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  • Yeah, Royals only have Omar Infante, who was a Cub for three weeks in the 2007 off season. Casey Coleman is on their 40-man, but not active. I think that's it.

    I might be missing people, and the post-season rosters are not yet set, but:

    The Angels have Tony Campagna. Josh Hamilton was owned by the Cubs for a minute. Rich Hill and Ian Stewart played for them this season but Hill was released and Stewart optioned.

    The Tigers have Al Alburquerque who was a Cubs' farmhand (traded to acquire Jeff Baker), but that might be it.

    9 min 27 sec ago
  • Wow, just wow. I may have to read the local news pubs out in the Bay Area just to see the reaction. Baseball is just so crazy - here you had Beane going off his recipe quite a ways to go in for the kill in the playoffs and it absolutely, almost literally, explodes in his face. It almost makes being a Cubs fan bearable. Kansas City v Pirates maybe? A true ratings blockbuster.

    34 min 54 sec ago
    Old and Blue
  • Adam Dunn, not WS MVP. Even better, he was a no-show in a 12 inning game. A's out. Shark sits out the All Star game and the playoff game. Hammel tosses the losing pitch. Soto sprains his thumb and has to leave mid game but still partakes in the defense side of a base stealing record playoff game.

    Cardinals next on my kiss of death prediction list.

    2 hours 13 min ago
  • Missed it by that Much!

    ex-Cub factor too strong for A's (Fuld, Donaldson, Soto, Hammel, Samardzija)

    7 hours 57 min ago
    Rob G.
  • old school baseball wet dream

    sac bunts and stolen bases everywhere...(7 SB total off Soto and Norris and their pitchers)

    8 hours 19 min ago
    Rob G.
  • OAK takes a 1 run lead in the top 12th...KC ties it in the bottom 12th.

    this is one of those "why i watch baseball" games.


    KC WINS! BOTTOM 12! wow.

    8 hours 28 min ago
  • ...and tied in the 9th.

    awesome game.

    9 hours 37 min ago
  • helluva game

    Yost goes to Ventura in 6th inning instead of Herrera, Davis or Holland because, well no one but Yost knows. Moss hits second HR of game.

    Royals with a  tease rally though. 7-6 headed into the 9th. 

    9 hours 57 min ago
    Rob G.
  • Heh, 3-2 Royals at the moment

    Collapse narrative is back on

    11 hours 44 min ago
    Rob G.
  • wow...this KC crowd. they know how to get loud when good things are happening.

    12 hours 6 min ago
  • Damn you and your clear-headed analysis.

    12 hours 24 min ago
  • Brandon Moss hits 2-run HR off Shields in first.

    Take that A's collapse narrative.

    12 hours 56 min ago
    Rob G.
  • Billy McKinney has the type of swing you see from really good lefty hitters like Bill Buckner, Al Oliver, or George Brett. Of course McKinney just turned 20 last month, so we'll have to wait a few years to find out if he can develop HR power and/or win a big league batting championship. Whatever happens, he will only go as far as his bat can take him. because his defense-arm-speed are just OK-passable-average. 

    12 hours 59 min ago
    Arizona Phil
  • Free agency and overpaying go hand in hand, when it comes to impact talent. There isn't a workaround here.

    13 hours 1 min ago
    Old and Blue
  • It probably won't happen and it would probably be a ratings disaster, but I'd love to see a Pirates/A's series.

    13 hours 3 min ago
    Old and Blue
  • I can't fathom a world where Max Scherzer isn't a Yankee or a Red Sox.

    I think Shields is a bit long in the tooth for Cubs to make a run, plus the draft pick comp.

    They'll certainly get well on down the road with Lester, but a lot of teams will. We'll see where the Cubs cutoff for risk aversion is, because pretty sure will be offered get 6-7 years, some sort of NTC and around 20-25M per year.

    13 hours 36 min ago
    Rob G.


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