What do you think of the new site?


The site looks fabulous! BTW, I read your Bio. Does this make me your mistress, or your second wife?

I like the new site a lot. Just one suggestion. There a LOT of space between the top of the browser and the first part of the content. Any way to condense that? Perhaps put the tag line "analyzing the cubs to death..." in the same top graphic as the new logo? That second bar of blue is kinda thick.

It's just a lot of empty real estate that might be better used to see headlines quickly. Or if you prefer metaphors, it's just a lot of forehead before I get to look you guys in the eyes.

I've always been a fan even though I post less and less every year. But this is a nice step in the evolution. Well done.

That blue bar could use a little vertical compression.

Thanks for the suggestion...it could use a little condensing, but some of that top white space is designed to place ad banners eventually.

It's fast! On the old site Firefox kept warning me about an unresponsive script. Maybe this site will slow down when you sell some more ads.

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