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  • just don't blame me if they go all Cleveland on you.

    4 hours 56 min ago
    Old and Blue
  • Admit you guys. Anyone who has a bit of spiritual karma stuff going on has to admit that all our incantations are beginning to have some meaning. Anyone who is over 30 knows that if you push hard enough with your thoughts, things happen, miracles happen. People who were sick, suddenly, get better. I've always jested about bringing them up, but I have been trying to "visualize" a Cubs team that is like this. I doubt I"m alone here.

    If that sounds crazy, fine, it's just an internet forum.

    4 hours 57 min ago
    Old and Blue
  • Very true. Who was it earlier who was saying our heart pumps were tethered to the Jake Foxes of the world? There's just so many now. It's fun. Most of them won't pan out. Unlike others, I don't think Baez is gonna fall into that group but I did like Choi so don't listen to me. Talk about opposites though, huh?

    5 hours 5 min ago
    Old and Blue
  • Could be but if so I apologize because i ignore him and if he found his way into my Flipboard I should be shot, and tortured.

    5 hours 8 min ago
    Old and Blue
  • The next wave go a combined 6/25...Schwarber and Soler with HR's.

    • Soler 1/4 with a HR
    • Bryant 1/4
    • Almora 1/4
    • Russell 0/4
    • Schwarber 2/5 with a HR
    • McKinney 1/4 with a BB 

    Almora hitting .310 over his last 10 games, 0 BB, 8 K

    6 hours 3 min ago
    Rob G.
  • I think you are referring to Peter Gammons recent quote from within the last few days, O&B? Ot was on his blog, then Tweeted about.
    That is almost verbatim from what you're describing...

    10 hours 25 min ago
    The E-Man
  • I remember talking to a couple of scouts at an Instructs game post-2011 (pre-Epstein/Hoyer), and even back then they both said they thought that within about five years there would be more players signed and/or developed by the Cubs playing in the big leagues than from any other MLB organization, but that the vast majority of them would be platoon guys, 5th starters, middle relievers, utility infielders, 4th or 5th outfielders, and back-up catchers.

    10 hours 31 min ago
    Arizona Phil
  • Was 2003 that Rick Telander predicted with absolute certainty that the Cubs wouldn't make the playoffs? Then they did. That shit annoys me, because in April these jokers make predictions and are never held accountable to them. It's like they just say whatever they want because they know no one will hold them to it.

    And by the way, if he's trying to write that article like it's a blog, fine, but compared to most blogs, that article is complete shit.

    11 hours 23 sec ago
  • Fun stuff. I don't believe it- some of these guys won't work out- but the simple fact that scouts are talking with this level of hypobole tells you just how good the Cubs system is now.

    11 hours 6 min ago
  • So far so good.

    12 hours 17 min ago
    Old and Blue
  • I saw a quote from some scout who said the Cubs have the best minor league system for position players in the history of the game as far as he knows. Unfortunately I read too many things on my iPad and don't bookmark them or forward them to this computer, so I don't have a link, but the scout mentioned "forgotten" but good prospects like Caesar, Vogelbomb, and another name that eludes me. He was very high on Caesar.

    12 hours 39 min ago
    Old and Blue
  • There are no comps to Baez that I can think of. Except maybe the Wild Thing, in a way.

    12 hours 42 min ago
    Old and Blue
  • Thanks, guys. I think I was seeing some good signs, too. Like I said, I really don't mind seeing the called strikes. He's not Rizzo or Hee Seop Choi (the reason I pair those two is that for just awhile last season I thought Rizzo was gonna go all Hee Seop on us and stop swinging at hittable pitches but that didn't happen).

    12 hours 45 min ago
    Old and Blue
  • Schwarber hits one out again, 7-game hitting streak with 3 HR's, OBP is nice.

    25 BB to 31 K's so far in Hi-A. (38 vs. 50 for the season)...

    12 hours 50 min ago
    Rob G.

    don't leave offspeed stuff over the plate apparently, probably don't put anything over the plate with Baez

    looked a bit out in front on side angle, but adjusted quickly....

    12 hours 56 min ago
    Rob G.
  • Smokies having a rough night ...

    13 hours 17 min ago


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