Cubs @ Tigers: Lester vs. Sanchez (Game 56 Thread)

CHC (30-25): LHP Jon Lester (4-4, 3.86)

DET (30-28): RHP Anibal Sanchez (3-7, 5.69)

First pitch: 6:08pmCT

Fowler# cf
Rizzo* 1b

Bryant 3b

Montero* dh

Denorfia lf

Castro ss

Lake rf

Ross c

Russell 2b


Davis cf

Kinsler 2b

Cabrera 1b

Cespedes lf

Martinez, J dh

Castellanos 3b

McCann c

Wilson 3b

Iglesias ss

Is David Ross Really That Bad?

by CubsfaninCA

A lot of people have been complaining since we signed David Ross.  Many felt we had to give up a better catcher (Welly) for very little as a result. Others say Lester shouldn’t have a “personal catcher.” But mostly everyone talks about how he’s an automatic out in the lineup.  Well, folks, he’s a backup catcher. They have been a topic on Cubs message boards for as long as I can remember, debating the merits of Koyie Hill, Henry Blanco, and the infamous John Baker.  

So the question is: is Ross really that bad for a backup catcher and how much does it really matter? 

Meet the Mets SPs

Much has been made of the Cubs and Mets as natural trading partners because of the Cubs potential log jam of infielders and the Mets starting pitching. Does a trade make sense? And what might one look like? Thanks to MLB's blackout restrictions, I rarely get to see the Mets, so I went to my go-to guy for all things Mets, James (aka, the Mayor of Bridgeport), and posed some questions to him.

Cubs @ Nationals: Hendricks vs. Zimmermann (Game 55 Thread)

CHC (29-25): RHP Kyle Hendricks (1-2, 3.99)
WAS (30-26): RHP Jordan Zimmermann (5-2, 2.88)
First pitch: 3:05pmCT

Fowler# cf

Rizzo* 1b

Bryant 3b

Montero* c

Coghlan* lf

Castro ss

Denorfia rf

Hendricks p

Herrera# 2b


Span* cf

Espinosa# 3b

Harper* rf

Rendon 2b

Ramos c

Desmond ss

Moore 1b

Taylor lf
Zimmermann p

Hendricks gave up 1 ER in 7 innings against the Nationals last time around. The Cubs won it in the 9th on a Russell double. Last time out, Hendricks gave up 4 ER in 6 innings in Miami and took the loss in the game that ended 5-2.

Zimmermann went 7 innings and gave up 1 ER against the Cubs at Wrigley but didn’t factor in the decision. In his last outing, he kept the Blue Jays off the board for 8 innings and got the W in the 2-0 WAS victory. He will look really nice in Cubbie blue next year.

Rizzo has the best numbers against Zimmermann, 4-10 with a HR, and is now working a career-high 11-game hitting streak. Meanwhile, his 1.051 OPS is currently the third best in all of baseball, behind only Harper and Goldschmidt. Montero (7-19) also has had success against Zimmermann. Castro (4-22), Coghlan (4-19), and Fowler (3-17), not so much. The Nationals are 5-22 (.227) against Hendricks. Harper (8-20 in June) has a HR--his solo shot in the 7th last week against him, for which he managed to keep his helmet on.

Castro returns to SS, after a much-needed day off--I was in NYC getting a good bagel and seeing the Mad Men exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image and was sad to miss Russell’s debut there--and Russell gets a not-needed day away from SS.

Tale of Two Javys

Five innings were enough tonight.

At one point the I-Cubs trailed 5-0 and the Vice-Cardinals from Memphis had all of one hit, that being a single. Rarely is so much made from so little. When Carlos Pimento was excused from further duty he'd thrown 80 pitches in three innings, only 35 of them strikes. I think he walked eight.

Giants Rally to Edge Cubs at Riverview

1B (ex-LHP) Nick Jones reached base four times (two singles and two walks) and drove-in what proved to be the game-winning run, Nathaniel Javier drilled a two-run double, singled, and scored two runs, and Julio Pena singled twice, knocked-in two runs, and scored another, as the Giants rallied from a 7-2 deficit to edge the Cubs 8-7 in Cactus League Extended Spring Training action this morning on Field #1 at Mesa CubTown at Riverview Park.  

Eloy Jimenez belted a solo HR, Adonis Paula hammered a two-run double, singled twice, and scored a run, and Shawon Dunston Jr singled twice, stole a base, and scored two runs for the Cubs in a losing cause.  

Here is the abridged box score from today's game (Cubs players only) 

Projecting End-of-Season Statistics

The Cubs will play their 54th game tonight, which will put them at the one-third mark of the baseball season. I thought it would be interesting to see what each player’s full season stats would be if we project out based on these first two months. For most players, it was as simple as taking their current stats (as of yesterday prior to the game) and multiplying by three. But for players who started in the minors or were injured, I have taken that into consideration and examined the percentage of days they have been on the roster when making the calculations. For Soler, I removed three weeks’ worth of stats to account for his current injury. The normal caveats, of course, apply. Players can get injured at any time, fall into slumps, or get hot, and so these will most definitely not look the final lines for a lot of these players. But it should provide a quick sense of how good/bad of a season players are currently having.



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  • I think it's probably hard to adjust to an ump's zone mid-game, as least for hitters. Pitchers can locate to an ump's zone, but hitters have minimal time to react.

    But, whatever. Umps are going to miss calls. Let's beat up on the non-Lackey starters.

  • Watched a little of Mets-Dodgers.

    Jason deGrom -- oh, my.

  • Cubs 3-4-5 hitters are 0-21 so far in the post-season.

    Let's change that in a big effin' way tomorrow, boys.

  • Considering how players reacted it seemed pretty accurate high and wide (to righties), but not so accurate low and in. I thought the strike zone by the ump was awful, but it was consistent and the Cubs never adjusted.

    Rizzo and Bryant need to have good at bats. They are really looking outclassed in these two games.

  • that game sounds fun as hell.

  • I was just wondering the same thing. I'd rather not see it at all. If it's inaccurate, it's a bad viewer experience. If it's accurate, it shows some shitty calling by the umpire.

  • TBS' K Zone seems to be more harsh than the others.

    I wonder if MLB will ask the networks to stop using them. They just make the umps, and the game, look bad, and it only pisses off the fans.

  • ...joe.

  • "Strop vs. Cardinals." Seen the movie. Hated it.

    Not all that disappointed -- I didn't think they would beat Lackey in Game 1. Need to get the bats going against the guys with less experience -- and they hit Wacha pretty good.

  • Rizzo has been slumping the last couple weeks of the season. Very disappointed it has continued during his penultimate moment of his career to date.

  • Really doesn't matter, but I was surprised to see Lester pulled and Strop pulled in. Should of left Lester in. oy.

  • Sweet merciful fuck, I hate the Cardinals.

  • *flips table*


  • Really doesn't matter, but I was surprised to see Lester out for the 8th. Down 1-0, at 100 pitches, seemed better to give a very fresh bullpen a little work.

    Oh well...Throw away game, although in a 5 game series there is no luxury afforded to do that.

  • This game is not on Lester - he did his job

  • Had a lot of hope hanging on that deep Fowler fly in the sixth.

    Really despise the Cards