Cubs on Doodle Jump would ease ST angst

Don't know about you, but with all this prolonged and intense ST Cubs scrutiny, my brain hurts a little.
The Carlos Silva thing - whether you think he was fairly treated or not - I'm just glad it's over.
Yeah, drama always makes things fun, but there's enough to worry about besides that guy.
So much so, I decided to shut my mind down for a bit by playing a little Doodle Jump over the weekend.
Which is when it occurred to me that it would make an awesome Cubs game.

There's no sound here, but when you miss a base and fall, you'd hear the Ron Santo "OH NOOOO!" call instead of the slide whistle.
Of course they'd have to get MLB approval and all that, so it could never happen.
But it would be fun. 

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled programming.
Nyger Morgan is a Brewer.
The Cards are not interested in Silva
The Yankees are not interested in Silva.
Jeff Baker is being handled carefully with the hammy, but should be ready for opening day. 
Jeff Samardzija will get a trim.
Wrigley Field food: they're going back to Vienna dogs.
Lastly, Mark Riggins' handling of the Silva demotion - the "let him down easy" way.
I'm totally giving Riggins the thumbs up because of Carlos' heart thing.
What if he'd just said, "Carlos, everybody thinks you suck and there's no place for you on the team." and then Carlos grabs his chest and turns purple?

I'd have handled it exactly the same way.


"and then Carlos grabs his chest and turns purple?"

Would they still have to pay the rest of his contract?

"and then Carlos grabs his chest and turns purple?"
in the spirit of that as a prediction for Silva's next gig...

Is it too early in the season to call today's game a must-win?

Why not beat the rush.

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