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  • took long enough to get olt back down to iowa (if they weren't going to play him more often in the bigs).

    hopefully he can find a high-use regular role...even if it means some OF/1st/DH. he's not gold glove D at 3rd, but his D isn't what's holding him back.

    55 min 32 sec ago
  • Olt headed to Iowa too. End of the Lars Anderson era?

    1 hour 34 min ago
  • AA is home to a lot of 23-25 year olds.

    2 hours 9 min ago
  • The Iowa OF has been Szczur (.246), Jackson (.217) and Kalish (.208). With the Solar promotion, it will be interesting to see who loses at bats. The end of the BJax era or Kalish?

    2 hours 9 min ago
  • It will be interesting to see if Almora's hitting changes out of the FSL which is notoriously tough on hitters. Also it will be interesting to see if he needs to make an adjustment to AA pitching. Relative to normal age for AA, how young is he for that league?

    2 hours 14 min ago
  • Soler has been playing like a man among boys across the board and needs to get on the fast track, so that promotion makes immediate sense. But I'm a little surprised by the Almora promotion. He's been hot lately, but his BB% remains frighteningly low and has been pretty much throughout his pro career.

    2 hours 18 min ago
  • almora to TN seems a bit rushed, but at least it's enough time for him to be challenged at a new level rather than just getting a taste.

    soler to AAA is awesome. dunno what he can do, but hopefully he'll be patrolling the OF out of camp next spring.

    2 hours 19 min ago
  • Just announced on WGN Radio by Jordan Bernfield...

    Solar promoted to Iowa
    Almora promoted to Tennessee

    Bernfield also said he's hearing the Solar will get a mlb call up in September (assuming he's healthy)
    (getting the band together)

    2 hours 23 min ago
  • Rizzo's HR production is truly remarkable, given that he is the only legit hitter who can do any damage in the lineup. In the future, Castro should hit 7th -- lousy OBP, moderate power. His bat isn't anything special if he's not playing SS.

    Olt & Lake combined tonight -- 0-for-8, 5 Ks. Not good, fellows. Not good.

    2 hours 27 min ago
  • it only took about 1360 PA of sub-.300 ob% ball to get him out of here.

    ...1600+ if you throw in his second half of the 2011 season where he hit .238/.286/.328

    i don't care about his gold glove year and it's inflated WAR value (hell, he has a positive 0.4/0.6 WAR this season) because the guy has been defensive-bench-player quality at the plate since mid-2011. his only value at the plate is he's not K prone and actually puts the ball in play.

    2 hours 36 min ago
  • "I don't have 10-20 years. I'm 67 years old."

    Time to stop eating fast food and start exercising regularly.

    2 hours 45 min ago
  • That's alright, dude's been punking us for 5 years.

    2 hours 57 min ago
    The Joe
  • where will they hit when Baez Bryant and Soler are called up?

    ~giggles like a little girl~

    3 hours 1 min ago
  • Shapes of things to come folks.

    Btw Rizzo must be making the Padres feel real bad about letting him go.

    3 hours 38 min ago
  • Kinda enjoying this Alcantara-Rizzo-Castro middle of the order.

    3 hours 50 min ago
  • 2 HR night?

    2 HR night.

    3 hours 55 min ago


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