That seems to be the growing sentiment by a number of folks upset about the passing of SB1070 - the new Arizona immigration law. The tie between the Diamondbacks and the law is that the owners of the Diamondbacks - the Kendrick's - are big contributors to the Arizona Republican party and the Republicans in power in Arizona are behind this new law.

We tend to suppress the political talk around here because we like to treat sports as an escape from the realities of the world. Also because people tend to go off the deep end whenever the topic comes up.  This being election night though and there being nothing baseball-related worth discussing - go at it.

I'll be sadly working most of the evening, but following through Nate Silver's 538 blog and CNN.com. Any recommendations on a better site to follow the action?

For a brief moment(7:06 pm CST), McCain was winning 16-3 in the electoral vote. OMG! UPSET!!! A quick refresh and he's already down 81-34 in states that have been called. If I understand this correctly, based on the polling, if Obama takes Ohio, the night is pretty much over.

I'm also happy to see the "Godless Sunday School Teacher" won in North Carolina (here's the backstory on that one). I'll also be following the California races of course.

Happy Election night!

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