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The Cub Reporter was established in July, 2001, by Christian Ruzich, whose first post reflected on whether or not Jason Bere and Julian Tavarez could "keep this up all year." (They couldn't.)

TCR has grown into one of the largest, independent Cubs sites on the net. Our unique team of writers doesn't let their combined 174 seasons of heartache get in the way of offering fresh takes on all things Cub.

Just a couple of quick notes...

- It looks like our archives are back, all the way from July 2001 when Christian started this beauty. There are a few hiccups in the process of importing archives from Movable Type to Wordpress, most notably that the articles are not always attributed properly to the appropriate author and you get a lot of funky characters for certain punctuations. But they are there, so we can rehash Dubois vs Hollandsworth in all its glory, re-read my first TCR post, or bathe in the excitement of the Nomar trade.

- Also, you may have noticed the "Hype It" and "Bark It' links at the bottom of posts. Those are for Ballhype and Yardbarker, which I guess could best be described as sports social bookmarking and networking sites. I'll admit that I don't know much about them, but I do know the more people that "hype" or "bark" up our articles (yes, I know how ridiculous that sounds), drives up our traffic. So if you could help your TCR brothers out by signing up for their free accounts and clicking the do-hickeys on the bottom for an article that particularly interests you, we'd appreciate it.

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