2017 Cubs Spring Training Uniform Numbers


NOTE 1: These are preliminary and are subject to change
NOTE 2: Minor league coaches and instructors usually are assigned numbers 67, 88-94, and 96-99 (TBA)
NOTE 3: Numbers 3, 24, 53, 54, and 69 are not assigned at this time (Cubs do not issue #69)

1 Gary Jones, COACH
2 Tommy LaStella, INF
3 ---------------
4 Dave Martinez, COACH
5 Albert Almora Jr, OF
6 Carl Edwards Jr, P
7 Jeimer Candelario, INF
8 Jemile Weeks, INF
9 Javy Baez, INF
11 John Mallee, COACH
12 Kyle Schwarber, C-OF
13 Carlos Corporan, C
15 Chris Dominguez, INF
16 Brandon Hyde, COACH
17 Kris Bryant, INF
18 Ben Zobrist, IF-OF
19 Koji Uehara, P
20 Matt Szczur, OF
21 Dylan Floro, P
22 Jason Heyward, OF
24 ---------------
25 Chris Bosio, COACH
27 Addison Russell, INF
28 Kyle Hendricks, P
29 Rob Zastryzny, P
30 Jon Jay, OF
32 Brian Duensing, P
33 Fernando Rodriguez, P
34 Jon Lester, P
35 Lester Strode, COACH
36 Aaron Brooks, P
37 Brett Anderson, P
38 Mike Montgomery, P
39 Manny Parra, P
40 Willson Contreras, C
41 John Lackey, P
43 Jake Buchanan, P
44 Anthony Rizzo, 1B
45 Casey Kelly, P
46 Pedro Strop, P
47 Miguel Montero, C
48 Jim Henderson, P
49 Jake Arrieta, P
50 Gerardo Concepcion, P
51 Jack Leathersich, P
52 Justin Grimm, P
53 ---------------
54 ---------------
55 Daniel Corcino, P
56 Hector Rondon, P
57 David Rollins, P
58 Mike Borzello, COACH
59 Zac Rosscup, P
60 Felix Pena, P
61 Conor Mullee, P
62 Caleb Smith, P
63 Maikel Cleto, P
64 Henry Blanco, COACH
65 Franklin Font, COACH
66 Munenori Kawasaki, INF
67 --------------- (worn by Minor League Outfield & Baserunning Coordinator Doug Dascenzo in 2016)
68 Eloy Jimenez, OF
69 ---------------
70 Joe Maddon, MGR
71 Wade Davis, P
72 John Andreoli, OF
73 Victor Caratini, C-1B
74 Duane Underwood Jr, P
75 Jacob Hannemann, OF
76 Jose Rosario, P
77 Eric Hinske, COACH
78 Mark Zagunis, OF
79 Andury Acevedo, P
80 Pierce Johnson, P
81 James Farris, P
82 Taylor Davis, C-1B
83 Seth Frankoff, P
84 Jhondaniel Medina, P
85 Chesny Young, INF
86 Ian Happ, IF-OF
87 Ryan Williams, P
88 ---------------
69 --------------- (worn by Tennessee manager Mark Johnson in 2016)
90 --------------- (worn by Iowa pitching coach Rod Nichols in 2016)
91 --------------- (worn by Iowa manager Marty Pevey in 2016)
92 ---------------
93 ---------------
94 --------------- (worn by Minor League Hitting Coordinator Andy Haines in 2016)
96 --------------- (worn by Minor League Pitching Coordinator Jim Brower in 2016)
97 --------------- (worn by Minor League Field Coordinator Tim Cossens in 2016)
98 --------------- (worn by Tennessee pitching coach Terry Clark in 2016)
99 ---------------


Wade Davis usually wears #17, but Kris Bryant already has that number locked-up, so Davis took #71 (#17 reversed).

I find it interesting that Eloy Jimenez was assigned Jorge Soler's old number (#68).

It's just a spring-training number, right? I have assumed that Soler neglected to ask for a regular outfielder's number when he moved up. If you like the big number, that's fine, but people (like me) are going to assume you just didn't bother.

VA PHIL: I only mentioned it because Eloy Jimenez somewhat resembles Jorge Soler physically, and I thought it was interesting that Jimenez (in particular) got Soler's old number 68 when most of the in-house NRI and even some of the guys on the 40-man roster (Andreoli, Caratini, Hannemann, Rosario, Underwood, Zagunis, Acevedo, P. Johnson, T. Davis, Young, Happ, R. Williams, et al) were issued generic "Spring Training numbers" in the 70's and 80's.

As for why Soler wore #68, it probably was just a matter of keeping the number he was first issued in Spring Training, but it did become associated with him while he was a Cub (there were jerseys sold with his name & number on them), and because of that, Cubs #68 is probably no longer just another generic "Spring Training number." It's Jorge Soler's old number. 

It just always seemed like the "wrong number" to me. Give it to Crane Kenney. By the way, the "you" in my previous comment ("if you like the big number", etc.) was not you, it was Soler.

Back when AZ Phil first became a Cub fan circa 1960-61, the Cubs uniform numbering system was very simple... catchers wore single-digit numbers, infielders were numbered in the teens, outfielders in the 20's, pitchers in the 30's and 40's, and the Kollege of Koaches wore numbers in the 50's and 60's. No numbers were retired. That's the way it was, and we liked it! Now, get off my lawn!!!! link

Is the reason the Cubs don't assign/use #69 because of the collapse of 1969 or because of, well, sexual reasons...?

Cleveland was awarded the 2019 All Star Game yesterday. They will follow Miami this year and Washington in 2018. 2020 will be the 30th anniversary of the last time the Cubs hosted the game. In the meantime, only three teams have not hosted the event. In addition to the Dodgers, that includes Oakland and Tampa Bay - the league's two current examples of bad ballpark situations. Pittsburgh and San Diego have hosted twice in that period, which is why the math doesn't add up. However, a caveat: none of the Yankees, Philadephia, or now Atlanta have hosted it in their new park. Combined with the ongoing renovations at Wrigley, I have to think the Cubs will be one of the next 5 teams announced to host, and possible within the next 1-2.

I have updated the TCR Cubs Organizational Depth Chart to reflect Spring Training assignments, including projected assignments at Minor League Camp.

Just as a Point of Information, Kevin Cornelius MUST be assigned to the Iowa squad, because a player selected in the AAA Phase of the Rule 5 Draft MUST be assigned to the AAA affiliate's squad at Minor League Camp for at least 15 days, but then the player can be assigned to any affiliate once the season starts.

Two more minor league signings to report: - Todd Glaesmann (OF) - Frank Batista (RP)

W-RAT: link

Completely missed it - thanks Phil! Feel free to delete! :)

W-RAT: No Problem at all. Your input is appreciated. I just wanted to let you know that it had already been posted here in case you wanted to read it.

Thanks Phil! I really enjoyed reading it - I always appreciate the time you put into giving us the whole story about each player (things I would normally have to research to find). That's why you're the best!!!

No one assigned Ross or Dexter's number I get. I don't quite get no one with Chapman's number, and certainly not Cahill's!

DJL: David Ross's number might be left open for a while in case he decides to un-retire sometime during the season (and if Lester is struggling, he might!). The other open numbers (24, 53, and 54) are just chance. Normally the Cubs don't reissue the numbers of their free-agents until they actually sign elsewhere or until it's absolutely sure they are not coming back. That's why I was surprised that Brett Anderson got #37 (Travis Wood's old number), especially since Anderson has never worn #37 in MLB before (he wore #35 with the Dodgers and #49 wth the A's), and Wood has still not signed elsewhere. So it is possible that if Wood comes back, Anderson could maybe switch to #53 (#35 reversed), or Bullpen Coach Lester Strode could give-up #35 so Anderson can have it and switch to a different uniform number. But again, the uniform number assignments are preliminary and are subject to change, both at the start of Spring Training, and then again on Opening Day.

I don't think the Cubs have any interest in re-signing Travis Wood, especially given Maddon's tendency to use him in games.

VA PHIL: I can see why Travis Wood wouldn't want to return to the Cubs if he can get a SP gig someplace else, but why wouldn't Joe Maddon want Travis Wood back? A LHP who can start or relieve, PH, PR, and even play LF, sounds like the ideal Maddon utility pitcher to me.

@Buster_ESPN 2m2 minutes ago MLB strips Cards of their first two picks in '17 draft (56, 75 overall) and fines them $2 million; money and picks forwarded to Astros.

seems a little on the weak end, nice for Astros 2017 draft. Cards only with a little over $2M in draft money this year, but it's a 2nd round and supplemental 2nd round pick and the $2M is chump change.

It's helpful being chummy with the adjudicator when you get caught in corporate espionage, apparently.

fun fact: MLB statement says no else on Cardinals knew. Testimony from Correa says he told other Cardinals colleagues.



The team penalties seem about right (although it should probably have been their first pick this year and next year instead of 1 and 2 this year) and Correa got 4 years in jail and a $280K fine, so I'm OK with that. But, as always with stuff like this, the big question is : WHY? What the hell? Were the Astros a huge threat to the Cardinals in 2012? Don't the Cardinals have their own system for evaluating talent, which has been (too) successful?

The $2M fine payable to the Astros is almost exactly the combined Signing Bonus Pool (SBP) slot values for the two 2017 draft picks (#56 and #75) forfeited to the Astros by the Cardinals, so the Astros should be able to sign both draft picks essentially for free (that is, with Cardinal money) while increasing their own 2017 Rule 4 Draft SBP (the money they will be allowed to spend without penalty) for all of their other selections in the first ten rounds by $1,853,200 (the combined slot values of the two Cardinal draft picks). And that would allow the Astros to pay significant "overslot" bonuses (if they so choose) to some of their 2017 draft picks (including the two draft picks they get from the Cardinals) that they might not otherwise have been able to sign for "slot money."

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred has placed Chris Correa on the MLB Ineligible List (lifetime ban), making him ineligible to be hired by any MLB organization. This also makes Correa ineligible for selection to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, but he is still eligible for selection to the Hackers Hall of Fame.

Him and Pete Rose -- brothers in the land of the banned.

The money & draft picks seems right. The 4 years in jail is excessive, but I don't know the situation other than the Astros didn't change the password on their Excel or something. I don't think the Astros had a deep, rich well of knowledge, I think it was an opportunistic thing.

So I guess not signing and trying to trade Hammel was not such a bad strategy after all.

Cubs acquire Eddie Butler & international bonus slot #74 from Rockies for James Farris & international bonus slot #28. Dylan Floro DFA'd

we have this on Farris in case anyone is a fan: @sahadevsharma Re: Farris, he has a fringy slider and Cubs were considering bringing back his curve from amateur days. Looks like purely a reliever.

Butler was once upon a time a pretty big pitching prospect, (#24 in baseball before 2014). But he's had shoulder issues almost since he was first called up in 2014 and got DFA'd last week when they signed Holland. His numbers are pretty ugly looking the last 3 years. Maybe getting away from Coors/Denver will help.

What went wrong with Eddie Butler? http://www.beyondtheboxscore.com/2017/1/30/14...

Farris is a reliever? So it's safe to say he will require many days off?

He believes some pretty silly things if some quotes I've read from him are true. I heard he believes if he pitches backwards it'll take mileage off his arm.

Cues up "Oh Yeah"...

Just watched the MLB.tv condensed version of Butler's best start last year, a 6-inning, 0-run, 6/2 K/BB performance in May at San Francisco. He did not even look very good in his best start, with the exception of part of the second, when he struck out two after loading the bases, and the fifth, in which he struck out the side. The ballpark saved him two home runs, there are a ton of hard-hit balls, some web gems, a TOOTBLAN, and overall it was a very lucky performance. I know I shouldn't read too much into one performance, but it was literally the best start of his major league career. I know he's probably a reliever with the Cubs. With his repertoire, he still has a shot.

Initially, he should be a starter in Iowa. After that, it's all if he figures it out. If so or if not, it was a fairly logical gamble on a ninth-round pick in Farris. BTW, kudos to AZ Phil for nailing Farris as the guy who would likely be traded in this sort of trade.

TIM: Unless one of the Cubs MLB starting pitchers begins the season on the DL, the Opening Day starting rotation at Iowa will likely be Butler-Zastryzny-Buchanan-Brooks-Kelly (I suspect Ryan Williams will start the season at Extended Spring Training while he builds-up innings & his pitch count), with Butler, Zastryzny, Buchanan, and Brooks already on the Cubs MLB 40-man roster AND with minor league options available (and if Kelly is added to the 40 at some point, he has a minor league option left, too). This matters because ideally you would want all five starters at AAA capable of starting games in the big leagues, so whichever one of them is due to start for Iowa on the day you suddenly need a AAA starter to get called up, the one scheduled to pitch that day gets the call. Of course Maddon/Bosio could always go with a "bullpen day," but that usually requires relief pitchers who are more than "one-inning" pitchers. They had guys like that last year (with Richards, Cahill, and Wood in the pen coming out of Spring Training), but it looks like only Montgomery will be able to pitch multiple innings of the eight pitchers likely to start the season in the pen (W. Davis-Rondon-Uehara-Montgomery-Strop-Duensing-Edwards-Grimm). That's why one of the two relievers with options remaining who can't refuse an optional assignment (Edwards or Grimm) could get optioned to Iowa at the end of Spring Training, either to allow Rule 5 draft pick Caleb Smith to make the 25-man roster (and he could be stretched-out to pitch multiple innings in Spring Training), or for one of the presumed five starters at Iowa (Butler-Zastryzny-Buchanan-Brooks-Kelly) to make the Opening Day roster as the "long-man" in the pen (this slot could have pitchers rotate up from Iowa every couple of weeks). BTW, there could be some major carnage at the end of Spring Training. Depending on how many pitchers begin the season on the DL in Chicago, Iowa, and Tennessee, as many as twenty pitchers could get released just from the Iowa and Tennessee squads alone by the end of Minor League Camp.

Battle royale in Mesa. I hope Kelly pushes that to happen.

Az Phil, Barring DL stints, the Opening night roster?: SP: Lester, Arrieta, Hendricks, Lackey, Anderson RP: Davis, Rondon, Strop, Montgomery, Uehara, Edwards, Grimm, Duensing IF: Contreras, Rizzo, Zobrist, Russell, Bryant OF: Schwarber, Almora, Heyward Bench: Montero, Baez, La Stella, Jay Szczur is out.

CHILDERS: I would tend to agree with that.

Two possible changes (though less than 50% chance for both):

1. Caleb Smith > Edwards or Grimm (Smith is a Rule 5 draft pick and can't be sent to the minors until waivers are secured AND the Yankees decline to reclaim him, and both Edwards & Grimm have minor league options left and neither can refuse an Optional Assignment)

2. Jemile Weeks > LaStella (IF Weeks proves his hamstring is 100%)

And of course injuries change everything.

I agree that Szczur (who is out of minor league options) is a goner (by trade or lost off waivers) unless an outfielder starts the season on the DL, so the Cubs might not make final disposition with regard to Szczur until the very end of Spring Training. 

Damn. I just learned how to spell Szczur without looking. Well, I hope he leaves some of his bats behind for Rizz. Much easier to root for Szczur than LaStella, for reasons both obvious and not (he saved a child's life by being a bone marrow donor, which is no small thing). But, ironically, for a team swimming in infielders a while ago, they are a bit bench-thin there now.

To make things worse, he likely has next-to-no trade value.

i dunno if any team sees him as a guy who could handle CF reliably as an injury backup, but if so he's got something going on with his value. at the very least he could handle all 3 OF part time off the bench. that said, i doubt he'd bring someone that would make us say 'wow.'

Something tells me Matt Szczur will end up with the Phillies.


My hunch is that about 26 teams want to claim him on waivers.

Az Phil, Do you see Theo getting Boone Logan? I don't want any of the other Free Agent LHRP. Is Logan better than Duensing?

CHILDERS: Boone Logan would be an upgrade over Brian Duensing, but I doubt that the Cubs would strongly pursue Logan at this time. However, if Logan falls into their laps (like Dexter Fowler did last year), I would think the Cubs would try and find a way to sign him, because it would make the pen better. As a post-2016 Article XX-B FA, Duensing has automatic "no trade" rights through June 15th, and he can't be sent to the minors without his permission, either, so if they sign Logan, the Cubs would probably end up releasing Duensing at the end of Spring Training (presuming there isn't room for both Logan and Duensing in the pen on Opening Day). And if the Cubs do release Duensing and he ends up signing with another MLB club, the new club would only have to pay Duensing the MLB minimum salary ($535K in 2017), and the Cubs would be on the hook for the balance ($1.465M). But that's actually not that much if it means the Cubs can get Logan. Also, the Cubs may be maxed-out payroll-wise for 2017, but about $90M in payroll comes off the books in 2018, and if he is amenable, the Cubs could perhaps sign Logan to a two-year back-loaded deal with maybe a player opt-out with 2018 severance (like Fowler got last year).

Thanks Az Phil. I doubt Logan would fall to us, unless he wanted to win like Dexter did. And, if that happened, 1.465 mil to make Duensing play for someone else is a drop in the bucket with the 2018 potential savings. This won't happen, because Theo will want him to develop more or put up good numbers for trade bait, but could Jeimer out hit TLS in Spr Training? I know ole 3am can still swing it some, but I'm ready to move on from him.

b.logan to the indians, fwiw.

Wouldn't mind seeing Blevins fall to us, especially on a contract similar to Logan. It's insane Logan got less than Mike Dunn or even Rzepczynski. Also wouldn't mind taking a chance on the injured Eovaldi for 2018, maybe even H. Alvarez. Bullpen wise, wouldn't hate to see us grab Aaron Barrett or Maness.

Blevins and Henderson are old Cub farmhands. Maybe they should save a couple of spots for Alburquerque and Zych.

Guess the Blevins road is no longer available. Kinda feel like the Cubs should have waited out the market and gotten either him, Logan, or Howell instead of Duensing.

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  • Hagsag 2 days 3 hours ago (view)

    Ine of my alltime favorites.


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 2 days 17 hours ago (view)

    He played in the big leagues longer than he played any other level of organized baseball combined.


  • crunch 2 days 17 hours ago (view)

    al kaline has died at age 85.

    from highschool to the majors without touching the minors...22 seasons, all with DET...18x all-star...3000 hit club.


  • Charlie 4 days 17 hours ago (view)

    Currently at a near full-time job that just barely covers my monthly expenses if nothing emerges.

    I make more than that.


  • crunch 4 days 17 hours ago (view)

    "Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic reports that Major League Baseball is considering opening the season in empty spring training parks -- with no fans and all players quarantined.

    The plan would have all teams stationed in one centralized location -- likely Arizona"


  • Arizona Phil 6 days 6 hours ago (view)

    In addition to 40 players signed to 2020 MLB contracts, after releasing 22 minor leaguers this week the Cubs now have 279 players signed to 2020 minor league contracts (plus one minor leaguer on the Restricted List), for a total of 320 players in the organization (181 pitchers, 30 catchers, 60 infielders, and 49 outfielders).   


  • JustSayin' 6 days 15 hours ago (view)

    Years of over-drafting pitching shown here.


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 6 days 17 hours ago (view)

    Some of the players cut I am not too surprised by. Some of them I think are definitely victims of the minor league pay thing and being squeezed out.

    That said, I am very surprised they gave up already on Riley McCauley and Niels Stone.


  • Hagsag 6 days 18 hours ago (view)

    Baseball America is showing a big group of players that have been released.


  • Arizona Phil 1 week 8 hours ago (view)

    The Cubs have released minor league catcher Rafelin Lorenzo. He was selected from the Pittsburgh Pirates in the AAA Phase of the 2018 Rule 5 Draft and spent the 2019 season at South Bend. He was eligible to be a minor league 6YFA post-2020. 


  • JustSayin' 1 week 1 day ago (view)

    The organizations will cut rosters down, as if the full-season teams were breaking camp to start the season, THEN pay the remaining minor leaguers $400/week or whatever.  That's similar to what costs would have normally been but the "one last chance" players who got spring training invitations this year and didn't have an obvious roster spot won't be getting their last chance.


  • crunch 1 week 1 day ago (view)

    "According to Jeff Passan of ESPN, all minor league players will be receiving $400 per week from MLB through at least May 31."

    so that's where that promise landed.  the scary thing is that's still more than some in the low minors make on a weekly basis.


  • crunch 1 week 4 days ago (view)

    "Jeff Passan of ESPN writes that the players and league agreed that the 2020 season won't start until "there are no bans on mass gatherings that limit the ability to play in front of fans, there are no travel restrictions and medical experts determine games will not pose a risk to health of teams and fans." Passan does add that the two sides "will consider the feasibility of playing in empty stadiums" and also at neutral sites.


  • crunch 1 week 4 days ago (view)

    i miss baseball.  it could happen in june...it may happen in late may...it might not happen either way.

    there's so many things getting messed up right now i would get lost making a list.  there's some college guys making a serious "okay, we need to look at that guy" push that's dead.  former cubs draft pick russell smith (2017, LHP highschool) took last season off for injury (TCU college) and returned with a low 90s fastball, impressive control, and a MLB-quality changeup.  his "comeback" was 4 games and done thanks to this current situation...


  • JustSayin' 1 week 4 days ago (view)

    COVID 19 + a short draft + Manfred's obsessive drive to shrink the minor leagues will change baseball forever.  It WAS still America's grass roots sport.  Where I live, from June through August, you could see a quality live game any day of the week, within an hour's drive.  I believe that era is over.  What's going on will have ripple effects, contracting serious college ball, college summer leagues and independent pro ball just as much as the MiLB systems.  With those changes, some of the game's charm will also go.  I've seen a kid from Cape Cod play in the Ca


  • crunch 1 week 5 days ago (view)

    fyi for anyone who bought MLB.tv

    for "some reason" getting a cancel+refund via phone is like pulling teeth, but if you contact them via a webpage contact request many people are getting a cancel+refund confirmation within an hour or 2...