Game 35 Recap: Cubs 3, Diamondbacks 1

Pitchers Duel

W -
Lilly (3-4), batter's interference calls

Haren (4-2), jerks who didn't start Lilly in their fantasy leagues

S - Wood (6)

Box Score
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Things to Take from This Game

1. Lilly Comes Through

Facing the best offense in baseball, one dominated by right-handed hitters, Lilly shut down the Diamondbacks to the tune of three hits, two walks, one earned run on a Chris Young Home Run, and ten strikeouts. He spotted the fastball well, with more velocity as the day went on, and had his harder curve and/or slider working for him. A really remarkable performance for Lilly.

2. Haren's good, not great

Haren also pitched very well. The key moment came in the fifth, when with a runner on second and two outs, he walked Johnson to get to Lilly. Lilly then singled through the middle for an RBI, and Soriano dropped a double in down the left field line. Lee added a home run off of Cruz in the eighth, completing the day's scoring

3. A Dominant Ninth for Wood

Wood threw nine strikes in the ninth, completely overpowering Young, Jackson and Upton. Easily the most dominant I've seen Wood, this year.

The this-is-what-I-get-for-not-being-a-fantasy-baseball-homer details, below.



Game Recap


  • Pretty weak National Anthem. A voice that generously would be called smokey, but I'll call it raspy and sort of nasal. They also seem to not want to put the woman singing it on camera, at all costs.

Inning 1 - Top

  • Byrnes, leading off for the fourth time this year, makes a really weak check-flail at a fastball that would have been called strike three, anyway. Nice start to Lilly
  • He then puts Drew in a 0-2 hole.
  • Drew with a soft roll-out to DeRosa.
  • First pitch to Chris Young, and he hits it into the left-field well. We have seen this before. Fastball down the middle. 1-0
  • Jackson pops to DeRosa

Inning 1 - Bottom

  • Soriano works a 2-2 count, a minor victory. Bounces out to Reynolds at third
  • I guess I haven't seen Haren pitch much, before. Really odd delivery, with a major hitch,or pause, in the leg kick
  • Theriot smokes a fastball to left, but that all-mouth, no mind, surfing pretty-boy Byrnes makes a nice diving catch, and smiles and hugs Young in center, afterwards. Go away, pretty-boy surfer.
  • Lee taps one out in front of the plate, easy play for Snyder

Inning 2- Top

  • Upton K's swinging on a changeup
  • Lilly K's Reynolds swinging at an inside fastball. Radar gun put the fastball at 86.
  • Snyder hits a 66 MPH curveball into left field for a single.
  • Burke pops a high fastball to Lee, in foul territory.

Inning 2 - Bottom

  • Ramirez grounds to Drew
  • Fukudome K's looking, pitch looked high.
  • Soto rolls to Reynolds. Easy game so far, for Haren

Inning 3- Top

  • Haren flies to right
  • and Byrnes to Left.
  • Drew hits a sinking liner to center, and Johnson makes a dive for it. It one-hops him, pretty badly, and the ball rolls straight behind him. Drew "triples."
  • Young K's looking at a breaking pitch. Drew stranded

Inning 3 - Bottom

  • DeRosa hits one that deflects off of Haren's glove. Harn runs after it, throws, DeRosa slides head first as the throw is offline, and is safe at first.
  • Johnson with a long AB, gets to 3-2 count.
  • DeRosa runs, and Johnson grounds out to Drew. Runner is able to advance to second.
  • Lilly pulls a grounder to second, on a broken bat, advanced DeRosa to third. Two outs.
  • Soriano grounds out to third, inning over. Mild grumbling from the fans

Inning 4 - Top

  • Jackson walks
  • and steals second without a throw. Huge jump on Lilly. Huge.
  • Upton strikes out swinging, again. And I started him, not Lilly, in my keeper league.
  • Lilly with nearly a wild throw on a pickoff attempt at second. Nice save by DeRosa.
  • And Reynolds also K's swinging. This is what I get for not having faith in my Cubbies.
  • Mark Grace is singing the Stretch. Who will he "root, root root" for - the Cubbies, the D-Backs, or some cop-out?
  • Lilly K's the side, on a foul-tip by Snyder. Fantasy Baseball Zeus is punishing me for my lack of faith.

Inning 4 - Bottom

  • Theriot K's swinging.
  • Lee flies lazily to Right.
  • Len and Bob comment on Snyder's all-black catching gear. heh. I think he's just Goth.
  • Ramirez K's swinging. A beautifully pitched game, so far

Inning 5- Top

  • Burke with a slow roller to straight away shortstop, Ramirez gets there to make the throw to first, just getting Burke.
  • Haren fouls out.
  • Byrnes rolls out to Ramirez

Inning 5 - Bottom

  • Haren strikes out Fukudome for a second time, here on a breaking ball
  • And Soto on a called strike three. Uff da.
  • DeRosa doubles into the left field corner.
  • Reed Johnson gets walked to face Lilly. Runners on 1 and 2, two outs for Lilly
  • Lilly takes a fastball back up the middle for a base hit. Young's throw home is terrible, almost hitting Johnson as he's rounding second base. DeRosa scores without a play. 1-1
  • And Soriano hits one down the left field line, scoring Johnson. Lilly to third, Soriano doubles. 2-1 Cubs
  • Theriot grounds out to Drew.

Inning 6 - Top

  • Drew lines one to the warning track in Right, Fuludome catches it without problem.
  • Young K's swinging.
  • Nice catch by a fan in the first row of the upper deck. Leans over, catches the foul ball with his bare hands. Spiffy jacket he's wearing, too. You go, fan.
  • Jackson walks.
  • Gun has Lilly in the low-90s for Upton's PA.
  • Upton looks at a fastball on the outside corner, strike 3.

Inning 6 - Bottom

  • Lee grounds out to Drew.
  • Haren seems to have landed a bit funny on a pitch to Ramirez. Is slowing down his pace even more.
  • Ramirez pops to Drew
  • Fukudome works a walk. Nice AB.
  • Wrigley's pretty quiet, so you can hear a couple leather-lunged guys yelling GEE-OH SOH-TOH
  • Soto Lines out to Young.

Inning 7 - Top

  • Reynolds pops to second
  • Some morbidly obese guy is out in the little park area next to my window. He's smoking and starting up the grill. No good can come from any of this.
  • Snyder K's on a 3-2 breaking ball at the bottom of the zone. Snyder not happy about it. 10 Ks for Lilly.
  • Burke lines out to Johnson

Inning 7 - Bottom

  • Mark Grace sings the stretch.
  • "It's always great to come back home."
  • Good for Mark Grace. He says "it's root root root for the CUBBIES. If they don't win it's a SHAME." Quite emphatically
  • "I love you guys."
  • M.O. guy is just staring at the grill as it heats up. Go away, M.O. guy.
  • DeRosa grounds out to Drew.
  • Johnson singles to center.
  • Oh my god, M.O. Redneck guy has been joined by some cute little puppy. HE'S GOING TO GRILL THE PUPPY!!!
  • Fontenot in to hit for Lilly.
  • Fontenot flies to Young in left-center
  • Grace needs to be informed about how the Cubs are doing this year.
  • Grace bagging on the competition in the NL West. Heh.
  • Soriano rolls to Drew for a 6-4 force.

Inning 8 - Top

  • Augie Ojeda in to hit for Haren, Marmol in for Lilly
  • Ojeda vs. Marmol, and guess who wins the battle: Ojeda dumps a single into right. (Actually, just as I'm about to type it, Len also points out how Ojeda has had a nice renaissance in his career)
  • Hit and run, and Byrnes' dramatic "flying nun" helicopter backswing catches Soto on both the backswing and then the recoil from it. The home plate ump calls interference, so it winds up being a weird strike-him-out, caught-stealing double play, scored "two, unassisted". Otherwise, Ojeda would have stolen the bag easily.
  • Drew flies to shallow right, inning over

Inning 8 - Bottom

  • Juan Cruz in. With his cap off, it appears that Juan Cruz is quite bald. As in shaved head, but revealing stubble that suggests he's already lost most of the hair on the top of his head.
  • Cruz K's Theriot looking at a fastball on the outside corner.
  • Cruz doesn't get much attention, but he's turned into one heck of a middle reliever in the last two or three years.
  • And of course, Lee then homers just left of the center field camera.
  • Cruz walks Ramirez. While I don't have Lilly starting today, I do have Cruz active as a reliever. God, I suck.
  • and Fukudome singles through the right-side hole. Ramirez to second.
  • Soto K's looking at the fastball
  • The Dog isn't outside any more, and the M.O. guy is eating something. This Can't Possibly Be Good.
  • DeRosa walks on four pitches. Bases Loaded.
  • Besides being bald, Cruz also has huge wrinkle lines. I wonder if he's secretly 45.
  • 3-2 on Reed Johnson. Crowd on its feet.
  • Johnson K's swinging at a 95 MPH fastball on the outside corner.

Inning 9 - Top

  • Wood in for Marmol, Pie in for Johnson
  • Wood blows Young away on three pitches. Not even close.
  • Five pitches, five strikes so far for Wood, as Jackson's down 0-2.
  • Jackson bounces to Theriot, two out.
  • And it's 0-2 on Upton. Wood looks like this is the easiest thing on earth
  • Upton gronds into the hole. Theriot gets him at first by half a step. Pretty amazed that Theriot's arm beats Upton's legs. Game over.

Parachat Recap

Inning 1

  • Why no Pie?
  • What's the dumbest question Rob's been asked? (Besides that one.)
  • Why throw Chris Young a fastball?
  • Marshal/Eyre/Gallagher/Lieber
  • Haren's funky windup.
  • No one likes Byrnes.

Inning 2

  • Sexson going crazy last night
  • Lilly should grow a Fu Manchu.
  • Is Cedeno for real? (yes.)
  • Round 9,132 of who should start at M.I.

Inning 3

  • Johnson's missed catch.
  • Some people just can't let go of those Middle Infield debates. Addiction is a painful thing to watch consume your loved ones and friends....
  • And it continues. I look for a butter knife with which to give myself a lobotomize
  • That didn't work so well. And now I've got a butter knife lodged in the side of my head that I can't get out. It seems to be stuck on something a couple inches in...
  • Changing subjects, are Yost and the Brewers finished?

Inning 4

  • Fielder's veganism.
  • What's in your grocery cart?
  • What will Grace "root, root root" for?
  • Different fantasy baseball constructions.

Inning 5

  • Haren is amazing. As in "unhittable," or as "dreamy"?
  • Benson or the Cops?
  • Best Hair in the Majors: Haren? Soto? Nomar? Utley?
  • Offensive fantasy trade offers
  • More fantasy formats
  • Cheering runs.

Inning 6

  • Cribs in Lake Michigan vs. Cribs on Lake Michigan
  • Drowning Babies: your opinion?
  • Laughing at those morons who didn't start Lilly in their fantasy leagues today. You know who you are. Morons.
  • Would you trade for Harden?
  • Can the bullpen keep the lead?
  • Is The Heckler funny?
  • If the Devil Rays are now the Rays, will the Diamondbacks become the Backs?
  • Mark Grace, on his time living near Wrigley.

Inning 7

  • Is a pederast a bicycling rastafarian? Evidently not.
  • Then who is a pederast?
  • Oh dear god.
  • Classic poems about man-breasts
  • Bunnies.
  • Michaelweaselo asks "Which Cub would you fight and why?" Hilarity ensues.

Inning 8

  • On to which president you'd buy a beer. Correct answer, Andy Jackson.
  • How many dead guys are in your fraternity?
  • The catcher's interference play.
  • The Volquez/Hamilton trade
  • More on Texas's mismanagement.
  • Which outfielders are finished?
  • Will Randy Johnson get 300 wins?
  • Sexson's suspended, Mariners rejoice.
  • Good Pizza Toppings.

Inning 9

  • Cheering on Wood


Cubs record in games recapped moves to 4-2.




AZ Phil just posted his EXST update as the MLB game was ending, be sure not to miss that, below this post.  Phil - My apologies on the coincidental timing, here.

....was just released by the Padres.

Our centerfield problem is solved!

Willie Mays is available too and has about as much ability to hit these days.

Edmonds was ironically replaced by Jody Gerut on the Padres roster.

Go Ex-Cubs. We hardly knew yee-jo-dee.

Ted Williams, in his current condition, could produce better than Edmonds right now.

Good to see DeRo break out of his 1-15 slump.

I hope Rich Hill studies the video of today's outing by Lilly. He needs to see how it's possible for a pitcher to get a win after giving up a leadoff HR to Chris Young.


Was leadoff in last year's playoff game.  Today was the rare time he was dropped to third.  Still, it's an apt comparison - Len and Bob made it in the game, when it happened.

not really cause if rich hill studied this game he would NOT learn how to win a game after giving up a leadoff home run to chris young. cause it didn't happen.

and yes there is a big difference between the third batter of the game with two outs and the first. the nerves are funny that way.

I dont know about best hair in the majors, but I know who has the worst:

Corey "Spring Break '98" Hart

God I hate that guy.

Q: Is there Parachat in heaven?
A: Parachat is heaven.

And reading a Recap post can be hell, or at least purgatory. You see all that you missed (by working, dammit). Morbidly obese caninivorous people, man-breast verse. And this ridiculous joke about not starting Lilly on one's fantasy team. Yeah, right. Who'd be stupid enough to do that.

Just got back from the game. Great game, cold game.

It's always sweet to make your opponents pay for an intentional walk.

what was lilly topping out at today?


Only time I noticed was when L and B mentioned that the gun had Lilly at 91 with 94 appearing on the stadium electronic side scoreboards...  Sounds about right.

Top speed on fastball

1st 86mph
2nd 87
3rd 87
4th 90
5th 87
6th 91
7th 87

So this is not a huge difference other than a couple pitches. Overall he is still in the high 80's, not the low 90's where we should be.

len and bob talking about the big z vs r.johnson matchup
one of them said carlos cant wait to hit off him.
this matchup is one i am looking forward to seeing,
hen again the weather is supposedlyy going to be crappy.

Kerry Wood's new slider

...apparently not a White Castle reference

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  • Before Wood,Strop, Rondon yesterday

    Elias: 99 yrs. since a bullpen threw at least 7 perfect innings. last time 6/23/17 by Boston. Ernie Shore retired last 26 after Babe Ruth ejected for arguing balls and strikes after walking lead off hitter. Runner was caught stealing.

    jacos 1 hour 44 min ago view
  • CUBBIES-4-EVER: It's not ten days including the day the player was Designated for Assignment, it's ten day from the day the player was Designated for Assignment. 

    So because Neil Ramirez was Designated for Assignment on 5/21, the deadline to either assign the player to another club (MLB or minor league) or release the player is 5/31 (today). 

    Arizona Phil 5 hours 3 sec ago view
  • AZBOBBOP: No updates. 

    Arizona Phil 5 hours 40 min ago view
  • Phil, any updates on eight Oscar de la Cruz or Luis Hernandez?

    azbobbop 15 hours 13 min ago view
  • One miscommunication in outfield and the Cubs would have another no hitter

    jacos 16 hours 24 min ago view
  • Bruce Levine [email protected]

    Sex Fowler out with sore heel

    Pretty epic nickname

    johann 16 hours 56 min ago view
  • Mike Olt lives!

    The E-Man 17 hours 31 min ago view
  • Screw the closer.

    Old and Blue 19 hours 22 min ago view
  • He's had so few save opportunities that it might be difficult for him to get the All Star nod but Rondon has an absolutely ridiculous 1.05 ERA and 1.06 FIP after this game so far (and I think his worst outing was in the 10th inning non save situation) so I do absolutely think he is worth considering.

    johann 19 hours 25 min ago view
  • wood(4)/grimm/strop/rondon combine for 7ip 0h 0bb 8K


    crunch 19 hours 39 min ago view
  • 3ip 0h 0bb 3k for t.wood...nice.

    28 pitches.

    wonder if they'll let him go another.

    4ip 0h 0bb 4k...and probably done f'real this time. 43 pitches and in line for the win.

    crunch 20 hours 27 min ago view
  • And stay off the keyboard too

    Eric S 20 hours 36 min ago view
  • Depends how long he'd be gone but if not too long I would assume they'll use Wood or Cahill and limit them to 4 or 5 innings and call up a reliever to use in the bullpen.

    johann 20 hours 55 min ago view
  • hopefully it's a carlos-zambrano-special and he just needs to drink more water and less coffee+redbull before starts.

    crunch 21 hours 42 sec ago view
  • Assuming Hammel needs some DL time for the hammy, who do the Cubs call up: Glasnow or Taillon? Too many starting pitching prospects at Iowa to choose from.

    Eric S 21 hours 3 min ago view
  • "cramping in right hamstring" according to the booth.

    btw, it was his left hamstring that was injured last year.

    crunch 21 hours 5 min ago view