Chone Figgins

I had brought up the name Chone Figgins earlier in the season as the one free agent name I thought the Cubs would try and pursue. That is if they can figure out how to squeeze him into their already bloated payroll for next year. There's also the insanity of paying him 10M+ per year, for someone who is not anywhere near that kind of money, but he's got that "true leadoff" label that worked out so well the last time the Cubs overpaid for that skillset.

Nonetheless, the Sun-Times conjectures that he is indeed in the Cubs' crosshairs and has been ever since the Brian Roberts talk from a couple offseasons ago. They also reveal what the offseason mantra will be. Last year it was of course to get more left-handed, this year it's going to be: More Team Speed. Print up the T-Shirts! Makes you wonder why they ever traded Joey Gathright away this year.

Figgins is definitely fast, although Wrigley will take away some of those triples he's use to hitting at Angel Stadium and Lou isn't nearly as aggressive as Mike Scioscia when it comes to stealing, so don't expect similar stolen base totals if the Cubs can sign him. He does fit the super-utility role that Mark DeRosa so aptly filled, although he's been playing mostly third base for the last three seasons. The Angels actually considered center field to be his best position, but I assume the Cubs would pursue him to play second base.

Insanely early start today in Pittsburgh, I'm sure you're all going to be glued to your TV sets to watch Ted Lilly vs. Dan McCutchen. Congrats to Tennessee on winning the second half division title in Double A. Congrats to Iowa for proving Cubbery extends through the entire Cubs organiztion and finishing anywhere from 4-6 games back depending on today's games after getting within a half game earlier in the week.

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