Cubs Complete Outfield By Signing Dexter Fowler and Shane Victorino

In less than 24 hours, the Cubs have significantly altered their outfield situation for 2016. Yesterday, Dexter Fowler was re-signed to a one-year $8 million contract with a $5 million buyout or $9 million mutal option for 2017, and joined the team in a surprise, heart-warming moment. Fowler will start in CF and lead-off most days, with Jason Heyward now slotted for starting everyday in RF, with the ability to move to CF to give Fowler a dayoff or as part of  late inning double switches.


UPDATE: Fowler's homecoming and Desmond going to the Rangers means we have a tie for first place: billybucks and Robert Marciano. How's that for maximum late inning drama!

Everyone but Desmond is off the board, so congrats to billybucks for his win in the Free Agents Predictions Contest. It turns out that the predictions business is something of a blood sport and not exactly easy (see Y. Berra).

While billy is doing his victory lap, the rest of you can start your prognostication engines for the 2016 Season Predictions ContestThanks to WISCGRAD for his kind assistance in putting this together. 


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