International First-Year Players - Eligibility & Restrictions

The "International Signing Period" extends from July 2nd through June 15th of the following year.

Any individual who is age 17 or older, has not previously signed an MLB or minor league contract, resides outside the U. S., Canada, and Puerto Rico, and has not been enrolled in a high school or college in the U. S., Canada, or Puerto Rico within the previous year, can be signed during the ""International Signing Period." Also, a 16-year old international player can be signed if the individual will turn 17 prior to September 1st or prior to the conclusion of the minor league season (whichever comes first).

An international player can be "Signed for Future Service" (contract is for the following season) if the player signs a contract July 2nd up through the conclusion of the MLB regular season.  

In addition, a 16-year old international player who otherwise would not be eligible to sign can be "Signed for Future Service" (that is, signed for the next season) if the player signs a contract July 2nd through August 31st.

No international player can be signed during the period of time extending from June 16th through July 1st.

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