Sunday Funnies: Albert Pujols' slump

That's it.

Just a cartoon.


Let's not forget Ron Paul...


...Mr. Irrelevant...

and Joan Rivers.

DeWitt DFAed to make room for Wood.

Also, report that Stewart is out today due to the flu, same thing Garza had and says Maine and Baker also sick.

So Mather is playing 3B I guess, with Stewart and Baker sick and DeWitt DFA'd.

When do the Cubs trade Baker? You don't need him with a righty hitting 2B and Joe Mather ready to sub at 3B and 1B when necessary. Please find a taker, Theo.

Yeah, Mather is starting at 3B today. And if Mather can play 1B and 3B, Barney can play SS and 2B, and Cardenas can play 2B, SS, and 3B, you don't need Baker or DeWitt on the roster.

is Maine up? or was he sent to Iowa to infect Mike W, BJax and Rizzo?

with maine's numbers and performance in the bigs over his short time...he, out of all the relievers, has no business being in the minors.

conspiracy watch (ron paul approved): maine was the 1st of the cubs players to come down with the bug that's taken down garza/stewart/baker.


he pitched last night in iowa... 1ip 0h 0bb 1k

so when TWood gets sent down when Garza is better, do they bring up Adrian Cardenas to fill the utility role that DeWitt held? or add another lefty for the pen (Maine)?

My money would be on Cardenas coming up.

So much for my theory that Concepcion was going through a cultural hangover. He got hammered again.

He's had about as much success against Midwest League hitters as I would expect to have.

Where's my $6 million?!?!?

Severe thunderstorms passing thru Chicago but it looks like they will be over the lake by 2pm

I'm in the NW burbs by O'Hare and it's been thunderstorming here for the last hour or so. The rain hasn't been crazy bad though.

Ugh. 4 IP, 6H, 4BB, 2HR, 5ER. Time to try to make it as a position player? ERA up to 6.75. Wonder how long he'll continue on the mound if he doesn't start getting better results.

At the ballpark, just announced weather should clear in 30 min (3:30pm). My guess is game starts in about 1 hour.

My nose hairs are known for their 80 power.

Per Muskat...

I-Cubs release Dan Berland

(we hardly knew ya)

Jonathan Mota promoted to Iowa.

Grounds crew on the field to clear tarp, start 4 pm cst.

Edit, 3:40 pm. Tarp off.

Guess DB was a one-hitter wonder. That first out came too easy for him last night & went to his head. Forget I mentioned him...Wells quoted in local paper today as essentially admitting that he figured he was golden on the big league roster & is bitter about demotion...sure he had some modest success but not nearly enough to figure there was no need to get better...away w/ him!

I read this that the new regime is very hip to R.Wells shit. I believe he would have had to blow them away in Arizona to bring him North, and he is rotation insurance until 7/31. Not that they wouldn't trade him NOW if the right offer came to them, but he will be traded or non-tendered after the season. No sense in giving him away this early for nothing and/or paying his $2m+ salary to boot.

I musta been jinxing bjax the last couple nights!

Umpire trivia: where did today's 1B ump Eric Cooper work part-time during his college days? Answer: @ a pub in des moines owned @ the time by TCR correspondent yours truly!

hi, we're the cubs middle us not turn double plays.


1-0 dodgers.

i think this is perhaps the biggest untold story about this middle's frustrating to watch.

that was decidedly not major league caliber defense!

Castro looked safe at 2b after his RBI single.

Agreed. Safe on a bang bang. Ball beat him but was high.

Man, LaHair gets more 1/2 at bats that are finished the next inning than anyone. This wasn't one of them, but Castro has a lot of crazy baserunning in front of LaHair. Doesn't seem to bother him tho . . .

Btw does LaHair qualifies as rookie this year?

No, 150 PA's in 2008 plus the handful last year.

Fuck you, Rob.

chris davis (BAL, 1st/3rd) goes 0-8 at the plate...but is about to pick up his 1st MLB pitching win.

woo, 17 inning games.

btw, darnell mcdonald (BOS, OF) is in line to pick up the loss.

2ip 2h 1bb 2k and a win for davis...ha. 0.00era/1.50whip

Tomorrow's headline: Cubs acquire Chris Davis, DFA Marmol.

whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy was he sent home???

...tie game at least.

Right call by ump.


Wrong call by cubs. Castro and LaHair on deck. Wtf.

Also safe to say, if LaHair leads off 5 innings in the game - Castro is having a rough game. Probably as bad a game as you can have with 2 RBI ...

MLB tv just cut off the telecast. Damn. Anyone else getting this? seems like 7hrs from when the coverage was scheduled to begin is the limit?

Cubs just played three series in a row damn well.

Well this cub win helps softens the blow of the death of George "Goober"Lyndsey.

BTW Pujols homered today...d'oh!

Well some of us have been clamoring for this patient ab's and taken extras bases, seems we are getting are share this year.

latroy hawkins's stint as angels closer for the injured s.downs started and ended tonight...broke his pinky on the last play of the game. doh.

He can do what we can, but we can't do what he does...

Rotoworld says they expect Cubs to call up Adrian Cardenas when TWood goes back (tomorrow).

How about an "attaboy" for Travis Wood? Pitched pretty good, and hit even better!!

Maybe the boys know what they are doing, after all.

voodoo magic he performed on Kemp's hamstring worked out well :)

best you can expect for an emergency start certainly

Especially the bat tho! Who'd a guessed? He pretty much ignited a dead team with that first double.

Fuck you, Rob.
O&B. Jealous of Rob's nosehair?