper was out there, but I'm always worried he'll get banged up. I think Figgins, now healthy, will have a great year. I also liked the fact that he could slide into OF for me. I felt like this would give me flexibility in the next few rounds to take either OF or a 3B depending on what was available.

6. Todd Helton (1B) - virtually all of the top first basemen were gone at this point, but Helton was still there. He always hits for average, and he'll be in the middle of a great order in a hitter's park.

7. Eric Byrnes (OF) - the best outfielder available at this point

8. Jeff Kent (2B) - we were starting to get to the bottom of the barrel for second basemen so I grabbed the veteran Kent. If he struggles I already have in my mind a back-up plan (to come a couple of rounds later...)

9. Mike Lowell (3B) - so now I'm fielding a complete team except for one OF spot, but the Figgins pick above allowed me to pick the best available at either 3B or OF. Lowell and his 120 RBI, I felt, was better than the picked-through OF corps, so I grabbed him and plan to slot Figgins in the OF.

10. Bill Hall (OF) - this was a gamble here, and I hate the Brewers. But Hall will be eligible at multiple positions soon, and I think he'll rebound nicely this year.

11. Ryan Theriot (SS, 2B) - and the coup of the draft!! I had my eye on him for a while since he is eligible at both positions. He'll put up better numbers than a lot of starting second basemen. If Kent struggles or gets injured I can put him there, and if Rollins were to go down I have a starting shortstop that I can move in.

12. Johnny Damon (OF) - lacking outfield depth I selected the best remaining. He's supposed to be in good shape this year in camp so far.

13. Richie Sexson (1B) - I was torn with this pick. I have no real big needs left. I wanted to get a backup at either catcher or 1B since I didn't have any at this point. Thomas was still out there and tempting, but I figured whoever I draft probably won't play much, if at all, and Sexson has the bigger upside. He could rebound well this year - after killing fantasy teams last year.

14. Benji Molina (C) - I managed to get my back-up catcher, the Giant's clean-up hitter whom I'd thought would go way before this.

15. Willy Taveras (OF) - I was hoping Raul Ibanez would drop to me, but he went about 5 picks prior. Beyond Ibanez I didn't really want anyone. Taveras brings high SB numbers and seemed like a good back-up to carry. Juan Pierre was available too but his starting gig is up in the air.

All in all I had a good time and I like the fact that I have some non-traditional studs to root for. I'm considering renaming my team the Riot Lovers or something to that effect.

Sounds like you guys had fun.

In general it was really heavily weighted towards 2007 stats.

A couple things that stood out: Rob G's fetish with Toronto infielders including taking Hill four rounds ahead of Kendrick.

"11. Ryan Theriot (SS, 2B) - and the coup of the draft!! I had my eye on him for a while since he is eligible at both positions. He'll put up better numbers than a lot of starting second basemen."

I guess if you define 'alot' as four. He was one of the worst hitting shortstops in the game last year and second basemen hit better than shortstops. That doesn't count the stolen bases, admittedly, but in a league this small you'll be able to use the waiver wire to get a SS or 2B who can be as productive as Theriot at virtually any time in case of an injury to your starters.

Actually didn't even know Kendrick was around when I took Hill, was shocked in Round 11 that Kendrick was still there.

Rolen was just the best available player when I took him and I explained my reasons for taking Eck...

Neal - sorry, you're just wrong on this one. Personal opinions on Theriot aside, the point system in this league just doesn't back your claim. Theriot had 412 points last year (and didn't start the whole year). The best shortstop on the waiver wire (Betancourt) had 384. Jose Vidro is still out there for 2B and he had 416 points last year, but is not eligible at both positions. After that you drop to Ronnie Belliard at 373. And Theriot's point total last season ranked him about 18th out of all 2nd Basemen - so I guess by "a lot" I mean 10-12 rather than 4.

PT adjust those numbers and see what you get. Since you're not locked into a given player for a whole season, all that reall matters is how that player is going to play for a given week. Keppinger, for instance outplayed Theriot for the month of September last year, but by how did he do in the yearly totals you're looking at? That's what I mean by 'waiver wire' the guys you have a choice from when you really need someone, not the guys who were undrafted on March 2nd.

How many points did Brendan Harris have last year, by the way?

First, he is on my bench. He'll probably never play. Second, it's not like it matters if I have him or some weekly waiver wire pickup on my bench, does it? In fact, why the hell would I want to scan the waiver wires each week to pick up the best 2B/SS backup that is out there just to sit on the bench? Also, why would I want to risk not having someone available in case one of my 2B or SS gets injured? So you'd suggest that I put another backup 1B or OF on my bench, who will again never play, just because they are a higher rated player. Then when Kent goes down with an injury I drop that higher rated player and scan the waiver wire for the best 2B available. To what end? I'd rather know I have a capable backup at both positions, who will be getting a lot of playing time, and who only takes up one roster spot. If you would play this differently, that's your perogative, but I'm happy with my choice.

one theory would be to take the best players available, regardless if they fill a need for you, simply to keep another team from using them. say player X(2B) fills your need for a backup 2B, but player Y(1B) is a better hitter. you dont need player Y on your team cuz you already have two 1B's, but someone else may benefit from taking player Y. if you're not going to play X or Y regardless, it might be better to have the best player sitting on your bench as opposed to producing for your opponent. not saying i would do this - i didn't follow that approach in my draft. i'm just yapping.

"First, he is on my bench. He'll probably never play."

..which would probably preclude him from being 'the coup of the draft'.

Also, Hill is 10 spots higher among 2B even in the 2008 projected rankings.

Since nobody asked:

New York Mets (P, NYM) - Pitching staffs score the most points
2 Magglio Ordonez (OF, DET) - Huge year in 07 with this scoring system
3 Troy Tulowitzki (SS, COL) - Had huge #'s even after huge April slump
4 Travis Hafner (1B, CLE) - Down year in 07 and still was a top 20 guy
5 Kevin Youkilis (1B, 3B, BOS) - 3rd base eligible. OBP on loaded team
6 Vernon Wells (OF, TOR) - Huge every year but last. Rebound candidate
7 Pat Burrell (OF, PHI) -Always in the middle of Potent Phils attack
8 Kelly Johnson (2B, ATL) - I needed a 2nd baseman
9 Kurt Suzuki (C, OAK) -needed Catcher. He has upside and plays daily
10 Mark Ellis (2B, OAK)- I'm an idiot
11 Ty Wigginton (1B, 2B, 3B, HOU)- Starting in MM. 3 position backup
12 Jason Varitek (C, BOS)- Suzuki insurance
13 Michael Cuddyer (OF, MIN)- Quietly effective every year
14 Jose Guillen (OF, KC)- Going to a bad team in a much better park
15 Milton Bradley (OF, TEX)- Will put up Huge numbers in Coors AL as the Rangers new DH. Major sleeper candidate.

And here's mine:

1 Hanley Ramirez (SS, FLA) -- best SS in the game.
2 Joe Mauer (C, MIN) -- high average, best C on the board w/Martines, since I think Russell Martin will backslide this year.
3 Carl Crawford (OF, TB) -- I wanted Sizemore, but Rob took him.
4 Kosuke Fukudome (OF, CHC) -- FUKUDOME!!!
5 Ryan Zimmerman (3B, WSH) -- Was amazed how quickly 3B went -- 4 in the first two rounds. Thought there might be a mini-run after A-Ram was picked (and I was right) and didn't want to get stuck with a stiff. Also, I hate Chipper Jones.
6 Orlando Hudson (2B, ARI) -- was surprised he was still available.
7 Cleveland Indians (P, CLE) -- the last plus pitching staff (Angels) had been picked a few rounds earlier and needed to grab a decent one before I was forced to pick up Baltimore or something.
8 James Loney (1B, LAD) -- at this point it was either him, Giambi, or one of the fucking White Sox.
9 Jack Cust (OF, OAK) -- dude can hit.
10 Austin Kearns (OF, WSH) -- see above.
11 Evan Longoria (3B, TB) -- needed some bench infielders & wasn't going to pick a SS or 2B.
12 Felix Pie (OF, CHC) -- late rounds are for fan picks.
13 San Francisco Giants (P, SF) -- guess I'll need to be happy with 60 wins.
14 Freddy Sanchez (2B, PIT) -- the Pirates are going to score a few runs, and Sanchez should score most of them.
15 Randy Winn (OF, SF) -- the Giants are going to score a few runs, and Winn should drive most of them in.

We'll see if my strategy of picking young players and the only good players on bad teams pays off...

"1 Hanley Ramirez (SS, FLA) -- best SS in the game."

Best HITTING SS in the game.

Why is Todd Helton undroppable?

Guess they still consider him a superstar....

Yes, Hendry's Okonomi Buffet is indeed me, DC Tom.

It was a fun draft, and I'd agree it was weighted to 2007 numbers in general. Most guys were probably like me--I've only done about half the work I need to do for complete draft prep. Here is my blow-by-blow:

1. David Ortiz. A no-brainer in a points league after A-Rod and Pujols are gone.

2. Ryan Braun. With 3B and OF eligibility, I can't believe he fell to end of second round. Another no-brainer.

3. Brian Roberts. A reach. But I thought drafting him would be fun because I could pretend to make unreasonable trade a league with no trading! Seriously, 2B is an incredibly weak position in points leagues once Chase Utley is drafted, but I should have taken Uggla.

4. Carlos Lee. Last bopper OF that can be expected to reach 600 points. A little surprised he fell this far.

5. Angels Pitching. I just really, really, really like Jared Weaver and K-Rod. Now I have a reason to root for them.

6. Jorge Posada. If I recall only half the teams had catchers at this point be he was the only one left that could possibly make any offensive contribution. I almost took an OF but I figured one of my three targets would make it to next round (Sheffield, Hart, Chris Young)

7. Corey Hart. One of my targets fell to me in the next round. I put on my sunglasses even though it wasn't night.

8. Edgar Renteria. I needed a short stop and didn't want Eckstein.

9. Placido Polanco. Operator Error. I pushed the Red "Draft" button by mistake because I thought I was ripping MP3 off of my Placido Domingo tenor collection. I really wanted to draft Saltamacchia but the weird queing system in MLB draft got me.

10. Justin Upton. Having delayed picking up big hitting OFs, I'm embarking on a spaghetti-on-the-wall approach. One of the next slew of OFs will have a big season and compliment Lee and Hart.

11. Wily Mo Pena. See Entry # 10.

12. Jacoby Ellsbury. See Entry #10.

13. JD Drew. See Entry # 10.

14. Felipe Lopez. My sleeper pick of this and every other draft I'll participate in. Qualifies at 2B and SS. The new DC Park is much more hitter friendly than the old one, particularly to a guy like Lopez. Trust me on this one, guys.

15. Daric Barton. Baseball Prospectus likes him and to get a guy that'll start and bat No. 3 in a lineup in the last round ain't too bad.

it's probably only us reading these comments at this point, but i feel like i'd be a let-down if i didn't do a pick-by-pick recap of my draft like everyone else:
1. Utley - wanted an ace middle infielder, since they are scarce and there is major drop-off after the first couple. didnt want to over-value speed, so i took utley over reyes.
2. Guerrero - wanted a big bat & have always liked him
3. Morneau - wanted Rios and could have taken him, but didnt want to lose out on a stud 1B. Thought Rios might come back to me.
4. Padres staff - didn't want to take pitching yet, but feared missing a chance to get a good staff. unfortunately this locks me into being a padres fan all season. kind of glad i dont have the mets.
5. Atkins - needed a 3B and, like Ruz, didnt want Chipper.
6. Markakis - he was ranked highly, but i dont know much about him, other than he is young. took a chance
7. H Matsui - considered taking an SS, but decided to shore up my OF first.
8. M Young - needed a SS. for whatever reason felt young would be better than renteria. forgot about hardy. we'll see what happens.
9. Saltalamacchia - needed a C, Salty was available. good thing i took him when i did, sounds like he was in demand.
10. Konerko - filling up bench spots. wanted alex gordon, but missed out. hate the sox, but paulie should be a decent backup
11-15. filling in bench spots with players i think will be above average or at least worth playing. with weekly line-up changes, I don't expect to start my bench players much, if ever, unless there is an injury or someone is particularly awful/spectacular. usually, if you ride out the top picks, you'll survive their slumps and be rewarded with their hot streaks.
good luck ya'll

damn, you were going to take Rios from me too? What did I ever do to you?

Markakis should have a good year, except they'll be no one around him to drive in.

Curse you and your Salty pick. I had the curser on him and I had the next Non-Auto pick. Forced me to take Kurt F#$%$N Suzuki with the pick. Then I was so frazzled I took Mark Ellis 2 spots later cause I couldnt find a suitable sleeper Catcher.

thats why i love live (or semi-live) drafts. there are always some unexpected quirky picks, and some agonizing over lost players. You don't want to over-value a player and take him sooner than necessary, but at the same time, you can't wait on someone you actually want. i'm in another live draft league that will draft at my house later this month. i can't wait.

I much prefer auctions. You get better control over who is on your team, and what kind of salary distribution you have (big stars and scrubs or a lot of solid guys).

i would love to try an auction sometime - i thought about trying one in my league this year, but i'm just afraid it would fall apart considering some of the participants. i just meant i prefer live drafts to autodrafts, which is what i was stuck with my first few years in fantasy sports.

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