Cubs Arbitration Figures

UPDATE: L. Valbuena signs for $4.1M according to Bruce Levine.

The Cubs had 7 players that could head to arbitration cases, they've settled with 5 of them today. Today happened to be the deadline when teams and players had to file their arbitation numbers if they were going to go to a hearing, thus the influx of news on completed deals.

F. Doubront got $1.925M (1st time arb eligible)

Chris Coghlan got $2.505M (1st time arb eligible)

W. Castillo got $2.1M (1st time arb eligible)

J. Arrieta got $3.63M  (1st time arb eligible)

T. Wood got $5.685M (2nd time arb eligible)

That leaves L. Valbuena (2nd time arb eligible) and Pedro Strop (1st time) as the two that have yet to reach a settlement, although I highly doubt either will head to an arbitration hearing even if the deal isn't finished today.

In other Cubs news, Cubs Convention begins today, your annual opportunity to get cramped into a hotel lobby and hear absolutely nothing new. I guess you can snap a picture with your favorite player, coach or suit? Honestly, I'm not sure of the appeal, but yet it sells out just about every year. Regardless, inclined.

And finally, the Bears have settled on their head coach and it indeed will be John Fox on a 4-year deal. Early rumors are that Kyle Shanahan will be his offensive coordinator and Dennis Allen will be his defensive coordinator. Ultimately I think all non-terrible head coaches and football teams are gonna hover around .500 for the most part unless they have a real good quarterback or can coach up really good defenses. You take a look at Fox's career record and he's 81-79 without Peyton Manning. Does that mean I think it's a bad deal? Hardly, I just think that's the NFL right now. Parity reigns and few teams can dominate that don't have a big time quarterback. Honestly the only team I can think of that has been pretty good without a great QB is the Baltimore Ravens under John Harbaugh and I do think Flacco is a good QB, much like I think Jay Cutler could have been a good QB. And the Ravens almost always have a good defense...and the year they won the Super Bowl under Harbaugh, their regular season D wasn't good, but they also lost Ray Lewis up until the playoffs. What I do think is that players truly want to play for Fox and he'll have teams prepared week in and week out. I'm not sure I can say that of Trestman and Tucker.

As for the coordinators, Dennis Allen did pretty awful as the Raiders head coach, but that's a pretty awful situation. He was Fox's DC his first year in Denver and they ranked just 20th in yards allowed that season (jumping to 2nd the following season after Allen left). Well geez, none of that looks promising. Allen was also a secondary and assistant defensive line coach with the Saints while new GM Ryan Pace was there, so the connection is strong. Whether the results will be remains to be seen, but I'm a bit skeptical already.

In regards to Kyle Shanahan, son of Mike, he's been an OC with the Texans, Redskins and Browns since 2008. Things didn't go too well in Cleveland last year, but terrible QB's and no Josh Gordon for 3/4 of the season doesn't give you the ingredients you need to cook up a winner. In 4 of his 6 previous seasons, his offenses were in the top 10 in yards gained (this with QB's like Matt Schaub and Robert Griffin) so you have to like that. , tailoring to the personnel he has and that will certainly be key for next year if they do hire him, as he'll likely be stuck with Cutler and Co. for at least one season.


Orioles win the 40-man musical chair game known as Ryan Lavarnway...finally outrighted.

Wittenmyer says $4.2 M for Valbuena.

Shanahan likes bootlegs and such, and a a roving QB, which I think suits Cutler better than the pocket. Defenses read his eyes too well in the pocket and often get to the ball long before it arrives. With Forte rolling out with Cutler for a not too infrequent pass, and the tall guys deep, they could have an okay offense. And the D gets better just by Tucker leaving, but probably quite a bit better with Fox in there. He may even be able to figure out what to do with McClellin other than the obvious cutting him.

See where Pace spends his $30M cap space, judging by the sheer volume of defensive replacements they need, I'm guessing a lot of small signings over any one big one this year.

Suh, Houston or Pierre-Paul sure would be nice though.

multiple people saying cubs/strop will exchange figures rather than settling today.

@GDubCub Maddon doesn't have lineup plotted. But is toying with the idea of hitting the pitcher 8th, he said


Take away the DH and he just loses his shit..

we get "insignificant statistical impact" on whole with "slightly positive on paper" to "slightly negative in the real world based on recent events". let's just ignore how many of these papers include data from player eras where strong-D guys who had ob% that would keep them in the minors or on the bench were regulars. the idea that there's 2 automatic outs in the lineup (if not, 3) really depends on what you have now...not what PIT had in 1985. hell, there's papers (or at least 1) out there that suggest you should bat the pitcher 7th rather than 8th. retrosheet was pushing that one many years ago. t.wood must be excited about maybe getting some extra ABs over the course of a season (especially being about the only guy around who could historically lay claim to a higher batting slot on some days).

T. Wood would probably stay 9th, idea is more runners on base for #1, #2, #3 and #4 hitters, so bat weakest hitter 8th.

Indeed, it's a small thing...lots of small advantages add up to to significant advantages though.

we're talking a small possibility of it coming to fruition to begin with and there's a bit of issue some (like me) have with the historical data pool that came to these razor-thin advantage numbers. it leads a little credence to the "lineup construction doesn't matter that much" camp, but based on early (though small) returns along with the reach into the past used to compile the data for some of these papers, it's a sideshow i'd rather not visit. that said, it really shouldn't matter that much anyway...especially once they get into the pen...depending on who's on the bench...

well...since you have an issue with the data and math, I'm sure it's all bullshit.

put away your spreadsheets Theo and Maddon, crunch says it's crap.

yes, that was exactly my point and it was explained exactly as such.

spreadsheets suck. Big data, baby. Theo's a Hadoop guy I bet.

The big data nerds have officially taken over the world and Nate Silver is president.

The Dave Stewart Society

C'mon Joe, you can get more original than that! If you're the road team, hit the pitcher 3rd, make a batter the "starting pitcher," then sub him out in the bottom of the 1st. Batting the pitcher eighth? pffft. I thought we hired this guy for advanced shit.

JB for manager!

The Cubs Convention is a big ridiculous spectacle. Yeesh.

hah... Bob Howry. Remember that time the guy charged on to the field and Bob Howry just stood there like a big massive brick wall with this look that said "what are you going to do?"

can't seem to find video of it, but at least's there's a grainy still at that link.

He's no Randy Myers.

Cubs owner buys 3 Wrigley rooftops County property records show that the rooftop business at 3639 N. Sheffield Ave. was sold on Jan. 9 for $4.2 million The property is co-owned by James Lourgos, who did not return a phone call seeking comment on the sale. Two sources said that George Loukas sold two buildings at 3643-3645 N. Sheffield Ave. and 1032-1034 W. Waveland Ave. to the Ricketts family. The sources did not disclose the sales price of the properties

Pedro Strop requested $3 million and was offered $2 million from the Cubs when arbitration figures were exchanged. lester not a fan of the "pitch clock" idea. "It's a beautiful sport," Lester said. "There's no time limit, there's no shot clock. There's no nothing. For me, I've always been a big believer in the fans know what they're getting themselves into when they show up. If it's a three-hour game it's a three-hour game. If it's a five-hour game it's a five-hour game." i like this guy.

Sounds good. Let's do this Javy!!!!

That's a very scapegoaty response.

Samardzija gets $9.8 million from the White Sox this year.


"Cubs signed LHP Francisley Bueno to a minor league deal."

Muy Bueno!

Francisley Bueno is more of the true LOOGY... very tough on LH hitters, but RH hitters belt him around like a BP pitcher. 

"Cubs signed RHP Daniel Bard to a minor league contract." theo...we know you're proud of your old toys, but seriously...stawp. he's been legendary awful the past 3 seasons...epic last year with TEX before getting released.

Best line from the Cubs convention...During the Ryan Dempster show: Jay Cutler was supposed to make an appearance tonight, but he was intercepted by security.

Manny Ramierez thinks that's a grand slam of a joke

No LF bleachers through April, RF even longer

Money printing video board though will be ready by Opening Day

Ivy not scheduled to bloom till Memorial Day.

Bard had thoracic outlet syndrome surgery in early 2014 fwiw

Beckett, Bonderman, C. Carpenter and J. Garcia are a few others that I'm aware of...

from tim's twitter link... "Lots of applause at this year's Cubs Convention. Lots. From what I heard, the loudest belonged to Joe Maddon." it's like cubs fans don't learn a lesson about "savior" managers or something. how long until he's gone from savior of everything to the cause of everything's downfall? *starts the stopwatch* at least he knows penguins don't work well...woo managing. btw, it's a fun read -

I don't hear any savior arguments out there. The franchise is doing well. Fans are already excited. They are not looking for a manager to save the day. But it's okay to be excited about Maddon. If anything, you should like him most of all. Your argument has always been that managers mean very little for wins and losses, and that there main job is seemingly a press secretary for the team--and Maddon is very good with the media and with fans. So enjoy it! 

i would love him if not for the $5m price tag...i'd like $4m-ish of those resources going elsewhere. he's one of the best in the game...the best available, easily. he lets players shine when it's going good and he's more than willing to distract when things are going crappy...amongst other positives. i'm looking forward to him being around, discounting his price tag. i'm just fascinated by the cubs fan's love of managers every time a fancy new one with a "brand name" rolls up.

"...i'd like $4m-ish of those resources going elsewhere." Yeah like a front line starting pitcher! Oh. Wait.

and Nick Markakis

you could get 2 doubronts for the next 5 years for that loot!

They don't have Maddonini's 50 WAR. Case closed.

@Ken_Rosenthal: Source: Max Scherzer is close to signing a seven-year deal. Between #Nationals and one other club. First reported: @JonHeymanCBS

If Cubs hadn't signed Maddon, they coulda had him AND Lester. See? Crunch is right about Maddon. Dammit all to hell.

5/$20m sounds about right for scherzer...some idiot will go 5/$25m, though.

It's not the dollar amount that would freak me out as a GM, it's the number of years. 7 is a long time for an albatross candidate. Lester was a gamble, too, but a good one I think. If nothing else, a team like the Cubs needs to take those kinds of gambles to act like serious players.

Yeah and losing a draft pick. Ouch. Lester was a good gamble for a lot of reasons. He may or may not work out but he was the smart money for theo this year. Knows him, decent age and injury history, no draft pick, good makeup and a lefty.

"CBS Sports' Jon Heyman reports that the Nationals and free agent right-hander Max Scherzer have agreed to a seven-year contract." looks like WAS has a SP trade in their future. they were already set before this signing with 5 strong SP options.

How 'bout those Packers? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Ha.

Y. Gallardo headed to Rangers in a trade.

Mad Max going to Nats - what a starting rotation - rumors abound that Zimmerman being dealt if Max brought in. Would love to see Zimmerman with the Cubs. How about a Baez and others for Zimmerman. Baez has too many holes in his swing and getting Zimmerman and signing him to a long term deal would set up this pitching staff for the long term. If he is dealt to another team - that pretty much leaves Price, Cueto, Fister for next year.

Not the best time to trade Baez, value-wise. His problems at the plate are driving his trade value into the ground. I'd rather see what the new BP coach can get out of him, especially since a lot of his problems are mechanical. And, I don't think, or at least, I hope, that TheoCorp didn't spend all this time building up the farm system to give important pieces of it away for a pitcher, no matter how good he is. Too many pitcher injuries in modern baseball. Trading for a stud outfielder I can see. But no thanks on pitchers.

Just got me tickets for the first 4 games at little wrigley in Mesa. This will be my first spring training vaca since Sloan was built. I'm going to stalk Madonnini while I'm down there because I have a pair of glasses just like his, through happenstance.

Bears related post, sorry: One reason to get excited about John Fox. This from Urlacher: "They were always physical, and beat the (bleep) out of us,'' Urlacher said. "In Chicago that's what you have to do to win football games. It's going to be cold, he'll run the ball and play defense. His offensive and defensive lines got after you. That's where he's going to start, up front.'' I'm always saying around these parts that it's all about line play. V Phil likes the west coast offense and kind of slams Bears fans who want a return to the old way, a sentiment I completely understand. I don't think the Fox hiring will have any bearing on that argument. His offenses under Manning threw the ball like crazy, so he clearly adapts to personnel, something I think head coaches need to do in the NFL. Gotta turn off your javascript to see the article.

This just in, Leviine is tweeting a Fowler trade is close to being done. What do you baseball gurus think of Fowler?

Dexter Fowler was a star baseball and basketball player and an outstanding student at Milton HS in Alpharetta, GA, signing a baseball NLI with the U. of Miami in 2004 prior to being drafted by and signing with the Colorado Rockies. He also was recruited by Dartmouth and Harvard to play both baseball and basketball, and is a long-time member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  

Dexter's brother Wesley is a former Marketing exec with the NBA Minnesota Timberwolves and Atlanta Hawks, and was Spalding's NBA liaison prior to joiniing Epic Sports.  

Thanks, AZ. I'll see you first week in spring training. You won't be able to miss me. I'll be the really drunk old guy. Oh. Wait.

More here:

Looks like Strailey and Valbuena, maybe others as well.

Seems like it is just Valbuena and Straily for Fowler, apparently Astros have officially announced it:

I feel pretty "meh" about the deal if it's Straily and Valbuena for Fowler and nothing else sent back. Using Fangraphs' WAR calculations, Valbuena has been a more valuable player the last two years (2.1, 2.7) than Fowler has (2.1, 1.4). And Valbuena has an additional year of club control. Then toss in the SP on top of that, and things start to look more lopsided than simply middling. Here's hoping there is some sort of prospect on the way back to even things out a bit.

Valbuena had a career year. And it was pretty damn average for a below avg fielder. That said I hope we get more as well.

I agree to some extent, but with Baez, La Stella, Alcantara, Olt, and Bryant all in the mix for 2B or 3B the Cubs dealt from a position of strength on this one in giving up Valbuena. Similarly, there was no real room for Strailey. Other teams know that and won't over pay. So the Cubs overpaid a bit to get someone who fills a position they don't have much depth in at all. Last year's WAR shows an advantage for Valbuena, but thinking about 2015, Valbuena likely wouldn't have gotten nearly as many at-bats and so Fowler will likely be worth more to the Cubs in 2015 than Valbuena would have been, even if Valbuena ends up having a better season for Houston that Fowler does for the Cubs.  

Two switch hitting CF now ... Valbuena's only value to the Cubs was he batted L that was about it ...

Well I honestly couldn't be happier with how things have played out. Renteria was a disaster and I had a very hard time picturing Valbuena as anything but trade bait. Now Renteria is replaced by probably the best manager in baseball and Valbuena is now gone as well. I maintain my stance that the Ricky/Valbuena love affair was not sanctioned by many in the Cubs org but I suppose it has worked out.

awesome trade. stailey is a bunch of "who cares"...he can go give up homers in HOU for a living now. valbuena is steady, but expendable given the cubs depth. it makes one of olt/baez/lastella more important for 2015, though. either way, the cubs finally have a legit leadoff hitter...and too many OF'rs. now fowler needs to stay healthy.

One thing I may be overlooking, which is somewhat disguised by the Cubs sheer # of outfielders, is that this trade also covers the possibility of: a.) an injury to Soler, b.) poor performances by Coghlan or Denorfia, c.) poor performance by Alcantara. Basically, there's now way that Sweeney should end up as a starting OF now.

He is not a stud defenisively, but can play LF or CF just fine. He has speed and will swipe a few bags, but his CS% is way to high (he's been successful only about 2/3rds the time in his career). His main skill is that he gets on base--he walks about 12% or more of his PAs, and that has been pretty steady from year to year. He's only 29 and will be a free agent next year, so that should motivate him to play well to cash in. He wanted $10.8 million in arbitration and the Astros countered with $8.5. Valbuena is only getting $4.1 million and Straily is cheap, so maybe the Astros are sending cash, or the Cubs take on the extra payroll in exchange for not having to kick in a decent prospect. 

So who's opening day third baseman? Fowler trade now leading to trade for Price or Zimmerman?

Muskat hints of SS move? Carrie Muskat @CarrieMuskat · Dealing Valbuena leaves Olt, La Stella and possibly Alcantara at 3B until Bryant is ready. Could they move a SS? Have to wait/see. #Cubs

Can't imagine they would try moving Baez to 3B this year, since he's still struggling to find his footing at the plate. Would be surprised to see Castro traded right as a competitive team is coming together, and would be very surprised to see them sell low on Baez. Russell seems likely to gain rather than lose value over the next year, too, unless injury problems persist.

It's 12 days MAX ... this is a non story. Is she insinuating they would trade a SS for a 3B? Ridiculous given the Bryant situation. Time for a new career ...

I would guess they trade Castillo and open with Olt at 3B until Bryant is called up, so a 13 position player roster of:

1. Montero
2. Ross
3. Rizzo
4. Baez
5. La Stella
6. Castro
7. Olt
8. Soler
9. Fowler
10. Alcantara
11. Denorfia
12. Coghlan
13. Sweeney

Alcantara probably plays more IF to start given the 5 other OFs. But then when Bryant gets called up they would have to make a roster move, with Alcantara potentially playing more IF after that. And it's still possible they make another move or get a major league player for Castillo in a trade that could shake all of that up.

Mike F'n Olt!!! I wanted to hear that!!!!

Say it again baby!

The new memoir. Mike Olt: 12 Days of Freedom

Speaking of Olt, Carlito, I remember thinking (and maybe saying here) that they already think of Olt as a keeper, so it's VALBUENA that they have to play, so that they can trade him for something in the offseason. Would they have gotten Fowler for him, if Valbuena hadn't been a starter the past two seasons? They needed every one of his sixteen home runs to get what they did. Renteria's idea? I don't think so. See, you should have just relaxed!

Yeah I hear you - it's a true Catch 22!! The question is whether the process cost Olt a more important opportunity. And of course the weird part was when he'd pull Olt early in a game that didn't add to Valbuena's value or when he'd start Valaika or some nonsense over Olt etc. Any way you slice it Renteria was a mess. I don't think he saw the big picture clearly and he also was a weak tactician (and a major press room snooze). Which left his field of play coaching and player preparation as things he appeared to have been good at. But that's not good enough at this level. I honestly don't think it was pure luck that both Renteria and Valbuena are gone, they would never say it publicly but Renteria (and Sveum) were probably not great Theo moments. But honestly you are right it doesn't matter. It couldn't have worked out better. We end up with Maddon, and you probably don't get value for Valbuena without those AB!

Gotta love when one of our goofy trade ideas from the comments actually happens.

Shame they had to throw in Straily and hoping Cubs get a little money in deal, but they got the guy they wanted. 

Neither player they dealt had anywhere to play on team.

I wonder if the following transpires: Baez to AAA Alcantara plays 2B Fowler CF La Stella takes 2B or 3B depending on Bryant Alcantara Olt availability / success

Alcantara will turn into his new Zobristian pet: P James Shields/Alcantara C Montero/Ross/Alcantara 1B Rizzo/Olt/Alcantara 2B La Stella/Alcantara 3B Olt/Alcantara SS Castro/Alcantara LF Coghlan/Denorfia/Alcantara CF Fowler/Alcantara RF Soler/Alcantara

We got Shields!!!!!!

Well, let's not jump the gun toooo far - that's just my plan. The wheels are in motion, though...

I'm thrilled with this. I like Fowler even if he has never met potential. He's, what 28, so he could still be due for a break out. Dealing Valbuena, most importantly, means he won't be the starting 3B for the Cubs. I'm a little disappointed Straily was included, but it's worth it methinks.

Rob I believe you called Montero as well ...

the news is new, but it seems some on the innerwebs are already over-thinking this one...thankfully, not much negative or "WTF?" here. i think some fans may still be in "tanking the team to lose" mode or something because a few brains are exploding over why the cubs traded 2 guys with club control for a guy in his last year of club control. it looks like a steal from where i'm at...then again, i don't like dan straily at all and valbuena is expendable given the roster and what he brings.

Yeah they are putting a 'team' together now. Those two guys were totally expendable. For me it's fucking Christmas 2.0 Valbuena is GONE! I'm gonna go light some police cars on fire. (I live in greater Detroit - it's what we do when we are happy.)

i like valbuena, but there's already in-house 3rd options that are more than adequate with bryant knocking at the door. it's not like valbuena projects to be in the 2016 plans. he has club control, but even if he was around in 2015, he could be rendered very expendable by mid-season in many people's projections. also, i hope all my friends who come to DET for Movement + DEMF don't pee on your front lawn. please don't shoot them or tip their cars on their roofs.

If they don't make another move, I will be ecstatic with this team going into 2015.

A Castillo move seems all but inevitable. But other than that, I'm pretty happy with the roster as it stands for 2015 too. They even look like they can get by without Baez this year if he needs to spend most of it in AAA.

they got excess OF (including junior "no one cares about me" lake) as well as the welly situation to deal with. i still don't know what they plan on doing with all these pitchers, too...i guess that's going to sort itself out this spring. that said, i wouldn't mind if these issues took care of themselves with minor leaguers coming in return.

I will say this: If Strasburg is available as is rumored - you probably consider trading a SS package. Pretty much the only guy I can think of ...

That was my point earlier if Zimmerman or Strausburg is available think you have to consider a young pitcher to pair with Lester for the future. I love the idea of signing a midwest guy like Zimmerman next year but if he becomes available and can be signed long term then it would be a great move. Especially with our glut of SS.

never a fan of giving up prospects + money to sign someone long term...plenty of fish in the sea to take your money next year.

I don't recall who said it on MLB Network, but the point was made that it seems farfetched that the Nats would trade Strasburg after the whole "we're babying him this year for the future" thing. Zimmermann seems like he'd be more likely to be dealt.

i think the heat on the stras-being-moved front is coming from WAS's inability to extend him for quite a while now. seeing as FA pitchers are realizing extra millions-per-year to their contacts every 2-3 seasons (we're up to 30m for top tier pitchers...hell, lester just got 26m), i think he's willing to take that risk entering the FA market rather than undersell his potential value for security.

I think that's a valid point tho. I guess people move on pretty fast in this media culture but they literally passed on an important playoff opportunity to protect him and now they dump him? Tricky PR to say the least. That said it can't hurt to see what people would pony up for him.

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  • crunch 7 hours 50 min ago (view)

    i can't believe this kind of stuff is what we're talking about 2 months into the 2020 season...i can't believe a lot of stuff about 2020 outside of the game, too.


  • crunch 12 hours 8 min ago (view)

    contract rights are retained by the team.

    in normal times this keeps labor relations between employer and player not too volitile with only a handful of player/owner issues.  in times like this you see a system that was not designed for an event like this.

    some owners are being responsible over the players who's contracts they control while other owners make us realize why the guillotine was occsasionally popular during revoltutions/revolts.


  • Jackstraw 12 hours 35 min ago (view)

    So they are all free agents?  Or still under contract and not getting paid?  I'm sure AZ Phil or someone else has covered this but I haven't been keeping up with all the fine points of baseball's problems recently.


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 15 hours 8 min ago (view)

    Manfred is such a dreadful commissioner. It's his job to walk a fine line and maintain peace in labor relations. Instead he lets the owners do whatever they want.

    Cannot wait for a long, bitter strike after 2021. And for the owners to ultimately turn plenty of fan sentiment against players.


  • crunch 1 day 7 hours ago (view)

    "The A's told their minor leaguers Tuesday that they will not continue to pay them their current salary of $400 per week beyond May 31."

    classy.  absolute class act stuff right there.


  • crunch 1 day 9 hours ago (view)

    Evan Drellich @EvanDrellich
    The MLBPA is very disappointed with MLB’s economic proposal today, source tells me and @Ken_Rosenthal, calling additional cuts proposed “massive." League offered to share more playoff revenue, but on balance, those dollars are small compared to what players give up, PA believes.


  • crunch 1 day 11 hours ago (view)

    A's are furloughing nearly all of their staff through the entire organization...including scouts, which make a shockingly low amount of money.

    the A's are owned by a multi-billionaire who inherited his loot from dad (founder of The Gap)...and him + family spent $10m trying to keep Obama from getting a 2nd term, which i assume is their idea of a good investment in their community...whereas paying loyal employees for years/decades for a few months is...well...*shrug*


  • Ryno 1 day 18 hours ago (view)

    Depends on who you are.


  • Ryno 1 day 18 hours ago (view)

    Sorry--Just needed to experience a little normalcy.


  • Ryno 1 day 18 hours ago (view)

    That was the dumbest lineup I've ever seen.


  • Hagsag 1 day 21 hours ago (view)



  • Cubster 2 days 15 hours ago (view)

    speaking of Trump's trained rats...


  • Hagsag 2 days 21 hours ago (view)

    Cubster, your comments about President Bone Spurs could not be more accurate. Thanks for posting!


  • BobbyD 3 days 8 hours ago (view)

    Cubster: I agree with your comments, save one. That the president is "leading" America. He couldn't lead a pack of rats to a NYC dumpster on an August afternoon. The "man" is a f'ing disgrace. 


  • crunch 3 days 11 hours ago (view)

    though the team cheaped out on this offseason (still an overall top-tier payroll), i was at least looking forward to seeing the beginning of the david ross era...and who was going to win the 2nd base job...

    nothing about 2020 baseball feels legit anymore.  just hearing the players talk about it, you'd think they were organizing a casual pickup game for charity at an inconvient time and place...doesn't seem like they're really stoked about it.


  • Cubster 3 days 12 hours ago (view)

    June 1st is a week from tomorrow. Given 5 weeks of spring training before starting (July 4th?), the season is on the brink of going bye-bye. It's bad enough in 2020 to be losing prime career years for Javy Baez and Kris Bryant, let alone Anthony Rizzo, Kyle Schwarber, Kyle Hendricks, and Willson Contreras. If one of them gets coronavirus, loses lung capacity, and alters their career arc, Cub fans will for a long time have a bitter taste in their mouths. All for, at best,  a bizarre half-season without fans watching in the ballparks.