It's Tyler Colvin Bobblehead Giveaway Night at Wrigley!

It absolutely freaks me out how talented the artisans are who individually hand-craft bobblehead dolls.
The patience and skill involved...I think at Northwestern and Stanford you can get a degree in bobblehead.
If they made a tv show about it, the opening would borrow from "Kung Fu", and the student would have to walk across rice paper and snatch the pebble from that old blind dude's hand. 
And that's before they can even think about picking up a paintbrush or sitting at a potter's wheel or blowing glass or whatever.

That's my collection up above.

Probably it's worth thousands of dollars.
I'm hoping that "Antiques Roadshow" comes through Chicago, because I know they'll have a bobblehead expert who can tell me for real just how much I'm sitting on here.
But even if we're talking 20 - 30 grand, I'd NEVER sell them.
They mean so much, and I know my children will be thrilled to have these valuable heirlooms.
And I CAN'T WAIT to get the Colvin one tonight!
It says they'll give them away for free to the first 10,000 fans...imagine the time and care that went into making 10 THOUSAND of these things!
They probably started back when Tyler was in highschool or something, just on the chance that he'd make it to the Cubs.

How about Big Z last night?
Man, we could use about 20 starts like that, right?
And my bobblehead-man Tyler Colvin hits the game winning double in the bottom of the 10th!
Cubs 1 Padres nothin'.

Man, looking at the weather, I hope it doesn't rain tonight.
You do not want to be that guy on "Antiques Roadshow" who has to answer "yes" to the question, "Has this bobblehead ever been exposed to moisture?"

ComPLETELY ruins the value.  


ugly weather in Chicago allegedly, I assume a DH tomorrow since Padres don't come back to town.

Otherwise they both have an off day on June 23rd with Padres between games in Boston and Atlanta, while Cubs are at White Sox and going to Royals.

I'm 30 miles due West of downtown Chicago and the weather forecast here is rain, rain, and more rain. AccuWeather says 1.46 inches of rain coming. I've never seen a specific forecast like that before. But it does show temps in the high 30's/low 40's out here and rain and thunderstorms all day/night.

think he's missing some key points, but nonetheless, Hendry will have lots of payroll options this offseason.

Hendry... or whoever the Cub GM is this off season.

Ed Lynch!

Who's going to fire Hendry? Ricketts wouldn't know what to do next.

I heard that Hendry's contract adds value to the sale price of the team.

If the Cubs actual attendence is 2 million and they don't win 80 games, Hendry is gone. Based on the Soriano deal I wouldn't want Hendry negotiating with Pujols and Fielder anyway.

Who's the hot candidate for GM next year?
Hahn on sox?

Fill/Phil me in.

Castro SS, Barney 2B, Byrd CF, Ramirez 3B, Peña 1B, Soriano LF, Colvin RF, Soto C, Russell P

That was great!

and called...

Day/night doubleheader tomorrow...

had their 2nd child today, a baby girl.

two in one day



from personal experience, I can tell you that it is actually possible, although it didn't happen in this case.

Garza goes Game 1 tomorrow, Russell the nightcap so they can burn the bullpen with the day off Thursday

Wells and Cashner to start throwing programs on Friday, towel-less throwing programs.

est. 2 more weeks before Wells is back for Cubs, 4 weeks for Cashner according to Levine;

if there are no setbacks...

2 weeks is over a week too long.

they can't continue with this russell thing unless he shows he can throw 80+ pitches without stinking up the place after his next start.

Ortiz, anyone?

I wonder how far off Jay Jackson is. Probably farther than Wells.

2 weeks is 3 more starts for Russell and he was expected to go up to 75 tonight which is 8-9 innings against the Padres :)

20th vs. Padres x2 - Garza/Russell
21st - Off Day
22nd vs. Dodgers - Dempster
23rd vs. Dodgers - Zambrano
24th vs. Dodgers - Coleman
25th vs. Rockies - Garza
26th vs. Rockies - Russell
27th vs. Rockies - Dempster
28th @ DBacks - Zambrano
29th @ DBacks - Coleman
30th @ DBacks - Garza
1st @ DBacks - Russell
2nd @ Dodgers - Dempster
3rd @ Dodgers - Zambrano
4th @ Dodgers - Coleman
5th - Off Day
6th vs. Reds - Garza
7th vs. Reds - Dempster
8th vs. Reds - Zambrano
9th - Off Day

Based on his last game, 75 pitches would get Russell into the early 2nd inning :)

for this: Koyie Hill 8 AB's

He has Hill on a pace to get maybe 90 PA's this year. That would be no small change. It's a 67% cut compared to the last two years.

Here's hoping the diminished playing time is an omen that KH should fear. FEAR The Q-Ball Koyie.

vs. Falcons
@ Saints
vs. Packers
vs. Panthers
@ Lions
vs. Vikings
@ Bucs (London)
@ . Eagles
vs. Lions
vs. San Diego
@ Oakland
vs. Kansas City
@ Denver
vs. Seahawks
@ Packers
@ Vikings

someone check the power crystals, 0/2 so far tonight

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  • On the other hand, Pries won his first start for Iowa, only giving up two HRs in the process. This trade has got some legs yet!

    Eric S 4 hours 55 min ago view
  • KB now with 0 RBI in his last 10 games and 1 in his last 15, despite having 19 hits in his last 15 games and raising his batting average from .278 to .286 over that span.

    Maybe have Zobrist hit 2 and KB hit 4?

    Also -- no HR in the last 15 games -- time for a bunch. Starting tomorrow.

    billybucks 5 hours 11 min ago view
  • Down a run. Fowler on first. Nobody out. KB singles to left, Fowler makes it to third, perfect throw from Cabrera nails KB trying to stretch for 2nd.

    So, instead of 1st & 3rd and no out, you have 3rd with one out. It was a perfect throw, but why take the chance with 3-4-5 hitters coming up?

    billybucks 5 hours 25 min ago view
  • Must be a Cub thing - our lefties can;t get lefties out.

    billybucks 5 hours 26 min ago view
  • Splitting hairs, but Jake's pitch was poor execution, while KB's play was a poor decision (and the 2nd time he got thrown out trying to stretch in the game). Poor execution happens. Poor decisions are preventable. Speaking of poor decisions -- Baez's steal of 3rd made absolutely no sense.

    billybucks 5 hours 27 min ago view
  • Didn't Jake cost them the game with a pitch to Frazier?

    The E-Man 5 hours 40 min ago view
  • Missed the play w/Bryant. What happened?

    The E-Man 5 hours 41 min ago view
  • Not a good decision by Bryant in the 9th. That may have cost them the game.

    billybucks 5 hours 45 min ago view
  • Can we un-do the Montgomery deal? Please?

    billybucks 5 hours 46 min ago view

    crunch 5 hours 49 min ago view
  • Who is this Arrieta guy? Can I get the old one back please?

    The E-Man 6 hours 57 min ago view
  • Well, this is, once again, the whole season for the Sox.

    billybucks 7 hours 2 min ago view
  • ...and the Bryant RBI jinx continues in the 3rd....crap.

    billybucks 8 hours 34 min ago view
  • bryant's in the dugout filling a police report BECAUSE HE JUST GOT ROBBED.

    f'n cabrerra...

    crunch 9 hours 11 min ago view
  • chapman showing up and available tomorrow night.

    i'm sure he'll be a bit hit. hope he doesn't choke. dude has a rifle for an arm. he'll add a bit of punch to the bullpen.

    crunch 9 hours 12 min ago view
  • the 'crosstown classic' sure has lost it's magic with interleague. the excitement level is barely noticable...maybe it's a bit more hype in the city, itself.

    crunch 9 hours 17 min ago view